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[non ★ Clubbox] Variety Shows

Guest baekkyungzqt

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I hope I can post this here.


Performances (in order):

¤ MC Sniper [MC 스나이퍼] ft. 배치기 - Smile Again

¤ Wonder Girls [원더걸스] - Irony

¤ K.Will - 왼쯕 가즘

¤ Kara [카라] - 맘에 들면 & Break It

¤ Eru [이루] - 까만안경 (Black Glasses)

¤ Paran [파란] - 그녀와난

¤ Younha [윤하] - 비밀번호 486

¤ See Ya [씨야] - 사랑의 인사

¤ Seo In Young [서인영] ft. Steve [즈티브] - 너를 원해

¤ TSZX The Grace [천상지희 The Grace] - 한번더, OK?

¤ Various Performers - 아름다운강잔


¤ Ivy [아이비] - Cupido

¤ Epik High [에픽하이] - Fan

¤ SG Wannabe [sG 워너비] - 한여름닐의꿈

¤ Lee Hyori [이효리] - 톡톡톡

¤ Super Junior [슈퍼주니어] - U (remixed version)

¤ Dong Bang Shin Ki [동방신] - 'O'

Dream Concert 2007: one two three

You will need HJ Split to join the three files together.

Credits: Ams

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Guest baekkyungzqt



Thanks to: amy, MsCTruc, silverwingz, mintoro, yeohweping, Burning Chopstick, rain_drops, frenchllama, anu for taking time to uploading these links for everyone

please remember to read the first page because there are lots of answers to your questions there. and if its not, you can PM me and i'll help you out.

so far it seems that divshare doesnt have too many problems for most people, so i'll keep using it and try to have a MU link as well.

no requests please!! :P

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Guest mintoro
Guest flyfany89

070622 Come 2 Play -- http://www.divshare.com/download/1043628-e20

credits to: shcjcjbnet's cb

*MU is being a butt

070621 Happy Together Friends Highlights [Last Episode] --


070621 Hey Hey Hey S2 -- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K2X1WU09

070623 Infinite Challenge -- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1CPISCHC

070623 Star King -- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RIR1CUT2

070623 Star Golden Bell -- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YWDSW907

credits to: creidesca2's cb

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Guest baekkyungzqt
Guest mintoro
Guest baekkyungzqt

still no LQ videos for Happy Sunday R U Ready, Immortal Music, or Hi5 and the HQ is huuuuuge :sweatingbullets: if i dont see LQ uploaded by wednesday then i'll split the HQ for you guys.

Happy Times NG (07.06.24)


Inki Gayo (07.06.24)


Jiwhaza (07.06.23)


Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera (07.06.24) - Lee Hoon



Music Bank (07.06.24)


Music Core (07.06.23)




Old Times TV (07.06.24)


Oot Chat Sa (07.06.24)


credits to creidesca2, godlove3494's clubboxes.

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Guest slyph

not sure if this is the proper place but I uploaded the entire series of old Xman in HQ on my own personal website. where it will remain so the links are pretty damn solid :D.

so if you can put it on the front page or wherever. here ya go


all 155 episodes in HQ and named accordingly. some of them have the softsubs embedded in them and will auto play if you have a ffdshow video player such as MPC.

enjoy ^^

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Guest mintoro
Guest baekkyungzqt
Guest silverwingz

Anyway.. I made a cut of JUST Hi Five for those of u who want it:

Hi Five Episode 7 (070624) ~ Performing in a Musical Part 2


When we do the subs for this episode... I will time it to this cut. Also... new subs are out for episode 4 of this show (Stunt Training). I will post the hardsubbed video here when it's available, but it's not... So for the time being, you can grab the softsubs in the Hi Five thread (in my siggy). Episode 2 has been hardsubbed, but the the download like for some reason doesn't work... so I won't post it here until it's fixed. Sorry for the delay!

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Guest baekkyungzqt


Thank you: mintoro, flyfany89, Burning Chopstick, slyph, silverwingz

such a small number of uploaders provide such a large number of links :) many many thanks from everyone for your dedication

DC06, _melod!es, theoden, lostfromfate: thank you for your encouragements

cee.jay, bubbletea: please remember to read the rules on the first page from now on~ ^^

PLEASE REMEMBER TO READ THE RULES ON THE FIRST PAGE! i'm sure people who regularly check this thread are sick of seeing this :P but please try to follow the rules so we can keep the thread as clean as possible

- jenny

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