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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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April 19, 2014
‘The Target’, ‘A Girl at My Door’, Cannes Film Festival Midnight – invited noticeable eye
Source: Innolife Korea

‘A Girl at My Door’ of Jung Ju-Ri director, and ‘The Target’ of Chang, was invited to the 67th Cannes Film Festival, as Noticeable Eye and Midnight Weekly.
The executive officer of the film festival opened the invited movies on 17th(local time). According to the officer ‘The Target’ and ‘A Girl at My Door’ was named for official invited movie of Cannes Film Festival.‘A Girl at My Door is the cruel and beautiful drama about a girl who is exposed to violence. Bae Doo-Na, Kim Se-Ron, Song Sae-Byuk took the leading roles. ‘The Target’ which Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Lee Jin-Wook, and Kim Sung-Ryung, appears, is the action thriller about the man who struggles to clear himself of a false charge. 
Meanwhile the 67th Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 14th to 25th. [Photo=Movie]

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April 20, 2014
Korean movies heading to Cannes
By Jin Eun-soo, contributing writer INSIDE KOrea JoongAng Daily

Three Korean films - “A Girl at My Door,” “The Target” and “Breath” - have been invited to this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, according to local reports. 
Yoon Hong-seung’s action thriller “The Target,” starring Ryu Seung-ryong, was invited as part of the Midnight Screening section, one of the noncompetitive categories in the festival. The movie gets its domestic release on April 30. 
July Jung’s debut film “A Girl at My Door,” featuring Bae Doo-na and Kim Sae-ron, will compete in the festival’s Un Certain Regard section, which focuses on unique and creative films. Jung’s film, about a young girl who is abused by her stepfather, gets released in Korea in May.
“Breath” is a short film by Kwon Hyun-ju, a Chung-Ang University student. It is the story of a daughter grappling with how to care for her brain-dead mother. It was invited to the Cinefondation section for young filmmakers. This year, 16 shorts from 11 countries were invited to this section.
The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 14 to 25.

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April 23, 2014
3 Korean Films To Be Screened At Cannes International Film Festival
Source: KBS Global

Korean films have been gaining more attention internationally. This year at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival, three Korean movies will be screened: "The Target", "A Girl At My Door", and "Breath".
"The Target", directed by Chang, will be screened for a midnight screening. It stars Ryu Seung-ryong, and is a remake of the 2010 French movie titled "Point Blank". In the story, a former mercenary is accused of a crime he isn't guilty of. He embarks to prove his innocence, but finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. "The Target" is scheduled to premiere in Korea's theatres on April 30th.
"A Girl At My Door" boasts a cast of Bae Doo-na, Song Sa-byeok, and Kim Sae-ron. It's a mystery film directed by a newcomer filmmaker Jang Ju-ri. It takes place in a small Korean town bordering the ocean, and follows a series of disturbing events. It is scheduled for a release in Korea sometime in May.
"Breath" will be one of 16 short films screened at the festival this year, directed by a Chungang University student named Kwon Hyun-ju. The 33-minute-long movie is about a young woman who has to deal with the news that her mother has been pronounced brain-dead.
The Cannes International Film Festival will run from May 14-25th this year.

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April 28, 2014
Cannes Film ‘A Girl at My Door (Dohee-ya)’ to Premiere on May 22
CJ E&M enewsWorld Choi, EunHwa  Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

The film A Girl at My Door (Dohee-ya), which has been invited to The 67th Cannes Film Festival will premiere on May 22.
A Girl at My Door starring Bae Doo Na, Kim Sae Ron and Song Sae Byeok, is a story of a girl (Kim Sae Ron) who makes a dangerous choice in order to protect what is the most precious to her. 

