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  1. Nice game @kittyna. I saw you started it yesterday but I just had a very day. So here I come with my answers. Favorite bromance is Hwang Tae Hui and his lil bro Tae Pill from Ojakgyo Brothers. Tae Pill is so handful when he's being brat little bro but a strong ally when he is on Tae Hui's side. Love their banter together like brothers in everyday life. Special mention Lee Kang To and Kimura Shunji.. I won't say much but we probably could've seen this if they weren't born in that era- Favourite womance is Yoon Tae Yi- Kim Do Yeon.
  2. The dumpling looks so yum.. hope they ate well. Just saw your post while I came here to post few references how Joo Won may look from the info we got.. something along the line may be. 1) SHORT HAIR/Shaved 2) Tanned (maybe) 3) And there's also that comment that he looked thin. So combining everything : Ha ha... I'm really curious now how he'd actually look for Carter. Military look is already to die for no matter how half done his hair cut were in army fest 201
  3. Gym buddy Lee Si Young and Joo Won working out together again at Hulk trainer nim's gym. Trainer nim uploaded story mentioning those two.. Looks like they ate together at the gym after/in between working out. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR5ybw-AoV7/ Trainer nim said working hard on a day off.. Hopefully Joo Won has a day off from filming too.
  4. We've already talked about it.. There's a child actress in Carter. The child is part of Agent Carter's mission. No but this post that you shared did say shaved. I mean translates to shaved hair.. May be he indeed shaved or may be the hair is so short that it seems almost shaved. I didn't understood that too.. whether the writer was taking about himself or Joo Won. The point is he didn't see Joo Won. These post from onlookers are interesting.. giving us a few details about Joo Won's transformation for Carter. And one of major thing I look
  5. Awesome detective work, @Andrea Balcazar. Agent Carter wouldn't be able to hide himself long when so many people are looking forward to Joo Won's movie. Joo Won had a tanned look on Fatal Intuition. He looked good, tanning suits him.. Shaved head.. is it full shaved or just a little amount of hair I wonder because if I remember correctly either @Andrea Balcazar you or I shared a fan post where it said he has a short hair wearing black coat. It's probably a post on July. Searching more on Naver Cafe I found another fan post shared on July 1 2021.
  6. It's most probably for filming set because that will be the proper way to cheer for Joo Won.. Looks like they had a feast today.. Good to see friends of Joo Won cheering on him. Like @Andrea Balcazar I also noticed she plays golf.. So a friend/acquaintance from golf is my guess too. Leaving two beautiful fan art. One of Park Jin Gyeom (Alice) Source: https://twitter.com/wutb__/status/1420019740651753473 Another fan art portraying a picture of Theater+ magazine Photoshoot. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR1ttX3ppS
  7. Speaking of Joo Won's injury.. It doesn't often come to news very quickly sometimes. I remember reading in soompi thread before that how the news of Joo Won's injury shared way later than usual.. It was probably posted around 2013, during 2d1n days. Also if I remember he was injured in movie 'The Guy/Fatal Intuition' filming.. His head was hurt and literally blood oozing. But this only came to light when Joo Won talked about it himself in press conference. Probably around June there was a post in dc that Joo Won had been seen in Cheognju Hospital when he wa
  8. Ha ha.. Thanks.. I guess I oftentimes look into details too much.. and sometimes go overboard with my analysis. There's this behind the scene video of Lee Kang To dancing scene shared in DC Joo Won today. https://tv.kakao.com/channel/9262/cliplink/42248750 I'm seeing this for the first time. It's always fun discovering old unseen pictures and videos. Dc post link: https://m.dcinside.com/board/joowon/322470
  9. This is literally true now.. a proven fact by Japanese Joo Won fans.. From todays picture first thing I noticed was that the sky looks pretty. Sorry @Andrea Balcazar for responding to this interesting question so late. First of all I was very busy. I probably will be busy throughout this week. But when I saw your question, in my mind I started thinking too.. I don't think I ever really deeply thought about it because in real life I've definite idea about a lots of 'not my ideal type' than my 'ideal type.' So I usually have not so definite idea for 'ide
