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  1. That's so interesting @kittyna. That you grew up singing in school choirs (I bet you have a lovely voice). I just read a Joo Won interview yesterday from 2014 in which he said that he used to sing at his church choir as a kid. That was the first time I encountered that tidbit about him. I'll just quote that part: "When you were young, was your dream to become an actor? “No, when I was young, I sang solo a lot in church choir. I received lots of praises for having a beautiful voice. Even relatives said I could have become a singer when I got older. However, I lost my
  2. Yesterday I discovered the recaps that girlfriday and javabeans had written for 7th GCS on dramabeans and they are such a good and fun read. You can really tell how both of them had been really excited for the drama and wanted to stay positive & hopeful about it but as the episodes progressed and the storyline and writing kept letting them down they couldn't, though they really tried~ To be honest some of their recaps, especially for the second half of the drama, were way more funny and clever than the episodes themselves *hides*. Anyway, the reason why I mentioned the recaps is becau
  3. I just realized I totally forgot to reply to this part of your post @kittynaeven though I meant to. I got sidetracked it seems^^ You know, I'm wondering if I would have made the same assumption if I wasn't so familiar with Junho's (and Taecyeon's) voice and I hadn't known the song alread way before I watched 7th GCS (lol) Junho is quite the singer/songwriter with 7 Japanese solo albums and 2 Korean solo albums (that he's largely self-composed and self-produced) to his name. And I agree that Junho and Joo Won seem to have a similar voice type, but Joo Won's vocals are way
  4. No need to ever apologize for that~ Real life always takes precedence. I'm just happy to have this little corner where we can talk and gush over Joo Won all we want, whenever there's time Hahaha^^ I'm very sorry to say that, after having finished 7th GCS, I'm not at all surprised to read that. *hides* I can honestly and sadly say that the only redeeming aspect of the whole show was Joo Won for me... his acting (!!) and the happiness it gave him being part of it. I feel like while he was filming 7th GCS he was also more animated and carefree(?) during the 1박2일 ep
  5. Thank you so so much for trying @kireeti2 I know exactly what you mean. There have been so so many Joo Won videos in YouTube I came across that I would have loved to understand so much(!) but there were no English subtitles available... that's why I'm so sad Joo Won Cutie's channels (both YouTube and dailymotion) aren't around anymore. They had subbed so many videos in the past that I would have loved to watch so much. Like Joo Won's appearance on Taxi for example :'( The funny thing with 1N2D is that I've actually been looking for high quality episodes without any subtitles bu
  6. Thanks so much for replying @kireeti2. I really appreciate it! That's the site I've been using too to watch 1N2D. Sadly the quality is not very good... that's why I was looking for some of the episodes in HD. But season 2 is very hard to find in high quality. Thanks so much anyway!
  7. Agree with you very much @kittyna. People often talk of actors and them acting well with their eyes alone; without having to say a word they manage to convey so much more than words could ever do but I honestly have never seen anyone do it as well and as eloquently as Joo Won. It's just that by now I've reached episode 14 and I can't help but feel that all the angst and pain and anger and disappointment he managed to convey was all for naughtㅠㅠㅠ That's not at all Joo Won's fault of course - I'm honestly more impressed with him than ever that he managed to do so much when he was given so
  8. @Andrea BalcazarWelcome to the thread So nice having another Joo Won fan here!! I'm still a newbie compared to you. I still have a lot of ground to cover until I can say I've watched all of Joo Won's dramas and movies and interviews. But I'm slowly getting there. Very slowly^^ I was wondering, does anyone know where I can watch or download episodes 50 and 51 of Season 2 of 1N2D in HD? I've been looking desperately for those episodes in good quality because these are the ones where the members visit Joo Won's home but I couldn't find anything :'( I'd be so grateful if any
  9. Hello everyone, I know this is a thread dedicated to Season 4 of 1N2D but I thought if anyone could help with my query it might be someone here: does anyone happen to know where I can watch Season 2 of 1N2D in HD quality? I know that from episode 56 of S2 onwards the episodes are available on KBS World but if anyone knows where I can watch the episodes before (no subs necessary) I'd be so grateful. Thank you!
  10. I got to episode 10 yesterday, where Gil Ro catches Seo Won at the safe, and had to watch the first few minutes of episode 11 and I know what you mean @kittyna. Tbh Seo Won's reaction made zero sense to me but I was mostly focused on Joo Won's delivery and too enthralled by it to pay too much attention to anything else. It's really amazing how Joo Won can make me feel all of his character's pain, anger and disappointment so deeply... he really makes watching this drama worthwhile, despite its many flaws. I watched an interview yesterday that Joo Won gave during 7th GCS a
  11. I'm sure you all already saw, but just in case someone didn't, Joo Won posted on his insta story at around 11:30am KST today https://www.instagram.com/stories/zu.won_moon.jun.won/2560797164687187066/ Seems Joo Won is one of many who got a pair of DPR Adidas by DPR REM as a gift. Tbh I've no clue who "Dream Perfect Regime" are but what a lovely gift~
  12. No worries at all! Thank you so much for finding and sharing it And just fyi, there is no goose chase too wild for me whenever Joo Won is involved Even a tiny glimpse of him makes the time looking for him worthwhile. Haha. I'm not even kidding. I don't know if it's because I had low expectations when it comes to 7th GCS (except for Joo Won's acting) but I'm at episode 8 now and I'm enjoying it. Though honestly speaking I'm solely focused on Joo Won^^ The story doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me but I'm not really taking it seriously so I don't mind... like, I a
  13. Actually anyone with a wiki account can edit any entry... I've edited many entries myself over the years. It's just tricky to add a photograph because of all the copyright issues. I actually tried to add one of Joo Won's photographs that have been shared by his agency after I noticed that his previous photo had been removed but since I'm not the copyright holder, wiki didn't allow an upload I wish his agency would update it but I kinda doubt they will. Haha, true. I actually love that when he has to improvise his innate cuteness just pours out^^ I
  14. Frees! Of course! That was a on TV as well. I read a little bit about Joo Won's time with Frees and that he didn't stay long because he wanted to pursue musicals instead (if I'm not mistaken). And I had stumbled on the first video you shared @kittynaa little while back and I remember how stunned I was at Joo Won's dancing skills~ Not because it's that surprising an athletic natural like him could have such moves, and I had heard him say on Win Win that he learned dancing from scratch in school, but because whenever I had seen him dance "freestyle" on 1N2D by that point he was so shy and cute a
  15. Thanks so much for all the goodies you shared @kittyna, loved watching all three of them I had seen some clips of Joo Won during his Spring Awakening time, but I don't know what superstarK is. Was that a tv program? I was watching a clip from Joo Won performing "Those Magic Changes" in 2008 at the 14th Korean Musical Awards which were broadcast on KBS and it hit me that Joo Won had already been on TV (several times probably?) before his drama debut in 2010. The transition from boy to man (if you will) in terms of Joo Won's lovely face were definitely starting to be not
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