The main trailer released along with the premiering date, hints at the relationship between the three main characters: the town’s new governor (Bae Doo Na), a secretive girl who is exposed to cruel violence from the town (Kim Sae Ron) and her stepfather (Song Sae Byeok).
A Girl at My Door is director Jung Joo Ri’s first full length movie. It has been invited to compete in Un Certain Regard section at The 67th Cannes Film Festival.
Photo credit: Movie Collage

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April 29, 2014
Bae Doo-Na affection to the movie ‘A Girl at My Door’, “Received healing”
Source: Innolife Korea

An actress Bae Doo-Na showed her affection to the new movie ‘A Girl at My Door’(Director Jung Joo-Ri). Entering to the 67th Cannes Film Festival, ‘A Girl at My Door’ is cruel and beautiful story about the dangerous choice of a girl, who is exposed to violence alone. It is said that Bae Doo-Na performed the role of ‘Young-Nam’ who came to the country, became a moodmaker even in hard filming. She handed out snacks, and gave a present, ‘Photo Diary’ made by herself at Crankup. Bae Doo-Na said, “I got more love to Korean films through ‘A Girl at My Door’. I thought that ‘Right, it is the feeling of movie’, and I received love and comfort from all staffs and actors. I felt like I received healing.” ‘A Girl at My Door’ will be released on May 22nd. [Photo=film company]

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May 1, 2014
BAE DOO NA & SONG SAE BYEOK MUFFLE EACH OTHER IN VOGUE KOREA’S MAY 2014 ISSUEhttp://couch-kimchi.com/2014/05/01/bae-doo-na-song-sae-byeok-muffle-each-other-in-vogue-koreas-may-2014-issue/

The May edition of Vogue Korea features the leads of A Girl At My Door.

Bae Doo Na (who’s sporting best hairstyle she’s ever had) and Song Sae Byeok appear indifferent yet eerie, as they seem to shut each other up, their hands suppressing a sound from one another’s lips.
The sinister tone of the pictorial relates to the darkness of their film about a police woman protecting a naive yet mysterious young girl from her violent stepfather.
A Girl At My Door comes in theaters on May 22nd.

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May 1, 2014


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May 1, 2014
New “Jupiter Ascending” Trailer Reveals Exciting Look for Bae Doo Na Bae-Doo-Na-Jupiter-Ascending-800x450.jpg


A new trailer for “Jupiter Ascending” has been released, featuring a fleeting, but intriguing glance at what Bae Doo Na’s character in the film will look like. Although the Korean actress only appears for a few fleeting seconds in the trailer, fans will be excited to catch a sneak peek at the part she is set to play.   
Indeed, Bae Doo Na looks like she will be playing a character who pulls no punches, if the trailer is anything to go by. She is shown sporting blue-purple hair, mounted upon what seems to be a fearsome floating motorbike.  
The  sci-fi thriller, due to be released in the United States in July, will see Bae Doo Na team up with The Wachowskis, whom she also worked with on “Cloud Atlas” in 2012. 
“Jupiter Ascending” also stars Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Sean Bean, and is the story of an unsuspecting woman who finds herself caught up in a deadly fight to save Earth from evil powers. 
What kind of character so you think Bae Doo Na will play in the film? Check out the trailer below and let us know:

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Korea Today - Korean Names Breaking into Hollywood
Published on May 1, 2014 by ARIRANG ISSUE
We bring you a recap of this week's entertainment news, as well as a look at some of the big Korean names breaking into the Hollywood scene. Lee Byung-hun, Choi Min-sik and BoA are just a few. What genres are they taking on, Denny Hong has more. 