  10. I noticed it too... And I feel very thankful for that everyone. Most welcome. You guessed right. Because they're planning to send more support so they gets some necessary info form agency staff. Sometimes they get info directly from Joo Won's Manager depending on how good their communication is with Joo Won staffs. Other than that there are intermediary Korean fans who communicates on behalf of international fans to arrange all these support. So these k fans are usually long time Joo Won fans who may have more info available to them because of thei
  11. So todys Coffee truck is sent by fighting_zuwon Japan team . And today's report from the support truck came quite early. It was Kongji Coffee again: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRg1WwzteWJ/ Rough Translation 21.07.19 #Movie Carter #Actor Joo Won #Fighting Joo Won ⠀ A hot movie that makes the word "hot" tired , coffee truck was sent #carter scene by @fighting_zuwon ~~ ⠀ Fighting Joowon Team, even long before the date was set, has been been thinking a lot about the menu. ~~ They considered a variety of menus hearing the news of the very hot and d
  12. I am girl but if anyone asked what drawn me most first would be his wonderful versatile acting.. I mean there are quite a lot of celebrities in Korea that are just too beautiful, handsome.. But when people see Joo Won first his damn good acting of just attracts people right away and thus his good looks kind of become the next topic. And of course people find him more and more charming when they see how nice and down to earth his personality is. I have seen too many comments and posts here and there about how first thing they notice about Joo Won is his acting. @kireeti2
  13. It's 18th July.. Happy 11th Anniversary to our Joo Won Soompi Forum Thread. 2913 pages in 11 years.. hope it'll move forward with more love and we'll see more people admiring Joo Won's work in coming years. This thread has a huge contribution to my journey in learning more about Joo Won. Would like to thank all those member who had been there to make it such an interesting place to find out more about actor Joo Won. And thanks to existing members as well.. because of you it's still going on smoothly. And most importantly thanks to thi
  14. Like @Calli said.. Joo Won intentionally gained weight for movie 'That Guy.' He wanted to look like a very random village guy. He gained around 8 kgs. Which tried to lost later. And when Joo Won started filming My Sassy Girl he cut down his weight around Kgs.. This time he wanted to lose so he won't look fat in hanbok. Report from Coffee Truck support no. 9, 16/07/2021, : https://www.instagram.com/p/CRbDLLjNDFQ/ kongji_c 21.07.16 #Actor Joo Won #Coffee car support ⠀ Even if it's hot, it's too hot.. Never been to a desert, but th
  15. @Tongtong, like @kittyna and @Calli said we are here for help.. so no worries.. The problem of picture quote.. I think everyone who used soompi thread for the first time has experienced it since the beginning of this rule.. at least I remember same thing happening with me. It just take a little bit time to get used to i. Ask us questions if you face any problem. If it still feels complicated to you just mention the person whose post you wanted quote. and write what you have to write. to mention a person you have to just type @ and the persons name. For example if you want to mentio
  16. Hmm.. so even kpop fans don't send so many coffee trucks usually.. I thought so too ..5 support already seemed huge to me specially for movie Filming.. During Alice other than 3-4 support from fans, Joo Won received support from his close friends, his acquaintance from Golf.. I think he received one from Oh Yeon Seo too. Mind you Alice has been filmed for a long time, for around 8-9 months. So Joo Won fans this time is indeed trying to make huge effort.. specially when we consider it's a movie shoot not a drama that goes on longer. I think all appreciate whatever is be
  17. Not 7 days in a row.. there were few days gap. Largest in a row number is probably 4. Like there's one in 13th and 14th, then 15th is missing, Then we got one in 16th and today 17th July. And his Korean Fans actually sent two trucks first time though.. which I consider is enough for support. I don't follow fan activities of other celebrities much so I don't know the standard. But what I've seen from JW fan bases, fans usually send 2/3 support per project.. sometimes fan base send them jointly, sometimes they send it individually. The event happening on Carter is seems l
