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    The continent we all think is a country ...
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    am too young to have my humanity figured out . ask me in ten years ....

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About Me

:warning: Most important , i refuse to be an unpaid baby sitter , respect me , i respect you ... 


At different moments in life there comes a show that takes me out of a slump and have me join a fandom ... i ended up with fan-fictions ,new friends and too much swooning and i even recap stuff :o... and its usually for romance , which means my brain turns off ( explains the ff writing and recaps)  and i just have fun ...


I joined tumblr for OUAT (swanqueen:wub: ... haven't visited since 2015 ...


Joined Indian forums for jaana na dil sir door (vitharv :wub:) ... haven't visited since the show ended ... 2017 


Am here for her private life ( someone give them a name:dissapointed_relieved: ) my stay will be short but i plan to enjoy being here .... 


am cynical , Phd in sarcasm ( promise not to bite , but please if you don't understand me , instead of taking offense ask me )  , swear a lot ( i know the rules:D... will have to get creative with my words:ph34r:) , love debates of any kind and i watch any genre just don't get pissed when i comment ... my aunt tells me to SHUT UP :rage: , because sometimes my logic button refuses to switch off ...


which makes me a very horrible ,cynical reviewer ( am working on it ) 



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