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  1. just sit tight , and patiently wait until our ship will landed That sideway glance he gave her
  2. ******** Adding Crash Landing On You, Finale Spoilers! I have so much feels after watching the finale for CLOY. This is truly one of the best kdramas that I’ve seen and I’m so so so happy they are now the highest rated tvn drama (Goblin is dethroned omg). Truly well deserved. I think I teared up for the majority of the episode and I’m not even ashamed about it. Boy, the script and acting were amazing. Five minutes in and I’m already tearing up because of Seungjun. And then the tears got worse during that scene where Seri’s mom told her that Junghyuk never left her side when she was unconscious. And then we got to see how he was so relieved to see her waking up but edged away quickly from her view and left quietly…my heart yall. The scene at the line…when Junghyuk yelled at Seri not to run bc she was still recovering but she gave no fcks bc she was worried they were handcuffed…fck I cried??? In the middle of the fcking airport by the way??? This reunion was so beautifully PAINFUL, but props to Seri’s mom for talking her into meeting JH for one last time. I was screaming in the inside when Seri said she’d already said goodbye to him too many times ughh I love the continuity in this drama so much. They really paid attention to every single line ever uttered by the characters. Case in point:- When Seri started receiving messages from JH…and it helped her cope with the fact that he was gone. When JH MIRRORED Seri’s action of arranging the books to form the words “Yoon Se Ri, saranghae” UGHHH MY FFCKIJG FEELS AND WHEN JH sent her the Edelweiss plant and told her to say 10 good things to it every day. HE REMEMBERS EVERYTHING SERI HAS EVER DONE FOR HIM ISTGGGG I also lost it when the village ahjummas found out via Dan’s mom that Seri’s latest line of products are named after them and even had their faces on the packaging like fml Seri really doesn’t forget those who has helped her before TT the fact that she named the line “saudade” (keuriwo) I’m yelling I wished they could meet again one last time or something. I also need to give a huge shout out to all the 3 moms of CLOY - Dan’s mom (always wanting happiness for her daughter), Seri’s mom (redemption arc) and JH’s mom (loving mom, willing to eat poison without hesitation if things go south). I love them all so fcking much!!!! And of course, when Seri finally met JH again in Switzerland in the most CLOY way possible which is to crash land at the spot right where he was…how he found her as how she told her mom he would…and when he said “ah you didn’t fall, you descended” AGAIN, HER WORDS!!! HE REMEMBERS!!!!!!!!!! Bless you scriptwriters, directors, hyun bin and son yejin for giving us THAT kiss man I was ugly sobbing by that time and they did not disappoint with that ending. The epilogue. I’m so sad that Seungjun is really gone but I’m also happy that Dan has come to terms with that and is successful in her own way and of course at the same time, kept Seungjun in her heart always. They definitely deserved better though and I truly am sad that Seungjun really is dead…but can I also say that I love her uncle and mom so fcking much?? Her mom is so supportive and I laughed when she asked the fortune teller to find a man for herself HAHAHA Soldier gang missing Seri TT And of course…of course…our riri couple has a house of their own in Switzerland and the last shot of them with the flowers and Seri leaning into JH while he leaned down to kiss her…holy richard simmons it’s everything I have asked for. This drama is truly amazing and I’m so glad I was part of this journey. There was never a moment I found dull or lengthy even though it aired for 1 hrs 30 mins each episode. I laughed a lot, I cried a lot too, which is something that out of all kdramas I have seen, the first to ever make me bawl like a fcking baby. I don’t think I cried for Goblin and that used to be like my fav kdrama after SKY Castle. CLOY has officially taken over that spot ugh I’m so happy hyunbin and sonyejin took this offer and made this drama together.
