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  1. CJ isn't dead. I knew it because the body was covered with a sheet and we saw the watch only. A question, why does YR want to kill him? The truth is already revealed. She won't gain anything by killing him. SJ's mom saw the photos of CJ and YR together. Minhu's birth certificate too. Maybe she doesn't want him to wake up because he will testify that she attempted to murder him. In that way she will be charged for attempted murder???
  2. I am mixed up. Is SJ YJ's half brother???? Some of you suggested that SJ is secretary Ku's son.
  3. Yes @UnniSarah I remembered Gwangil's dad never regretted his evil deeds in "A Place in the Sun".
  4. You reminded me of sth. In this drama Q: did you check the CCTV? A: Oh, the CCTV was out of order on that PARTICULAR day
  5. Madhuri Dixit, Kathak dance wow @Sleepy Owl @Lmangla -2
  6. Jae Hee is starring in A Good Supper/Be a Meal
  7. @UnniSarah you guessed right lol. Mother and daughter I still think that SJ is lady Joo's son from her husband. If he turns out to be the secretary's son, he won't be YJ's brother
  8. Junsoo's dad caused the ruin of the cross dresser's business. He kidnapped Junsoo. But I don't remember which episode
  9. I disliked Ah Ri's dad ever since he slapped her. He keeps worrying about Bora only. When poor Junsoo meets the cross dresser trouble will be there this is another problem facing him and Ah Ri. The cross dresser is Ah Ri's step dad and he kidnapped Junsoo in his childhood causing his panic attacks
  10. @dramaninja like you I still ship for TP and YJ. I am late. Is YJ the daughter of Jisuk??? The usual DNA tests is confusing me
  11. Yes. TP received a phone call about JS and then we saw a body with a watch. Yura didn't see his face. So it is highly possible that TP placed it to delude YR
  12. Ah Ri changed the cold Junsoo to a warm person. Not Bora or Sunny. He is better now. Also Ah Ri is the only one who helps him with his panic attacks without making fun of him like Sunny did.
  13. Things are tooooooo slow. Question: When will TP discover the culprit? Answer: in episode 104
  14. School terms http://www.sweetandtastytv.com/blog/2012/07/25/kwow-59-blog-school-words-in-korean
  15. More scenes for Jisuk and her first love. @Ameera Ali SJ hears YM saying noona (older sis) to YR Yura screams and messes her hair more now
  16. I know. It seems to be 105. So it is about 14 or 17 episodes I think. I remember that it was cancelled on different occasions that is why we are in episode 88
  17. It is okay my friend. I got unamused emos by other members lol. I know it is for the plot. Anyway it seems that Jisuk meets Lady Ju's husband. In the 14 last episodes we need a fast pace.
  18. Yura is worse than Lady Ju. At least lady Ju loved her son. Yura doesn't care about anyone but herself. We have either 13 or 15 episodes left. How will this mess end????
  19. Don't be offended friend. I think "off topic" means you should discuss the drama itself. Take it easy. I got "Angry" and "unamused" emos before. I even was blocked by some members for no obvious reason I always said opposing opinions so no problem to state your opinion freely. Almost all of us are friendly. Cheer up. Don't take it personally. We are all friends here.
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