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  1. Hello, everyone! I've been hype about the Coffee Prince Reunion and see that many others are too. I'm happy to see how excited she is with the reunion. She used to seem a bit regretful before for starring in such a great show but now, she seems really happy. I hope that reminiscing will help her become happier and love acting again. I also think that opening up a youtube channel was good for her. She seems happier and more confident. Hopefully it'll help her see that she still has many fans who are waiting for her. Maybe it'll help her choose a project soon...
  2. Surprise Bonus Video.... just released... And it's not even Wednesday... https://youtu.be/JFliLUtUm1w Friday Upload....
  3. Hello! Long time no post.... Happy to see old and new YEH fans on her page. You are all keeping her page alive...
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