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  1. Hi guys, 2021 is just starting, we surely got a long ride infront us. Keep your faith held high! I found 1 twitter acc doing thread for MinEun couple gifts. So far, inc cake from shipper which KGE inc in her birthday post last year, 2 from this list also make into her igs (christmas tree, sunflower seeds). And she also inc gift from minoz in her igs back in early Dec (lets just say she didnt know it came from minoz, isnt it sweet, it just pointed out back to LMH?) At this point no one on this earth can convince me this is purely coincidence. One/two times shou
  2. Can't wait for Yumi's Cells. Its produced by Studio Dragon so hopefully it will be broadcast on Netflix too (and aired in tvn/jtbc not public broadcasting especially the S one) I'm quite nervous for KGE, its really highly anticipate cause the webtoon its so popular, there's even exhibition for it. I read the early chapters (and still reading it), its really interesting and like you guys, I'm really curious on how they gonna depict all the cells. Speaking of writer, going to be honest here didn't fully enjoy the writer previous work esp the last one... hmm. Anyway,
  3. Decided to unlurk because of @pretty_JULY and @Curiouscatpost. I agree with all your point. Tbh, I was more on LMH fan before, eventhough I enjoy KGE works. But after I shipped them together, I took time searching her infos and learning about her personality, her views of life made me respect, admire and love her more. I don't think I'm qualified enough to call myself an Arjenia yet but I'm her fan and supporter. Call me delusional or whatever but I can really understand why LMH fell for her. Even I who just merely seen her from screen and never met KGE in real life felt like this, what more L
  4. Chingu, not just you, me too hahaha, can't help tho considering the novel is critically acclaimed so its already have its own audience and then LMH is in there as well so the expectation is super duper high I must say. I'm hoping the production can execute the drama well. Hoping the best for the final product
  5. Ok guys, i found this, Now I'm getting confused on how they gonna adapt the drama. Compressing 400+ pages into 8 ep is one thing and each character has only one episode???
  6. To me Hansu seems to be antihero type. I have e book version, but since its official now, so I need to get the physical copy hahah
  7. I HEARD THE NEWS!!!! SO HE'S GONNA PLAY KOH HANSU. OMG!!!! Koh Hansu is tied with yakuza right? So the character is antihero type. Omo!!! I'm so excited Chingu @Heretorant @scrawford where are you??? lets celebrate together haha
  8. Ah i see, more like a clickbait right? Then i guess we need to wait a little more for official news, We waited 4 months for this, waiting just a little bit more its okay with me
  9. Hi chingu, heres one of the book review, I love how she elaborates the keypoints of the book And i started the reading the novel yesterday, lol cant you tell im so excited haha, and I agreed with @HeretorantNoa is an impactful character, i can totally pictured LMH as Noa, When actually can we get the official casting news? Huhu I saw Dispatch ig posting abt Pachinko, is that consider legit?
  10. I think there might huge possibility they made changes, it usually like that whenever they adapt from novel, It seems in novel the story is from Sunja pov? Am i correct chingu?@Heretorant cause i havent read it yet... maybe in drama they might change to Noa pov? Hmmmmm.....
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