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Kim Jae Won 김재원 [Currently hosting "The Real Story Eye"] Photos/videos from Tokyo FM on P.176-177



  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    Hello everybody. how are all of you?? i am fine, thank..... Nothing news about KJW yet.... Like someone said :" No News that's mean good News" ... but couldn't apply for him right..... because no news from him that 's mean we have to wait a little bit longer......hihihi...
    By the way, anybody who was already watched his first movie name " Man and Woman" .... and know where i can find the movie with english subtittle Please show me.... i have the video but they speak Korean i am going to insert the link for you now .....So please show me if you know where still have that movie wih english subtittle .... thank....
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member



    Hope all of you will be happy, enjoy and have a lot of fun on today.........

  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    edited February 2008
    Message from Kim Jae Won on Valentine day and his Birthday's coming........

    ● "Wind EXPRESS South Korea" to visit Japan at the Star report
    ⇒ "love" of Kim Jae-won, Hwang Mi-held charity!

    By the way ahead is still lots ※
    3 / 24 released in the magazine's March issue, Pia Hanryu But when the issue is coming to Japan
    Be that TORIAGE

    ● Cafe "consistent初志" JaeWon birthday in the public domain online event

    The birthday event ^ ^ weeks, the author: Chairman - Kim・MINSON

    Hi ~
    初志consistent management staff.
    Start to the 2008 New Year's bell is heard as a few days ago.
    And half of the calendar already has passed a piece.
    We suddenly cold weather consistent初志your family's health is not abnormal?
    Today is Valentine's Day to ♡
    [Man-woman love chocolate and give a confession].
    February 18 is consistent初志everyone is so loving family Jae-won's birthday.
    The birthday events are offline relationship is too quiet, so much so that・・・
    Jae-won from the St. Valentine's birthday is the day before coming to a video broadcast.
    Jae-won's 17th birthday approaches will be broadcast highlights from the grasp !!!!!!!!!! please!
    Today is the birthday broadcast from the test for broadcast.
    While preparing a variety of materials collected, but also broadcast footage seen in the
    I also could not see the video to
    下さっenjoy interesting, in the middle of our application in both video and see,
    Owned by you to send images, and everyone in our family to enjoy together.
    Thank you.

    * Hours daily Mainichi Broadcasting and TV viewers how SASHIAGEMASU before the start of the news.

    ※ above to the public domain, as the 18th seen images of the software D / L destination
    PW, and the time for the public and private image of that, so it joined Cafe
    It is appropriate steps should be neat idea.
    Cafe registration and at the free bulletin board] please check their details.

    credit to


    One more year coming, one more year older..... Wishing you will be have a very very great Birthday Party with your family, your fans, and your lover.......


    image image image image image
  • litto_gurllitto_gurl Posts: 2,398Member


    thuytran thanks for sharing all those news and info...

    i hope to here from u, he will be filming a drama...
  • litto_gurllitto_gurl Posts: 2,398Member


    edited February 2008


    <9시 55분>

    프린세스 평강 16부작('못된사랑'후속)


    방송날짜 08년 2월 11일 방송예정

    감독 박만영

    극본 박계옥

    출연 캐스팅 미정 문근영,김재원, 박기웅 물망

    내용 고구려 평강 공주와 온달의 사랑을 소재로 과거와 현재를 넘나드는 기발한 상상력으로 현대적인 시각으로 해석하는 코믹 사극 드라마.

    not sure if it's true...if it's true...a drama by kjw
    i was searching the net and upon this...anyone know anyone translate...
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    He sang on his Birthday Celeration....
    Here is the link .....
    His voice was so good ...
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member

    ▲ CNB News, CNBNEWS, non-news ssiaen
    Will be released on February 28 and will last 15 days before the <stupid> CGV Yongsan proceeds from the VIP screening. <Stupid> VIP screening of a large number of stars from the entertainment industry's best attended in a while, the theater attack.

    <Stupid> winning actor for the people gathered together! Hot tears open ocean gadeukhaetdeon ridin <stupid> VIP Preview!

