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Nail Thread



  • RYUUSEiRYUUSEi Posts: 3,158Member


    edited November 2005
    QUOTE(mishelljoogo @ Nov 5 2005, 11:44 PM) »
    no one really cares about your nails. It's just a pain in the Richard Simmons to grow them out and then a waste of money to paint them pretty. No guy will say hot nails. Work on the face.

    I grow them out because I like painting my nails. Who said anything about a guy having to like them?

    These are my nails. They're real, btw.

    IPB ImageIPB Image

    They look red, but they're actually this color. I don't know, the lightning freaked out on the previous ones.

    IPB Image

    -- 411
  • LucystarLucystar Posts: 699Member
    edited March 2006
    elegance is a lifestyle
  • StrawberryStrawberry ♥grrr. Posts: 558Member
    You guys all have such pretty nails, I'm so jealous >_<
    I can never grow out my nail because my nails are really thin and always breaks. And there's also this problem with the shape of them being short and stubby unlike long shape... :[
    Also I don't know if fake nails will be comfortable or not >_<
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  • MzBecikoMzBeciko res erat minime obscura EnglandPosts: 3,674Member
    ooh snazzeh
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  • yijuanyijuan Posts: 216Member
    i can never get my nails done properly by myself..
    i tremble too much.. plus, my nails bend in and out in a funny way..
    oh well.. image
    hello, love.
  • malevolent.malevolent. ignorance is bliss. S0LE CAL.Posts: 3,450Friend of Soompi
    My mom does nails for a living yet she has something against me getting acrylics. Something about f-cking up my nails. image

    I've always wondered. How do people who wear contacts handle removing the contacts if they're nails are so long ? I'm like afraid if I get them, I'll poke my eyes out trying to get them out. image

    what it do, what it do?!
  • im` l0vEdim` l0vEd x3 CALiPosts: 2,573Friend of Soompi
    L1L_M1Z_SUJ1N: thank you.

    LaydeeDragun: thank you.

    ginaz s t y l e: when u put in contacts , u use ur nails? i use my finger tips so my nail doesn't even touch my eye. image image that would hurt if my nail went into my eye.

    rockstar_baby: awwww. haha. maybe u can use the nail to play xP

    Ellen.: me too. i wash dishes and clean at my work, and make smoothies AND pour them. etc. major workage. prob. will break them. but it's acrylic.. so it's hard as i can't read.. haha

    Batgirl: damn. thats HELLA!

    rosakim: acrylic actaully lasts longer than u think..

    hella fetch: WOAH. u got nice nails...

    mishelljoogo: f* u. i don't care wat guys say. it's what I LIKE.

    Mizz Kim: nicely said =D thank you.

    c a t h e r s: ooo yeah.

    i love giraffes: haha

    x_JenZ: they r so nice. i cna't belive u did them urself!

    ichigo_no_powder: i got them done for 20. 18 plus givin them tips. hella cheap here in the mission...

    x_JenZ: maybe u can learn to airbrush them urself! xP

    Alice: i love black nail polish

    i n c _ m p l e t e: damn! why do u guys all know how to do ur own nails?

    paper*hearts: art supply store

    lhsbndfrk89: thnx!

    ellee_x3: cool

    RYUUSEi: woah. nice nails. ur nails r probably hella healthy or soemthing..

    Lucystar: oOo. pretty

    Strawberry: it's a temporary strong when u have acrylic. but after u take it off. it's hella weak. so i dont knoe. if u start, u kinda have to keep going..

    MzBeciko: snazzeh? wats>

    yijuan: yeah. me too. thats why i go get it done

    malevolent.: no u will not poke them out. u use ur fingertips for puttin in and removing contacts, right? xP


  • lovecrumbslovecrumbs Posts: 1,121Member
    QUOTE(i n c _ m p l e t e @ Nov 6 2005, 07:06 AM) »

    IPB Image

    Simple self manicure. The thumb has this annoying bump on it cuz I did that one in the car.

    aww yours look so pretty! i personally don't like fake nails and stuff because they make your nails look reallyy big with the french manicure.. my mom owns a nailshop but im not really interested in that kinda stuff lol
  • BABY.BABY. Posts: 147Member
    edited November 2005
    I think french manicures sometimes look cheap.
    Not insulting anybody, they do look nice on many people, but it's scary when they're sooo long. >_<
    I keep my short and with pale colours : )
    It feels funny when you have fake stuff of your nails
    IPB Image
    i LOVE edward.
  • xCandeexxCandeex washingtonPosts: 582Member
    my real nails image

    IPB Image
  • alicimooalicimoo o>_____<o BostonPosts: 5,852Friend of Soompi


    it's nicee. image
    i wanna go get my nails done. xP
  • Steph*Steph* Posts: 3,908Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(mishelljoogo @ Nov 6 2005, 02:44 AM) »

    no one really cares about your nails. It's just a pain in the Richard Simmons to grow them out and then a waste of money to paint them pretty. No guy will say hot nails. Work on the face.

    Haha. If your nails are really nicely done, some guys will compliment you on them...

    Anyways, I suck at doing nails because I have noo patience and I'm too lazy but my friend is goddamn amazing. Her nails are sooo nice.
    let me serenade your soul.
  • sherbzsherbz CanadaPosts: 247Member
    hey pretty nails esther!
  • xprincessgracexprincessgrace the ONE and ONLY NYCPosts: 1,255Friend of Soompi
    those r cute. image
    A celebrity is a person who works hard all their life to become well-known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. -Fred Allen
  • duckeeduckee Posts: 341Member
    edited November 2005
    IPB Image

    sorry for the big picturee
  • megaSTEPxomegaSTEPxo ? ? timeless Posts: 1,598Member
    edited November 2005
    yeah people do it not just for the guys geeZ!

    I use to always do my nails coz it's fun and I just love doing it lol.. I don't like having my nails unpainted.
    I would say most of the ppl who compliment are girls.. but I remember having a few guys compliment on it.

    All the nails posted are so nice! At the moment, mine are just painted sparkly so ^^;;

    oh baby baby 다 지나간 시간 우리가 함께한 추억 잊진 말아줘요
  • Jasmine<3Jasmine<3 Posts: 2,056Member
    ahh all of u guys have beautiful nails! darn. lol
  • sSsquishysSsquishy Posts: 276Member
    makes me want to do my nails now. image
  • allyyallyy Posts: 1,601Member


    prettty but i wouldn't do it unless it's at home haha >_<
  • amour alwaysamour always Posts: 615Member pretty
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