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  1. 50 minutes ago, triplem said:

    Oh my will there be romance in this drama? :D I just wanted to post this from eps 2 because I love how JKH walks slo mo 

    I am okay with romance.. this is tvN after all. But that draping of jacket wasn’t really necessary, I think :P considering she has wings and dressed quite properly, not torn/wet clothes :lol: (must insert a drama trope)

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  2. 1 hour ago, Lmangla said:

    so gist -- she is a doctor and his family is basically a mafia though looks legit on the outside and they ended up getting married. irony is he is actually a gentle person but is pushed continuously into this violence. during one fight, she calls him a swamp who basically darkens everyone's life he touches and so he really shouldn't fall in love. another fight, he then responds that she has a holy attitude because she never had to make tough choices. would she still be good if she was in morally ambiguous spot where her family member's life and well-being was at stake? ....

    Sounds really interesting... What's the name?



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  3. 28 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:


    @Sejabin didnt watched that winter blow. I dont see their chemistry tbh haha. But was it good? 

    It’s a melodrama. Was it good? I like it, but won’t say I love it. Eg.Love Rain, many people don’t like it, but between these two, I like Love Rain more. And of course there’s JIS, reason enough to watch till the end :D 



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  4. 35 minutes ago, jaydendoji said:

    I watched Parasite today. Maybe I'm expecting too much that it becomes kinda dissapointed for me. I didn't see thriller or suspense that every reviewers are talking about. Some diaglous and walking in the rain scenes is the only thing that entertain me. As a whole, it's average movie for me.




    Where do you watch it from? Been curious to check it out too. 



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  5. 8 minutes ago, Auntie Mame said:

    Unfortunately, we were wrapped up in dissecting and discussing the romances and never delved into their internet issues, which we are also our current internet issues in real life. 


    The subjects of:

    • manufactured and/or manipulation of data,
    • security and sanctity of personal information,
    • potential and real consequences of portal information,
    • industry regulating versus governmental regulating, etc.

    It would have been interesting to read soompiers' understanding and perspective on these issues.

    The episodes I enjoyed the most were Ep.1-4... After that, it was too much of the romance that I was on the verge of getting bored but still enjoying some of the workplace power play. Good thing SJH appeared and together with Scarlett, they spiced up the watching for me. I agree that more screen time could be used for the business arc. Nevertheless, this is still a memorable drama for me.

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  6. Dad went to give flowers to wife. DCK went in and they had a tensed talk. Dad talked to someone on DCK's phone. He left and HTJ picked him up downstairs.

    YG noticed the ceiling/manhole of bathroom is slightly ajar. He opened it and saw a box with empty paper bag, then got a call from PSY, who was at the same building but the block across of YG (as seen in preview) so he was the black-capped man? I guess we're back to square one again. The earlier guy could be PSY, or could be the real killer of Dad.

    Dad then went to visit DCK boss in his office. They talked. As Dad was about to leave, Yeom came by. She congratulated him but her extended hand was ignored by Dad. She kinda forced him to have a picture taken though, for publicity, with them shaking hands. Dad not smiling while she is all smiling since she entered the room.

    When he went out, HTJ still waiting for him. They had a long talk at a park. HTJ talked a lot about YG.



    JHR threatening JaeSik with picture of his son... To think that this is a man with a little girl. Is he not afraid for his little girl if his enemies using the same trick? <_<

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  7. Okay so I watched the beginning raw... Dad went out of the house, avoided surveillance by Jang's men. YG rushed home and realized Dad went out. One of the men saw him and went up, but YG closed the door on him. All these is watched by a man in all black with baseball cap from a lower story, so there is someone else who knows Dad is back in that house.

    Dad went into a cab, and DCK was around the area waiting for it. He tailed the cab.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I finally reached episode 4, I was so curious about the piano piece the girl was learning,  it seemed so much a Beethoven style. Guess what? I searched using the keyword "famous Beethoven piano pieces", here it is :)

    Thanks dear. No wonder the piano teacher not too happy with Tae Ra’s performance, if we were to compare it with the video you posted :sweatingbullets:


    I too will not begin to guess who the killer is yet... not enough information to even have the slightest idea whom it could be. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, wenlhy said:

    Am I the only one that think Manwol and Yeonwoo is purely buddy/family relationship? Maybe Yeonwoo loved her, but Manwol treat him as a brother. The crying scene makes me think Yeonwoo probably sacrifice himself to save Manwol, that's why she feel sad and guilty toward him?


    She said Yeonwoo is the one who love her the most, not she love the most though.


    And MW can confirm the captain ONLY by touching CS heart, isn't it because she love the captain, so she can feel it?


    It'll be weird if the writer makes the captain scene look so cute and romantic (teaching her to write, smiling, bickering, saving each other) (it look like CS and MW) but Manwol actually loved Yeonwoo. 

    My thoughts are the same as yours above. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Fabbo said:

    I've read a post somehwere here that suggests that she might be pregnant from someone else when she was in America. I didnt even think of that but after the scene today it kind of makes sense. That "Oh no it cant be" doesnt seem like a reaction she would have if she's not pregnant. Do they even have sex? There isnt really anything that would suggest that they are intimate.

    Welcome to the thread and to soompi!!


    We're wondering about that too... Either they got intimate (previously she did ask to make babies with JW) and she was just plainly disappointed that she isn't pregnant yet...

    Or, she had sex with a lover in the US, realized she could be pregnant, so came home sooner than planned, and tried to get intimate with her husband. They didn't do it, and now she got a test that came out positive and she is frustrated what to do about it.

    Whether or not they made love was purposely not shown. We're only shown JW hugging her and looking at the faraway bed.

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