    CGV Yongsan in the 15th at 8 pm at the VIP screening at <stupid> gi, imharyong, Khmer, ganghyejeong, jeongryeowon, honggyeongmin, bakgyeongrim, Eugene, songyunah, gimhyeonju, janghyeok, Kim Jong-kook, Kim Jae Won, denian, Alex, choeminyong, including gangraeyeon Starr and the best actor starring Cha, Ha Ji-won, bakhuisun attended the premiere of her family to watch the first time that had <stupid>.

    Screening time than the stars who arrived early screening Chapter <stupid> starring actor Cha, Ha Ji-won, bakhuisun greeted with anticipation for the film to express nanumyeo said. Specifically, the long-time friendship and Cha gimjong countries are going to the military official jungyira can not be seen publicly revealed, despite their best friend Cha cycle specifically for the ceremony to congratulate attention. <Stupid> VIP screening of the Korean people, in addition to winning actor, writer and the original gangpul cartoonists who are acquaintances of the main actors, including perchloroethylene due to attend a second.

    Ⓒ 2008 CNB News

    <바보>가 상영되기 전 진행된 감사 무대인사에는 주연배우와 감독님뿐만 아니라, 영화 속에서 지호(하지원)의 아버지 역을 맡은 송재호 선생님이 참석해 뜨거운 박수를 받았다. 주연배우들의 무대인사가 진행되자 객석에 앉아있던 스타들이 환호성과 열띤 호응으로 배우들을 맞아주었고, 감독님의 무대인사가 진행될 때는 유진이 직접 꽃다발을 들고 나와 감독님께 전하며 축하인사를 건네기도 했다. Cha is a witty and cheerful nature of the main actors and stage personnel ipdam led to the atmosphere, the hajiwon hongiljeom ppomnaetda as beautiful. In addition, Groom bakhuisun is consistent with a serious look on stage, we move outside of personnel also gives the pleasure.

    <Stupid> After the screening, many stars are so impressed by the horse and it was saying that it was awesome. 특히, 여배우들은 너무 많이 울어 얼굴을 차마 들지 못하거나, 안경으로 얼굴을 가리며 나오기도 하는 등 <바보>의 감동이 채 가시지 않은 듯 눈물을 닦으며 시사회장을 나오기도 했다. Also, the film starring actors and staff, who have been suffering spared no applause.

    Online million hits one day fall in cases of the highly popular comic book 'stupid' to the original one million netizens <stupid> VIP beyond that caught the hearts and say to impress. Youngsangmi beauty of the original story and a solid, attractive actors who are hot on February 28 <stupid> gaebonghal plans.

    Translate by google...

  • litto_gurllitto_gurl Posts: 2,398Member


    thuytran i have no idea what the news talking confusing reading it...

    is "stupid" the movie starting Ha Ji-won and cha tae hyun...
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    QUOTE (litto_gurl @ Feb 19 2008, 08:30 PM) »
    thuytran i have no idea what the news talking confusing reading it...

    is "stupid" the movie starting Ha Ji-won and cha tae hyun...

    Yeah, i think so .... that information just said KJW attented on that meeting on Feb 15 ....but they didn't say he will be on this film........ i confused too......
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    Hello my friends, so quite these day ..... image image :tears
    i wonder what is he doing now ???? Base on the news i heard from my friends on another web i think he will be start filming on March ..... what kind of that?? i really don't know ... March is coming ... hope to see and heard any good news soon....
    Always support you Kim Jae Won no matter what are you doing ... just keep your good work and do it .....

  • litto_gurllitto_gurl Posts: 2,398Member


    kim jae won in a japanese magazine...






    credit to

    i'm missing this guy so much. wonder what's he's up to these days...
    beside his charity work...
  • litto_gurllitto_gurl Posts: 2,398Member


    edited February 2008
    since there's nothing new about him i foudn an old atricle what his female co-star say about him

    Kim Jae-won is a killer kisser

    Taiwan's Jolin Tsai, 27 and Korean hunk Kim Jae-won (My Love Patzzi) are stopping by in Paris, London and Thailand to film Tsai's 'Agent J' music video (MV).

    Jolin Tsai & Kim Jae-won in Tsai's new MV 'Agent J'

    According to reports, female actors who have worked with 26-year-old Kim Jae-won all say he is a good kisser (direct Korean translation : Best kissing skill man). Fooyuh. We don't blame Tsai for picking him to star in her latest music video.

