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WARNING: Super long post ahead!   Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),   Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to

Hello everyone, I'm feeling so proud of YEH this episode and that's why I decide to share with everyone the good feeling. Here is the rough translation I did for YEH's part. I'm putting out a disclaim

cr:YEH Vietnam/weibo

Guest echoRy

Lee Min Gi and eun hye :lol: can't wait too see 'em together ... that guy is so dorkie but in a good way :lol: ... thx for postin' the news...

They had chemistry on Xman, seemed like MinGi really liked her. Hope someone subs the eps with her on it. That's gonna be so cool to watch.

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Guest angelkiki04

she is adorable.

i think i like her.


i like her personality on xman but dang...she can be possesive!

with that other guy. foreals.

but shes cute! and down to earth.

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seriously........i watched the last xman and it was dead silent.......we don't focus on the girls anymore..........the guys did all the stuffs

It's Because The Only Popular Girl In X-Man Will Always Be Eun Hye<3, No Matter What Stars They Bring Inn, To Screw Up Her & KJK Relationship On The Show.

If KJK Stops showing Up As Well, I See X-Man Shutting Down.

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the girls on xmen are so..weak. gah.

but i think yeh will return to xmen someday. maybe like kjg returned after a year..i forget how long.

yeh's legs are gorgeous.

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Guest hershy kissez

^ i was about to cry when i saw her on xman!! also probably because of the music. they put on such sad music when she came on :(

i wish they would of showed more of her.

anyways im hoping and wishing she will appear on xman again.

she was the best and is gonna stay the best female guest on X-MAN for me :P

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Guest mango.baby

^^ when did that happen?

i love yoon eun hye! she seems so real and funny and isn't fake like all the other girls who try to act cute. she's strong and tough and isn't afraid to beat kang ho dong. x-man seemed a little dead without her.

PS! she makes a really good couple with bi too! but she looks best with kim jong kook :]

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Guest lenakeem

omg i LOVE yooneunhae!!

shes so unfake like all the other female celebs.. and shes so friggen pretty!!! and her and KJK make the cutes couple ever.. but shes leaving x man.. and i was like crying when the last episode with minwoo yunho and the other guy and the last part where eunhae came out for a visit.. it was so friggen sad..

she better visit x man once in a while when she doesnt have filmimg! ill send her threat letters! ^^- JUST JOKING

man but.. shes like my role model? ish? ionno but i really like her ^^-

can wait until her drama!

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