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Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜



  • DesieryDesiery Posts: 60Member
    edited January 2013
    facing said:
    I'm not so sure about this spoiler(I Miss You drama), so just want to share it here only

    seems like we'll have a Paris flash back with SY & harry?
    I saw the spoilers on dc but I can't read korean so just used google-translate and people there are mad lol

    And YEH was seen at Belluz today

    how i wish i can read korean :-/
    its so frustrating that you really wanted to know whats the content but no matter how you wish you will never understand =))

    but im dying to know there are some videos in YT where i am just like crazy watching it thinking what are they talking about :)
    but i wish someone can translate her latest interview in Rising Star...

  • xtrucxxtrucx Posts: 15Member


    @ryehana  sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner about a link to the particular xman episode you were looking for...  was so hard to find for some reason but i see from a previous post it was found (many thx).  Definitely feel like rewatching them now!!

     About that article on yeh.  Sooo glad that she is getting good feedback on IMY...  can't believe it's already ending. :(   
  • mdyehmdyeh Posts: 317Member
    I agree with all of you.   YEH has a certain charm that make you want to get know her well.   I am so smitten by her charm.   I love all her drama but I don't like 2 of male leads of her drama.  (MFL and VM).  I just love her.  She is an awesome person.   I am so glad that I get to know her more through your guys.  
  • shelloshello Posts: 52Member


    edited January 2013

    i just watched 'my black mini dress movie' and yeh looked so cute and beautiful as always among the 4 female lead cast...

    like someone said i hope yeh unnie will take movie as her next project...




  • celywcelyw ♥ 이승기 ♥ Posts: 3,727Member


    edited January 2013
    mdyeh wrote: »
    mdyeh wrote: »
    I rather wanted second leads of those drama.  (MFL and VM) is it so funny?   Specially on MFL I wanted YEH end up with second lead so bad. 

    yes yes yes I also hope in MFL YEH can end up with IL Woo but but.. :( for IMU, I din like PYC b4 wow but both of them have so much chemistry in the drama and in the end here I am hoping for them to kiss more and even have bed scene.. aigoo! Even if they end up together in real life they have my blessing :x

    @santaiah178, may I know who is the centre one? well I would say all these actresses are really beautiful but really who else can be like YEH can act ugly, cute, tomboyish on screen? The rest of the ladies usually would like to maintain their image (just my own opinion, in case you dun like what I say :P)



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  • spekmovspekmov Posts: 91Member
    chichocs said:
    Talking about coffee prince...I have bad prince cafe no longer exist...the new owner changed it into restaurant..but he still keep the original coffee prince stuff inside the u still can take pictures if u visit there hehehe...

    Even not exist prince will forever live in our heart :D
    I hope I can come to Korea someday and visit it before they changed the place again :)
  • spekmovspekmov Posts: 91Member
    Ow, I have a question too... does anyone know if there is any apps in play store that I can get any news or anything that related to Yoon Eun Hye? :>
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