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  1. Hi guys, I have been lurking here from time to time. I really missed those time when we analyzing MinEun interaction (their smiles, their gaze towards one another) and of course the blantant lovegram they did back then hehe. The sunset pic that LMH shared on 8th May really have some sort of healing to me. When I miss MinEun or things just get overwhelming, all I need to do is look at that sunset pic and I will feel better. @AquariusMY I share the same sentiment like yours. With all these fan wars, crazy fans and hate that both of them received esp towards KGE, I don'
  2. Hi guys, 2021 is just starting, we surely got a long ride infront us. Keep your faith held high! I found 1 twitter acc doing thread for MinEun couple gifts. So far, inc cake from shipper which KGE inc in her birthday post last year, 2 from this list also make into her igs (christmas tree, sunflower seeds). And she also inc gift from minoz in her igs back in early Dec (lets just say she didnt know it came from minoz, isnt it sweet, it just pointed out back to LMH?) At this point no one on this earth can convince me this is purely coincidence. One/two times shou
  3. Can't wait for Yumi's Cells. Its produced by Studio Dragon so hopefully it will be broadcast on Netflix too (and aired in tvn/jtbc not public broadcasting especially the S one) I'm quite nervous for KGE, its really highly anticipate cause the webtoon its so popular, there's even exhibition for it. I read the early chapters (and still reading it), its really interesting and like you guys, I'm really curious on how they gonna depict all the cells. Speaking of writer, going to be honest here didn't fully enjoy the writer previous work esp the last one... hmm. Anyway,
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