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May 13, 2014
Bae Doo-na in 'Dohee-ya'

Actress Bae Doo-na (L) poses at an event in Seoul on May 12, 2014, to showcase the new film "Doohee-ya," the story of a 14-year-old girl struggling with domestic violence with the help of a police officer. Actress Kim Sae-ron is on her right. (Yonhap) (END)

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class="title_sec" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-size: 28px; margin: 0px 0px 15px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(39, 41, 42); line-height: 34px; font-weight: normal; font-family: Georgia, 돋움, Dotum, Helvetica, AppleGothic, sans-serif;"[Herald Review] ‘A Girl at My Door’ powerful, resonating study of the alienated

Filmmaker July Jung goes to Cannes with her debut feature

Bae Doo-na (left) and Kim Sae-ron pose during a press conference promoting “A Girl at My Door” in Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap)
In a quiet, seemingly uneventful Korean port town, Young-nam (Bae Doo-na), a young woman with a pale face, arrives as the head of its police substation ― after being demoted from Seoul. All of her subordinates in the station are men, most of whom are older than she. On her way to her new house in the village, she runs into Yong-ha (Song Sae-byeok), “the man who runs the economy of the town,” who smiles derisively after learning that Young-nam is the new chief officer.

Filmmaker July Jung’s feature debut “A Girl at My Door,” which has been invited to the Un Certain Regard section of this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, was unveiled to the local press on Monday. 

“I guess one of the reasons why I wrote this story was because I was lonely myself,” filmmaker Jung told reporters. “I wanted to tell a story about lonely people, and how they can comfort each other ― and explore if that is actually possible.”

And her film does just that. Young-nam, though seemingly content, is in fact deeply troubled. She cannot sleep without the help of soju, so she keeps the transparent liquor in countless water bottles ― making it look as if what she is consuming every day is water. 
Kim Sae-ron plays an abused child in “A Girl at My Door.” (CGV Movie Collage)

The peaceful rural town very soon reveals its brutal and violent side when Young-nam runs into Do-hee (Kim Sae-ron), Yong-ha’s teenage stepdaughter who is exposed to constant physical abuse. She also learns that Yong-ha helps local fisheries hire undocumented immigrants, many of whom are underpaid or not paid at all. Most of the locals, however, keep silent about the injustices that Do-hee and the migrant workers endure, as Yong-ha helps them make money. The village is mostly populated by aging natives, as their children all leave for cities once grown.

The film pays most attention to Young-nam’s relationship with Do-hee, who, in director Jung’s words, “doesn’t even realize she is lonely.” The teenager is constantly beaten by her stepfather and her grandmother, and also bullied by her classmates at school. Concerned for Do-hee’s safety, Young-nam keeps the teenager at her house. For the first time in her life, Do-hee meets someone who does not beat her and who actually calls her by her name ― the Korean title of the film is “Doheeya,” which translates to “Hey Do-hee” ― instead swearing at her. But Do-hee’s happy period abruptly ends when Yong-ha finds out Young-nam’s secrets, which are linked to why she was demoted back in Seoul, and uses them against her. 

Aside from its main plot, which deftly blends mystery and thriller, the film does an impressive job of tackling modern Korean social issues, including homosexuality, small-town politics, migration and labor. What’s most resonating, arguably, is Young-nam’s first encounters with Do-hee and the migrant workers, and her look of vulnerability when she witnesses the injustice; in spite of her authority, Young-nam, who is forced to keep one of her identities a secret, knows she shares more in common with the abused than her fellow officers. In spite of her isolation, which even leads her to alcoholism, her integrity does not allow her to compromise in order to fit in. The three lead actors, especially Bae, offer memorable performances as troubled, lonely and searching souls. 

By Claire Lee (dyc@heraldcorp.com) | May 14 2014
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May 13, 2014
Bae Doo Na and Song Sae Byuk Bring on the Intensity for Vogue by CallMeN00NA http://www.soompi.com/2014/05/13/bae-doo-na-and-song-sae-byuk-bring-on-the-intensity-for-vogue/#.U3LmE4GSwsA

“A Girl Next Door” costars Bae Doo Na and Seong Sae Byuk shared a photo shoot and interview for Vogue magazine. 
Although the two same aged actors play characters who live in the countryside in the movie, these top actors shone with charisma and intensity for this high fashion photo shoot. In a dark and gritty setting, Bae Doo na and Song Sae Byuk wears dark colors and modern patterns. Bae Doo Na, in particular, looks strikingly different than her plain cop character with her mused short hair and dark red lip stick. Song Sae Byuk looks more like a cool and collected villain with his stylishly long hair than the step-father he plays in the movie. 
For the interview Bae Doo Na and Song Sae Byuk talked about their character’s dimensions and the process in portraying their different characters. 

