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  1. I wonder why joo won spends most of the time at the gym instead of taking a day off it's really hard to know if he shaved or not the korean translations know to be wrong so let's suppose joo won got a short haircut very small like the army If I know I ended up forgetting since lately I am busy with work, I have just come to remember somehow it seems that joo won loves exercise or tries to maintain the muscles that I gain over time I hope he does not obsess and also takes a day for him I heard that the gym takes almost all the time and well they can not carry a normal life als
  2. I think it may be that after he has cut his hair to make a scene that was necessary to cut his hair, sometimes that usually happens there times when the actors cut their hair for a specific scene If, as you say, joo won has a great tan, I have not seen actors that fit him just like joo won I love that skin color looks very great I remember in that movie he tried to look bad haha but his beautiful face could not pretend that even being without makeup was beautiful i With what he shaved his hair I was wrong haha he made a short hairstyle I do not shave it I thought so but transla
  3. @Calli@flutterby06@Kittyna@kireeti2@valinor500It seems that joo won tanned for the role of carter in the comments of this post this wow seems to be that joo won also shaved his hair completely leaving him bald I guess that is why it is not shown to the public I mean he does not publish anything on instagram It seems that Joo Won is also filming with a child
  4. from what I've seen she also plays golf I guess they met playing golf boa also follows her i heard that all korean golf fans know each other until lee seung gi said it as a joke in masterhouse in a chapter
  5. Too bad the truth is that their agency does not promote it or anything, even in the movies that the agency made, it was very bad for them, the truth is there are better agencies and as you say, joo won is very faithful to the agency that seems to stay there forever. joo won think about your future and realize that the agency does not benefit you at all if it is more likely friendship than anything joo won is very friendly by the way it seems that the only one who uses the gym more diligently seems to be joo won and read yes young since I don't see the other gym members much
  6. I think it is for friendship more than for anything she is not an actress but an athlete so I know as always the trainer informing us of anything haha had never seen that kind of thing that the trainer is the one who tells everything about the actor I think more work gace that his same agency I hope the contract with joo wonny will expire soon he decides to finally change his agency is not of great help or anything like that nor the name of joo won's fans have decided yet
  7. ohh reason he also went to the recording set today by the way I'm kind of curious to know how Joo won's body is now I really hope he hasn't taken the volume of his muscles to another level I really would like to see him with light muscles not so bulky wow that I really did not know thanks for the information and I also agree with you joo won does not usually make it public if it is not something serious so that the fans do not worry if I saw that he went to the hospital in June I hope it is not some fracture grave on his back I think I shared this the previous time here somehow see
  8. It is great to investigate in naver I really find things from the filming I just found it seems to be the place they are filming now https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.naver?isHttpsRedirect=true&blogId=kkjmmo68&logNo=222429636065&proxyReferer=android-app:%2F%2Fcom.google.android.googlequicksearchbox%2F
  9. I do not think it is something serious but hey I hope you are careful with action scenes filming such scenes requires a lot of strength and agility to perform them and learn each step and if it does not go well, repeat it again I think that could make the coach come now to the filming to add more muscle to his body and have more strength to do it but I hope he does not reach the other extreme his body I do not think it would be very healthy to be very bulky
  10. It seems that he also has a bandage on the other foot if you see the image well if, as you say, the actors pay a price for filming very hard scenes and worse if it is action and hopefully with so much effort that joo won makes the film reaches the top positions of the most viewed in category of movies
  11. It seems that Joo Won hurt his legs I hope that the filming of action scenes does not become so difficult, poor of him
  12. I think it's professionally, I have seen that the coach makes visits to the recording set to reinforce the exercise if he has to do shower scenes or complicated action scenes to require physical strength I suppose that joo won lately does not go to the gym and his physical strength is It is weakening now that I realize I already know why the filming of Carter I waited 3 months I think I was going to the gym often to reinforce physical strength and muscles for the role, most actors do that
  13. I just realized that the other movie that netflix is also filming has already finished, it is assumed that the joo won movie will come out before that movie but I don't know now how they should do it movie moral sense
  14. If I think it would be the best, I hope they finish soon in that filming place I wonder how many places have the production scheduled to film wow how good it looks that joo won fans are very good even those who did not participate are giving them gifts I also heard that they gave them to carter's female staff
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