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  1. I CRIED SO MUCH AT THE FINAL EPISODE -- now my head hurts! I was literally worried in the last 8 minutes because I don't know when Hyun Soo will be able to get things straight, but gladly, he did get things straight and boy, how I loved that intimate kiss!!!! It was pure of love and longing and it was beautifully shot! The whole episode gave me tons of catharsis and my eyes are still hurting. .I loved the way they ended things and I think, although it's not what I pictured in mind, it remain beautiful and meaningful. Still, I would still like to see Mommy Baek giving f
  2. I read most of the insights here! Wow! This drama is indeed a very powerful one. I also love how it's able to bring so much catharsis to me. Episode 15 is so good and I personally love the scene where Hyun Soo cried, "I see dead people!" I can't stop crying after that scene. Also, when Jung Mi Sook tried to stop Hyun Soo from being a murderer and even let her killer, Baek Hee Seung, live! I don't know if I can react the same way she did during that time. The kindness of her character in episode 15 is so...powerful and compelling! I also loved the part in episode 14 where Hae Soo s
  3. Long replies ahead to @Madu Mita^^. Hehe. Just my opinions. Ji Won and Hyun Soo are not flawless and perfect, especially, Hyun Soo, it's just that, we started to understand his reasons behind his wrong doings, but clearly, he's not perfect. Hyun Soo is still not exempted from the morality of his actions. She did mind that he lied to her, however, she discovered that he wasn't a murderer. And most importantly, she remembered her daughter Eun Ha who would've been brokenhearted and would've a hard time growing up once Hyun Soo's real identity is
  4. I was scrolling on a popular drama review site and found that there were many that frustrated about episode 13. So, I compiled some of the "seem to be logic issues" they found. Why did Hyun Soo go to Baek Man Woo's house before 10 pm? Didn't he knew that Director Baek could easily call Yeom Sang Cheol? I don't want to think that the writer can be this gullible, so I suppose, Hyun Soo and Ji Won go there attempting to corner him and without letting him go. xD I didn't bother to go over this issue since Baek Hee Seung already had a plan on his mind to frame up Hyun Soo. How did Baek
  5. Thanks to @joybran and @bombshellchick1 for explaining the accomplice recording. ^__^ I really thought that Baek Hee Seung recorded the threat during that night in the bar with Hyun Soo and Do Min Seok -- that's why I was confused when he mentioned the village foreman's murder.
  6. This is what I'm curious about, from what I can understand, Do Min Seok and Do Hyun Soo were in the bar where Baek Hee Seung made the recorded phone call after the witness saw him. But, what's confusing was when he talked about the village foreman murder. Is he talking about the murder that was just about to happen? What is it all a plan? Did I miss something?
  7. Okay, I think I'm starting to understand the knife scene. Yay! Thanks to all the posts here in soompi as well as in twitter and streaming sites, rewatching the episode 13's end and the preview also helped me. Whoooh. At least I'm not that stress anymore. I think Ji Won's doubt towards him had really hurt him badly. He was hurt, disappointed and maybe felt betrayed (to the point that his father's ghost who had stopped hunting him for a decade, came back). Now that Ji Won knows he's really Hyun Soo who is wanted for murder and tagline as a serial killer's accomplice, and not the loving husband
  8. Hahahahha, after watching episode 12 and 13 in a marathon, I badly need episode 14 now! I don't know how can I continue my projects after that ending of episode 13, here's to me hoping that it was all plan after a preview of them running together was shown. But, I think, Do Hyun Soo was really hurt that Ji Won seems not to trust him enough. I just hope that when he grabbed that knife he already got hold of his feelings and had a plan laid out on his mind, I know the writer is smart so I assume I'll be getting a 5000 words explanation for that one. xDDDD Btw, in one of the previews
  9. Thank you @jeonghyang for the gifs! I love the kiss shared by Ji Won and Hyun Soo -- it's so beautiful -- so full of desperation and love!
  10. I think, she's mad towards the psychiatrist because first of all, she did not do her job properly. Like most of the village people, she's swayed by her prejudices. She just diagnosed Hyun Soo with ASPD, but did not really look more into his condition and why he's behaving like that. She also did not give him proper treatment (as far as I know). After she diagnosed Hyun Soo with ASPD, that's it. So, I totally can relate to Ji Won on this, to be honest, psychiatrists in my country are very few (around 700 only from what I remember) and people with mental illness are ignored and not g
  11. I don't know about you guys, but there was something different on episode 10 scene where the bartender looked happy that Hwang Jung-Soon died, then their leader seemed annoyed, I feel like something bad is going to happen to that bartender. I have a bad feeling about that team leader (I know he's already bad but he could even be more evil!) Adding to the Baek Man Woo theory as the accomplice, I did not really think that he was the accomplice not until this episode. I'm still betting on him instead of the real Baek Hee Sung, but I'm wondering, why would he go all the trouble to go t
  12. I love the writer of this show! I've watched some of her dramas and I loved that all of her dramas have realistic themes, even the twist in her romcom drama special, "Bride in Sneakers", is just really simple, not overly complicated but lowkey hits the message of greed and selfishness. The themes of her dramas are not so extreme, yet they are able to deliver the message! Aside from LJK and MCW's comeback, she is actually one of the reasons why I decided to watch this, I just knew the writing will be solid!
  13. THE DRAMA IS SO GOOD! Aside from the brilliant acting of Lee Joon Gi and very poignant emotion of Moon Chae Won, I also want to give a shout out to Baek's family for their acting, with special mentioned to the real Baek Hee Sung! Aaaaah! Now I know why I should not watch a crime thriller -- I can't handle the suspense! I just watched the episode 10 earlier and my hands were cold. Episode 10 plus that preview for episode 11 made me felt anxious, earlier. Episode 11 is set to make my heart feel sadder. I am not sure if the real Hee Sung has an ASPD as he showcased so ma
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