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  1. yes it is the most famous lol me I love this one from the last concert in 2001 before poor Maurice's death in 2003 +2
  2. any Bee Gees fan here? love the brothers sooooooooooooo much Barry's falsetto and back to his real voice is so good, I used to think they are different voices, until I knew better lol +2
  3. @USAFarmgirl wow wow Robin Gibb, I started a joke. This song I listened to back in 1997, and I really loved Robin sooooo much then. He is so talented. I listened to the whole discography of the Bee Gees, I just was addicted to them some time ago. Here you go, Robin, Robin, miss him May he rest in peace, alongside Maurice his twin, their parents and Andy Gibb
  4. @gm4queen @phoenix24 Yonghwa new song La Vie en Rose
  5. thank you for joining us I like the drama already, the main characters are worth watching, still behind because I was watching another drama. Anyway, I feel so sorry for Dong U who came to die after four episodes only. The guy was nice too and died prematurely The lawyer is very kind and nice, despite being an orphan, he never had a grudge against the world. He is optimistic, cheerful, ready to help, simply, he is my favourite guy here. I think these 120 episode dailies usually choose the best of actors in the kind guy role. That's why I like them. No need for a handsome villain here lol. Just kidding.
  6. I think SBS dramas very dark. I didn't like A place in the sun and Left-handed wife, but this drama made me feel even more uncomfortable. The relationship between people here is not healthy. I mean there is a sado-mashochistic bond between Shady Mom and Jenny ES was so good and kind, he didn't deserve this bad treatment by his family and by Jenny MS's character was complex and required excellent acting skills, I wish the actor best of luck @dramaninja I agree with you about the clear messages of right and wrong, that's why I prefer drama like Home for summer
  7. The only way out is for shady mom to die in prison and Jenny gets free of her influence
  8. this drama is the strangest I ever watch so many things don't make sense really SBS is even more weird than KBS2 revenge drama lol @dramaninja let me go back home to "unasked family" @rolisrntex the only way out is by a time jump lol, like say "after three years"
  9. well, you got a point. Really this is illogical from the writer. I mean the reaction of Jenny towards ES is not right. does she choose Black rose over her husband? I mean it seems she has stronger feelings towards her fake mother than any other person
  10. Jenny's bond with shady mom is very strong, they depended on each other for so long. Jenny took care of shady mom all her life and supported her financially. I totally understand her attempt to save Shady mom who was trying to die instead of getting caught. You just can't erase 20+ years from your life
  11. You know what, this drama is just annoying, but not tragic. It is not as heavy as revenge drama, so I can stand it, I need a rest from thinking. And for sure it will have a happy ending, so I will take the risk lol (you can guess from the general air of the drama that the end will be happy)
  12. @Lmangla I am patiently waiting for Shady mom to end, to start watching the daily "Unasked family", I am behind, watched only 3 episodes, impossible to watch all these dailies at once +2
  13. MS needed to get to his senses and the attempted murder made him take action. He is trying to catch shady mom now. I feel that shady mom doesn't consider him her son, not sure if I got it right from the preview
  14. I think because they share the same mother, Black Rose. Both are looking for her, and both cared about her somehow. It is the common thing between them, I don't think she cares about him romantically. Also she knew him for ten years, but ES met her only recently. We all know that she will end up with ES as most dailies
  15. @Lmangla remember when Jenny and shady mom were going away? Things could have gone worse if it wasn't for MS' accident and the police going after shady mom. Also the divorce of Jenny and ES, if MS told ES that Jenny wasn't Shady mom's daughter, they would not have divorced. Things are not totally good, as I see. MS kept confronting shady mom for many episodes, in vain. I was really saying, come on, hurry up. I like the complexity in MS' character lol, but he is not straightforward, I admit. His character is interesting, in my opinion, not the usual type in dailies
  16. my friends, I added English subtitles to the video plz check, I still modify, but it is initial press cc +2
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