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Does Age Really Matter?



  • Xiaoba1tuXiaoba1tu AustraliaPosts: 4,007Member


    edited February 2008
    I'm pretty sure no guy 3 years younger than me is mature.

    Even if there was a mature one. No way.. I would see them as a little bro only.

    I wouldn't go a year younger either..
  • Dulce de LecheDulce de Leche Raccoon CityPosts: 962Member
    I think since Jaejin's still like what, 17? It's still a bit weird.
    But if he was like 20 and you're 23, I find nothing weird about that =)!
  • stoner beansstoner beans WORLD PEACE! <3 New York Cityyy.Posts: 1,731Friend of Soompi
    honestly.. who cares?
    like someone once said "there are no hot grandparents"
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  • ipinguipingu in a igloo =]Posts: 391Member
    i wouldnt lol even though i look young as well, it would just feel weird =/
  • SweetnSour012SweetnSour012 LAPosts: 909Member


    edited February 2008
    3 years younger is too much for me..1 year younger is tolerable. I prefer older guys though.
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  • honeylovehoneylove <3 The City.Posts: 1,804Member
    I'm 16 right now, so no i wouldn't.
    But even if i was older, i still wouldn't. I would feel really weird. ):
    The youngest i'd go is a year younger.
    My boyfriend right now is 15, he's like 5 months younger than me, haha.
    & it felt weird at first already. -___-
  • Faded AuraFaded Aura Posts: 331Member


    It depends on the guy... But most likely not... Unless the guy is quite mature for his age and doesn't look like he's younger than me... Then again, if he's three years younger than me, for him to be more mature wouldn't really be a good thing for him (a 15 years old acting like an 18 or 19 years old isn't psychologically healthy in my opinion...)

    So yeah... most likely not... I can't give a definite answer since there are always exceptions to things...
  • AntzAntz 211107 ? Perth, AustraliaPosts: 16,953Member


    depends on what age i am at. i would give it a go if i was older.
    but i probably wouldn't. my parents would absolutely forbid my relationship.
    they even said my bf wasn't good enough because he was young (he's only four months younger than me, but same year O_O).
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  • &lt;3 Kim&lt;3 Kim ~~~ AustraliaPosts: 7,678Friend of Soompi


    probably not. I would only date older guys, i dunno, it's just me :/
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  • Big_BangBig_Bang Posts: 1,005Member
    I think it's ok if I was like 18,19,or 20+ because then, the guy would be 15, 16, 17 and older...but
    as I'm only 16...errr no. Not 13.
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  • x. sukix. suki &#9733; FTISLAND --Posts: 3,415Member


    im only 15 right now O_O so no. i wouldnt xD
    lols. then the guy would be 12 O___O HAHA =X
    but i dunno.. i dont think i would date anyone 3 yrs younger.. even if i was in my twenties~
  • itrayyaitrayya latchkey princess. California.Posts: 7,221Friend of Soompi



    i think.... 1 is already bugging me,
    but 2... ah...
    3... UHHHHH...

    depends on the personality though.
    cause... well... my babysitting techniques are up to level.
    so... dang.

    like in the past post, me + guy = no, no.
  • cathyy_cathyy_ yunho&#39;s heart :)Posts: 821Member
    oh my god no way ><
    i would date a guy 3 years older though
    cathy is a sucker for boybands.
    backstreet boys x big bang x dbsk x nsync x westlife x blue x 5ive
    .. and the list goes on =P

  • vip_gdvip_gd Forever VIP HKPosts: 11,243Member


    ew no ..
    the guy would be 11 lol
  • woaini715woaini715 Posts: 1,474Member
    sorry thats like dating ur brother>_< and most younger guys are immature (and they want to be spoiled/taken care of) if they go for older women. roflXD
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,458Friend of Soompi


    I wouldn't even date someone who's 1 week younger than me.

  • mango-ieemango-iee lala ? ~ New York CityPosts: 6,004Member
    I wouldn't...he is way too young for me. It feels like going out with your little brother than your bf...image

    shooting stars... for us..

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  • yellowtutuyellowtutu CanadaPosts: 2,444Friend of Soompi
    I don't date guys younger than me image Just a personal preference.
  • RekidaiRekidai Ritsuka Fan ? CanadaPosts: 2,288Member


    noo he would be too immature for me and also i think that its like dating your younger brother @__@
  • sea.jksea.jk USA, Colorado Springs COPosts: 1,560Friend of Soompi


    nope. not for me. i like my men older image
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