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  1. wow, thank you @RPM for creating this thread and giving us those updates! I haven't watch it yet tho.
  2. Soooo hi guys! I tried creating some of these .gif images since I figured out it's fun to do so xD Btw, I miss this thread and I miss the drama too. T.T cutieeee expressions (from Dubhe and Izy) Pretty Ok Nam Family photo of Tale of Gyeryong Fairy Our OTP (Kim Geum and Ok Nam) Izy (first reincarnation of Professor Jung) and her broken self and heart The most touching for me and my most favorite one ...look at them smiling. :') GROUP HUGS!!!!!!
  3. As tvN’s “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” aired its final episode on December 25, the cast shared their thoughts on their drama coming to an end. Moon Chae Won, who starred in the drama as the pure and charmingly silly Sun Ock Nam, commented, “I feel bittersweet that it’s already the end. I hope that the many people who watched ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ enjoyed watching Ock Nam. The year is ending, so I hope that everyone wraps up the year on a good note and that the coming new year will bring only good things. Thank you to everyone who watched our drama.” Yoon Hyun Min, who played the cold and standoffish biology professor Jung Yi Hyun, remarked, “Until now, Yi Hyun had to endlessly experience many difficult feelings, but the ending of ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ was a special comfort to me and provided me with healing. I would like to thank the viewers for watching the stories of the characters, sympathizing with them, and understanding them up until the very end. I hope that you will remember Jung Yi Hyun and ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ in the future and that you will be occasionally be curious about them when they come to mind.” Seo Ji Hoon played the sweet and warm Kim Geum, who stole the hearts of female viewers. The actor said, “It was an honor to be a part of such a great production with a great director, crew, and cast. While acting as Kim Geum, there were many things that I regretted, and I also learned a lot. In my next work, I will try to show you a better performance. I truly thank you for watching, and I hope that you wrap up the year on a good note. Once again, thank you.” Rookie actress Yoo Ah Reum commented, “I was very happy to be a part of ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ and play the character Ahn Jung Min for the past six months. As it was my first drama, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it. I sincerely thank the viewers who loved Ahn Jung Min and ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter.’ I will meet you again through another production! I hope you end the year warmly.” source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1283535wpp/mama-fairy-woodcutter-cast-shares-thoughts-dramas-conclusion
  4. yes the last episode is just perfect. actually for me the real ending is episode 15, I cried a lot on episode 15 and this one is like their Christmas gift to us just pure love.
  5. Just finished watching this drama and I must say I'm satisfied with how the things turned out in the end. The final episode was like a special episode after episode 15 and I am really happy with how they give resolution to every characters. This drama was indeed simple and very heartwarming, and I am so glad I've watched it, although I can't lie that there are some scenes where I feel like I'm weired out (especially with the CGI butterfly worm that Professor Jung had dreamt about) and scenes that are unnecessary but were still funny. Surely, what I'll miss from this drama are the bromance, the trio (although many say they are useless, I still love them lol), Professor Jung's handsome face, Geumi's charm all over the drama, Fairy Ok Nam being super pretty on the screen, Cho Bong Dae making me laugh so hard and Professor Lee's skinship plan to win over the professor. Surely this drama is flawed, but the heartwarming message of love, friendship, family, selflessness and redemption were on point--everytime I remember the story of the past Geum and the past Jung, I feel like I am always going to cry. Anyway, I really want to thank and congratulate all the casts, staffs and producers for giving us a good show! ^^ Now, what shall I do with my life now that it was finished? Maybe I'll find myself too like what Professor Jung is doing and clean the feces of the cows? btw...
  6. such a wonderful drama. hays. I feel sad that there will be no more episodes of this. This drama may not be the best of the best 2018 but it has seriously given me a rollercoaster ride. I had all the fun and the cries from this one. The messages of love, selflessness, friendship and family were on point. Excited to see Episode 16 for tomorrow! Thank you guys for welcoming me on this thread~ and to the casts, writers, staffs, producers thank you for giving us such an awesome show ^-^
  7. Oh my gosh, I have finished watching episode 15 and I am so glad that I started this drama, I was crying throughout the whole episode. I know I kept saying this even before, but this drama, has really an amazing story. Yes, sometimes this drama was weird sometimes, but this drama, if it was really taken on our hearts--and we watch it...intently, we will see how beautiful it is. Yes, it is beautiful. The episode was too beautiful for me~ I've never cried so much like this on an episode except on Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I kept crying especially when I watch how Geum (his old self) was so selfless and not just sweet, but a sensible person. His love was just so heartwarming, that even the heart of Professor Jung that was full of resentment, anger and hatred had changed. Geum was a really awesome person, and I think if we people, just like Geum, will try to be guided by love, it can be a wondeful world for us. ( lol, i feel like i am answering on miss u hehe) This drama may not be the best of 2018 but it has many many gems. Yes, the CGIs were not that really amazing as people tell it (but it wasn't that bad either, it's just sometimes weird hahaha), but it is always more than that. It has given me roller coasters of emotions and are you getting me here guys?! I've never watched a drama where I cry then I suddenly laugh (especially when I saw Jeom Dol being a dragon, I laughed so much there, I don't know why hahaha maybe because I was cheering too much lol) then cry again!!!!!!! LOL! The funny sayings of Ms. Cho is crazy in this