    Thus, one fine day while filming the music video, Tsai was anxiously waiting for the arrangements for the sunset kissing scene in Paris. But alas, Kim was down with a cold, and the kissing scene had to be cancelled that day.

    'Agent J' Music Video

    Tsai plays a female spy who suffers from amnesia (think Bourne Identity, female version). Kim Jae-won is a cop who is assigned to track her down. At the end of the video, Tsai shoots Kim and he dies, giving her one final killer-smile. With that, Tsai regains her memory to remember that they were lovers before. Awww shucks!


    Besides a great kisser, Kim Jae-won is nicknamed 'killing smile' or 'smile angel' for his famous smile.
    According to a fan, one of the best kissing scenes in Korean drama history is when Kim Jae-won kisses Jang Na-ra in the fountain scene on My Love Patzzi. Oh who saw that? Who saw that?
    Jolin Tsai is one of Taiwan's highest paid female entertainers!

    credit to Orchid
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    Ha ... ha... ha .. so happy because the kisses screen be canceled .....
    i watched that MV some time ....
    he looked so attractive in there.... so mature ....
    his role was absolutely different from the drama before .....
    Couldn't wait to see his new image on the screen........ image image image
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    hello everybody,
    How about everything...
    a little quite here.....
    and a little quite about KimJaeWon either.....
    March came and what will happen....
    and what will be a big surprise to us??? image image image

  • litto_gurllitto_gurl Posts: 2,398Member


    it's march. nothing new on him...
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    so sad.......... image image image image image image
  • piannjapiannja Posts: 11Member
    QUOTE (litto_gurl @ Mar 4 2008, 08:23 PM) »
    it's march. nothing new on him...

    I So sad image image image & I hope to see good new image
  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member

    우리가 있짜나요~♡] [JW's 2nd FANCAMP] 신청,입금 공지입니다.
    글쓴이: 총무-김영미 조회수 : 116908.03.08 11:13 안녕하세요!

    초지일관 운영진입니다.^^

    어느덧 3월이 와서.... 따뜻한 4월로 향해가네요~

    따뜻한 4월은 우리 초지일관 가족 여러분들께 좋은 기억이 가득한 달이 되었음합니다.

    한동안 창단식 이후 뚜렷한 행사가 없어서 팬여러분들께

    죄송했는데 기쁜 소식을 전하게 되어서 무척 기쁩니다.

    재원씨께서 초지일관 가족 여러분들과 자유로운 공간에서 함께하는 시간을 가지길 희망하셔서

    막힌 공간이 아닌 탁트인 공간에서 함께할 수 있는 캠프로 정하게 되었습니다.

    자세한 내용은 아래와 같습니다.

    ===============J.W 2nd FAN CAMP=============



    *캠프장소:경기도 펜션(장소는 추후 공지예정)

    *캠프일정:서울 ->펜션 정오12시 출발(소요시간 2시간이내)

    (삼성동 코엑스 앞에서 전세버스를 타고 갑니다.)

    펜션 ->서울 오후 1시 출발

    (전세버스를 타고 삼성동 코엑스에 하차 예정)


    *신청조건: 초지일관 3기 회원(카페 우수회원)

    *참가비: 25,000원

    *신청기간: 2008.03.10~2008.03.17(기간엄수)




    ┣계좌번호:신한 110-206-813773 (김영미-총무)

    ┗[캠프신청방]에 닉네임/이름/입금자명/연락처 신청바랍니다.

    ex> 회장-김민선 / 김민선 / 김민선 / 010-7700-xxxx


    ┏해외송금 수수료, 환율등의 문제로 인해 당일 현장에서 걷도록 하겠습니다.

    ┣캠프에 참여하실분들은 신청기간에 <<캠프신청방>>에 꼭 신청해주세요.

    ┣신청기간:2008.03.10 ~2008.03.17(기간엄수)

    ┗[캠프신청방]에 닉네임/이름(영문)/연락처 신청바랍니다.

    ex> 회장-김민선 / KIM-MIN-SUN / 010-7700-xxxx


    *개인별로 송금해주십시오.(단 자녀분을 동반하시는 회원분들은 함께 송금하셔도 무관하십니다.자녀동반시만!)

