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  1. I read most of the insights here! Wow! This drama is indeed a very powerful one. I also love how it's able to bring so much catharsis to me. Episode 15 is so good and I personally love the scene where Hyun Soo cried, "I see dead people!" I can't stop crying after that scene. Also, when Jung Mi Sook tried to stop Hyun Soo from being a murderer and even let her killer, Baek Hee Seung, live! I don't know if I can react the same way she did during that time. The kindness of her character in episode 15 is so...powerful and compelling! I also loved the part in episode 14 where Hae Soo sacrificed her life to save Eun Ha and Cha Ji Won! And the confrontation between Moo Jin and Dr. Baek. And I'll also brag how this drama is full of best ACTORS! From leads to supporting, wow! Solid drama for me! *clap, clap* -- I voted on the poll and I'm leaning towards a happy ending, because, I know we'll get it. Hae Soo will rekindle her romance in Moo Jin is what I've voted, but, maybe we'll get an open ending for the two where their friendship will restart first. Then for Kim Ji Hoon being a serial killer, I voted that he's hot! lelelels. xD He's creepy but I can't disagree to the 'fact' that his features are so sharp and gorgeous.
  2. Long replies ahead to @Madu Mita^^. Hehe. Just my opinions. Ji Won and Hyun Soo are not flawless and perfect, especially, Hyun Soo, it's just that, we started to understand his reasons behind his wrong doings, but clearly, he's not perfect. Hyun Soo is still not exempted from the morality of his actions. She did mind that he lied to her, however, she discovered that he wasn't a murderer. And most importantly, she remembered her daughter Eun Ha who would've been brokenhearted and would've a hard time growing up once Hyun Soo's real identity is suddenly discovered, hence, she kept the secret. for more explanation: Fortunately and fast enough for her, in the end of episode 9, she realized that the love she has for his husband is so much and so does the love that her husband has for her. Hence, she came back to him and tried to protect him from getting arrested by the police -- BUT, this is before she knew that her husband is being targeted (her latter actions might have been because of her bad judgement that it might have been better to put him into police protected instead of letting him get killed by finding the accomplice himself). -------------// I understand the frustration here, because I was really sadden by her latter judgments and I didn't enjoy much of that scene. But as others pointed out, she may have been doing him a favor of arresting him herself instead of the other police officers who would surely have their own biased judgments toward him. However, I think it would've been okay if instead of putting handcuffs, she just get him and went to the police together. (But that is not dramatic xD) Another reason why she did that to him was maybe because Ji Won was breaking down. After all, she's just a human and no matter how logical humans try to be, when a bad situation arises, the chances of us being biased and emotional is very high. for a clearer explanation: -------------// You see here, Do Hyun Soo is in the gray area, and in my opinion (not medically accurate, I just read this)—not all ASPD patients may result to bad behavior—especially, if they're undergoing social treatment (Hyun Soo didn't do professional but he lived with his little family for many years). And, btw, Hyun Soo's ASPD might have been a misdiagnosis. In addition, Hyun Soo is not perfect. Even Moo Jin did bad things before, he bullied and stoned Hyun Soo, however, he's still nice and called as a respectable reporter. He even tried to save Hyun Soo. Mommy Baek almost murdered his son, but, in return, saved Hyun Soo. She also ripped Eun Ha's boot but treated her egg tart and cooked for her. See? Their actions are flat wrong, but, they aren't completely bad persons, they are in so called grey area. Hyun Soo is like us, only in his misfortune, people already marked him as a bad person and the bad decisions he made to get and keep that identity were punishable by law. -------------// He kidnapped and held Moo Jin as a hostage because he wanted to protect everything he has -- which is his family. A nice person can be bad once family is involved. for more explanation: -------------// As of the previous episodes, they were trying to restart their relationship and trying to built it. For the arguments, I think they have fair amounts of it, but of course, at the end, instead of freaking out and being immature teenagers, they solved it as mature adults who sincerely love one another. But, maybe, there's a big chance they'll be in a heated argument on the next episodes. -------------// She accidentally killed the village foreman since she attacked him first (self-defense). As for her not feeling guilty for the murder, I can understand that she loves her brother so much. The village foreman did extremely horrible things to her brother, therefore, her not being guilty is not