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  1. 1 hour ago, xXMzSmilesXx said:

    wouldn't compare SH and SI to an "ugly version of the Titanic" just because I hate SH character so much (props to Lee Moo-Saeng who plays him, he is really doing a stellar job) and I would not be able to compare him to Jack - the OG of self-sacrificial ML (how freaking hot was a young Leonardo DiCaprio). 


    LMAO, no, ShiHoon is no Jack. I was just calling him the Titanic and referred to how it would drag anybody nearby into the abyss of the deep dark sea as it sank and descended into the depths of the sea after cracking into 2.


    SeoIn's gotta be out of reach when his whole career and finances implode in his face.

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  2. Oh damn, this just popped up in my mind:


    Does SeoIn hold joint debts with her scumbug husband?   Because if he files for bankruptcy (let's be real, he's got no assets worth any real cash whatsoever and he's getting into MORE debt because GiSeok is gonna be stupid), SHE'LL be as good as bankrupt too! She better cut everything between them and RUN ASAP!


    Gurl, you quit yo job, have yo evidence, KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNT, now just RUN before it is too late! Run and don't look back! Run to your parents house, hide with your sisters or plain just enjoy life in Jeju. Don't be dragged down by that ugly version of the Titanic! This is not a matter of saving face or time to be cowardly! This is a matter of saving your own life!

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  3. I liked the part where they just kept talking and talking. MinGyu's trauma and fear were about people who only present the good side of themselves to him while trying to back-stab him and that whole talk was just JiA coming clean about everything - what she did, what she felt, what her motivations were, how her feelings developed, what she really wanted, how she really thought. Why she lied, why she loved. She became totally, completely transparent in front of MinGyu without holding back at all which is exactly what he needs right now. The big things explain the whole mess, the little things remind him of the times they spent together - times that were spent with sincere hearts. Even just one lie will pull his defenses back up and close him off forever. He just needs transparency and the feeling that someone is totally on his side and here he gets it which is why he's letting his guard down.


    So many times in drama land the conflict is so contrived that I just want to lock em up in a room so that they can hash it out. But here, they're doing it themselves! Talking is the first step to understanding each other and then trusting each other. So I really liked the talking here.


    Next episode, it's up to RiEl and YooChul to come through for MinGyu. And you know what, I'm trusting them to. RiEl actually still thinks of MinGyu as family even though she might not be able to marry him and YooChul's rift with MinGyu is because he's hurt that MinGyu can cast him aside just because of a childish mistake (I sincerely believe that child YooChul didn't know what the heck was going on with the paper and only came to know when he became an adult. Although the fact that he did nothing when he learnt about it regardless makes him a coward and makes MinGyu's continued potent anger his fault now.) but now he can trust a whole group of con people just because they were able to give up everything they had for him. Will YooChul try to make amends for MinGyu now? And it seems like his father may not actually be up for the job considering how he was shaking in the meeting with Marten.


    Maybe YooChul will come through for both MinGyu and his father's sakes. Well, I really hope so because RiEl and MinGyu can't do this alone.


    And what's JiA gonna do? Tell me she won't keep sleeping even though her husband's in a war, please.


    (Also, SeungHo and SooBin look like they're practically sleeping through MinGyu and JiA's heart-to-heart session in the beginning of the episode. When AJi-3 was charging, I bet SooBin was actually sleeping, what with the heavy deep breathing she was doing, HAHAHAHA. These poor babies are so tired.)

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  4. Okay, 6 days after the ending, I have come to peace with the anger around it.


    I maintain that the characters didn't have a lobotomy but there were fundamental changes in their thinking - some can't endure any more, some finally realised what was important and what they could let go. And they acted on it.


    Maybe the ending would have been better accepted if we had 2 more episodes (or even just one) to flesh out their reasons for doing what they did (especially JiHo's. We went from hearing all of JiHo's thoughts without SeHee's and then to SeHee's without JiHo's) because apparently it wasn't obvious enough. What did they cut from the last episode that was supposed to be 2 hours long? I think they cut some crucial scenes...

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  5. You know what? 


