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  1. another ig update this time...with her ideal man, actor Cho Seung-woo
  2. AJ in dress + sneakers...because why not?? beautiful as always
  3. another post so we can see AJ can't get enough of their charms
  4. Happy April Fools Day!!! it has been so quiet in here... i hope this thread will continue to move forward even though we don't have much news about AJ these days btw, AJ's manager posted their kakaotalk conversation today. i find it funny that AJ said "죽을래" which means "do you wanna die" (in a joking way) i know that it is a common slang phrase in korea but i just didn't expect it to come from her Translation: (this is just more or less a rough translation) AJ: Gifts and messages arrived. Manager: ah hahahaha eonni i was really tricked. It is the Han River. That's so funny Manager: People are staring hahahah funny Manager: rolling on the floor (maybe it means from laughing) Manager: And because i'm quitting i will stop using Kakaotalk Manager: (laughing sticker) AJ: Wanna die haha Manager: (running away sticker) AJ: Why did you go to Han River? Manager: To do jjondeugi(snack food) business soon Manager: From April 5th Manager: I came to see that the food truck was made AJ: What business AJ: ? AJ: Wanna die Manager: Jjondeugi food truck Manager: Ah hahahahaha ~~~~~~~ - feel free to correct the translation and feel free to post more
  5. guys! a new A+G video today!!! i tried to translate their convo..and again, this is not accurate but it's the best i can. ---------------- AJ & HHY: Hello. it's Han Hye Hyeon, it's Kim Ah Joong. nice to meet you~ HHY: People tell me that the model is soo pretty AJ: People around me tell me that A+G clothes are so pretty HHY: (good deal) AJ: (Aigoo~) *then they both laugh Q: For KAJ, what is A+G? AJ: To me, A+G is my sister's new baby that i get to wear first HHY: (Right) HHY: Didn't you worry a little about your clothes? AJ: It's gone. Q: For you (HHY), what is A+G? HHY: (Pride?) HHY: Because of my name on it, i want to tell you ~end~ -------------------- for those who know korean better, feel free to correct me if you see wrong translations thank you! @nancy131 oh? we posted the same thing around the same time
  6. another related post form her other makeup artist sweet AJ
  7. we have new IG posts from our girl!!! although the photos were taken a year ago, she just posted these just now so...these are still new for us she's really a strange one but it's still good, as long as we know that she's alive... and speaking of update...it seems like there is an AJ-sighting at the preview of the musical Jekyll and Hyde starring actor Cho Seung-woo (ermm*one of her ideal man). i'm not completely sure about this though because i do not fully understand the tweet since it is in hangul...anyone who can help here, please? anyway, here are the tweets... based on what i understand from the tweet, the op clearly saw AJ inside a van...saw her from almost 3 meters away... AJ fans' tweets said they are happy about the sighting, and they are wondering from whom she received the invitation there
  8. we have an A+G-related update on AJ!!! we're about to see new A+G pics again! the IG user praised AJ for her very beautiful poses also ... ~it seems like there were food packs provided for the staff/team on A+G set, i'm not completely sure if it's from AJ though nevertheless, i'm very excited to see her again.. ~king ent...more updates please ㅎㅎ
  9. @nancy131 i just googled that car model and it costs $250,000 i felt dizzy just by seeing the price
  10. cool AJ = cool car Caption: Car wash customer Kim Ah Joong~ Face is very small^^ pretty!!~
  11. look at this cutie i can't wait to see you, Kwak No-Soon! ~based on the pic, we're going to expect some blood~~ i'm so excited for her action scenes
  12. guys! finally, we are able to see AJ's nametag/badge! it seems like it's the last day of shooting... also, her manager, 지유님, posted a long yet touching message..although i do not understand hangul, i got a little gist of it through google translate
  13. @saviorxx have you heard "Lonely Night" by Kim Ah Joong yet? it's her single (limited edition)
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