new to me. But, I agree with you that we need more insight on the village foreman murder. -------------// This is what I am confused about. Is he the one stalking Hae Soo that night or we got another culprit? -------------// The only lead who's very victimized is Do Hyun Soo, but, I understand because this is a melodrama. I don't think that Hyun Soo's character came off as perfectly good and that all his actions were sanitized all of a sudden because we knew that he was victimized first. I stand to my ground that although I completely sympathized with him and he's being forgiven, the morality of his past actions were still not exempted from being questioned. examples of his wrong past actions: So, this led to this question: If it's clear that Hyun Soo's past actions are bad, why are we still sympathizing with him this much? Why some are thinking that he's nothing but a victimized little puppy? For me, I saw the reasons behind his actions, and as a human, I understood that Hyun Soo is like us, flawed and weak. Instead of just seeing him as flat bad because he lied to his wife; many, like me, saw him as someone who lied to his wife because he thought that like everybody else, his wife would hate him and and abandon him. We understood that he lied, because he thought very low of his self-worth, which is caused by the physical and mental torture the people from his hometown brought him. But, do those pity and sympathizes we started to have towards him, erase the wrongness of his doings? NO. But, did those reasons change our perspective of him? YES. It's like this—we understood his intentions but what he still did wereb wrong. (this is giving me a headache, just now, my brain is having a battle if Hyun Soo's action are justified or not LOL) And because of this, I have to disagree with you that the characters don't have a grey side, because they do. The moment you started questioning Hyun Soo's character of being bad then being nice then trying to justify him in your mind although it's clear that his actions were still wrong — wait, I just need to breathe — is the part where you saw that, ah—Hyun Soo falls in the grey area. His actions are bad, but still nice for loving his daughter and pitiful for having to resort in those bad decisions. Also, Hae Soo, for being nice yet have killed a person; nice but doesn't feel guilty of the murder she committed. And many other characters in the drama.
  3. I was scrolling on a popular drama review site and found that there were many that frustrated about episode 13. So, I compiled some of the "seem to be logic issues" they found. Why did Hyun Soo go to Baek Man Woo's house before 10 pm? Didn't he knew that Director Baek could easily call Yeom Sang Cheol? I don't want to think that the writer can be this gullible, so I suppose, Hyun Soo and Ji Won go there attempting to corner him and without letting him go. xD I didn't bother to go over this issue since Baek Hee Seung already had a plan on his mind to frame up Hyun Soo. How did Baek Hee Seung open the compartment of Hyun Soo's car? Did Hyun Soo and Ji Won just let their car without a lock? Now, now, I didn't notice it that much when I was watching it, but maybe their car was actually locked but Director Baek have a duplicate of Hyun Soo's car keys? I think it's reasonable Director Baek have that, after all, he's sneaky and is the one who provides much of Hyun Soo's luxury. Why didn't they run an autopsy first? I think this is really not a logic issue because, immediately, after finding the case about the maid's death they already found a fingerprint, then realizing that it could be Hyun Soo's, Ji Won focused on that as soon as possible. Everything happened so fast so maybe they would do an autopsy on the next episodes. Where's Hee Seung's fingerprint? This made me confused, didn't the maid's scarf was on her body when she was thrown away? Or did I just miss something? Or could it be a different scarf? Hyun Soo acquired Baek Hee Seung's identity but he did not change Baek Hee Seung's fingerprint. Few pointed that this isn't possible with an argument that fingerprint is always needed. But I really don't think Hyun Soo will need to use his fingerprint always, if he will acquire some ID or others, he can use his new ID, signature and Baek Hee Seung's stamp right? Baek Man Woo can also pull some strings for him. Plus, it's very unlikely of him to vote or do other things that would require tight identity security. And a personal inquiry, do police have the ability to arrest someone without a warrant in Korea? Every time I hear this, I'm really bothered, because in my country, I know that it's a violation of human rights. I really enjoy the drama and although episode 13 is not my favorite, I don't think that it is a poorly written episode, and I especially loved seeing the mother of Baek Hee Seung. Oh, btw, it's Nam Ki Ae's birthday yesterday (September 13), happy happy birthday!!!! ------------- I would love to see a new baby too! But, I doubt that it will happen, but who knows, maybe she'll get pregnant again in the ending? Hehehee.