  3. tvN #CrashLandingOnYou: 21.7% ****** adding “Crash Landing On You” Finale Overtakes “Goblin” To Achieve Highest Ratings In tvN History TV/FILM Feb 16, 2020 by E. Cha tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” has ended with a triumphant bang! On February 16, the series finale of the hit drama starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin set a new record for the highest viewership ratings in tvN history. According to Nielsen Korea, the final broadcast of “Crash Landing on You” scored an average nationwide rating of 21.683 percent and a peak of 24.1 percent, smashing the previous record set by “Goblin” back in January 2017 (whose finale achieved a peak rating of 20.5 percent). The drama performed even better in the Seoul metropolitan area, where it scored an average viewership rating of 23.249 percent for its final episode. Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Crash Landing on You”! https://www.soompi.com/article/1383401wpp/crash-landing-on-you-finale-overtakes-goblin-to-achieve-highest-ratings-in-tvn-history
  4. This all boils down to the fact that ‪my biggest disappointment is we didn’t see twin toddlers running with their parents in Switzerland mountains. Fact: Gu Seung Jung and Seo Dan deserved better. ------ goodbye yoon se ri and ri jeong hyeok crash landing on you
  5. we got the ending we wanted! untitled628.tistory.com **** You sure that’s a wrap up party cake and not a wedding cake? BinJin: We’re close friends BinJin/Cloy stans: okay, nation’s married couple, Now cut the cake!!! adding Crash Landing on You | finale thoughts Well, I was waiting for Gu Seung Jung to reappear until the very end like “just kidding, I faked my own death” or something. He did not. I guess the message is that the love that someone showed you doesn’t disappear with their death, and that it can fuel you. Knowing that he loved her enough to give his life for her seems to keep Dan going. And I do like that they didn’t force a new love interest on her. If she’s happily single then good for her. I’m still sad though. I think he’d earned his happy ending as much as everyone else. It feels realistic that Se Ri and Jeong Hyeok only get to meet each other in Switzerland once in a while. They seem to be okay with this arrangement. I don’t know if I’m okay with it. I mean they’re both alive and they get to be together some of the time. Plus, he gets to play the piano again. But I still wanted the unrealistic kind of happiness for them. You know, living in the same country, getting married, raising a child together. I guess I can pretend that they eventually will. Maybe in their world reunification is going to happen, and like very soon. Otherwise everything else was wrapped up nicely. The boys are still together and they’re okay. Man Bok’s new job is perfect! The ladies from the village are well, too. I loved that scene where they learned that Chi Su was the new captain. Se Ri’s worse brother and her sister-in-law are behind bars, which is good, except it feels unfair that they’re alive and Alberto is not. Se Ri and her mother have mended their relationship, which I’m also happy about. Jeong Hyeok’s parents got their son back. I did enjoy his dad saving the day. He was like “if you think I’m going to let anyone else murder a son of mine, you’re dead (wrong).”Oh, and Dan’s mother wants to date, good for her! I enjoyed watching all of these characters grow very much. The ending is never my favourite part of any drama and it’s not my favourite part here either, but Crash Landing on You is definitely one of my fav dramas ever and I’m gonna miss it a lot. PS: I thought the plant would be a tomato. Also, when did he get the time to write her a year’s worth of texts lol. PPS: The very last scene looked pretty and everything but I can’t help noticing the minimal amount of kisses in this drama. Was it a challenge? Like how few kissing close-ups can I put in this 16 ep kdrama about two grown adults falling in love in the years 2019/2020? Turns out very few. Hugs were A++ though. k-odyssey.tumblr.
  6. Writer~nim, can you give us a beautiful ending just like how beautiful these pictures
  7. They’re so happy here. k-odyssey: ***** Se Ri saying that she choose to do everything over again, no matter how scary or hard so that she could meet Jeong Hyeok and fall and love and she would make that choice over and over and over again. Even if I turn back time, 100 times… I would meet you again. I would get to know you and fall in love.
  8. It's CLOY hype now so let's just enjoy the moment Dc cr. as labeled *****
  9. He should’ve taken the sleep out of her eyes since it’s too heavy. *******
  10. This scene was everything. I love that even at this point, they are more concerned about the other person, I love that stoic, tries to care for nothing RJH is crying with zero shame or interest in hiding it, that brittle, prickly, hides all her vulnerabilities Seri just opens her arms to him, so emotionally open and loving it’s amazing. I love the tenderness and the love and desperation and how they just fit. dangermousie: And I love that angst turns into hilarity on a dime: I am so in love with this show!
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