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[non ★ Clubbox] Variety Shows

Guest baekkyungzqt

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Guest mintoro
Guest mintoro
Guest baekkyungzqt

^ thank you mintoro for the heads up! i'll update that later tonight ^^

rain_drops: thank you for the link! dont apologize~ saves me the time of doing it myself :) i'll upload the LQ later tonight.

44th Daejong Awards (07.06.08)

Part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RSIQERZ0

Part 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EOEEKSA9

Come to Play (07.06.08) LQ

Guests: High Kick Cast


Hey Hey Hey (07.06.07) HQ - download all three parts and use HJsplit to join them

Guests: Seo Kyung Suk, Sun Wu Jae Duk




Live TV Entertainment News (07.06.06)

News: Psy's trouble with the police, Kim Nam Il getting married, Ji Sung's army release. etc.


credits to creidesca2's clubbox.

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Guest cutiepie


i need you help, is it possible for you or others to upload "Jiwhaza" in sendspace? other than youtube, sendspace is the only link I can download and see it. Thank you in advance.

sorry hongkong girl, unfortunately i don't watch that show


LQ 20070608 Section TV Ent. News (self-record)


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Guest flyfany89

Come To Play 6.08.07 HQ part 1 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=31A996JU

Come To Play 6.08.07 HQ part 2 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U592K73Q

credits to: msj1nstar @ high kick thread

[LQ] 070609 SBS Burst! Mental Concentration E09.asf - recorded by me.



credits to: mei_yee_chan @ Burst! Mental Concentration Thread

[LQ] 070609 SBS Star King.asf - recorded by me


credits to: mei_yee_chan @ Star King Thread

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Guest baekkyungzqt


Thanks to: som4tang, lovegoodfood, mintoro, amy, rain_drops, cutiepie for all the links youve given :)


1. please try not to ask questions in this thread. if you have any questions about the links, no matter how stupid it may sound, PM me and i'll respond usually within an hour.. thank you!

2. theres a download site called divshare that seems to be promising..

limit 200 MB file size but the files wont ever expire (according to them)

i'm going to try it out for a while and see if its worth it

PM me if you cannot download from it so i get a sense of its availability.

Hey Hey Hey (07.06.07) LQ

Guests: Sun Wu Jae Duk, Seo Kyung Suk


credits to creidesca2's clubbox.

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Guest baekkyungzqt

note: someone posted a gigeshare link on the nonclubbox request thread for the high quality Dream Concert so if you dont want to download all the MU links then you can go there :)

Dream Concert LQ



Dream Concert HQ (join with HJSplit)





Happy Sunday (07.06.10) - Hi5


Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera (07.06.10)

Guest: Gong Hyung Jin


please PM me if you cant download from divshare

credits to creidesca2's clubbox.

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Guest baekkyungzqt

divshare has no download limit, so i think i'm going to be uploading on that from now on with some reuploads on MU. i'll try to make sure and have at least one MU link for anyone who can't use divshare but since no one has PMed me yet with any problems i'm guessing its ok. :)

Happy Sunday (07.06.10) - R U Ready



Learn Word (07.06.10)


credits to creidesca2's clubbox.

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[LQ] 070609 SBS Star King.asf - recorded by me


Credit: mei_yee_chan @ the Star King thread

GUESTS: Baby VOX Re.V (2), Kang In (Super Junior), BOOM, Ha Ha, + some others that i don't know. Sorry

I'll be back with the guest list.

Edit: flyfany58 already posted this on page 4. But since its a new page i'll just leave it. Sorry about that.

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Guest baekkyungzqt

hello, just wanted to know when will the Ya Shim Man Man 070611 will be uploaded? thank you...

<_< twice in one page.... please remember not to request videos!! i cant upload everything the moment it comes out.

Happy Times NG (07.06.10)


Ya Shim Man Man (07.06.11)



Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter 250th Episode Special

Guests: Ivy, Yoonha, Park Hyo Shin


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Guest baekkyungzqt

a quick note to everyone, so please read

- for a while everyone was good about not requesting links or asking questions, but please remember that there are rules to this thread and its frustrating when they are not read and followed.

- almost anything you need to know is on the first page, and if there are any other questions that arent answered in the FAQ, then you can PM me and get a response that way.

- each show has its own thread, so click the [x] after the shows name and it will link you straight there. you can ask which guests are on that week or discuss the current episode

- there is a request thread HERE where you can ask for whatever videos, cuts, HQ, LQ files you want that you dont see posted here. there are a lot of helpful soompiers who post mirror and expired links so your request should be answered.

- please try to keep the thread clear of questions and remember that the people who post links are mostly students.. so if youre patient, your video will be uploaded as soon as we can get to it.

if you have any problems with any of this, PM me and we'll talk about it that way, so that the thread won't be filled with back and forth conversations. thanks again guys..

- jenny

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Guest mintoro

I know a lot of people say they broke the rules bcoz they're newbie, but aren't rules the first thing you read when you join a forum?

I don't know :x But PLEASE DO follow the rules here to keep the thread clean and tidy :)

sorry if I sound mean :P

***PM me ASAP if found any file corrupted.

[HQ] Music Core.070609 Performances cuts

Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace - MusicCore.070609

D.Caprio - MusicCore.070609

Im Soon Ee & Lee Juk - MusicCore.070609 [special]

Ivy - MusicCore.070609

J Feat. Lee Jung - MusicCore.070609

Kara - MusicCore.070609

KilGun - MusicCore.070609

Lee Juk - MusicCore.070609

Lee Ssang Feat. Ali - MusicCore.070609

Maximum Crew - MusicCore.070609

SG Wannabe - MusicCore.070609

yb - MusicCore.070609

Brian, SoHee & HyunAh - MusicCore.070609 (MC cut)

Tablo - MusicCore.070609 (Star Paparazzi)

Cho Won Suk - MusicCore.070609 (Mobile Ranking)

Credits: mandyquyen@clubbox, mintoro@soompi

***PM me ASAP if found any file corrupted.

[HQ] Dream Concert.070610 Performances cuts

Dream Concert 2007 Opening + Ending

Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace - DreamConcert.070610

Dong Bang Shin Ki - DreamConcert.070610

Epik High - DreamConcert.070610

Eru - DreamConcert.070610

Ivy - DreamConcert.070610 [REUPLOADED]

K.Will - DreamConcert.070610

Kara - DreamConcert.070610

Lee HyoRi - DreamConcert.070610

MC Sniper Feat. BaeChiGi - DreamConcert.070610

Paran - DreamConcert.070610

SeeYa - DreamConcert.070610

Seo In Young - DreamConcert.070610 [REUPLOADED]

SG Wannabe - DreamConcert.070610

Super Junior - DreamConcert.070610

Various Artist (YounHa,K.Will,Wonder Girls,BaeChiGi,MC Sniper,Kara) - DreamConcert.070610

Wonder Girls - DreamConcert.070610

YounHa - DreamConcert.070610

Credits: ONTVXQ@clubbox, mintoro@soompi

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