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Official Kim Ah Joong 김아중


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King ent insta


they drop hints about her character in "Bad guys'?! 예쁜 쎈언니 (beautiful tough girl)?!:w00t:

and her label mate Park Sang Wook'll star in "Bad Guys" too (his second project with AJ after "Wanted")




singles mag scan (cre instantfunk_official)




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19 minutes ago, aphroditekim said:

Surprising rumors circulating saying that Kim Joong died:bawling:, many fans were frustrated, This rumor led to the Police department being flooded with calls and reporters camping around the Gangnam area where she lives.

now where is she?anyone know?:heartbreak:


Don't worry. King Ent has released a statement, she's healthy and happy.


Sportseoul called her directly. AJ told them she's at home and everyday she's attending action school getting ready for her new movie. She said she will take legal action this time.

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We meet again A+G’s sold-out fairy AJ

As expected, even on vacation our relationship is in sync~~

It’s been a while since we met but just by eye contact we laugh to death



rough trans of the interview ^_^


AJ: Greetings to all of you~

I’m A+G’s exclusive muse Kim Ajoong

HHY: I’m stylist Han Hyeyeon

[caption: Super Star Stylist Han Hyeyeon] [caption: A+G official goddess AJ]

HHY: Where are we~?

AJ: We’re on the shooting set~

HHY: Right~

AJ: I didn’t know that the studio was this close that If you trip over in the house your knees will reach here (unnie was that supposed to be a joke? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

[caption: that close..?]

HHY: That’s another way of expressing how short the distance was~


HHY: You went on vacation?

AJ: Ah~ Yes!

HHY: Where did you go?

AJ: *whispers* L.A

HHY: Ahhhhhhh~~!! LA?

I’m scheduled to fly too~

*whispers* L.A

AJ: Ah~ Really~ LA~?

[caption: in sync relationship even on vacation]

AJ: But the A+G team went to Milan

HHY: That was a business trip! It’s for A+G I went there for work~

I only ate 납복!

AJ: 납복~? What’s that?

HHY: 납작복숭아 (flat peaches) 



HHY: Shall we say goodbye for the next shoot?

AJ: Already? Oh? But that was quick?

[caption: transformed AJ]

HHY: Yeah~


HHY: You know how I feel right? [caption: she wants to end the shoot quickly]

AJ: Then we’ll go for now~

HHY: See you soon~



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wow No Sun,it's more like an alias not a real name and the cake made her a little bit special (the only one who sitting ㅋㅋ )

from Kang Ye Won insta caption I think the team has 대박기원 고사(the ceremory of humble pray for the succes of the movie) today

나쁜 녀석들 화이팅!


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