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Can Nose Shape Naturally Change?



  • lelleylelley Posts: 72Member
    edited April 2010
    Well... my nose looks about the same when I was younger...
  • xoSushixoSushi Posts: 290Member
    Check out your biological parents' noses. They'll look like that eventually, unless they've had surgery.
  • SeeFoodSeeFood Posts: 215Member
    edited October 2009
    I don't think the bridge of you nose can get higher naturally but I DO believe nose shape around your nostrils can - which makes your nose look narrower from the front (so it LOOKS like your nose got higher). And it does happen since all that is cartilage.

    I say this b/c *ahem* I used to pick my nose a lot all through elementary school and middle school and I had the classic wide piggy nose :\ I assumed it was genetic ^^ Anyway somewhere around this time I just stopped digging around up there (as often at least) because I didn't want to disturb the makeup on my face, I was swimming 24/7 so my nose hardly had time to get plugged up xD, and ummm...who wants to get caught picking your nose image? Now in college my nose looks a lot smaller and daintier b/c my nostrils are a lot narrower. I also pinch the tip of my nose a lot (its a nervous habit) so I dunno if that helped. From the side I have a pretty nice nose...a low-ish bridge but with a slight upturn at the end (from pinching my nose). I'm pretty happy with my nose to be honest and it's all natural image

    Here are some pics of my nose now...b/c I'm bored xD

    I'll try to find some old pics from back in the day to show the change later~

    mm yeah....moral of the story: no nose picking! So people a-hoping for a nose change...image it can be done w/in a certain degree!
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  • klassikm3klassikm3 Posts: 729Member


    i don't know why but when i was small mine was ok. but now its big....
    i hate it but i learned to fix around it i guess....(bangs to the side)
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  • quyenannquyenann Posts: 127Member
    Yes it can! I used to have a who-nose (like the noses of the Who's from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas), but over the years it's changed. Now it's straight - as in my nostrils are perpendicular with my face opposed to turned-up like the who-nose.

    Does it make sense?
  • angelwings6117angelwings6117 Posts: 69Member
    well, your ears and your nose are the only parts of your body that never stop growing until you DIE. ever notice how old men have REALLLLY big noses and REALLLLLY big ears? that's why. (think the old man from "Up")

    Having said that, I don't know if the SHAPE of your nose can really change? But they all get bigger and bigger and bigger! (sorry for the few of you here who want nose reduction xP)
  • sassygrlsassygrl Perth, AussiePosts: 200Member
    Your nose can change naturally if u drink alot of milk and use those nose clips...
    I was born with a flat nose... My nose was even flatter then my twin sister but because i kept drinking milk till i was in grade two (in the bottle lolz) My nose grew taller naturally... and my nose atm is no where near flat...
    But i guess it only grew because i was in that growing stage.
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  • luv_pandaluv_panda Posts: 257Member


    Hmm not sure...because where the nose it turned up is mostly all cartilage...
    I know when I was little my nose was flat but around puberty my nose bridge got slightly taller..still a little flat but sometimes it changes over time..

    but not sure about the bottom of the nose..unless you always are playing with it...or something, seriously it looks fine to me and if you are asian its like part of us of the common traits we have..
  • mira3mira3 Posts: 1New Member
    I've heard that a person's nose fully 'grows' when they turn 16 image

  • sparkerlysparkerly Apple&Cinnamon; bay area, caPosts: 1,459Member
    yes, but it's much better if you start when your a baby.
    my mom kept pinching my nose as a baby and now it's higher than hers. image
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  • Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,958Member


    QUOTE (lelley @ Oct 26 2009, 10:56 AM) »
    Well... my nose looks about the same when I was younger...
    here's a pic when I was like about 3 or 4

    two years back.. at 15

    I've always been a fat-faced baby and as you can see I STILL have major baby fat, and even today.. So, my face will look a little different after a few more years when I lose the rest of the fat.. and maybe the nose too? I hope it gets a little narrower..

    Well exactly your 15.... take your 15 yr old pic and compare it at 25. And then come back and post plz.

    P.S when i was 15.. i was really chubby due to baby fat... i grew up as a ugly kid.. now being in my earl 20's my baby phat is gone.. and i look much muhc prettier and MUCH different. Your still a child so dont worry about not changing

  • caffoholiccaffoholic Posts: 6Member
    after puberty, your nose shape can change.
    When i was younger, I had a cute nose. Now i have like the biggest conk, not wide, it just sticks out a lot.
    My friends say i have a jew nose (no racism intended). So, it can change if you are still quite young.
    Sometimes weight gain or loss change the appearance of the nose.
  • gailzagailza Posts: 47Member
    yeah it will change my nose used to be flat but every night i would massage and it became my mannerism and now my nose is higher
  • -eunk-eunk Posts: 8Member
    my dad says after he was punched in the nose when he was in middle school
    it started getting taller
    now its tall and more structured
    i want his nose but i dont wanna be punched. . T ____ T
  • snitchsnitch CanadaPosts: 224Member
    is this an ugly nose?
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  • oscar_the_grouchoscar_the_grouch Posts: 1New Member
    edited March 2010

    Look into Face Reading. Check out the books The Face Reader by Patrician McCarthy, and Amazing Face Reading by Mac Fulfer.

    Both of these books are very interesting and actually will tell you that as you age, and you change your personality, you can change your facial features as well over time.

    Also look into reflexology for the face.

    but honestly, and I'm sure you've already heard this, there is nothing wrong with your nose... but if you aren't happy with it - PLEASE do NOT go with Plastic surgery... there are much safer alternatives. Just be happy with yourself! image

    I hope this helps answer your question!!
  • WhiteRabbitsTimeWhiteRabbitsTime Posts: 713Member
    YES! With coming of age your nose will change in size and keep growing. In most cases- as you age- your nose will "droop" down. In your case- it's a good thing, I assume(since it's upturned).

  • wootwoot219wootwoot219 Posts: 2New Member
    it'll look like your parents' nose, if you were biologically conceived
  • J.YAMJ.YAM UKPosts: 461Member
    gran says she used to pinch my nose all the time when i was baby... thts why ive got quite a highish nose

    but me and mum thinks shes being dumbX)
  • lancelance UKPosts: 428Member
    QUOTE (J.YAM @ Mar 13 2010, 07:16 AM) »
    gran says she used to pinch my nose all the time when i was baby... thts why ive got quite a highish nose

    but me and mum thinks shes being dumbX)

    err, my mum use to do that to me too! am guessing thats why mine wasnt flat, same with my brother! he has a massive eagle falcon nose XD
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