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  1. Oyeah!! Go Team Addition! Love to continue playing but really have to go for now. 702!!
  2. I have the subs already but no time to watch yet coz my daughter is having big exams next week. Need to show support for her weekend reviews. She is asleep now but my head is heavy too. So will have to wait several hours later before I can hopefully watch the first episode before she is up...
  3. OMG... mastiff is a big dog I used to have a black pekingese, long long long time ago when I was a kid. Then we had a lhasa apso which I think look much alike. Now I just keep a mini pom
  4. I think the whole space there belongs to him. The other cars are his too. In this last episode we see him driving a grey SUV. My dream car actually -- Land Rover Evoque I agree with the clean identity bit though. But the name Wang Nam Jung could be a rather common name. I am more inclined to think Kim Bon is his real name since his friend Yoo also called him that name when he was dying, after she called out Terius, she changed to Bon.
  5. I am talking about how he had a hand in drugging JGB for that actor.
  6. I had forgotten for a minute there how nasty the fans in Korea could be. If there isn't any cctv, maybe we can hope that the evil manager in his heat of revenge and arrogance will blurt out the truth and got convicted instead. We do need JGB to be absolved even though she may seems to be coping fine already with the case. So it is probably a good thing the manager reopen the case as it gives her the chance to prove her innocence.
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