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May 13, 2014
Four Korean Actresses to Attend Cannes Film Festival by timmydee http://www.soompi.com/2014/05/13/four-korean-actresses-to-attend-cannes-film-festival/#.U3L1aoGSwsA

Four Korean actresses are heading to the Cannes International Film Festival, which begins May 14. Jeon Do Yeon, Song Hye Kyo, Bae Doo Na and Kim Se Ron are all bound for the south of France, where they are set to take part in media activities. Jeon Do Yeon won the Best Actress award at the festival in 2007 for her role in “Secret Sunshine,” directed by Lee Chang Dong, and will be a member of the jury panel this year.
Lee Chang Dong is well-known at the iconic film festival. He won an award for Best Screenplay in 2010 for the movie “Poetry.” His latest film, “A Girl at My Door,” starring Bae Doo Na and Kim Se Ron, will be screening at Cannes, with both actresses in attendance.
Also attending the festival is Song Hye Kyo, who will be joining John Woo, director of her forthcoming movie, “The Crossing,” for a press conference and a series of interviews. Although “The Crossing” will not be shown at Cannes, its makers are hopeful that, with the world’s media in attendance, they can stir up interest for the movie, which is slated for release in winter this year.

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May 13, 2014
SHOWBIZ: A look at Cannes, Asian
By Gertjan Zuilhof New Straits Times
Will Cannes 2014 be a good year for Asian Cinema? Gertjan Zuilhof looks at selected films that are to be screened
FOR this year’s Cannes International Film Festival, let’s start with the smallest but important section at the festival, namely The Critics Week.
In the week before the announcement for the nominated films, I was in Beijing and the Chinese filmmakers were curious to know if one particular young Chinese (only first and second films from a filmmaker are eligibly for entry for The Critics Week) had made it. Rumour had it that this year’s event will see no Asian films competing in this section. Sadly, the rumour turned out to be true.
But in other, and seemingly more important sections, works by Asian filmmakers seem to be thriving.
The Director’s Fortnight is officially not part of the festival, being originally a “protest” section to the final nominated films, but it has been part of what the festival is all about — like the red carpets and the rise of petty crime (pick pockets) during this period.
The Fortnight brings two Asian films: a Japanese animation film called Kaguya-hime no monogatari (The Story Of Princesse Kaguya) by veteran director Isao Takahata and the South Korean Kkeut-kka-ji-gan-da (A Hard Day) by Seong-hun Kim, a police crime movie.
Certain Regards is the official section that, next to the Competition, shows a programme with lesser known filmmakers or younger directors. Here, we find a South Korean film Dohee-Ya (A Girl At My Door) by July Jung, and Fantasia, a movie from mainland China by Wang Chao which seems to follow on his series of films highlighting on the problems of living in modern China.
The South Koreans do well this year because there is an entry in the Midnight Screening (mostly for the more violent genre films) by a director who goes by the name Chang, with his work Pyo Jeao (The Target).
Not in the Competition section, but to be screened during the festival is the new film by Zhang Yimou called Coming Home. Yimou is, no doubt, one of the biggest names around and this time, he tells a story about a woman writer (played by Gong Li) set during the Cultural Revolution.
The most prestigious slot in The Competition for an Asian filmmaker this year is given to the well-known Japanese female director Naomi Kawase with her new film, Still The Water. The movie, set on the subtropical Japanese island of Amami, may just be her lucky entry to win the Golden Palm award.
The Cannes International Film Festival is from tomorrow until May 25

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