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  1. [허지웅쇼] 이 맛에 산다! - 만능 재주꾼! 사랑스러운 배우 윤은혜 [FULL] 연예계 대표 금손 배우 윤은혜 보는 라디오 | 허지웅쇼 | 20210407
  2. If anyone wants to watch the full episode Raw (there's no eng sub) of Wild Wild Quiz, let me know.
  3. Lol.... This is not Sung Yuri but Lee Ji Hye.... She spoke about Sung Yuri and how she got a call once thinking that they called SYR but it was hers..... Anywayzzz, I'm posting this here cuz it keeps disappearing in other sites... T^T I can already imagine the pressure for the Goong remake... This remake will have more pressure than Goong S cuz: 1) this is remake not a spin off 2) Goong S was already a flop so they can’t flop again 3) no one really know Goong S 4) YEH, JJH and SJH are too well known especially in their roles in Goong that there’s going to be inevitab
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