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  1. nah i meant wrong as in it , posted while i was still typing ....i was too lazy to explain ...
  2. am referring to the post you quoted me on ... and i too don't see my opinion as fact , i am just discussing what you said and adding some of my thoughts, i tend to play with words and can get very rhetorical ... plus i love expressing myself with gifs ... it took a lot not to add more if SA was the lead , would we have given her more grounds , for not being the typical candy?? , or is this lee way only give to characters , that don't directly affect SRY , or impact him in a more obvious and in your face way ??... to me they are both not , the usual and at the same time SRY , needs more , than SRY can offer and what SA is willing top offer ....
  3. @greenwatch08 SA is suffering internally from her own guilt, but externally, she's perfectly fine financially. She has a stable job, a career under Itaewon's biggest corporation. [....]weight/depth & heavily moves/affects the overall plot of IC. @corey Are you perhaps referring to me? Yes, I was badmouthing SA and yes, I was flabbergasted when it turned out that it was not her who ratted PSR to the police but: [....] This is what appeals to me - I really root for SR and wish him so well - if he gets any girl in the process - fine by me, either is ok. I am happy that the female characters are both strong, intelligent and fierce - but romance-wise this is not my cup of tea. @serenilmauve To be honest, Oh Soo Ah is a perfect example how people should see difference between "self-love" and "being selfish".[....] She doesn't need anyone's pity, simply because she is a person who pities herself the most in this world. @ehy Chingu, you should call out the person you were referring to, not leaving it out like this.. it draws out toxicity. Okay, if you happen to be pointing me out.. first I'd like to apologize if I somehow sting you with what I wrote. But I'd like to give my quick take with SA. @Whisper2 @Broaddaylight I can't agree more with you on Soo Ah's situation. True she is a skeptic and has character flaws but I think that she is overly demonized for her life choices. Just to add to your points on the economic context:[....] I love the portrayal by actress Kwon Na Ra. I hope the character can find happiness at the end (I feel unnecessary for JYS to "destroy" her). But I also don't ship any pairings for now, like @taeunfighting mentioned, one pair is too late and another too early. I prefer all 3 of them to be individuals without being head over heels for one another. ^^ a lot of these are just answers and my thoughts on some topics mis-matched
  4. this i keep on expecting people to tell me what an orphan who had nothing was suppose to do , become a candy working 50 jobs at a time , so she could pay for her tuition and don't forget pay back chair man for all he has done( lets not forget he was the sponsor of the orphanage for a very long time , i had a conversation about this show with my aunt and funny enough it was just after we where talking about the saying hard work pays and a comment i read about hard work ... SA made a gamble , she accepted the money and still did not get asked to testify against SYR , but she knew that the chair man , wanted something from her and one day she would have to pay the piper .... the reason i love SYR is that he too told her , its HER life HER decision and HER mistakes ... she might owe his father for being the father figure she never had but the chairman technically paid for her childhood up to when there company wanted to stop the orphanage PR ... i nearly fainted at that kiss scene , from very long experience ( i turn to ship grey characters that are too evil for HE) i know my ship will not sail but , all i wanted was that kiss and even SRY was about to faint home boy had his eyes closed and lip balm out ready for some action ... i like that she does not pretend or play around , she has told him and has warned him "i will live my life like an employee of JJcop" , she has made that decision and she is not backing out and he too has told her i will bring JJcop down ... or maybe i just like her because if she was male, more people would have sympathise with her ... @greenwatch08 Then there's SRY who's running to SA, his friend whom he cares deeply for/likes a whole lot. He's going his way to make sure SA wont be hurt/struggle at her job/career because of his opposition to J Co. The only irony is that he's been supportive of SA decision from the get go when he was put into prison & after but SA never did the same for him. SA never looked back & she isnt suffering from her choices. Guilty, yes, but suffering, No. I hope SRY will do the same & look past/beyond on his friendship with her. Honestly, it's a bit upsetting seeing SRY putting all that energy towards SA who would never do the same for him & never did. I just dont like when SRY is with SA at all lol. Can i ask what exactly should SA scarifies before she is deemed good enough , how much pain is pain before we give her the "you have suffered enough" certificate ... he told her its her life , she needs to live it and like she is living it she too will bare the consequences... the same way its his life and he is living it .... his bar and going after jj cop when it comes to the business side of this show i don't see this need for SA to be living in dome ...i could also argue that him being her friend and him going after her boss is literally destroying her life ... but anyone could argue that he has every right for revenge same as she has every right to work for who she sees fit ... we all make this decisions every day , people who work for microsoft- child labour , make-up industry child labour , cococola ( too long to name).... wanting her to give up so much to me is ... why we make as if surviving is unicorns and rainbows ... someone made a comment about how SA went full dark in episode 6 and i was like as a large company , forget the fact that SRY is an enemy , if a competitor starts making more money over night and is doing something you are not sure about ... having more business and you do not investigate then , idk ... ( okay i do feel she mentioned about second son on purpose or maybe she was just checking ) the same way , SRY is going to go after jj full force , SA has every right to do her job ...why does she have to quit every thing in the name of SRY why ??? ... she offered to help with the bar he said NOPE ... none of them have ever lied to each other , they always spoke the truth from day one she was given an opportunity and she took and he plans to break apart that opportunity ... i tend to see things from SRY point of view she refused to stay behind waiting for a boy , she took her life and lived it and at the same time he is taking his life and living it , these two never where born for noble idiocy...