    It's been 4 days since the end of Because This is My First Life and I still don't get the complaints about the last 2 episodes. For me, they were perfect.


    I understood why SeHee and JiHo did whatever they did and what they didn't do. I didn't feel any inconsistency in the characters and I don't understand complaints about SeHee and JiHo (especially) betraying their characters, including WonSeok and HoRang. I understand the logic and the emotions that made them do what they do and made them choose what they choose. A person cannot be omnipresent and omnipotent and so they will have faults. And the way they did whatever they did, felt very in character for me. I don't get it.


    And for complaints about the drama not addressing the rape and other factors, I believe that no slice of life/ true to life drama can ever do that when it's just a capture of a small part of the characters' life. Each and every character feels so lived in that I don't see them as they are in the drama only - I believe that they lived 30 years ago and will live on after The End like normal people.


    Whatever. This drama, for me, is perfect. It is perfect in its characters' imperfection and faults. From the first moment to the last second. Where's the Blue-ray? My wallet is waiting.

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  6. Did she go straight to the wrap up party after filming that last scene?! Because why is Ryu HwaYoung's skirt/pants so short there too!


    Anyway, whatever breadcrumbs for the HaRi-MinJoon shippers:


    When MinJoon was meeting up with TaeYang's accountant, HaRi sat in the same restaurant they were at. The accountant went to the ladies and MinJoon walked right over to HaRi, asking if she's not trusting him right now, which he takes to mean that she's concerned for him.


    HaRi of course scolds him to go back but MinJoon replies that people generally spend 2-3 minutes in the washroom. And for those 2-3 minutes, he's only going to see her and only her. She warns that she's keeping eye on the accountant's seat and he tells her to do that because he can't anyway, with his back to it. He's just going to see her and only her. (Everyone can see his view in their livefeed, haha!)


    The accountant starts to come back and HaRi starts to urge him back but when she looks in his direction, he's already heading to his seat.



    And why did they have to stand so close when KangWoo was trying out the massage chair? MinJoon was totally whispering right in her ear!

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  7. HAHA!


    Mad Dog is yet on another mission, and actually in the middle of it when KangWoo is released. That's why Teach' went to welcome him back. HaRi walks into a class with MinJoon there, wearing the shortest skirt she could ever find, a skirt that even Nurse complains about. She sits right next to MinJoon who drops his pen... and wraps his suit-jacket over her legs because "they're so pretty, they're only for me to see".


    MinJoon walks out and wonders where and when "Hyung" is coming.


    KangWoo: "To you guys."


    MinJoon: "Professor Kim, in."

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  8. 47 minutes ago, kimnabong said:

    HAHAHAHA. OMG. But he did. LOL.

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    I must have been crazier than Ji Ho because the push and pulls were so complex between us. TBH, it felt like an empty act on his part. It was almost as if he was only trying to save us. He was only trying to follow the lines of his life. It wasn't me. My room 19 really was an impending train wreck and if he wanted to ride that nonetheless, it would take a lot of sacrifice on his part. It will mess up his lines. It took some serious Jong Min-ness to clarify my room 19 and ask him straight if he understood what he was putting himself into by acting like he was choosing me... and that was the end of the line for us and the rest is history.  But it really is all good. He has a Ji Ho now



    Haha. I guess not all SeHee-s are the same then! Well of course. I'm not even 100% the SeHee in this drama either!



    And pardon for this very rude tactless way of putting this... but it doesn't sound like that SeHee was in love with you... which means the break up was for the best. As long as you're all happy!


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  9. 48 minutes ago, 122am said:

    After watching 16 eps and some BTS here's my personal opinion:


    They are professional and unlikely to be off-screen couple.


    JSM always maintain distance from LMK during intimate scenes.


    For example she was dead serious during bed scene.


    and LMK is the nervous laughing one. 


    I think she is currently attached to another person and LMK is not. 


    I don't know about anything, but that boy is definitely too in character. Playing SeHee is hard because you have to suppress all the raging emotions. It's completely different from being blank where you think nothing. I think all those emotions spill out in the bts.


