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  1. Youtube randomly put this video on my feed and I thought I should share this for a moment of levity It's BTS from another drama 2 years ago but it has Vengo and Song Yunlong (Cang Yi in this drama) in it. I have no idea what scenes they're filming but it *ehemm* involves a row of men taking off their tops... You have been warned:
  2. Hmm... I've finished the whole drama now. Mostly agree with what you guys said about the last few episodes - there is a sense that everything was rushed, and not enough time between events. One thing I really wished was shown is how DH would have looked for FJ when she left, but instead it was mostly him battling (in fact it seemed like that was all he was doing the entire time). I also didn't like how characters just died off-screen and you didn't even get to see their sacrifices (like: the Demon King Xu Yang and the whole Biyiniao clan). I couldn't feel sad for them because I didn't see what happened to them, and that seemed like their characters didn't get properly sent off. That was my main gripe - everything was SAID, not SHOWN. If anyone knows a thing about storytelling, it's that the latter is always better and stronger than the first. I've sort of given up expecting the steamy stuff lol. The novel did set expectations, and I had already expected it'd be toned down, but they made it like kindergarten level. Although I'd say that they were reeaaally sweet, but it's a bit unrealistic to keep to forehead kisses given their age, when they already had a child AND they were dying - would it have killed someone to give them something on the lips?? Sigh. But what's done is done. Re @SC2019 and @They Sick: I don't think he gave her promises he couldn't keep. That's precisely what he said he wouldn't do. He specifically said to Zhe Yan that he can't promise her that, because he didn't know what would happen in the future given the way they were changing their destinies. I think the problem was already mentioned by some others here before - he didn't tell FJ stuff in order to protect her, but he should have because she was his partner, and not necessarily someone who needed or even wanted protecting.
  3. I've been slowly shoring up the episodes to watch... busy with real life and everything, only just caught up to Ep 48. And OMG, the tears from Ep 47-48 I really liked the scene in Ep 47 where FJ, after absorbing Aranya's memories, is finally able to tell Shen Ye what happened and confronted him with how Aranya felt. "So this is what it felt like, to have a thousand arrows piercing in one's heart." Ooof! That hurt, in a good way. Shen Ye tried to defend himself, but FJ went, "There's no way Aranya could have known that!" Tears everywhere And of course, DH and SMY watches everything in Ep 48 through the Miao Hua Glass - man... Aranya is so badass and cool. She died so beautifully and tragically... And the revenge from Shen Ye... maybe the Biyiniao tribe as a whole didn't deserve it, but that Queen though. URGH. Also you guys are amazing for being able to hold on after watching Ep48 last week. I'm glad I waited so I can see more now. ------------------ Sidenote: I've watched both seasons of Eternal Love that you guys are talking about. No one watches them for the plot It's one of those where you just turn off your brains and enjoy the *steamy* fluff. I haven't watched Liang Jie in another else so I can't say how she is with other actors - she's great with Xing Zhao Lin. But I've watched him in Lucky's First Love (?) with Bai Lu and he had chemistry with her as well. Maybe it's his characters - he plays a similar kind where he only sees the female lead once he falls in love. And he really goes for it with the kisses haha. I watched some interviews he's done and he seems a very down-to-earth actor serious about his craft.
  4. Have you guys seen this? Double standards as regards to how Dijun treats everyone vs. how he treats Feng Jiu. Found it quite hilarious
  5. Hmm. I just watched Episode 46 in full. I guess because I already knew about the consummation scene, my expectations were managed and I didn't feel really outraged. I really liked that they kept most of the scenes leading up to it - like how DJ sees FJ/Aranya with Shen Ye and then being too upset and getting drenched in the rain. It wasn't even just jealousy - it was the line, "I never thought I'd be too late". That is just such good angst. I really liked everything from there, the conversation on the bed when he lay down wet and confused, and then at the bath tub. The way DJ was sulking and refusing to move, until she got frustrated at him too haha. She tells him to remove his clothing if he can move and cover himself with a blanket while she ran the bath; otherwise to stay put if he couldn't move. He said he couldn't move, still trying to get her to stay. She gets exasperated and says, "Then bath with your clothes on!" And he sits up, "I can move now" all in the sulky tone. And the scene of the morning after, they were so cute and they snuggled, which I'm happy about Actually thinking about it- that was exactly the problem with Shen Ye too (in the drama version anyway). He had probably never thought he would be too late. It seems like he finally realised that after FJ provoked him, saying that he had wronged Aranya. Slowly savouring the episodes before the next week...