episode especially when she was describing Jeom Dol hahahhaa, the trio especially the two love birds were awesome (but still I do not know why they have too many parts on the other episodes but still I love them SO MUUUUCH!!!!), Ms. Fairy Seon Ok Nam (i've really wished to see more aggressiveness in her part, since it is moon chae won, however I am still happy that she was our fairy), and of course the brotherly love of Geum and Professor Jung. Honestly, I cried a lot because indeed, they are brothers--not just friends and roommates--but brothers. The author was just so good at telling such a unique story. And lastly for the love triangle, Geum really deserves the Fairy--his love was too pure from the very first start. I NEED A MAN LIKE GEUM! LOL. I am so happy that this drama is still being really good. As for Professor Jung, I am so happy for ways, the story has already given him so many justices--in the form of the brotherly relationship he had with Geum, his friendship with Ok Nam, the care that the two masters gave him all along and of course the people who love him now for being Professor Jung. And honestly, I am just really really happy for all how the things turned out in the end--we had friendship, family and of course two kisses from Geum and Ok Nam. hahaha lol. That kiss at the end was too pure, I kept crying. TT_TT I feel like this is the last episode lol hahahhahaha, we've got still one more tonight and i'm soooo excited hihi Btw, MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! him although he will not get the Fairy because even he has suffered too much in so many
  8. YEY we are on fifth!!!!!!!!!! I'm wishing this episode gets higher rating!!!!!!! fighting!!!!!! so far from wikipedia (lol, I'm always checking the ratings hahahhahaa) Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share AGB Nielsen[25] Nationwide Seoul 1 November 5, 2018 5.628% 6.214% 2 November 6, 2018 4.992% 5.727% 3 November 12, 2018 3.140% 2.987% 4 November 13, 2018 4.157% 4.425% 5 November 19, 2018 3.371% 3.588% 6 November 20, 2018 3.579% 3.835% 7 November 26, 2018 3.300% 3.716% 8 November 27, 2018 3.481% 4.169% 9 December 3, 2018 3.576% 3.947% 10 December 4, 2018 3.889% 4.083% 11 December 10, 2018 3.004% 3.581% 12 December 11, 2018 3.330% 3.486% 13 December 17, 2018 3.683% 4.222% 14 December 18, 2018 3.862% 4.386% rating for ep. 15 not released yet~ ANYWAYYYY!!!!! SERIOUSLY, I am so happy for the kiss!!!! T.T I thought they will never ever have a kiss scene, huhu, thank goodness! I'm just sad that I feel like no subs will be posted for tomorrow T.T </3
  9. Oh my goodness this episode is sooo good, thank you for sending some key points of episode 14! jeomdol being a dragon! yayi'm so excited and ms. cho adding that sticky note, that will be fun to watch haha! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! TWO KISSES? I don't know if I should feel happy or jealous? LOL. HAHA. Excited to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank goodness. lol. and again the bromance, how I LOVE IT HUHUHUHU ---- @stroppyse I think, aside from the things that @lotuzea said, the Fairy wanting to find her husband for 699 years became a little bit delusional (as she said in the previous episode). When she got a clue about Professor Jung being her husband, she only focused on Jung as the only husband candidate. I think, it's pretty understandable if I will on be on her situation since she was waiting for all so many years and now that she thought she found it, she must do everything to prove that it was Jung. Anyway, she should have already doubted when she is starting to have feelings for Geum, but then again, maybe it is because of her foolishness she never had the chance to doubt Professor Jung, but anyway Jung is remembering the memories of her husband so maybe that's why. --- BTW! MERRYYYYY CHRISTMAS guuys!
  10. FOUND THIS ON YOUTUBE his voice is gooooooooooooooooooood~ ...and new stills from tvN! Advance Merry merry CHRISTmas too!
  11. It's not just because of the sound of the pee, the Professor also know the name of Jeom-soon, her cat daughter but she didn't even say its name. So she assumed that he might be the husband, plus, Professor has memories of his husband (as a deer). Anddd the reason why she doesn't notice Geum being her husband is because she was too busy thinking it was Professor Jung, that's why she turned a blind eye about Geum and all those clues. There is even an episode where Geum said that the husband of the fairy must be being punished that's why his wife can't remember him. Meanwhileeeee, yep, she promised that she would not leave Professor Jung, but she did. However, I think that is still pretty understandable because she was guilty for the troubles she had caused and at the same time sad for what she had discovered. On episode 15's teaser, Jung will ask the fairy if she did ever love him (when he was still the red fairy and up to now that he was now Professor Jung). That would ba a heartbreaking scene tho, Poor Jung. Anyway, I have read here that the deer stole the winged robe because she wanted to go back to the fairy realm and at the same time get a revenge on Geum? I am not sure about this. YES, it is the deer. The child Izy was a girl so she became a girl fairy too. She was in love with only Alkaid (Seon Ok-Nam) not with Dubhe/Pagunsong (Geum). But still, Dubhe was her bestfriend together with Alkaid. ------- Btw, here are new stills for episode 15:
  12. Found this one on youtube!!! They are so cute! I really really love their bromance! So awesome to found that they add some bromance acts that aren't on the script and that Yoon Hyun Min thinks their two characters are brothers.
  13. I didn't notice this at first when I watched the drama! Thank you @aoikarinfor noticing and creating a video--this just proved how great an actor Seo Ji Hoon is! HUHUHUHU. A respect and salute for him for doing great in all these scenes. (This now reminds me on the early beginnings of Lee Min Ho where he jumped in the han river for the mackerel run sitcom~ hehe off topic) Anyway, thank you guys for your theories--it makes everything so clear! I was also confused if Izy was a boy or a girl child first, thank you @latuadi for the confirmation! Annnd thank you guys for posting bts of Seo Ji Hoon here~ makes my heart melt~ excited for all their loving scenes
  14. Wow! nice theories! here I am hating the master of the northern stars since yesterday when all along, he gave Izy, Dubhe's company always.
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