    Playing JiHo might be a little better for the mental state, since at least she gets to go nuts.


    I bet Lee MinKi will take 1 month to get out of character, haha. Wonder what his manager and CEO think.

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  10. 3 hours ago, rembrandtz_5e20 said:

    The last post. The fact that SH stayed true to his character....he wouldn't move even though he was miserable! And JH made the conscious choice to go back to him. But once SH gets that sense of security, he will always be there for her. 

    But you know, you sound like hell of a scary SH!:lol:


    I'm a scary SeHee?! Uh oh.


    In what way?! I need to know!

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  11. 1 hour ago, rembrandtz_5e20 said:

    Haha, that was me! 

    Can I say you are spot on for everything you said about SH with regards to JH, and vice versa? 

    It's a long suffering and unwavering journey to his heart, but when you grow old together, SH will be holding your hand in your sleep. :)


    Yeah you!


    Spot on? Only this post or the previous posts too? As the episodes went by, I just started to recognise the old me in SeHee, though of course I wasn't as traumatized as he was and so wasn't constantly as miserable or crippled. SeHee was worse than me. But the way we thought seemed to be so similar (always head over heart!) and I dunno if I was interpreting him correctly, but I was just saying whatever it looked like to me. And I'm still learning from SeHee and JiHo's interaction because I wasn't brought out of my mould because of a JiHo. I had no such fortune. It took years of heartache and falls to realise that I was disadvantaging myself by being so closed up and inaccessible and so brutish. Coming out is like nails on chalkboard. Screeeeeeeeech!!! But, oh my god, this whole new world. It's so worth it. It doesn't mean that you'll lose the SeHee-ness though. You just gain more.


    To all SeHee-s in the world: Don't be afraid. Forgive yourself. Be ready to accept love. Let yourself believe that the other person is stronger and can handle your outburts. If you can, they can too. Because this is your first life after all. So you will make mistakes like other people (yes, they do too, but it doesn't mean that we'll all die because of those mistakes!). And because this is your only life (as your current self with your current group of people, if you believe in reincarnation). Live it to the absolute fullest.


    Most if all, most of all, most of all. It's really just - don't be afraid. You are stronger than you think you are.


    And I know sometimes your brain is all blank and you'll just look at the world blankly. And people will have 101 reasons for that expression on your face. So when someone comes, give them a little smile. Because that blankness can be quite disconcerting to others unlike us.


    [And you know, I took the social ability research-test at TestMyBrain.Org and the results show that I am miserable at identifying differences in faces and identifying expressions. It is a real affliction you know, this condition where I don't get what others are feeling. But my cognitive abilities/speed are superior than normal! All brain no heart. -__- ]

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  12. I just realised that SeHee NEVER physically went after JiHo like all other K-drama heroes do. It was always JiHo going to him, actively making the choice to be with him.


    His improvement is that he doesn't PUSH her away anymore and actually draws her closer to snuggle right in - which I guess is enough for JiHo to be comfortable in his love. He really needs a lot of security, certainty and conviction but once he has that, there's no going back because he'll make sure you're always there for cuddles. It's like JiHo's happy waiting for SeHee's heart to come to her, but SeHee needs JiHo to physically come to him. He looks like a moon hovering over the planet that JiHo is!


    Haha, SeHee through and through, to the very last moment.


    So I guess @kimnabong, your SeHee was never going to run to you after all. You had to go after him. Even the lady (omg, my pea brain. How am I not remembering your handle) @rembrandtz_5e20 whose husband is a SeHee only got together because she didn't leave him. Now we know.

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  13. 28 minutes ago, yusefull said:

    I am so mad at JH right now.

    On one side, you got a SH who get from 0 to a 100% in the relationship faster than her (she start sooner). He keep doing the right thing and only think of her.

    On the other side, you got a JH who do HR and want the other to understand what she think without saying it.

    The worst part is that he did it until now but she don't let him continue. She wanted him to tell her he love her and when he was going to, she stoped him.

    At that point, I don't believe I can accept any explanation. JH shouldn't have done it like that.


