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  1. Replace her in what? as Bai Qian in The Pillow Book as cameo? I think that sure is a fake news. Yang Mi has been confirmed to have cameo in The Pillow Book. As well as Zhang Yunlong.
  2. Reba has upcoming drama with Huang Jingyu right? Huang Jingyu was present at filming ceremony but Reba is no show (we didn't even saw #ThePillowBook's filiming ceremony because they treat it as a secret #bitteraboutit) but according to some sources chances that she's casted is 9/10 because supporting casts consist of Jaywalk babies.... My fearless forecast is they will air #ThePillowBook after the filiming of this (i hope iM WRONG)
  3. Nothing is confirmed unless they announced it themselves guys. Plus remember we don't have a trailer YET... Im also still confuse how the plot goes. Cause im sure there will be changes. This is from viki not sure how true is this. 3rd edit, this plot same goes with https://cdramabase.com/2018/01/25/upcoming-three-lives-three-worlds-the-pillow-book/ So i highly think this is it.
  4. Happy Qi Xi festival DongFeng stans. ♥ Let's wait for them with patience. I believe it will be all worth it.
  5. Has anyone have the list of the dramas that NRTA dramas that will be aired in the next 100 days? Because i heard some dramas in that list has title changed and in disguise. The Pillow Book might be one of them.
  6. Before, i read somewhere that The Pillow Book will be a web drama and only 25 episodes. That's only when they announced the cast but when the filming finished and some new information came out , they're aiming for TV and 60+ eps.. I don't know whats better. TV or web? Should we just settle for web just to stop waiting? (Like we have the power duhhhh )
  7. I didn't know about the October and November off month. I relied on the first info that it is likely to air 4th qtr of the year 2019. Maybe i should just think June 2020 so i wont be disappointed hahaha. But Ten Miles aired Jan 30 2017. Hmmmmmmm.
  8. This is bad...... for 100 days starting this August???????????????????? Huhuhuhuhu. I expected The Pillow Book to air this October this year. Maybe early next year i guess.
  9. Now that i see my beloved Zhang Tianai and LGX in one frame, is it bad to ask them for a drama? A modern one please.
  10. From what i know, Feng Jiu and Dong Hua vaguely exists in TMOBP book, or they didn't really exist.
  11. The ending of the book, if you have watched TMPOB is kind of like that. Ye Hua wakes up. While in the book, Feng Jiu is still in her comatose state but will wake up soon. And Dong Hua just got to know about Bai Gun Gun. Ps: I haven't read the special chapters by Tang Qi. Becoz i was afraid they will make the ending sad. But seeing stills of Bai Gun Gun seems like im worried for nothing. hehe. Have to read it soon.
  12. i haven't any news whether viki or any subbing team is gonna pick up candle in the tomb the wrath of time thats why.
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