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  1. @Ellie Toh Aha~! That's who he was lol. I thought he was familiar but I couldn't place him (too many of these costume dramas in a short period of time haha). Thanks for solving the mystery! I haven't been watching the latest episodes (think I'm up to 20 atm) because I've been shoring them for some reason. Anyway saw in the previews that Wang Ye is forced to marry a 2nd wife (!!) which he can't refuse because it's an order from the king. Can't wait to see how Ming Yue and him get past that, as I'm sure they will. Also saw later previews that has Yunsi causing problems by being that 2nd male lead who refuses to take no for an answer... think it's time for me to watch the episodes again haha. Oh! I saw another video that showed Alen Fang playing the piano as he sings the insert OST and the flute! What a talented man!
  2. My new drama crack! So glad to find something after binging the previous drama (Lucky's First Love) . I recognised the male lead actor from another fluffy drama where he was a bodyguard (Lascivious Lady). I remember being captivated by his eyes then - glad to see him as the main character here where he can get the girl haha. This drama is hilarious. I love the sleepwalking bits where Li Qian's subconscious does what he actually wanted to do but pretended not to when he was conscious. Had to stop myself from crackling like a mad woman in the middle of the night several times. The FL is written quite well, I think. Haven't seen this actress before and while she doesn't strike me as being really pretty, she seems to grow on you. I think she's doing quite well and has chemistry with Alen Fang too. Also, I like how fast the feelings appear and are recognised, if not by themselves, then definitely by people around them. Li Qian's friends and their endless teasing I like how the two main characters, as a contracted couple, already work together from the beginning even before they like each other. And also how regardless of them having/ not having feelings yet, they're both loyal to each other once they're married, particularly when dealing with the 2nd male/ female leads. Li Qian is very clear in rejecting Hui Xin, despite her willingness to be his concubine. Ming Yue, even knowing Yun Si as someone familiar, doesn't encourage his advances. Can't wait for all the sweetness once their feelings are confirmed!!
  3. Okay I'm all done. Wow. Can't believe it's all finished.... The kiss scenes in Ep 28 were better, I'll give her that. Doesn't negate the weird ones though haha. Oh well, you live and learn. Perhaps Wan Peng just needs more experience. There were a lot of romantic moments and skinship scattered throughout the series, to be fair. Ok, big spoiler for this episode: Smaller spoiler: Will slowly wean myself off by watching BTS videos... It's been a fun ride with you guys!
  4. Haha I think I'm just going to selectively forget about that scene. Episode 27 was so angsty... And now onto the last episode...
  5. @ash1999 Urgh I am a bit annoyed about it because it's like.... either do it properly or don't do it. I don't understand like, if she was supposed to be shy/ didn't want to be kissed, then stop the kissing. But it went on for a while in that awkward manner =.= It's like half-assing it for fan service... Anyway, so much (better) stuff happened in Ep 26!
  6. Wow looks like this forum has been really active over the weekend haha... Watched Ep 25... guess what - no Jiang Xue but then again, she's really not very much of importance lol. Off to watch Ep 26...
  7. @usagi1997 Oh I do still like HEA endings haha. But I enjoy the good angsty scenes before that too. For the record, the official Tencent YT channel released an entire load of videos of scenes from Ep 21-24, and they're subbed. So if you want to be spoiled before the whole episodes are out - there you go. Another thing I liked about this week was how they really showed XQ's feelings towards Fang Leng, after he's done all the confession and stuff. I felt like it was time for her to go to him because when she did before, it wasn't because of her feelings but now it is and the poor boy's just been in agony a lot of the time. I was really grateful that they didn't end Ep 24 with just the kidnapping because I think I would have died from the anticipation that they would rescue her. Here are some awesome scenes. And this is an earlier one in Ep 21 with flirty Fang Leng: Just check out their channel if you want more videos
  8. I take a perverse pleasure in sad scenes when they're well motivated and not pointless anyway. Oh and if anyone wants to know what happened to JX (and what he said to her outside his house): Also the development between Fang Leng and XQ:
  9. OMG just watching the first bits of Ep 21 and that line that has been bugging me the whole week was not even a thing! GAH. You got me good, editors.
  10. Here's what I think: @libra22, I've seen the BTS where he's just off singing haha. His Korean pronunciation is pretty good! He must have a talent with languages. I think he watches Korean dramas quite a bit because in the earlier video you posted where he's just goofing off, he also says a few Korean phrases (normally learnt from K-dramas haha).
