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  1. Kaj is more active and more daring in his publications, I miss her so much, waiting for her movie, "Bad Guys," when it arrives ??
  2. someone here .. I feel sad I thought we would see kaj on their anniversary but none of that happened ... even his agency did not upload any photo congratulating kaj ... what happened? ?? I feel worried .... last year Kaj surprised us .. I miss her so much
  3. thank you very much for your comment I missed you ...
  4. hi i am new commenting on this thread ... i really believe that syj and hyun bin are in a relationship ... only that syj's life is reserved and low profile she wants to keep and take care of her love life ... also remember that hyun bin has had public relations but they have failed ... I believe that he now prefers to keep his life under lock and key ... but there is no doubt that they are together ... in my country there is a saying that says "do not clarify that obscured" no longer there is nothing to clarify this all said just have to wait and see ... they just want to take care of their ralacion maybe it is something serious .. unfortunately in LA there are many Korean citizens and were seen ... but I think they make a beautiful couple both they combine well and are in the age of settling down maybe that's why the care ...
  5. our kaj ... I can not wait to see her in the movie and her acting scenes ... time passes quickly please
  6. Someone knows when the movie will be released bad guys?? .. I can not wait to see it ... I hope it is soon since there are movies that take more than 1 year to be released .... please Kaj returns to the dramas this year
  7. the scene is when heo im must return to joseon to save the girl ... then he says goodbye to yk ... in the garden ... then they are recording and in that kng he cleans the nose of kaj and she smiles and is done to the back and then makes a movement of action with his leg to hit him hahaha ... remember that in the final episodes kaj is sick with flu ... kng looks really sweet cleaning the nose of kaj ...
  8. hello I also received my desired dvd ... the truth the DVD contains several videos and unpublished images but still I feel disappointed because it does not contain the scene behind the kiss ... only the kiss is shown in a longer edition. ... also contains the script reading, auditions where kng and kaj appear before recording the drama ... my favorite part is the appointment in the namsan tower since the hug of kng and kaj appears in a longer video and I managed to observe that she really kept her hands inside the kng jacket ... then a second image appears where kng and kaj are holding hands while the director is in front of them talking and they are not recording, they see that they are at rest. ..because they hold their hands ??? I leave them to their imagination ... also say that in the scenes of them together it seems that they no longer act, they are themselves since when the director said cut they were still normal ... there are really sweet scenes ... there is a part where kng clean the nose of kaj and she hits it with a hahaha kick ... the truth I've never been able to overcome this drama and couple ... although it's been 1 year I still send them hard to real life ... I hope that they are together today ... it is my wish ... please keep commenting ... and my boat is still browsing
  9. if someone wants me to share the dvd cut director of lutyn communicate with me by intern ... I want to share a little with those who could not get the dvd ...
  10. If I still want to know what your future will be ... I just think that Kim Nam Gil would be very foolish if he did not play it by winning the love of Kim Ah Jong she is beautiful.
  11. I wonder what next project will choose kim ah joong ... it will be romantic and what actor will be his drama partner ... maybe we will have to see it with another actor
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