    It's hard to love SeHee. He doesn't express his feelings a lot. Even if he said I love you, JiHo can't tell if he's really choosing her or if he's just doing it because she's there. Saying "I love you" is easy. At least for most people it is, even though WE know that it's not like that at all for SeHee. Proving that you love someone and making them revel comfortably in it, believe in it confidently and be embraced by it is difficult. And SeHee doesn't do that for JiHo so she's scared that she'll spend the rest of her life just chasing and waiting for SeHee. That's kind of hard. So now, when SeHee is about to confess to her, she's scared of his love. So she's running away before it's set in concrete. Well, SeHee didn't do himself any favours since he never said anything even after she asked him if he had anything to say. This is his fault, not hers.


    25 minutes ago, Cherrine Kim said:

    Was he affraid if she'll say no? Or was he affraid if he couldnt make her happy? Just like when he sense JH was crying on her phone, and he didnt enter her room.. d monolog of him said "she was crying and thats bcoz of me.." so he went step back..

    I also curious why JH was affraid too when SJ teased her that SH want to confess to her.. her monolog said that is what she had been waiting for.. but why she is affraid when its coming? Is that d reason why she left d house? As if she believes its not love yet?


    He's afraid that JiHo won't be happy with him. Note that I didn't write that he can't make her happy. The former means that JiHo will not be happy with him around no matter what he does or even she does. But, the latter means that she can find happiness herself while he just cannot for her, which is better than the former, at least.


    Again, she's afraid that if she falls for SeHee's words and goes ahead with him now, she'll spend the rest of her life walking on eggshells, waiting for him and just chasing him. That's kind of miserable. Chasing and waiting has got to stop sometime. It can't go on for life. She'll lose herself. SeHee needs to heal himself before she can be with him. Otherwise, they'll both be starting a disaster.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, kimnabong said:

    Me too. I am immensely overwhelmed. Watching this drama is like watching my life. The thing is I'm not INTJ. But I've known and love(d) so many INTJs in my life that watching SH cry was a sure breakdown for me. I just felt what he felt. I was already tearing up during his scene with Sang Goo. As he nibbled on the chip with seemingly comic timing, LMK acted it so well that I just knew he was going through a turmoil inside. His random JH-Ssi's during the drunk scene were really funny but also deeply heartbreaking. By the time he entered JH's room on the excuse of looking for Kuyangi, I was already tearing up. When kuyangi marched in so gallantly and he saw the Uri collar, I was just sniffing. I reaaallly cried my eyes out tonight. 


    How do I like this ten times? You really know.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, kimnabong said:

    In real life however, what are the chances of a pride-hurt, fearful INTJ to gather the courage to believe that he won't be able to hurt someone else again? That's the puzzle I could never crack. Choice is such a bipolar thing to have. 


    That's why it's a gamble. I can't tell either. It all just boils down to how important that person is to that INTJ and how much that person's leaving hurts him. Does the hurt bubble over and spill? Or will the INTJ just go round looking like a battered zombie until someone manages to heal him/her?


    I will not rule out the possibility that SeHee literally felt a sensation of a knife piercing right through his heart. Because that's how intensely we can feel emotions. I mean... I vaguely felt that in the moments right before he broke down, what more about him?

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  16. 14 minutes ago, kimnabong said:

    Hi! Was it you who posted about INTJ's hating being manipulated or was it  @xxPeepsxx? Because right now JH's manipulation skills are award winning. But mind you guys, I think she's walking a really fine line here. I did this to my Nam Se Hee and now he's married to someone else. HAHAHAHA. With INTJs, I'm certain that talking is better but somehow I absolutely agree with JH here.

    Oh man, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a time skip at this point.


    It was me.


    But this isn't so much of a manipulation as it is a gamble. Both sides CAN lose something. Manipulation is like when you threaten to leave if someone doesn't do something but never actually having the intention to leave. Like when you're threatening something but are not expecting it to go that far.


    BUT THIS ONE. OH MAI GHAD. JiHo is a total ddorai.


