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  1. Good question haha.... Just your question is enough, no need to answer. yeah, me too, not addictive but I also have a big closet. I go shopping just for fun, hopping that new beautiful clothes will make me cheer up, blow away some kind of sadness inside me. Many times, it doesn't help or it helps just a little bit. After a hard working week at office and also housework, shopping is something to relax. Sometimes I really need to have new clothes for events, sometimes I want to buy something to be creative, to play mix and match with the thing I already have, just follow the urge to create, to be me.
  2. Oh I DON'T have a bad day. I just want to write something. Do you see that the beautiful summer is coming, is here? Colorful trees wearing new clothes standing in the streets. I am maybe a day dreamer, but it's so beautiful summer here.
  3. hmrhn

    Ask The Fellas

    I have a question, any guy around here can help to answer? There is a man, at the beginning, he invited you every week to coffee shop & could talk with you for (2 or 4) hours, you texted with each other regularly. After some weeks the frequency is reduced: 1 message per month, 1 coffee appointment per 2 or 4 months, then 1 coffee appointment per 6 month, 1 message per 4 month. So more than a year has passed. You recently have drank coffee with each other. He was very busy and concentrated in his business. Some guys/girls here can help to let me know if he can be interested in the girl or not? Thank you.....
  4. If it's a dangerous situation & violence is needed, I would be grateful. But I don't want that kind of situation happens. My 1st thought is that: he's very interesting, artistic and we may have many common things. A bit later, I think: it's so good, but let's see. Because I know a man who is quite good at many things, but his character is not OK. Are you describing a perfect man for every girl (draw, dance, wealthy...)? It's OK for me. I think, he does not want to show his wealthy at the beginning because showing it to every body is maybe not good for him. But at least, don't pretend to be so poor & have many difficulties. That can push me away. Because this life is real & I am although romantic but I try to be reasonable.
  5. So, I don't know. It's not so clear for me. Last night I woke up at 3am, was sleepless for more than 1 hour. Conflict with my colleague made me feel bad. Thoughts went around my head, what I want to say back to him, what I intend to say to him tomorrow for explaining myself. I tried to observe myself, pampered my little self, lying just in my arms. I felt what she wanted without saying. She wanted only me, embracing her, covering her with peaceful atmosphere. And she could be in peaceful relaxation. Slowly, my question appeared. So what happened to you? Why were you so hurt?- I asked her gently. I felt tired. He blamed me guilty for saying that his work is wrong. Another female colleague blamed me for that too. That man sent the angry energy to me. I just said that I doubt if his work is correct. I knew he is too sensitive with compliments. But why am I so hurt? I still can't make it clear.
  6. There are several things. Healthy kids: they are so lovely, innocent, kind hearted, no prejudices. A funny sitcom series: basically it's already fun and light hearted, we don't have to think. The nature: walking in the nature, watching trees moving in the wind, blooming, branches w. no leaves in winter, listening to birds whistling.... But it's just me, not all the girls laugh/smile at them.
  7. Oh, I just want to write something. After self training by walking up and down 8 floors, I feel tired. And I want to eat something delicious. Pure water & a coffee candy does not satisfy me. My head hurts a little bit. Oh I train to develop good health & lose weight if possible. But it makes me a little bit tired and wanting to eat more sweets now.
  8. This morning I have a juice cup of blended mango and no sugar milk, a slice of bread and a piece of pork roll.
  9. Oh it's a working week of the new year after Lunar new year festival. Feeling so full with the breakfast: Bread, a boiled egg, a piece of sausage with a little bit chilly source and a cup of much warm milk, cacao & a little coffee. I also feel peaceful after relax time, visiting pagodas, temples, communal houses in the villages, watching escort of Gods etc.
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