  4. Thanks to @joybran and @bombshellchick1 for explaining the accomplice recording. ^__^ I really thought that Baek Hee Seung recorded the threat during that night in the bar with Hyun Soo and Do Min Seok -- that's why I was confused when he mentioned the village foreman's murder.
  5. This is what I'm curious about, from what I can understand, Do Min Seok and Do Hyun Soo were in the bar where Baek Hee Seung made the recorded phone call after the witness saw him. But, what's confusing was when he talked about the village foreman murder. Is he talking about the murder that was just about to happen? What is it all a plan? Did I miss something?
  6. Okay, I think I'm starting to understand the knife scene. Yay! Thanks to all the posts here in soompi as well as in twitter and streaming sites, rewatching the episode 13's end and the preview also helped me. Whoooh. At least I'm not that stress anymore. I think Ji Won's doubt towards him had really hurt him badly. He was hurt, disappointed and maybe felt betrayed (to the point that his father's ghost who had stopped hunting him for a decade, came back). Now that Ji Won knows he's really Hyun Soo who is wanted for murder and tagline as a serial killer's accomplice, and not the loving husband Baek Hee Seong, Hyun Soo might have believed what his father said to him when he was younger (that his mother only loved the illusion of his father and could not accept him for who he was, then identified himself as his father and Ji Won as his mother) and, therefore, for a moment -- he doubted Cha Ji Won's love for him. Still, I wasn't convince that he will hurt his wife, that's why I was really confused when he grabbed the knife, I know he's hurt, but I couldn't believe what I was seeing, especially, after everything that had happened. When he heard that the police were coming to their workshop, he might have puzzled it on his mind that he's being framed up and there's no way, he would be able to get hold of the situation. If he ended up in prison, the serial killer will continue to be out on the streets, worse, can hurt his family (especially his daughter) as well as his sister. At that point, he might be thinking that no one in the police will protect him, especially, if, the only one who he could rely on -- his wife -- already doubted him. Even if Cha Ji Won will believe in him eventually -- she will not be able to prove his innocence plus he's being framed up and he doesn't know who it was (Did he know that it was Baek Man Woo?), hence, he can't trust people anymore. If the serial killer already outsmarted him just like that, what could he do if he was put in prison? Nothing. And as seen in the preview, his wife is with him and they are holding hands while running xD that only means that their relationship is not as broken as one can thought after that knife scene. Maybe Cha Ji Won just chose to trust in him during that knife scene especially after she heard Hyun Soo's hurting words. Plus, she's also quick to notice if something is wrong with her husband (like in the calling scene outside the police station), she might have doubted him in regards to the maid's murder case, but maybe her good memories and trust in her husband kicked in more, instead of that small doubt. Then, after they escaped the house, Hyun Soo had calmed down and Cha Ji Won reassured him that he trust in him, then Hyun Soo shared his plan with her. Or maybe, instead of that scenario, Hyun Soo already talked about his plan during the knife scene to her (very kdrama like) and she chose to trust in him, then, they got out of their house.
  7. Hahahahha, after watching episode 12 and 13 in a marathon, I badly need episode 14 now! I don't know how can I continue my projects after that ending of episode 13, here's to me hoping that it was all plan after a preview of them running together was shown. But, I think, Do Hyun Soo was really hurt that Ji Won seems not to trust him enough. I just hope that when he grabbed that knife he already got hold of his feelings and had a plan laid out on his mind, I know the writer is smart so I assume I'll be getting a 5000 words explanation for that one. xDDDD Btw, in one of the previews he said that she should wish him luck instead and -- his tone is not lovingly. EDIT: I rewatched the preview, his tone doesn't sound mad. xD Oh, I just read this! Yes, yes, you guys are right. He only snapped and grabbed the knife after that call! Okay, here's to me being positive that Hyun Soo had a plan in mind when he grabbed that knife! Btw, is it just me that still have a bad feeling with their chief detective?! I mean, he played a villain in CLOY and I hated him! lol.
