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  1. PS: I liked the MIL too @dramaninja hey friends, watch "Once Again". It is a hilarious weekly drama
  2. @Lmangla welcome here to the thread the drama is simply hilarious. I don't mind watching actors playing villains change into good people. This shows the talent of the actors/actresses. I like the mother, she is so funny. The daughters are also so funny. I already like the doctors couple. The daughter is just so comic Her interactions with her husband are priceless, esp when she threw the clothes from the balcony, and when they fought for the elevator and he sticks his tongue out like a child
  3. No news yet. I read most of the articles about Choi Sung-jae with Google translate of course lol
  4. the ending is good. Both Jihun and Hwang are in prison, Suji works as an art teacher for children, she visits her husband and dad in prison with her child. One year later, CD and YW are married and he is nice with Boram. SW (CD's sis, travels and meets a Spanish boyfriend )
  5. @Sushimi @triplem @Ameera Ali @UnniSarah @angelwingssf my latest video, a slideshow, the song is from the drama Sea of a woman. My favourite oppa couldn't resist creating this slideshow, the song is cool.
  6. I went back to watch the first episodes. Really Jihun is evil having left Dong U to die but then he also called SJ's dad, the dad is heartless, at least Jihun hesitated and I think he wanted to take Dong U to hospital, but then being an obedient slave, he left Dong U to die, based on SJ's dad instructions. my conclusion is that the dad is 100 % evil, he is even so rude to offer buying the land after all. Jihun is less evil than the dad in my opinion, but I wish Jihun serve some time in prison
  7. I haven't been able to catch up but since the action is slow, the previews are so enlightening. I am glad that Jihun turned himself in. Suji is doing something useful for the first time in her life by exposing her dad. really Jihun calling his mother 어머니 eomeoni touched me. The actor is really amazing, he convinced me. He is so talented, and a wonderful dad too. I disliked Jihun for a very long time, but near the end I started to like the actor lol (the second lead syndrome ) But still CD is my favourite, in comparison I choose CD, he is cheerful and full of positive energy
  8. 남자 man 남자(아이) boy 남자(들) men (plural) 여자 woman 여자(아이) girl 여자(들) women (plural)
  9. the element of comedy here is so good. It is my second time watching the actress who plays the mother. Unlike her previous role in "My only one", she is not nasty I like this comic side of her
  10. my latest MV. I was asking my dad how to recuperate, he suggested that I return to creating videos. I really felt it is a very good advice. +2
  11. my latest Music Video. I hope you like it. I am sorry for not tagging everyone I am still tired but I must tag my kind friends who wished me well I mention @dramaninja @O @triplem @Ameera Ali @nrllee thank you for your kindness
  12. JH is begging CD to give him time (shigan) ??? well, for sure JH will lose his friend too @dramaninja congrats on becoming immortal it is hard earned lol. Keep going
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