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  1. Did any of the posters from Japan mentioned what he actually said in the meeting? I only saw one comment mentioning he said the name of a show, but because of the bad translation they couldn't understand the name. It's of the same person that posted about the bad translation, but now I can't even find the tweets. Is it possible she was asked to delete her posts?
  2. another post I just ran across, and god, do I miss JH in scenes like these! I love every single scene that was posted here! I so want another show or movie that will give JH the opportunity to challange himself emotionally again! Also- love his hair in these scenes! I don't remember him going back to this style, and I wish he will...
  3. This post popped on my JH search results, and it kinda reminded me again why I'm a JH fan. I needed this reminder considering the last year, with the disaster that Family was... Looking at the other posts in this thread, to me the actors in every other vid look like models! It's more than clear that the only point of the shirtless scenes shown in the vids was to highlight the looks of the actor and to titilate, while in JH's scene- you're not seeing goodlooking JH. You're seeing DG. No pretty boy, but a grizzled cynical warrior. Most of you even said that when you first saw Chuno, you actually didn't think he's good looking. And that's amazing! I want another role like this!! (of course with better plot... ) r
  4. Thank you for the translation!! Watching these clips it again looks like JH used this show to promote his friends. Also, if I understood correctly, JH is not talking about becoming a director of action movies, but of actions scenes. From what I understood, action scenes have a different director for them, so I'm guessing JH will now push to be the action director in his projects.
  5. Learning that JH's family is abroad is a very important detail, but I admit that I don't like variety shows that show people's personal lives. I'd rather he do a show more like Mongolia or running man or whatever. Like you, I also think that JH took this offer to maintain visibility, I just rather he do script driven shows... Here's hoping to such news soon!
  6. Looks like JH gave an interview in English (!) to this journalist from Vanity fair: violetransie A brilliant actor, athlete, person and a gentleman. I came to admire Jang Hyuk, a very talented Korean thespian that reminds me a lot of Bruce Lee and that I met for a long and interesting interview in English. https://www.instagram.com/p/C0G3Oi-tfh3/
  7. Completely agree! That would be the best way for him to learn English... He should just join his family! But I guess he wants to be perfect before he does... https://www.instagram.com/p/C0CEkaSJEnM/ watching this clip posted by Grace, makes me think I was wrong in my previous conclusion- according to this, it was after JH went a film festival in the US thathe decided that his family should be exposed to other cultures. So the promotion in the US was planned before. Which make it again make no sense. Unless JH is trying to hide his future plans in the US, so he said it this way... Again, with the mysteries... I'm confused again...
  8. Well, JH is a petit man almost dainty. He also has small hands and feet. I think my shoe size is larger than his and I'm about his height. I used to be his weight when I was in high school! and then I didn't work out like him and was super skinny. and I'm a woman! JH's physiology is something else... I checked with Grace and the actress that spoke about wanting to work with JH is a new actress called Lee seo el. I'd actually would love seeing JH working with an actress that can match him for his riding prowess. Also- seeing how JH learns English, I think it's just silly- the sentences he's writing are too fancy. The way I see it he first needs to become comfortable with speaking English, in the most basic of levels. It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make, just speak. And then try to make his English better through reading! His vocabulary will become better naturally through that... No wonder in the Mongolian show it still felt like even the simplest of sentences were a struggle for him! Whoever is teaching him should be fired!
  9. Me too. What interesting here is how it connects to his future projects... According to janghyuk_tw instastory, looks like the show had a ratings bump in JH's episode... https://www.instagram.com/stories/janghyuk_tw/3242126448011812821/ Also, grace in her instastory quotes someone wanting to work with JH, only I have no idea who. No context is given... https://www.instagram.com/stories/jshgrace/3242450544306224409/
  10. Indeed. I can't imagine this is a coincidence. For all intents and purposes, the LA premiere didn't make sense. The focus on promotion in LA doesn't make sense, if you want a movie to succeed in Korea. Unless the point was essentially raising awareness of JH in LA. And now we know JH is in talks with Hollywood people, so it makes sense. It's possible JH is maybe not planning on moving to the US, but maybe there is a long term project in the works that will allow him to join his family soon, for the duration of their stay.
  11. I can't imagine this show being amusing. It just sounds sad to me... Edit: OK, now I read this quote @azureblue posted. So It was JH's idea to move his family to the US... This explains a lot of things- the LA premiere of The Killer, the sudden calls from hollywood, and also him leaving his agency after so many years... Is he cutting ties?! Is JH essentially working towards moving to the US?! We've been saying for years that the Korean industry is not suited for JH nor is the Korean audience. Is it possible that while we were just talking, JH realized the same things we have and instead of just accepting his fate in Korea, has been working for several years now on a whole new path?!
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