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  1. @Asohib could be a poor translation... the nuance is lost in translation? I think maybe it’s more like “I’ll go find you one fine day” 

    Anyway, heard there will be an alternate title “Find Me”


    edit: never mind the above. I checked the Chinese translation, and it’s the same “When the weather is nice, I’ll go find you” The village they live in must be one with frequent poor weather LOL



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  2. 3 hours ago, Sushimi said:


    i also wonder..I don’t think Suk Hee told Tae Ho about bringing the third Wife to play? Feel like from the mouth they say they have a common goal. But honestly from actions it says otherwise..Tae Ho’s face feel like he is pretty surprised about it...


    Even Tae Ho himself stated already...this duo...erm..work ethic quite separated huh?

    Yeah, her pace of work is so much faster than him :joy: but I agree, they need to communicate and coordinate more. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, phoenix24 said:

    Like @ktcjdrama said definitely problems in storyline, but glad had happy ending and a few highlights here and there throughout.  Oh sorry for confusion, I think I combine what I read from what sadthe1st said in previous post with what you said.  I like the idea/premise of whole drama, but some issues with execution.

    Yeah, I didn’t mean to say there are problems with the storyline, but more about the delivery of the messages that writer wanted to convey to viewers. I thought the story was fine as we see a beginning and end that made sense. I just wish I understand more clearly about the whole soul selling thing. 

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  4. 12 hours ago, philosophie said:

    Alright guys please help me out. I’m very confused right now and I really want to understand because I feel like this is all so important. What did the father mean to his second son, the heir WJ, to ‘take care of his mother’ and then next scene he’s next to a bath tub with a hair dryer in it, rips the ticket?

    I think we'll get the explanation later on as to the significance of this scene... But for the record, there is no hair dryer in the bath tub.


    A telltale sign that it's a makjang drama ~ one wakes up in the morning with a nicely coiffed hair :P



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  5. On 9/19/2019 at 10:21 AM, peachfuzz said:

    I have a question, everyone! :lol:


    One thing I don’t understand is how YK is still a celebrity with a future (poor choice of words.. bear with me,,, the following will clarify, I think)


    I thought it was important for celebrities to have decently good reputations? Yet... YK... Kelly... with her recent change in attitude—how does she think she’s gonna last in the industry with THAT bad a personality? I’m prettttty sure the music industry has its fair share of celebrities with ugly personalities who still have fans, but... I’d say a good number of them don’t make their richard simmons characters QUITE as obvious as Kelly does. 


    Will someone please enlighten me? :(

    I think it's just simply the deal she got for selling her soul?


    Finished the finale. For those confused whether it is HR or SDC at the end, in his narration, he chose to remain as SDC because that's what he wants.


    I admit this is not an easy drama to understand. Nonetheless, I cried so many times throughout... It is a very well made drama, but I wish the script is a little clearer and straightforward so we can follow the line of thoughts more easily. Some of the important elements may be lost in translation, but at the end of the day, I think the message is about human's will. It is stronger than the devil's hold on the human. The battle between temptation and integrity?

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  6. 1000




    Miss chatting  here. A bit busy. Will be back soon. 


    Regarding the fast subbing, when you have license, sometimes you get the script/dialogue. So the subbers can finish their job before airtime. At least that was how it was with Viki. 

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  7. I think Wan Jun does not want to run the family business. He was kinda forced to because of his parents expectations. I thought earlier in the series something is mentioned relating to how about what he really wants, what his heart really desires.... That scene of him tearing the boarding pass, I wonder what is the meaning of it. But I had to laugh at the “dramatic” throwing of the torn pieces into the bath water :joy:

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  8. 8 minutes ago, larus said:




    As much as I like to watch Han Suk Kyu, I did not watch the first season so I won`t watch the second season now.


    Maybe I will watch the first season someday.

    I haven’t also and intend to start before 2nd season. I don’t know why have not been feeling to watch medical dramas lately...



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