  5. chef's kisses to everything , but the last part , i have the same feeling here as i had towards pro cha child in sky castle ... i think it has more to do with my background because if i pull such things , you all will only here of my funeral ....
  6. yo yo yo i wasn't going to watch this but , life happened and i fell in love with SA and SYR ...i will go down with this ship abut let it be known i have never ever had a wining ship since i was on the Ye-line... so please kindly do not put your eggs in my basket ... with that said , can someone please kindly point out to me exactly what moments about SA makes her a selfish , (many other words) backstabbing richard simmons)... i would be back to when i watch 5 and 6
  7. i want to see a drama so bad with these two ... and dear KJW , when is your next drama i check almost every day for news
  8. i hope they all watch those I really needed someone to talk about these dramas with when i watched hokuto last year and saka no this year ... So if anyone does watch feel free to tag me in any discussion ...
  9. Name: Saka no Tochu no Ie (2019) Summary: A mother is asked to be a jury at the trial of a woman who drowned her 8-month old baby. and the mother starts seeing herself in the defendant ... Watch when you are in the mood for: when you want to thing about life and humanity , what it means to be a mother , and societies expectation of woman to be mothers , wives etc. Visual factor: story a told from different angles and nothing is as it seems , but at the same time the final result is the same ... Emotional moments that you liked: i would not say i liked them but i felt them ... a crippling feeling of helplessness , because if only we had a time machine that could help up change our past ... so you could say i liked the fact that even though i a not a mother i saw and understood where everyone as coming from Annoying bits you might need to ignore: NONE honestly its 6 episodes , somethings would make you angry but ts part of the story build up ... oh and i wanted to give a few spanks to a certain brat ... Overall grade:10/10 Name: Hokuto Summary: A lawyer tries to defend a young man who wants the death penalty . Watch when you are in the mood for: WHEN YOU LACK INTENSITY IN YOUR LIFE. THIS WILL MAKE YOU ASK THOSE IMPORTANT LIFE QUESTIONS. Visual factor: very dark and gloomy . the acting and everything is on point Emotional moments that you liked: NONE... all i can say is that this should be watched in installments its an amazing series but you need to be strong. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: Its five episodes long ... not for people who are easily triggered or have a weak heart ... i remember there was a scene where i had to stop eating not because of the visuals but because i couldn't take it anymore ... I gave up on human beings. Overall grade:9/10
  10. MMMMAAATTTUUURRRREEEEEE .... is it possible to post on archive of our own too please ... i keep on comparing or just going "meh:" in my head ... but am even sadder because kdramas unlike cdramas never recast same actors ... that three piece suit on him is at the moment my favorite dress code of all time .... i just love how its not really too formal... am liking her more and more ... people who love lady gaga are .... please ... my life explained in seconds ... this makes sense , i was very surprised in the BTS when he said he never truly proposed to someone before and i was all i plan to either be married or at least proposed ( even if i get rejected life goes on ) to a few someones before i reach his age ... PS: it goes Kim Jae Uck , Lee El , Lana Parrilla , Christine and the machines , lee soo hyuk okay lets end here ... now some else tell me their list ...
  11. I think the feeding scene was an adlib... I he looked so surprised but was all Aaaaaaaa.... thats how you there is trust.. Am still to watch 15&16. I need to watch when am ready, i so i can Write a good review... I and then rewatch with you all... I i have to review this entire drama to be able to move on and some fanfics too... Right now am just lurking because ase i have a rewrite and i really really have to study... Voice is when i really took a second look and noticed this man... I could n't finish TOL because i say NO TO SLS.... No girl in her right mind will keep a guy like this hanging for 5years without atleast saying him ONCE.... I might go to back to to watch him eat though... Choi Yoon was the level headed one who saw it all first hand as a kid.. And did anyone realised that we saw the abs of the priest but arms of the lion...
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