    It wasn't "I'm leaving if you won't say this." It was just "I'm leaving." She left it wide open as to what SeHee would do, could do and can do. There is no "if you do it, I won't go." It could have very well been "even if you say it, I'll still go." That's JiHo's power and why SeHee isn't feeling like he's being manipulated. She means every word from the bottom of her heart with no other motives.


    She's leaving because she/ her heart cannot handle him. That's it.


    I kind of bet that he knew too. And he couldn't take the risk of telling her to stay only to break her heart again. Remember the moment when he gave up just because she cried because of him? That's the point the started to close up again, right after a crack appeared in his wall of armour.

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  17. Oh no. We are in trouble.


    We being me and SeHee. How can it be so real? Like someone's got into our heads and actually read what's in there.



    The moment he got another beer, and started laughing in front of the TV, I knew we were in trouble. This is the start of something he can't handle. And there're not a lot of things that we can't handle. And so SeHee breaks down. Eotteokhae, SeHee yah?


    And I realised once more how stupid I was. 


    Whoa, this writer... wow. I just... I cannot. Remember I said that SeHee-types forgive themselves last? This whole episode was emphasizing that point. Oh my god, whoa... I'm just, overwhelmed right now. And I'm not overwhelmed a lot.

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  18. 46 minutes ago, jangminie said:

    @xxPeepsxx @rembrandtz_5e20


    May I ask you something, please? :D:D:D


    After we broke up, he was the one who sent me a message and asking me about this and that and I answered all his questions. After that, I tried to asked him about his day first, but he always asked me 'WHY?' I told him because 'I want to know' or 'I'm curious', and he keep asking me 'WHY?'

    At the end, I stop replying his 'why' because I didn't know what to say, and then he asked me again 'why didn't you answer my question?'

    And I asked him back, 'did you need an answer?' (Am I wrong here?)


    Did he want a specific answer or something?


    He also told me that I shouldn't send him a message if it was not important. Why???


    I'm still confused. He is the biggest mystery in my life.


    Lately, I smell something fishy about him and my friends. I think, he plans something behind my back.


    Is he normal or abnormal?

    Or am I the one who don't try hard to understand? :huh:


    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I get your frustration. 


    He wants to know your intentions. People like your ex-boyfriend don't just answer questions right away. They want to know why you're asking that question and their answers will change or will be phrased so that it answers your intention. Are you asking because you're still interested in possibly giving the relationship another try? Because you want to get back together? Or just because you have nothing better to do? What are you going to do with the information I'll give you?


    I cannot speak for your boyfriend, but it was very very very hard for me to open up about myself (I mean, I even hated it when my mom (who is like half a HoRang and half a JiHo) went round telling my sister's friend's mother what major I was in) and so he won't be giving all those info easily, especially since you've broken up. BUT! We are little hypocrites and want to know all about you. Because we like figuring things out and we want to figure you out.


    If he's asking all that about you, he's not over you yet. You guys might actually get back together with just the right push. But I dunno. Good luck!

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  19. 42 minutes ago, rembrandtz_5e20 said:

    OMG you are so right about them hating to be manipulated! They detest hypocrisy and will absolutely rebel if you try to play mind games with them. But it can be a good thing cos as the gf, you just need to tell him things as it is, no point scheming to get what you want from him, he can see through a Ho Rang right away! 

    I also realise they don't patronise people they don't care about. Bliss is to be able to go home after work every day and spend quiet time with family and by themselves. They don't need to travel anywhere or do anything special to be happy, but that can make them pretty boring people :)


    Yep, don't try mind games. We can see through it all. If SeHee got together with HoRang, they'd break up 5 minutes into the relationship. I can't even imagine them together actually. He'd probably think she's nuts.


    We're happy staying at home and having quality time with family and alone - but if you, our loved one, would so love it, we would be delighted to head out with you too. Because it makes you happy which therefore makes us happy. 


    Just don't go out everyday please. We get a bit touchy after the 4th or 5th day. We'd be delighted but we like our space too. (If overseas, that means you gotta give us some alone time, like say a lazy morning once in a few days or a do-nothing night. Thanks.)

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