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  1. Now that i see my beloved Zhang Tianai and LGX in one frame, is it bad to ask them for a drama? A modern one please.
  2. From what i know, Feng Jiu and Dong Hua vaguely exists in TMOBP book, or they didn't really exist.
  3. The ending of the book, if you have watched TMPOB is kind of like that. Ye Hua wakes up. While in the book, Feng Jiu is still in her comatose state but will wake up soon. And Dong Hua just got to know about Bai Gun Gun. Ps: I haven't read the special chapters by Tang Qi. Becoz i was afraid they will make the ending sad. But seeing stills of Bai Gun Gun seems like im worried for nothing. hehe. Have to read it soon.
  4. i haven't any news whether viki or any subbing team is gonna pick up candle in the tomb the wrath of time thats why.
  5. wow. thank you for this information. BRB downloading it hahaha I BETTER SEE FJxDH kissed (or more intense) like THAT. Because its what we DESERVEDDDDDD.
  6. Speaking of V-love i want to watch it but it has no subs available.. Or do you know what ep that kissing scene is? Ill maybe just jump to that ep. hehehe
  7. hahaha same... there was on going rumor which was shut down by The Pillow Book page vietnam in which it says that Iqiyi "announced" that it will be aired for 2020... 2020 is too long of a wait. As much as i want it to air right now. 4th qtr of 2019 seems reasonable. I want it to air Aug-Oct which is not my busy time so i can focus.. hahaha (the selfish me)
  8. Happiest birthday to our dearest Donghua Dijun, Vengo Gao. ♥ This still seems to me the "shameless Donghua" as we keep talking about it.
  9. YEAH RIGHT. In the TMPOB i liked Feng Jiu's cuteness but when she's doing a hardcore going after Dong Hua it was annoying af. TMPOB Dong Hua arc is nothing like The Pillow Book and i think this Pillow Book drama will go after Feng Jiu and Dong Hua book arc. As you can see Reba's released stills, she looks mature than FJ in the TMPOB..... One thing i like to see in the drama is that they should show more of Dong Hua chasing after FJ and show his shamelessness. That would be sweet and hilarious.
  10. This is yet to be announced since last time Eternal Love was acquired by Dramafever and they sold it to netflix. So im pretty sure viki will acquire this as the hype is still there. Netflix will probably too.
  11. I hope they can give us the trailer this January 25, the anniversary of Reba and Vengo reprising their role official announcement. I can't believed its been almost a year, it was just yesterday when i was jumping to joy when they officially announced them. ♥
  12. GUYS THEY RELEASED A TRAILER!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMING* Screenshots ♥ https://twitter.com/jinbailiamor/status/1064708772650672128
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