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  1. It is always like that if you want to hide the truth tend to give lot of excuses and reasons but if there is nothing to hide just one sentence is enough to state your stand point
  2. Not forcing them in admitting just wondering Why o why.. Hmm.. I remember HB interview in 2010 or 2011on tvn taxi im not sure of the date.. She was asked directly by one of the female emcee "Are you dating?? He answered Yes without hesitation.. My point is if the SK ent.want to know the real score of BINJIN WHY nobody dare to asked HB directly with same question "Are you dating somebody or are you and YJ dating"?directly in an interview unlike there is a rumor etc those questions can be answered in many ups and turns.!..haha wonder what will be his response!
  3. Yeah i agree Also the US thing that both of them were together eating lunch w/ her parents might be true though lots are skeptical about it.
  4. Hmm well i do sometimes imitate somebody which i was unaware of until i figure it out myself later on to someone i always see or be with ..maybe same with our queen??
  5. Thanks for this question it revives my decision why i invest shipping them for me except for the grocery sighting .. There are two reasons one is same for you the BTS of cloy YJ smell HB hair..and the Kakao talk the manner of answering both channel 20. HB as if asking YJ clarification though both of them have their own TV at home only two reason y HB did that,one is either one of them program each other TV to channel 20 or they are living in one place hehehe .. And the rest are history as to be binjin a supporter.
  6. Happy Birthday Binnie.. Thank you for all your hardwork as an actor we really enjoy all your wonderful works..may you enjoy spending this special day to your dearest love ones:) Oppa saranghaeyo:)
  7. Not related to the recent crumbs but i would like to emphasize that our most beautiful queen YJ First with HB.. Her first role as Police woman -TN Her first role as of YSR a chaebol heiress-CLoY- according to her. Accepting award twice in stage with same Person. Her first rumor dating scandal after 20yrs in her career. She dominated their post together in her IG.. And my most favorite is being accustom to his onscreen partner the longest time,cf,interviews,golfing,travel buddy, etc..) And many to mention.. And it is none other tha
  8. Did just Binnie just rub his nose to YJ's nose?and he just did it so naturally...hmmp HB have many sweet thing in his pocket:)..lol
  9. I agree with you if they keep on considering other people how about their own happiness.. We only meet our match once in our lifetime and we all can see that both YJ and HB are already in marrying stage probably a little bit late already..they spent there whole 20yrs building their carreer i think it is about time they focus their own happiness and if I were them and happens to meet my destined person i will take a risk coz i know its a risk that worth fighting for... I do not care about the future the most important is the present the happiness and love and not regretting anything. Hoping bo
  10. The valley of desert is finally over Oasis Atlas..atlas...atlas... I feel surreal knowing Binnie is finally home my heart is palpitating so much and about to cry i can't contain my happiness knowing he is safe and healthy... And when he drove his Lincoln N..whoo so sexy and yeah I melted instantly... Me having this feeling i am just their loyal and loving supporter that only the social media is the mere connection.. What is more for YJ knowing her other half is finally home
  11. That's to complete her winning speech..i bet she will be much happier if HB got the hallyu best actor award i mean i don't understand YJ got it but y HB did not? The category is Hallyu?! Well there is nothing we can do on this..i do not care about other but on my point of view when YJ give the speech she seems not totally happy but she is gratefull and im really proud of her but maybe because HB did not win she said it to her self because of HB/RJH she is able to get into her role both of them complement each other w/o RJH there will be no YSR vise-versa. I am not saying YJ should not won beca
  12. September is HB birthday month and it is not just especial but for me I am taking it as an assurance month Lol.. Im excited on Binnie's birthday my reason is.. If YJ post on her social media the picture of both of them/HB or anything that pertaining to Him then Im not in doubt or a dellusional shipper anymore ,let me get my self clear i really do believe in them it just for me this will be a really strong evidence that they are sharing something special because for two years YJ is with HB during his Bday coz both of them are doing projects together so it is understandable she post
  13. I hope she will be team up to Daniel H. Her and HB their chemistry is also good but more on siblings it will be great:)..HB is like her Bigbrother while Daniel H.is her love interest ...haha.. TwistedPlothaha
  14. One of my wishlist is to see HB family pictures ...especially his parents..i keep surfing in the internet site but icannot find any... Is this how private he is??.... Hoping that somebody can share it:)
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