  11. I can't believe ALL this is in Episode 28. WHATTT. Why can't my heart be at peace for one episode? *cries from the good angst but really hoping for lovey dovey stuff* Episode 28 Preview Translation:
  12. Ohhh I hope this won't be the whole episode... Episode 27 Preview Translation:
  13. There are so many lines in this preview so much is happening AHHHHHHH. The scenes cut in and out like lightning so you guys just have to watch the video to get the context. Episode 26 Preview Translation:
  14. Weeee new previews are out!! More bittersweetness to come. As usual, will replace with official vids once those are up. Done. Episode 25 Preview Translation:
  15. @pad-hari Oooo those gifs are amazing! As spoilery as we can get this week! HAHA. Where did the people get these?! I think we're slowing down on the spoilers since there's only one more week left for them (the spoilers, I mean) Anyway, from the gifs, I can see a few lines: 1. Fang Leng: No way. Xiao Qi: What do you mean? Fang Leng: There's no way I'm giving you up to him. 3. XQ: What nonsense are you saying? (Then she tells him to give her the phone back while he teases her) 4. Fang Leng: Well, looks like I'm depending on you to feed me from now on. Get ready... to be responsible for me. XQ: You scoundrel. Loving all those smirks. Ah my heart
  16. I think the people who are remarking that this thread is short are just surprised since the drama is good Glad that more people are coming into the thread and more discussions. I've watched up to Ep 16 but not beyond because I'm in the final week push for my dissertation (although I can't stay away from spoilers). After next week when I'm done, I'll be able to post more! Can't wait.... I'm so excited from everything you guys said! I love the way Fang Leng looks at Xiao Qi too. Smouldering. Always feels like he can't help but be pulled closer. It's so nice to have appreciation for the actress. I don't do it often myself, but I have to agree she's doing a good job because she doesn't come across as trying too hard, or being annoyingly cute. I haven't watched the latest episodes but I've already mentioned in my preview translations that I thought she already realised her feelings, so I don't get the running away part either. And that was previews for Ep 21-24, which means they're not even together then. Hopefully they don't make her frustrating in that aspect. BUT since something big happens in Ep 24, there can be no more reason for the delay... surely... I hope. Anyway, time to get back to work! *hides in the metaphorical library cave*
  17. Totally agree with @ash1999 and @usagi1997 about the awesomeness of the ML not being wishy-washy! I love how Fang Leng is very clear on what he doesn't want, even if he doesn't admit what he wants. And yeah! I love that the main couple always have swoony interactions every episode - even when they're separate, they are always close. On a separate note, I'm amazed by how much you guys understand even though you need translations Oh, and sorry when I said the previews would be released today. They are, but not on the official YT channel. The Tencent site does have it, and I found one on YT that's not all chopped up in random episodes. There is only one frame and sentence cut off in the beginning (of every ep preview, I think). It does say 21-25, but it's only 24. Edit: Official trailers are up! Replacing them in my posts. I haven't watched Ep17-20 but GAH. The previews are FRUSTRATING. Episode 21 Preview Translation:
  18. @usagi1997 I saw that video too haha! I've learned the link now from all your postings. We know who found her when she's leaving now... Translation of the spoiler video: OMG I CAN'T WAITTTTT.....
  19. I saw some trailers for this and then watched two episodes. It seems pretty interesting so far. Haven't seen the stuff about art restoration yet but would be great to see. The female lead is... I want to say different, but she's not exactly different in the recent trend... she's spunky, and cheeky since she grew up in a good environment. She's not mean, but she isn't afraid to speak her mind either. I'm a bit curious as to who actually IS the male lead though. The few sites and reports I've seen say that Ye Lin (Huang Sheng Chi), the older brother is the main male lead. Right now, he is the one that the female lead, Rui Ning, likes. BUT from all indications, based on trailers and normal drama trajectories, it seems to me that Ye Miao (Fan Zhi Xin) is the main character. He's the one who's at odds with the female lead at the moment, and in posters/ trailers, it can be seen that he does get into a 'relationship' with Rui Ning. He also has a past with Rui Ning, which she doesn't remember and mistakenly thinks it's Ye Lin. The other thing is also the second female lead, Shen Zhen, obviously has a thing for Ye Miao. At the same time, Ye Lin is surprisingly kind to her, in the sense he seems to go out of his way to do something nice for her. Too bad Shen Zhen has an inferiority complex in front of Rui Ning and might end up pushing everyone away. Ye Lin might at some point develop feelings for Rui Ning too...
  20. Haha @phoiphoi I used to watch Taiwanese dramas with only 1 episode updated per week so I totally understand the torture. Then Korean dramas were better with 2 episodes per week. Now I think Mainland Chinese dramas are amazing with the 4 episodes, which I think is a pretty good amount because otherwise no work will get done, and also the drama would finish too soon >.< @usagi1997 Thanks for all the BTS links! Love watching them being silly. Guess the only difference with usual BTS is because male lead is married IRL, there's none of those usual fluffy giggly swoony bits with the female lead. But still fun watching them goofing around. The trailers for Eps 21-24 will be released soon within the day, though I"m not sure of the time. Can't wait either haha.
  21. Ooo I caught up to Episode 16 and I have answers for some of my own questions hahaha. For starters, he did build the memory bank after he went into the company, which is why there's not data of JX. I think this might be the case. She's losing control of her powers whenever he or his name is mentioned. Then it stopped when she was being comforted by Fang Lie. The other possibility is she feels bad that he got hurt because of her, and that's why she wants to leave. Of course also, Fang Leng has never outright expressed his feelings for her, particularly after she's starting to realise that she DOES have feelings. I hope the show will be careful about the no-touching rule for XQ. She got into trouble both times when there was direct contact from Fang Lie, and she's said that no one can touch her except Fang Leng. But they've been skating the line quite fine in recent episodes when different people have touched her, including Ms. Chai and JX too. They were careful about not being in direct contact with the skin, but it's come preeeety close couple times.
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