  6. ^Interestingly in the comments, someone suggests that there may be another scene where Gun Gun is made I haven't actually watched all the new episodes.. but I think I might be ok with all the other sweet bits in the rest of the episodes, rather than focus on the lack of steaminess. There was something I wanted to say - I really like how FJ is as a character. I love that she's actually not useless (in fact, she's pretty badass), she's smart and she's quite resourceful. Even if she's not extremely powerful like some of the other 'older' immortals, she does hold her own quite well in fights. I like that her hobbies include swordsmanship, making weapons and also cooking - she's neither extremely boyish nor girlish in the traditional sense.
  7. And the preview for Ep 50 - seems like FJ pretends she's lost her memories. This part isn't in the book, I think. FJ: Which little fox of Qing Qiu are you? (it's so cute that she's holding a strand of his hair - DJ shakes his head) Erm... were you my classmate who studied with me? (DJ shakes his head again) Erm.. or were you an immortal who ate at my blind date feasts? DJ: Looks like... you've really lost your memories. FJ: Huh? DJ: That's too bad. (takes his hair back) FJ: What's too bad? DJ: At first, I was going to go back to Qing Qiu with you to see your family, to discuss how we should arrange a make-up wedding banquet, and make you Empress (Di Hou). But since you've really lost your memories, then all these have to be postponed indefinitely. FJ: What? What, are you really marrying me? DJ smirks. (oh FJ ) DJ: Who would have thought that you'd forget everything? FJ: Wait! Where are you going? DJ: I'm going to ask Lian Song to send you back to Qing Qiu. FJ: Then... then are you not marrying me anymore? DJ: Since you don't remember me, we shall have to forget this matter. FJ: Ah! Actually... actually, I think I remember now. We were husband and wife in Aranya's dream, right? I was Aranya, and you were Xize. DJ: How does Aranya's dream count? Since you don't remember me, don't force yourself. DJ turns to leave but FJ backhugs him. FJ: Erm... I think I remember now. LOLOLOL. Young fox FJ is no match for wily old DJ
  8. @Marie Kay They absolutely did. Sigh... I agree with all of you here about the lack of steaminess. And actually people who mentioned The Romance of Hua Rong - actually they cut most of the kisses in that one too. The BTS was way more exciting (tongue was involved) which made the actual footage even harder to swallow. Though I didn't watch TMOPB, I think I recall seeing steamier scenes, no? (maybe it was easier for two married people (YM at the time) so rumours wouldn't swirl that easily)... Haven't watched the latest but saw the previews for 49 and 50 on YT. Not sure if there's been translations but here we go: Preview for Ep 49: I'm not sure who DH and FJ are fighting? Maybe I need to watch the latest episodes to figure it out.. Is it the battle that Aranya goes to? Man... Shen Ye's heartbreak SY: She's a shadow. I'm also a shadow. SY: Everything was in vain. SY: Aranya, Aranya, where are you? Where are you, Aranya? Come back... SY: I shouldn't have let you suffer so much while you were alive. And here I was, foolishly thinking everything could be redone. MY: Shen Ye!
  9. Thanks @jimmylyne for the correction. I read what @Cửu Nhi wrote as well. Seems like I didn't watch that bit carefully haha. There is another thing I've been thinking about, and I think this is different from the book... in the drama, when DH asks who is Aranya, the Biyiniao Queen says, "She is my younger sister". Does that mean she's Junuo?? But Junuo became a commoner though... Just watched Ep 41. WOW. Quite different from the book with the Miao Luo bits. Very interesting. Have to go to 42 right now!
