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  1. Base from bts hehe ye jin is more clingy lol i think she likes to lean to hb hehe I remember during baeksang award when they were about to speak she also got near with binnie before she stood beside him hmmm.. She really is affectionate... Wondering when they were just the two of them.. Lol.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLRUHudg0Wx/?igshid=1vxl26rp64w56 Is it a couple sweatshirt or YJ just borrowed it from his Hubbie lol:)
  3. Congrats to our best man Hyun Binsshi.. In his 2 Daesang Ye jinsshi always have an appearance!! 1st Daesang =Ye jin 1st Cameo SeGa 2nd Daesang =YE Jin Co-star Cloy Hmmp True to his statement Ye Jinsshie is a good partner to him from reel to real.. Is it just coincidence? Or serendipity really works for them even from beggining:)
  4. Are we in the same boat of gut feelings.. Yup i agree on your 3rd reason same with me.. The two hmm better not yet stated here lol.. Maybe we're not match on one reason but probably the other one i think were same thought lol.. Anyway goodluck i hope both of them will take home the award:) I also notice how gorgeous HB in his suit.. But i notice his eyes wringkles i think he didn't get enough sleep these days..he is super busy i guess
  5. OMG!! They will attend APAN ..many thoughts I have right now! Since it will be their first public appearance as Couple . My brains...like.. Will they be holding hands together ? or sharing car together or walking at the red carpet together? ooh what so ever I am just soooo excited!! Hope they will enjoy the events..and win awards together again:)
  6. Esquire Korea December2020 interview.. Hyun Bin then spoke about his experience working with Son Ye Jin, with whom he had previously appeared in the film “The Negotiation.” He said they were much more comfortable as it was their second time working together, and they would brainstorm ideas for their scenes before coming to the set to rehearse. Since they reveal their real relationship this explains everything haha our dearest HB consistently spilling the tea..lol. wonder what queen YJ reaction about this... Hahaha thinking about her reaction makes me
  7. I thought CLOY( RiRi couple) love story will be my top spot but i guess it will be fine if its in the second spot here in my heart.. Now my number One lovestory is BINJIN a real love story of Serendipity,Faith and Destiny that I will forever lookforward too and a blessing to us that we all witness how destiny works for the both of them:) -makes me still believe that there is really someone that is fated to each of us:) Still has hangover of their official public announcement on their relationship and still cant move on of this elated emotions i
  8. I got the news yesterday I just can't contain my happiness such a very goodnews to start a year for us dispite of this pandemic. This is the first time for me to ship two actors!!.. I am not fan to any facade of entertainment industry about actors'love relationship matters. ... BUT Honestly BinJiN is an exception!! They have this awra of destiny,serendipity and genuinely in them that it was hard not to ship them I don't know somethings magical, I myself drawn in that enigmatic thing they have?!!. And we all knew shippers that their love story is not the typical l
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