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  1. Okay I'm all done. Wow. Can't believe it's all finished.... The kiss scenes in Ep 28 were better, I'll give her that. Doesn't negate the weird ones though haha. Oh well, you live and learn. Perhaps Wan Peng just needs more experience. There were a lot of romantic moments and skinship scattered throughout the series, to be fair. Ok, big spoiler for this episode: Smaller spoiler: Will slowly wean myself off by watching BTS videos... It's been a fun ride with you guys!
  2. Haha I think I'm just going to selectively forget about that scene. Episode 27 was so angsty... And now onto the last episode...
  3. @ash1999 Urgh I am a bit annoyed about it because it's like.... either do it properly or don't do it. I don't understand like, if she was supposed to be shy/ didn't want to be kissed, then stop the kissing. But it went on for a while in that awkward manner =.= It's like half-assing it for fan service... Anyway, so much (better) stuff happened in Ep 26!
  4. Wow looks like this forum has been really active over the weekend haha... Watched Ep 25... guess what - no Jiang Xue but then again, she's really not very much of importance lol. Off to watch Ep 26...
  5. @usagi1997 Oh I do still like HEA endings haha. But I enjoy the good angsty scenes before that too. For the record, the official Tencent YT channel released an entire load of videos of scenes from Ep 21-24, and they're subbed. So if you want to be spoiled before the whole episodes are out - there you go. Another thing I liked about this week was how they really showed XQ's feelings towards Fang Leng, after he's done all the confession and stuff. I felt like it was time for her to go to him because when she did before, it wasn't because of her feelings but now it is and the poor boy's just been in agony a lot of the time. I was really grateful that they didn't end Ep 24 with just the kidnapping because I think I would have died from the anticipation that they would rescue her. Here are some awesome scenes. And this is an earlier one in Ep 21 with flirty Fang Leng: Just check out their channel if you want more videos
  6. I take a perverse pleasure in sad scenes when they're well motivated and not pointless anyway. Oh and if anyone wants to know what happened to JX (and what he said to her outside his house): Also the development between Fang Leng and XQ:
  7. OMG just watching the first bits of Ep 21 and that line that has been bugging me the whole week was not even a thing! GAH. You got me good, editors.
  8. Here's what I think: @libra22, I've seen the BTS where he's just off singing haha. His Korean pronunciation is pretty good! He must have a talent with languages. I think he watches Korean dramas quite a bit because in the earlier video you posted where he's just goofing off, he also says a few Korean phrases (normally learnt from K-dramas haha).
  9. I can't believe ALL this is in Episode 28. WHATTT. Why can't my heart be at peace for one episode? *cries from the good angst but really hoping for lovey dovey stuff* Episode 28 Preview Translation:
  10. Ohhh I hope this won't be the whole episode... Episode 27 Preview Translation:
  11. There are so many lines in this preview so much is happening AHHHHHHH. The scenes cut in and out like lightning so you guys just have to watch the video to get the context. Episode 26 Preview Translation:
  12. Weeee new previews are out!! More bittersweetness to come. As usual, will replace with official vids once those are up. Done. Episode 25 Preview Translation:
  13. @pad-hari Oooo those gifs are amazing! As spoilery as we can get this week! HAHA. Where did the people get these?! I think we're slowing down on the spoilers since there's only one more week left for them (the spoilers, I mean) Anyway, from the gifs, I can see a few lines: 1. Fang Leng: No way. Xiao Qi: What do you mean? Fang Leng: There's no way I'm giving you up to him. 3. XQ: What nonsense are you saying? (Then she tells him to give her the phone back while he teases her) 4. Fang Leng: Well, looks like I'm depending on you to feed me from now on. Get ready... to be responsible for me. XQ: You scoundrel. Loving all those smirks. Ah my heart
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