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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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Cine21 article <-- I babelfish'd it and (I'm fairly sure) it says that they're publishing a book filled with photographs of and by Doona!

What I gathered: London will be the backdrop of her photos because that city gives her a peculiar feeling, and it has many colors and a charm all its own. She's currently involved in the writing and editing process, and has a lot of enthusiasm about the project.

Well, color me unsurprised. :D I am sooo thrilled for her, sooo proud of her.

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Coucou !

(sorry, I’m late, I took some vacations)

Thank you for your welcome ;)

About Tomak : as far as I know there are several editions :

- the classic korean edition (for PC)

- a limited edition

- a called "complete edition" (PC and PS2)

- a Japanese edition (PC and PS2) – easy to find for Playstation, but I don’t know if it is dubbed (and that is the point !)

- a demo (not the complete game) in english given to the journalists at the E3 (the LA video game show) in 2001

So, nothing in English, even less in French :(

Anyway, e-mail the developers was the thing to do coming back from holydays... :sweatingbullets:

Good idea to mail the reviewers to (they may have the demo in english).

Did you hear the news that they're showing "Someday" on Korean cable instead of network TV?


Maybe because it’s not enough for big audience (it seams to be weird - I like it ^^). I just hope it will be released on DVD in Korea (or anywhere, but with understandable subtitles), I really anticipate it. :w00t:

I wanna see "Linda Linda Linda"!!!!! I've heard nothing but good things about it, and it's nice to hear you count it as one of your favorite BDN flicks. Really, you prefer it over SfMV and BDNB? Hmm, I'm even more intrigued because I LOVE those 2 films to bits. (btw the Linda3 Japanese release over at YesAsia doesn't indicate if it has English subs, did your DVD have them?)

Yes, I prefer Linda3 to Mr Vengeance (I confess that I'm not really into Park Chan-Wook cinema - just Lady Vengeance that is wonderful)and Barking dogs never bite. It may seams curious, thess two movies are better seen "objectively".

But Linda Linda Lindais so Doona Doona Doona :w00t: , it tastes like heaven to the doonaddict (euh... yes, I exaggerate a little bit ;) ). It’s a film I adore for lot of not really rational reasons. But I think that even "normal people" can appreciate it. Its best quality is its modesty and its naturalness, what some people have mix up with a lack of stakes - it’s not false, but it is precisely why it’s so natural (I hate the movies in which they don’t know how to play at the beginning and at the end they have a big big show full of prestige).

And no, unfortunately the Japanese DVD doesn’t have any subtitles (just as the majority of japanese DVD : expensive and without sub :( ). I’ll say that it easily understandable (after all, I’ve seen it twice without), but I don’t think it’s a wrong plan to wait for the korean one (maybe for the end of the year - let’s pray). I saw it subbed (twice again) at the Paris Cinema Festival, and of course it’s much better that way.

Aww, you were disappointed by "The Host"? It's one of my most anticipated films of 2006. Maybe you were expecting too much? Or Doona not having a lot of screen time bummed you out?

I was expecting a lot maybe too much, I confess ^^

But rest assured, it’s not a bad movie. But I think the first half hour is a mess. And I don’t like the monster, fun but insipid, and to much showed. After, it goes better, just the Bong Joon-Ho I like, really surprising, with a lot of humor and irony. And the cast is really perfect.

It’s a very entertaining movie (in the positive meaning: fun, entertaining and inventive but not stupid or "déjà vu") and I’m a little bored by all the reviewers insisting on the "political message" (especially in France ; if in a movie there’s just one lonely little thing that can be seen as anti-American and be sure that they write 15 page on it, it’s pathetic) which is not really convincing (if it exist). But it’s always the same, they can’t admit that a movie can be good only because it’s entertaining not in a dumb way and be nothing but cinematographic pleasure, and they prefer to write about what the film supposedly talk about, and not write about the movie :(

(sorry, I bolt)

In a word, despite all my reserves, go see it the day it releases ^^

(and Doo-Na fighting a monster with her bow, we don’t see it all day)

About the book of photography Doona in London, that’s what I understood too (she talked about on her cyworld) but I don’t know more about it.

Just for fun, some pictures, because I love when she eats)





Since last time I have watch Funny wild girl (aka Country Princess).

Even if it’s a very common drama (love story between the working class girl and her boss, her mother has a cancer, patati patata...) it’s quite funny. I can’t say it’s not, I almost seen it in a non stop session, it’s quite addictive ;)

Epikt =^..^=


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