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Official Kim Ah Joong 김아중


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AJ took many selca with fan's phones at the Seoul awards,she's so sweet <3



online this morning and reply to a friend (she's looking forward to seeing AJ in New York soon)



@yosii i think it's an photo from last year,AJ went to the OP coffee shop and he asked her for a picture together,she was nice and gave his drink a compliment :3

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@yosii there was an announcement at lutyn dc gal, they're opening the last pre-order. Someone said the production team shared pictures of the packaging at fancafe. You should make an account to access the fancafe because they post all infos and notifications there.


I think they will start sending the dvd to buyers early next year.

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AJ 1st insta live, can you believe it?ㅠㅠ

she was on the set for ZWC and haven't finished filming Bad guys (even talked in cute voice wishing fliming wraps up quickly:lol:)

here she did the "츄하트" aegyo (heart attack?) 

and according to her manager insta,I hope to see AJ in rabbit bunny ears hat soon ㅋㅋㅋ



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She looks so great!!!


Some of her friends watched the instalive. One of them asked if she's at a shooting location, she replied yes.

She was happy when she saw her close friend comments. She called her name, Janice. HHY asked who is she, AJ said she's her english teacher, she lives in Texas, it's snowing a lot in Texas nowdays. She said Janice is taking her Phd degree. HHY asked does Janice speak english very well, AJ said she speaks english better than korean.


She then did a tour around the set. HHY and AJ kept saying where is everybody, it seems the staffs were running away to avoid getting caught by the camera. Remember her 15th debut anniv. AJ introduced King staffs to V live viewers ㅎㅎㅎㅎ.


The men standing in line were the company representatives/high ranks. She then introduced the photographer.


You might remember some familiar faces from King ent. The vice representative was surprised when AJ approached him. He said AJ is 세잴여 AJ corrected him it should be  세잴예 (the prettiest). AJ said the vice rep. only came to CF (ads) filming set, never to movie filming set, she has to do many CF from now on (so the vice rep. would come to CF filming location)

There's also King ent. CEO. She was thankful that King's reps always accompanied her.

Then there's Jiyoo (her manager), AJ said altho' Jiyoo is her manager but she's actually a big fan of BaekJiYoung (singer), AJ told her to sing a song ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

AJ than read a comment that said "when we can see the movie", AJ said she also wishes to see the movie soon, she hoped the filming will end very soon, she said the weather is cold. Jiyoo said, I'm sorry but please hang on for another month (until the filming finishes).

AJ had to end the instalive because the shooting will resume (start) again.




I wanna share a story about Janice. I left comments on her instagram a while a go asking her is she the one who suggested the name Ashia to AJ. She replied, yes she did. They're very close friends from a long time a go.

Btw, AJ is happy when she reads encouraging words from fans.

I suggested you to leave encouraging words on her instagram, might be in english or korean is better. Short words not a problem, it will make her happy.

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