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  1. I laughed so much with the tram ride, with some of the funny memorable lines. What a funny convo: "The mountains of Joseon belong to the King, but most lands belong to me (HS)" to which the counter was given: "All the easier for me to find your burial spot." Another one after the tram suddenly stopped and the hug between the two men, with HS asking nervously: "Are you alright? You could have ended up with an injury. I am fine." and DM's response of "Shall I look for a burial spot nearby?" LOL AS barely containing her laugh was funny by itself . But what a revelation of HS: "Whether you wear my suits to protect the country, or sell them, I will be your shadow." Wow, I thought he's just a happy-go-lucky guy, but he has his heart in the right place after all.
  2. This series is a gem! LBH is such a compelling actor, and KMR, even at such young age, already shows good acting abilities! I can't wait to watch for the next episodes, but I just hope we get a happy ending for this drama.
  3. Just noted that main lady character here is named Ha Jae-yi, while the one in Come and Hug Me is Han Jae-yi... :).
  4. Another great star in the making, I guess, in Jang Ki Yong! Loving the series so far... and gosh, he can also sing! Wow!
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