    *송금 후 반드시 <<캠프신청방>>에 남겨주고, 임원진이 송금 확인 후 신청완료!!로 표기해드리겠습니다.

    *행사 특성상 결제 후 취소는 불가합니다.

    *이번행사는 1박2일 일정입니다. 당일로 움직이시는 분들은 교통편을 별도로 확인 하셔야합니다.

    *행사참여시 초지일관 3기 단체티셔츠를 착용하셔야 합니다.

    *추가적인 공지사항은 입금기간이 끝나는데로 올려드겠습니다.

    (단체티 구매,조편성,교통편등등)

    Translation by Google:

    We itjjanayo to JW's 2nd FANCAMP ♡] [] application, notice of the deposit.
    Author: chongmu - gimyoungmi Vistas: 116908.03.08 1113 Hi!

    Grassland unyoungjin consistent. ^ ^

    Eoneudeot came in March .... April was very warm toward

    Our warmest April grasslands consistently good memories for our family, under the full moon.

    Since the apparent lack of promotion for a while changdansik paenyeoreobundeulkke

    I am very sorry to have to tell you I am pleased happy.

    Grassland consistent with the free space ssikkeseo funding your family together in the time that having your hopes

    In a closed space, not takteuin space camp, which can be clean.

    For more information, see below.

    J.W 2nd FAN CAMP ============= ===============

    ◈ ◈ camp schedule

    * Camp schedule: 2008.04.12, 2008.04.13 (one night)

    * Camp place: Pre-pensions (a place for future announcements planned)

    * Camp schedule: Seoul -> pensions by 12 noon departure (the time it takes less than two hours)

    (Samseong-dong COEX in front of the charter bus.)

    Pensions -> Seoul starting 1:00 p.m.

    (Sta planned to charter a bus Samseong-dong COEX)

    How to participate ◈ ◈

    * Conditions apply: Grassland consistent third term members (membership excellent cafés)

    * Fee: 25,000 won

    * Apply: 2008.03.10, 2008.03.17 (duration observed)

    How to apply ◈ ◈

    * * Guknaepaen

    ┏ deposit period: 2008.03.10, 2008.03.17 (duration observed)

    ┣ account number: 110-206-813773 Shinhan (gimyoungmi - chongmu)

    Nickname ┗ [camp sincheongbang] / Name / deposit name / contact applications.

    Ex> Chairman - gimminseon / gimminseon / gimminseon / 010-7700-xxxx

    * * Haeoepaen

    ┏ overseas remittance fees, and other problems caused by the exchange rate geotdorok day in the field.

    Request to participate in the camp during the ┣ hasilbundeul <<sincheongbang camp>> sincheonghaeju imperative.

    ┣ Apply: 2008.03.10, 2008.03.17 (duration observed)

    Nickname ┗ [camp sincheongbang] / name (in English) / contact applications.

    Ex> Chairman - gimminseon / MIN--KIM SUN / 010-7700-xxxx

    Note ※ ※

    * Private songgeumhaeju by us (kids only member to accompany you are independent, you can transfer the evening. Citizens to accompany their children!)

    * Make sure the transfer <<sincheongbang camp>> him to leave, executives confirmed the transfer is completed, the application! Notation doable.

    * Because of the nature of the event was canceled after the non-payment.

    * This is a one night, two-day event. Transportation is a day to move on the people who must be confirmed separately.

    * Offers of three groups consistently chamyeosi grasslands must wear T-shirts.

    * Additional announcements by the end of the deposit period is going olryeodeu.

    (Dancheti purchase, jopyeonseong, transport etc.)

  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    edited March 2008
    try to post some pic .... testing.....

  • thuytranthuytran USAPosts: 463Member
    QUOTE (thuytran @ Mar 11 2008, 12:52 AM) »
    try to post some pic .... testing.....


    anyone can see the picture i posted.....
    i create the account from photobucket and post the picture from there.....
    Hope it work this time and late i can share some more picture with all of you..... : image image image image
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