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  1. Still can't figure out the plot. The three mothers were friends in the past. In the first episode we see Chae Won's foster mom running with a baby and someone is chasing her. Is her birth child kidnapped? Also the new tenant who is spying on the family, what is he after? From what I understood, he knows that DL group director is the birth mom of Chae won, and plans to marry her because she is rich. The question is why did the foster mom take Bit Chae Won?
  2. I think SJ is not weak. He wouldn't be forced to do anything that his mom says Btw, I like the operatic song at the beginning Preview
  3. Oh my God, YJ calls Minhu adeul (son), TP says, is she married to SJ? (기혼해했어/ kihonaeso). The two women say her husband is dead (nampyon 죽었어/shugoso) @Ameera Ali
  4. Actually SJ has a hawk waiting for him i.e. Yura. I don't know what she will do to catch him, maybe get him drunk and claim he is the father of another baby? However SJ is no joke, no woman can trap him, and his mother is a nightmare.
  5. I am wondering how does the FL love TP? She allowed the marriage of YR and TP without showing much jealousy or sadness. When she was looking for TP, she allowed SJ to hug her. TP already thinks that YJ likes SJ. Sometimes I get the feeling that she only pitied him. How will the things develop later on? Will YJ like the new TP? Also some day, TP will see Minhoo with YJ. I think he will put two and two together. He will guess that Minhoo is still alive. PS. My only explanation for TP thinking that Minhoo is his son is that he doesn't remember anything about that night. Or
  6. @maribella I think YR was 2 months pregnant and gave birth after 9 months, and she pretended that the baby was born after 7 months ( when it was 9 months). It's convincing because some babies are born after 7 months only. But the question is how did they believe her when the pregnancy was shown on her earlier than expected (after 3 months, when it was actually 5 months)?
  7. I was watching because of Mr. Bu. I really like him. The drama is unconventional, as the ML is the dear grandpa.
  8. I strongly believe that both TP and YJ will raise the child as their own in the end, even after learning the truth. In Fatal Promise, the FL didn't mind that Eunchan was her enemy's son. So I guess that TP will still love Minhu despite the truth.
  9. Why did the writer let YJ abandon TP? This way he will never forgive her. The plot is not running smooth. In "The Left-Handed wife", both the husband and wife were sincere and never abandoned each other. I feel frustrated that TP has a grudge towards YJ too. It seems wrong and illogical that the FL is so fickle. She was supposed to be good but the writer had her make so many mistakes that she seems part of the villains who hurt TP. She is not that evil in my opinion but rather she is extremely stupid and always makes wrong choices all the time. I consider her as useless as her father and brot
  10. I think she said "do you know for how long have I been searching for you?" Olmana: means how long
  11. In the preview, YJ is saying: : "TP oppa, where have you been all the time? How are you? Do you know for how long have I been searching for you?" (From the little Korean that I know) Previews are deceptive lol, I won't be surprised if it turns out that one of them is daydreaming, or thinking inside their heads without talking. Anyway I think TP will not reveal his identity to YJ now
  12. From the preview it is certain that TP wants YJ to recognize him using the Mickey mouse doll.
  13. YR is still suspecting that TP and Minhyuk are one and the same, does this fake resemblance happen in kdrama only? It is so illogical. She should use some imagination to figure out that they are the same.
  14. I will mention the characters that I dislike the most: YR's mother, the second ML and his evil mom (she hired someone to kill Jisuk, the amnesiac woman), so evil. I don't like YR. The sister YJ is fickle and wasn't helpful enough to TP. YR's brother is weak and is no good either. I like TP before his transformation, he was so sweet and endearing, after his transformation he is so cold, I feel sorry for him but I was hoping to see some of his past warmth, really in Fatal Promise, the heroine had her revenge but was still kind towards her friends. I hope we get to see TP's warmth tow
  15. YJ is looking for TP. She really cares about him. TP sees the rich guy hugging YJ, he sadly leaves TP's stare is full of revenge. He is transformed now. Yesss
  16. @Lmangla YJ has the rich guy already falling for her. I don't see how they TP and YJ will end up together in the end Yura's mother is a villain in my opinion. She doesn't treat TP well from the beginning.
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