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  1. Since SJ and her dad are the owners of the company, it makes no difference whether YW is innocent or not I just hope CD realizes how evil Jihoon and SJ are. Until now he doesn't know anything about his "friend"
  2. I really hope CD leaves this corrupt company, Jihoon isn't very good, SJ and her father are the worst. No reason to stay anymore. Poor YW is better off this company
  3. He is a very good actor but his features are so sharp my other favourite villains were not that sharp lol as for the actor playing CD, he is far better than some good guys in a previous revenge drama (Suho in left-handed wife for example ) I am disappointed in Jihoon, he helped SJ harm YW. SJ asked JH to prevent the security from showing CD the video of the CCTV
  4. My friends, it is annual Book fair in my country, I like to go several times so I am behind in the episodes. Just saw the clip where SJ replied to the phone on YW's desk and didn't deliver a message related to work to cause harm to YW. Didn't watch the subs. I am depending on your comments these days until I catch up
  5. Lol . I am not following the actor, I am following Jam Jam she is so adorable +2
  6. I still didn't watch yesterday's episode, but does the conwoman need the money for her son? did she lose him? Perhaps he is Jihoon
  7. I am surprised you liked Chocolate, as far as I know, it is grim. +2
  8. I watched the last episode, I feel sorry for the MIL. She really loved YW but acted stiff to help her go away and not look back Poor woman, she is not very bad, even in the preview she refused to allow the step sister from using YW's room. Jihoon is really dangerous, I hope he doesn't do something nasty to CD out of jealousy. However, SJ's dad deserves to be threatened by JH (regards Dong U's death). Also poor CD will never be useful to SJ's dad because he is upright, unlike JH who sold his soul to the devil. @mel22 I also agree with you that the con woman is hesitant, I really hope she leaves the house without stealing money, I don't know whom she is calling, it could be her brother. Also she seems to have a son, because she made a slip of the tongue when she said she never had daughters
  9. I really liked the transformation of SA from a cold materialistic person to a down to earth person. The rich JW could never do that to her. Some one simple as TR did it. I liked their first scenes more, in the hospital and the church. Later I became bored so I shifted my interest to SW now lol
  10. This is amazing, I really wish my family would have shared my addiction to kdrama I do like Choi Soo Jung too because he is balanced and he really is in good shape at this age +2
  11. I mean although they are the main OTP, but their scenes together are fewer than the scenes of OTP in dailies, because here there are too many characters as typical in weekend drama)
  12. Yes, they were the father and daughter I remember you joined in the last episodes +2
  13. Most soompi members like hot guys lol. I have to say OMS has the best sense of humour , but many spices is too much for me to handle Yoon Park is such a dear, TR character is more safe for my weak heart lol (they should just stop playing the slow music that is connected with TR scenes, it is boring for sure ) And I already gave up on the triangle of TR/SA/JW. I don't like suspense
  14. It seems OMS is a veteran actor . Anyway Yoon Park still needs to prove himself, he is doing well so far. And maybe the character of TR is not written well But the romance isn't really under focus. As a matter of fact weekend family drama in general isn't very romantic, it focuses more on family issues, that's why there is much focus on the parents, such as CA's parents, JW's mom, JH's mom Even CA and JH romance is not shed enough light on, as the viewers hoped, (as compared to Sunny Again Tomorrow, for instance )
  15. in my opinion, Choi Soo-jong and Uee were the real couple in the drama. @stroppyse Just nostalgic +2
  16. Despite his faults, he is not double faced. Yes he is good for nothing but at least he doesn't lie about himself, as if he says "I am bad, yes, but take me as I am". On the other hand, Jin Sang is a liar, to the extent that he even believes his own lies
  17. I am not really serious about any actor lol, I keep shifting every 6 months ( dailies last for 6 months ) Only 2 actors lasted for long, Amitabh Bachchan and Johnny Depp, but now I don't even remember them except for a few minutes Music is a different story, my longest passion was for Chopin (started 30 years ago, still there). Started liking Mozart a couple of years back. From singers, Aznavour, The Bee Gees, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole. +2
  18. the father's girlfriend doesn't like YW in the house, as I expected. I hope she doesn't cause trouble. But it is kdrama, so we all know what to expect
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