  10. You touched on the turning point between DH and FJ's destiny. According to the novel (and also mentioned several times in the show), DH and FJ originally never had the fate to be together - hence why DH never noticed her when she was in Tai Chen palace or whatever. But because their shadows, Shen Ye and Aranya had such a heartbreaking, "unfinished" fate - it caused this destiny to stretch to DH and FJ. In other words, it's exactly because of their incomplete fate that DH and FJ get a chance. So I'd say it's sad... but necessary. I remember from one of the trailers, they put the words, "The destiny between them in the past, was merely that she once liked him so much". Sorry I'm cutting your post but just to respond: You're right about the first point. According to the drama, she doesn't have memories of herself (FJ) or the body she's in (Aranya). Which leads to the second point - Actually Aranya is married to Xi Ze, not just engaged. But they're an estranged couple who only got married because of the king's wish to have his position strengthened through Xi Ze's identity. Since FJ's not Aranya, she doesn't know anything about her and that's why she doesn't know who Xi Ze is or what he looks like. But there's also added layers as to why she doesn't recognise/ remember DJ. She also doesn't seem to have memories as FJ - although she dimly recalls someone in white hair and purple robes. On top of all these - when DJ took over Xi Ze's body, he wanted to keep his own face and used a sort of spell over the whole world of Aranya's dream so that everyone in the dream would not question his appearance but accept him as Xi Ze. Su Mo Ye could recognise him because I think he entered Aranya's dream AFTER the moment DJ cast the spell, which means he wasn't affected. And yes, Shen Ye is the little boy who took care of Aranya. He's played by two versions of Vengo, in fact I haven't watched till the part where FJ remembers DJ so I don't know about this point haha. Indeed, DJ didn't know where FJ's soul would go. He was expecting it to be into a baby in a womb, which was why he thought it might be in Junuo since she's pregnant. Aranya is also FJ's shadow, just as Shen Ye is Dijun's shadow, so Aranya's face was always going to be the same as FJ. ---------------- I forgot to talk about another thing the drama changed - YCW let the Demon Clan know about DH going into Aranya's dream, which gets reported to Miao Luo through the snitch Nie Chuyin. That's gonna bring about the big fight earlier, isn't it?! I was like, "Grrr YCW being an idiot again" but at the same time curious as to where it would lead.
  11. @taekwang Su Moye is the West Sea's second prince. He's a friend of Lian Song and his mother is the Snake Queen. In the drama, Lian Song says he thought that if anyone could help with the snakes (that guard the Jieyou Spring), it'd be the Snake Queen (and by extension her son). And then of course also what @lizzy23 said. Hmmm I'm up to Ep37 now (losing all my sleep, can't stop HELP). I think I like the changes they made as to how DH quickly suspects that FJ's soul might be in Aranya - I always thought it didn't make sense in the book that DH wouldn't know, seeing as how he's so mightily smart. The way he can sense the presence of her soul in the drama now, makes sense to me. Also it's so ROMANTIC like he would know her no matter where or who she was. The plus would also be that we'd get less misunderstandings involving Junuo. I really like the scene where Su Moye and DH met and how they immediately recognised each other, but kept up appearances. And DH so actively looking for and chasing after FJ... The friendly atmosphere between Su Moye and FJ is quite fun, and so effective to make DH jealous hehe...
  12. Just finished Ep 35 and my thought was - How many Vengos are there?! LOL. My thoughts/ discoveries: @LaxClyne I had the same thought - I think Princess Jie Lue is going to admire YCW, even if she thinks he's an idiot. I don't remember her character in the book, but I like that there's an alternative possibility for YCW.
  13. You guys are way too active for me to read everything But I've been enjoying the pages I've seen. I watched up to Ep 33 last night and spoiled myself with the kiss scenes in Ep 35 and 42 Anyway, Iike some of you, I like the fact that they are playing up Miao Luo's influence on characters such as Ji Heng, and indirectly, Yan Chi Wu. I think it makes sense in the narrative. Although they kept some important consequences such as in order to trigger events like Aranya's dream. I also like how Dijun is so expressive in the Fanyin Valley. And all the jealous bits. HAHA. I was literally squeezing my pillows and blankets as I watched! Haven't felt so fluttery for dramas in a while - I mean, some dramas have them in bits but the chemistry between V + D is really quite special. Another thing is I feel the production thinks about the changes and properly lays down the foundations for it in earlier episodes - like the red air thing appearing in FJ/Jiu Ge's room even before anything happens - so we know Miao Luo is aware and capable of being somewhere even while being suppressed. And so it makes sense when she influences Ji Heng - it's not a random event. Anyway, time to watch more episodes!
  14. So excited it's Thursday!! (a bit late I know but timezones and work...). AND OMG ALL THOSE PREVIEWS ON YOUTUBE WHAAAAAT. Usually they release two previews but today they released 8 (Ep 37-44!!), although the preview for Ep40 is missing. Totally spoiled now - literally every preview provoked internal screaming! All those sweet scenes... from reading some of what you guys wrote, there's been some changes. I'm really curious and unsure but at the same time I haven't hated the changes they've done so far. Should sleep now to get up for work tomorrow, but who am I kidding.. gotta hunt for them new episodes now
  15. Well it's already seen in the preview that Vengo is Shen Ye, which totally makes sense since Shen Ye is meant to be Dijun's shadow. And then since Dijun takes Xize's identity, it can't be another actor either. The book specifically mentions that Dijun kept his appearance as Xize, but used a spell so FJ-Aranya doesn't recognise him. Vengo must be having a fun time dressing up and playing so many different characters. I mean, Reba has quite a few identities too but somehow his are more distinct from one another.