  8. Thank you @jeonghyang for the gifs! I love the kiss shared by Ji Won and Hyun Soo -- it's so beautiful -- so full of desperation and love!
  9. I think, she's mad towards the psychiatrist because first of all, she did not do her job properly. Like most of the village people, she's swayed by her prejudices. She just diagnosed Hyun Soo with ASPD, but did not really look more into his condition and why he's behaving like that. She also did not give him proper treatment (as far as I know). After she diagnosed Hyun Soo with ASPD, that's it. So, I totally can relate to Ji Won on this, to be honest, psychiatrists in my country are very few (around 700 only from what I remember) and people with mental illness are ignored and not getting proper treatment. Aside from depression, there are documentaries in our country that showed people with schizophrenia are being tied on their own houses like prisoners because their family does not know how can they help their family member. It's sad. Actually, in my own opinion, Detective Choi represents those police officers who are single-minded, swayed by their prejudices, always think that they are right and would not bother researches. Of course he could be different, he still solved many cases, but somehow he still fitted on that category, I hope the upcoming episodes up to the end would showed his improvement as a logical and upright police officer. I still liked his humor tho. I know he's gonna get it, I just hope in episode 11, he would not blow everything up. So far, in my opinion, the most logical detective is their team leader then followed by Ji Won. The rookie detective is cute, btw, although he's so gullible at times.
  10. I don't know about you guys, but there was something different on episode 10 scene where the bartender looked happy that Hwang Jung-Soon died, then their leader seemed annoyed, I feel like something bad is going to happen to that bartender. I have a bad feeling about that team leader (I know he's already bad but he could even be more evil!) Adding to the Baek Man Woo theory as the accomplice, I did not really think that he was the accomplice not until this episode. I'm still betting on him instead of the real Baek Hee Sung, but I'm wondering, why would he go all the trouble to go to Do Min Seok's funeral, and as he was very rich, why would the team leader get enticed with only 100,000,000 won if they can get more of this from Baek Man Woo?! Or, maybe he already planned something before Hyun Soo could have acted. Btw, aside that Baek Man Woo is evil and he's encouraged Hyun Soo to kill the taxi driver, he's very manipulative too like how he manipulates his wife saying that she's just depressed or what. If there's a marriage who needs to get a divorce here, it's not Jiwon and Hyun Soo, but Baek Man Woo and Gong Mi-ja! He brings out the bad in his wife and made her feeling pitiful and worse for 18 years; not only he exerts physical violence towards his wife, he's also hurting her psychologically!
  11. I love the writer of this show! I've watched some of her dramas and I loved that all of her dramas have realistic themes, even the twist in her romcom drama special, "Bride in Sneakers", is just really simple, not overly complicated but lowkey hits the message of greed and selfishness. The themes of her dramas are not so extreme, yet they are able to deliver the message! Aside from LJK and MCW's comeback, she is actually one of the reasons why I decided to watch this, I just knew the writing will be solid!
  12. THE DRAMA IS SO GOOD! Aside from the brilliant acting of Lee Joon Gi and very poignant emotion of Moon Chae Won, I also want to give a shout out to Baek's family for their acting, with special mentioned to the real Baek Hee Sung! Aaaaah! Now I know why I should not watch a crime thriller -- I can't handle the suspense! I just watched the episode 10 earlier and my hands were cold. Episode 10 plus that preview for episode 11 made me felt anxious, earlier. Episode 11 is set to make my heart feel sadder. I am not sure if the real Hee Sung has an ASPD as he showcased so many emotions at today's episode. He also seems like he was terrified when his car hit Hyun Soo. I am betting that the accomplice is the father. During that hospital scene, he urge Hyun Soo to kill the taxi driver, almost the same to how Hyun Soo's father encourage him to commit bad behaviors towards animals by saying that he'll watch him do what he wanted to do with it. Btw, the scene where Ji Won slammed that psychiatrist over the phone was so satisfying! That psychiatrist should never be permitted to work over that title! She did not even bother to give Hyun Soo treatment after her diagnosis, they just condemned Hyun Soo more because of that diagnosis. I don't know much about if her diagnosis is real or not. But, I remember the essay written by a person diagnosed with ASPD that is going under treatment that I've read and also sent here (in his case, the psychiatric doctors he met brushed his sickness and did not give him treatment nor diagnosed him properly. He spent his life after that becoming violent as he was involved in his fights until he met a woman and the woman got pregnant that he decided to change for better and undergo treatment for ASPD), I really feel like what Hyun Soo's thinking is somehow similar to that person.
