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  1. Chingu, just want to share this, a realllllllly excellent thread. Have a look at it No worry, its not toxic hehe
  2. Chinguuuu, maybe this is off topic but i realllllllyyy did not like this new dark theme.... Its hard for me to read
  3. His hair colour didnt change is it? Must be the lighthing then Or they took this pic before he dyed his hair? Which one???
  4. Hahaha..How could u forget Jun Jae Chingu, u need to control, control, control urself kekeke That Game over kiss scene will be forever remembered! For me, TKEM neck kiss surpass tht back kiss in PT
  5. Aww too bad. I love Jeon Jin Ho, I think he's sweet in his own way except for his noble idiocy in ep 15
  6. IKR!! Haha makes me more curious and impatient and sometimes scared for no reason haha Who will dare saying he isnt???!! Hahaha
  7. I dont think shes a new actress cause I hv been seeing 49 days she the antagonist in tht drama. Maybe people start to notice after CLOY
  8. Yeah shes also ok. But are you ready for another ship?? Cause Im not tbh
  9. I see ur getting impatient chinguhahaha we all do, i hope we can see his next project by next year I know we hv been disscussing on which actress tht we like to see LMH working with few pages back then. I was thinking, it wud be nice if I mean their visual is match. She is quite tall and her eyes are really big. Hehe.