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  1. Hh is playing trick br, hh might say he transplanted yh brain, but is actually not yh brain
  2. Shocking, did anyone notice that wyc father is in br house helping when br moving house? I wonder if dead bodies will be found in br house during redevelop hsj tie right knot on mouse and surgeon, but lefty? He intently switched his knot, or he os ambidextrous, and research said they inconsistent handedness has increased in psychopath, therefore hsj who is a psychopath tend to be ambidextrous. This explains whh wyc is lefhanded bht tied right knot because he is psuchopath and ambidextrous
  3. I wonder br didn't ask about his father when he got lost memories, and ask about his mother to his aunt?
  4. Park is possible killer or accomplice Why didn't park said to police that the med is for brain effect Who park calledd Accomplice How killer know Jo eat med? Unless her doctor?
  5. Young killer of Kim young hee He used dog to lure Kim young hee He rear dog in his house to lure more other victim, mainly from girls from his counselling session or volunteer He hates dog but he rear them and pretend to like them He becomes the lawyer of Kim young hee family Woo jae youngs father is a detective, woo might be the detective that close Kim young hee case quickly as suicide depression, knowing that young is a killer They can close the case as depression because young know the victim had depression from hiss counselling Kim young hee also from co
  6. Is the political woman related to headhunter? Did jae liet to protect hyung chul who is killer
  7. Yeah I saw that by killing yohan by suffocating him, but he died of septic shock, which means he is not died from suffocation, sepsis is when blood is contaminated, mayb by didn't kill him? While I feel sad for yh death, I could empathise to why by did it tot
  8. She is just assumed yh is the killer based on what she saw, but she can't confirm his other action, she is just angry at the fact br is injured, she is killing yh to release her anger, but it's still a bit unfair that br is alive She is blinded by anger and I understand, But can't justified if she decided to kill a person by illegal means, she will need to responsible for her action, why didn't she think that her grandma wouldnt see her like that
  9. Exactly, killing a person off without proper investigation is wrong
  10. What will happen when police raid yh house, will they discover the genetic report,
  11. Dr Daniel killer side hair is slightly different than yohan, shin sang hair is match tot https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1cRP13UOX-gvnT0JbBr_9FiQxI-3CxRcf
  12. It's interesting to see that shin eardropped reporter choi recorded voice in her computer? Why yohan has grandma bandage at his house floor if yh arrived late at the scene where grandma is killed earlier, means yohan is at the scene in contact with grandma and found her bandage? Did he take the bandage home accidentally like sticking on his clothes? If he is the killer, he would have destroyed it by burning it rather than throwing it away like that, since that bandage may make him a suspect, the killer is known to be meticulous Why yohan will know when moochi go and confirm the CCTV
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