  13. Hi. I've finished up to episode 8 and Hyun Soo's anti social personality disorder isn't still that clear to me (though I know they can feel and they can be normal and live a normal life as what I've read on some medical articles). Many people just have a different opinion of this medical diagnosis (like they can't feel, they are emotionless, etc.) and it is making me confuse and I hate that I can't relate much to his character on this episode. Thanks to jg_k_drama on twitter, I've been able to understand more of Hyun Soo's reactions especially on episode 8. But because I don't want to be left in the dark and not understand Hyun Soo's medical diagnosis, I did my own research about ASPD and it seems like the character of Hyun Soo is very much accurate. "Antisocial personality (ASPD) is one of the cluster B personality disorders, which typically involve emotional, impulsive, or dramatic thoughts and actions." Most people diagnosed with ASPD are unable to feel remorse or guilt. They may lack empathy and struggle to understand emotions of other people. They have a tendency towards "impulsive and often dangerous or illegal actions." But, NOT every person with ASPD will be a murderer or will commit extremely violent acts. As you can observe with Hyun Soo, he didn't actively engage in violent acts as an adult but only when he was triggered (in the basement scene with Moo Jin). When he was a teenager he tend to took revenge on people who harmed him first, but we never see him initiate the attack. It is also possible that they may change (I'm not sure to what extent) as they receive therapy. In Hyun Soo's case, he doesn't have a professional therapist but the way Ji Won constantly pursued him in the past with so much kindness and love might have changed him a little bit, and now, they are living peacefully for 14 years with a daughter, so just like what Hae Soo said, he did change. He just can't distinguish that. The stigma is real for people with ASPD. Many people think they are manipulative and would not feel love over their families (they may love their family but may care less about others, but this doesn't mean they would commit violent acts over others). This is true to Hyun Soo's obsession with the tape (which we can assumed has his deceased mother's humming), the way he protected his sister (tho, he didn't realize it was because he extremely cared for her), when he kissed back Ji Won on flashbacks, when he took care of Eun Ha and has always been considerate of Ji Won. I can't much understand the difference between the terms sociopath and psychopath as even some of the medical articles put them in a gray area, but maybe the right term is Anti-social personality disorder. Here are some notable points I've search from a medical article: source: https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/understanding-antisocial-personality-the-stigma-tied-to-aspd-0510197 --- You can also read this story that I assumed was written by a person with ASPD. Reading this feels like reading a bit of Hyun Soo's mind. Btw, the person who wrote this might have been receiving therapy. story link: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/your-stories/life-with-antisocial-personality-disorder-aspd/ *My little research is not 100% accurate, so you can search for more^^
  14. It's 4am in my country, I just watched it raw and I bawled my eyes so bad at that ending. This was such an intense episode. ..I feel awful to watch it without subs, but I still did. I'm proud of myself, lol. So far, as I can tell, the sister is a dark character. I don't know if she was a murderer, although I think not, but maybe she was aware of the killings and somehow became part of it. Or maybe just aware. Or maybe not. I don't really know but episode 5 confirmed that she has a dark character... I don't care if Hee Sung really murdered or not at this point, I'm happy with how the drama is making me feel this kind of emotions. Btw, the cinematography is so amazing, especially at the beginning and when they zoomed it to the criminal's mouth/face. It was scary yet beautifully shot. An, I'm happy that we are able to see the melodramatic acting of Chae Won. She's so good at it. This drama is going to break my heart then put it back in one piece and I seriously loved it. Go and make me feel more emotions!!!!!! @guinearoyal I agree with what you said of his feelings towards Ji Won, but I think him using her as a shield in the first part, is already an evidence that by that time, he was already attached to her and loved her on his own somewhat twisted way. I almost cried when he was telling his father to go away when Ji Won was kissing him and...he did pushed his father away. I'm so proud of him.
  15. I'm so excitteeed for episode 5! I can't wait until tomorrow for subs T.T
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