  18. Agree with you on that... Good Doctor was starting point for many. Btw, no matter how unreal Takgu character is, my problem was Yu Kyung's action.. while Majun kinda aggravated her, she pitied him, may be wanted to believe him but the way Yu Kyung wanted live with hatred in her mind (for people who looked down on her specially Majun's Mom) doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I pitied her character for that. But I also do see why she would feel lesser in front of Takgu at that point of her life . Because Takgu sees the world in a optimistic perspective while she doesn't
  19. My story will be long.. I'm sorry.. I can't gush about it enough.. bear with me please.. 1) How you met Joo Won first? First impression? I started my kdrama journey around the end of 2012.. I used to watch it first on KBS World, a channel that was available in my cable network. In 2013 I watched Good Doctor when it was airing on KBS.. KBS world probably showed the episode two-three week after airing on KBS. I loved that drama, the heart warming story it has to tell. I was really taken with Si On as a character and was very amazed at the way this actor portrayed him. I di
  20. OOO... our favourite EO @partyon is here to make it more festive. Thanks @kittyna for mentioning @partyon.. Really glad to see all of you sharing your stories.. specially the guest members.. really appreciate the love and support. It's cute, isn't it.. thanks to those captions we got to know what goes over his mind seeing these continuous support from fans. Also most of us are now spoiled because of these cute captions.. I'm almost always looking forward to those the moment I see he received a support truck. @Calli Thank you so much for your translations..
  21. Good to know... and either way we know that when he is asked which of his facial feature he liked best he said his eyes.. So it's very unlikely he'd do something over those regardless of double or monolid. But remember before we talked how Joo Won said that his double eyelids keeps coming and going,... I think it's his usual eyelid condition.. specially his right eye's lid changes time to time. Like K fans noticed that double eyelids are no back in both eyes in Japanese Magazine photoshoot. I was looking at of the those recent pictures Studio Santa Clause shared on
  22. @Calli Thanks so much for your he translation .. Oh.. some of the picture really shows how the weather is really hot because the sky is just so bright blue. Today's shooting location said Daejeon https://www.instagram.com/p/CRTUiPrMaeh/?utm_medium=copy_link Probably yesterday's too.. because it does seem like a wilderness without shade just like it reported by cafe imoi. Do we see someone holding riffle? Hope they can filming without being sick in this heat wave.
  23. I'm wowed too... Joo Won must be ecstatic.. credit goes to continuous effort from Korean and Japanese fan bases.. They're Jjang indeed. The shoulder caption is something to do with shoulder lifted or raised with pride.. my understanding was that too @Calli And burn today ' I also am confused whether to take it literally or nit.. like he'll burn with energy or will the heat burn him.. Anyways I'm enjoying this sweet comments from Joo Won from receiving all these supports.. It's getting sweeter day by day.. @Andrea Balcazar, sadly it
  24. Agreed on that.. as much as the idea of bleach isn't that great but the end result was pretty nice.. Joo Won looked so awesome with that hair. I've said this before hair team is pretty good.. I'm appreciating most of the hair styles they come up for Joo Won. Of course Joo Won make those hair styles look way more cooler but I must say his team is doing their job pretty well. And the 8th Support Truck in Carter Filming set appeared. The caption said- 4회연속 커피차...감사합니다= Four coffee cars in a row.Thank you. Good to
  25. Agree with you @Calli. I specifically shared the interpretations because I thought it to funny at first when it's actually not. Not only that it's personal and subjective experience, sometimes a painting/ a picture/ a place can be as simple as something just a token of pure appreciation of the art/idea/place rather than an present state of mind.
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