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  1. Wouldn't that be way too devastating for JH though? Even more than the possibility of her going to jail. Would there be the possibility for JH and CA to be together in the end, in case of Judge Hong's suicide? On the other hand, she may try to do so... only to be stopped / saved by someone (CA? or even - KSW?)?
  2. Rather than becoming an official couple, they might get some screen time together as an investigation team in the KSW case. My main question right now is (apart from what - in the world - will JH say to KSW on the staircase) whether CA tells JH all she knows now about the 2 names and their connection to JG, or - will she choose to look into it on her own. Also - will Judge Hong pick herself up and decide to hide (or destroy) JG's letter, or - will she be found by JH (with the letter in her hands)...
  3. That was when she was convinced that she got dumped simply because the rich family of her boyfriend would not accept a girl with a less wealthy background; it had made her feel resentful towards JH (bc she didn't think of him as a person who would accept this as a valid reason for the breakup). Knowing who his mother was changed everything for CA though.
  4. My take on that is: she's still in shock, in a way. JH has known who CA is for more than a year, so he had a lot of time to process and come to terms with it. CA has just received the info about JH's identity as a huge blow recently (and realised everything that comes with it. Let's not forget the "Every single time I see you or think of you is painful for me, as I'm reminded that someone I loved passed away the day I met you" part that she still believes is true). Plus - she hasn't really had an opportunity to start missing him yet, as he keeps popping up from everywhere, directly or not;)
  5. I doubt there will be a love triangle (CA would need another decade to get over JH. If at all... esp. when JH will re-enter her life very soon as a part of the KSW's case). More likely, it'll be a one-sided crush on CA by KSW and a friendship on CA's side.
  6. And what if finding her blood-related brother (KSW, if that's him) will trigger HR's repentance arc, addressing the source of her abandonment issues? (not that I'm wanting forgiveness for her character, but what if...)
  7. My prediction: CA, hurt and disappointed by everyone deceiving her (SA, even her mum, but esp. - JH), will need some time to process everything, engaging in solving KSW's case in the meantime. JH will turn into a stalker. And how fun it would be to have a KSW (in the newfound protective mode) - JH (in the stalker mode) confrontation after KSW takes JH for a creep that keeps following CA from the shadows?
  8. After confiscating JH's phone, Judge Hong saw CA's mom's text message for him with request to meet, to which she immediately responded on the same phone, then - deleted everything (so that JH is unaware of the conversation). In the preview for tomorrow's episode, CA sees the single text message on her mum's phone, signed 'JH's mother' - I believe that's the above mentioned reply.
  9. He has, at least once: after the car accident, at the hospital, when he gave her his narcolepsy medical diagnosis, hoping that she could help him against the unconscious JW's mother.
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