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Guest baekkyungzqt

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Guest flyfany89

[LQ] 070707 SBS Burst! Mental Concentration E13.asf - recorded by me.


^ credits to: mei_yee_chan @ Burst Mental Concentration Thread

i finish DL http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KQK2OGVC

how to open???

^ are you asking how to open the file..

well if you dl-ed one file then ..you need dl all three files to open the file

and after dl-ing all three files then you nee hjsplit to join those three files

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Guest baekkyungzqt


Thank you: dream_on, mintoro, DKYang

Please do not request in the thread! Thank you.

- Amy [flyfany89]

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Guest silverwingz

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 4 (070527) HQ ENGLISH HARDSUBBED

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 4 (070527) HQ hardsubbed.avi.001

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 4 (070527) HQ hardsubbed.avi.002

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 4 (070527) HQ hardsubbed.avi.003

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 4 (070527) HQ hardsubbed.avi.004

Join with HJSplit!

Brough to you by the Hi-5 Subbing Team ^^

Translator: mishybear

Timer: cecil

Editor/QC: lhdn1994

Final QC: silverwingz

Encoder: Licky27

Enjoy! :)

Licky27 also mentioned that she's fixing up episode 2's hardsub. hopefully it will be out shortly.

again.. if you prefer softsubs, just visit the Hi Five thread. Enjoy everyone!

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Guest mintoro

[HQ] Music Core.070707 Performances cuts

Battle - MusicCore.070707

Clazziquai - MusicCore.070707

Daylight - MusicCore.070707

Fly To The Sky - MusicCore.070707

FT Island & SimSin - MusicCore.070707 [special]

J Feat. Lee Jung - MusicCore.070707

Ji Eun - MusicCore.070707

Kara - MusicCore.070707

MC The Max - MusicCore.070707

Son Dam Bi - MusicCore.070707

Soul Star Feat. Lee Young Hyun - MusicCore.070707

Super Junior - MusicCore.070707

Se7en - MusicCore.070707 (Mobile Ranking)

Se7en - MusicCore.070707 (Star Paparazzi)

Brian & KangIn - MusicCore.070707 (MC cut)

Credits: mandyquyen@clubbox, mintoro@soompi

**I haven't watch them, just scan through it when cutting them. I think Se7en's paparazzi is fun to watch~

The MC for this week is adorable too LOL

[HQ] Music Bank.070708 Performances cuts

Byul - MusicBank.070708

Chi Yeol - MusicBank.070708

Clazziquai - MusicBank.070708

Daylight - MusicBank.070708

Evan - MusicBank.070708

Fly To The Sky - MusicBank.070708

FT Island - MusicBank.070708

J - MusicBank.070708

Lee Ssang Feat. Ali - MusicBank.070708

Lyn - MusicBank.070708

Min Hyo Rin & Kara - MusicBank.070708 [special]

Poppin Hyun Joon - MusicBank.070708

Ready' O - MusicBank.070708

Soul Star Feat. Lyn - MusicBank.070708

Tykeys - MusicBank.070708

Credits: mandyquyen@clubbox, mintoro@soompi

[HQ] InkiGayo.070708 Performances cuts

Cats - InkiGayo.070708

FT Island - InkiGayo.070708

Ji Eun - InkiGayo.070708

K.Will & YangPa - InkiGayo.070708 [special]

Kim Dong Wan - InkiGayo.070708

Lee Ki Chan - InkiGayo.070708

Lee Ssang Feat. Ali - InkiGayo.070708

Moida Band - InkiGayo.070708

Orange LaLa - InkiGayo.070708

Son Dam Bi - InkiGayo.070708

Super Junior - InkiGayo.070708

Sweet Sorrow - InkiGayo.070708

HeeChul & GeunSuk - InkiGayo.070708 (MC cut)

Credits: manqyquyen@clubbox, mintoro@soompi

**DONG WAN FINALLY <3333 DO support him people! buy his album it's worth!!!

YangPa won mutizen again, you can see her encore song in the mc cut.

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Guest n-jjang

Super Junior Cut @ Cheon Sang Ji Hee Idol World ep2

this is a must watch, so funnY~

the files are uploaded with 2 links, thanks to jessygirl for mediafire link, and i uploaded them @ sendspace, just in case..



credits: a-heung + Dongsu501's CB + Jessygirl@s-u-j-u.com + n-jjang@soompi + sjfullhouse.net

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Guest silverwingz

High-Five Episode 2 (070513) HQ ENGLISH hardsubbed

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 2 (070513) HQ hardsubbed.avi.001

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 2 (070513) HQ hardsubbed.avi.002

{Hi-5 ST} High-Five Episode 2 (070513) HQ hardsubbed.avi.003

Join with HJSplit!

Brought to you by the Hi-5 Subbing Team!!


Ok, it's finally fixed. Sorry for all the trouble before. This version should be fine. ^^

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Guest dream_on

Happy Together- Let's Go To School E02 (070712) - Guests: Brian, Nam Gyu Ri, Solbi


new series that replaced Happy Together Friends. regulars are MC Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk), Park Myung Soo, Park Joong Gyu, and ___...ahah can't remember her name right now, she's a gag woman though and she was on Happy Together Friends.

Taste vs Taste E212 (070711)


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Guest baekkyungzqt


Thank you: silverwingz, cynkawahara, DKYang, mintoro, n-jjang, frenchllama, dream_on

I think Jenny will be back soon =]

- Amy [flyfany89]

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