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[Drama 2007] The Devil 마왕

Guest angel2nyt

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Guest angel2nyt

[KBS2] Uhm Tae Woong, Joo Ji Hoon, Shin Min AhSatan/The Devil 마왕(MaWang) image
Uhm Tae Woong엄태웅(Delightful Girl Chun Hyang, Nine Tailed Fox, Resurrection,Wolf), Shin Min Ah신민아(A Love To Kill, Sad Movie, Hit, BEautiful Days), Joo Ji Hoon 주지훈(Princess Hours), Park Gri Na박그리나(Lawyers, Fool, Rules in Dating), Kim Young Jae김영재(A Love To Kill, The Love Ended Recently), Han Jung Soo한정수(Sunflower, Tube), Jung Dong Hwan(Autumn Tale, Yeongaesomun, Like Heaven and Earth, Spring Waltz, Heaven's Tree, Lovers in Prague), Choi Duk Moon 최덕문(When Sunlight Pours Down, Merely The Shoes, Wild Beast, Public Affairs), Yoon Hye Kyung윤혜경 (Mister Goodbye, Seoul 1945), Jo Jae Wan조재완(School, Immortal Lee Soon Shin, When Spring Flowers Bloom, Ressurection, Mister Goodbye), Kim Young Jae김영재(A Love To Kill, The Love That Ended Recently, Wisdom Tooth), Oh Yong오용 (Choi Kang Romance, Tube), Joo Jin Mo주진모 (Goodbye Solo, Resurrection, Birth of A Family, Apple, Mermaid Princess), Kim Young Joon김영준 (Immortal Lee Soon Shin), Kim Kyu Chul김규철 (Dae Jo Young, Mu In Shi Dae, I Will Not Divorce, Ressurection, Bad Family)

Date of airing : March 21st (after DalJa's Spring) KBS2 9.55pm Korean Time
Episodes: 20
PD: Park Chan Hong박찬홍 (Resurrection) Writer: Kim Ji Woo 김지우 (Resurrection)
Olive Nine Productions(Hwang Jin Yi, Ju Mong, Green Rose)
http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/devil/ http://cafe.naver.com/kbsoo03http://cafe.daum.net/kbsmw


The tragic event of their childhood entwined the fates between two of men who are bonded by it and a woman who has an ability in psychometry into a love triangle.
Psychometry is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a psychic holds an object in his or her hands in order to obtain information about the object or its owner. Joo Ji Hoon주지훈 will be acting as a lawyer Oh Seung Ha오승하 who is destined to meet a police detective, Kang Oh Soo강오수 (Uhm Tae Woong 엄태웅).Shin Min Ah신민아 plays Seo Hae In서해인, a 25 year old mysterious librarian with an ability in psychometry. She is at the level of being diagnosed with amnesia/sleeping disorder and she tends to be in full concentration when she becomes too absorbed/focus into something. Kang Oh Soo who is from a rich family, had accidentally caused Oh Seung Ha to lose his brother and mom when they were young. Oh Seung Ha later grows up to be a lawyer who wants to seek revenge on Kang Oh Soo who is now a police detective.
Oh Seung Ha and Seo Hae In will have feelings for each other while Kang Oh Soo has a one sided love for Seo Hae In.
imageimageimageimageimageEnglish Character Description

* updated Mar 15, 2007
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Arirang Showbiz Extra 2.3.2007
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Mawang Filming Clip 2
NGs: 1 2 3
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One Person Asking or Complaining About Subs = One Hour Delay of Release
Therefore if 24 people whine, the subs will be delayed a complete day.
We will always announce when subtitles are released so please be patient.
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We thank you for all cooperation and continuous supports.
Softsubs can be found here: http://d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_46729.htm(updated: Episode 5 Softsubs released)

Chinese Subbed
can be found at: http://clubbox.co.kr/tsxz
Ep1: SS MU

Ep2: SS MU
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Ep5 : SS | MU
Episode 6: SS

Viet Subshttp://kfilmfc.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1705imagehttp://www.gigasize.com/get.php/1023448/Mawang_ost.zip
Song List1. 사랑하지 말아요 (Love Theme) - JK 김동욱
2. 빛의 향기- 박학기
3. 뒷걸음 (Main Theme) (title) - 바비킴 & 부가 킹
4. 하루가 가요 - 노을
5. 널 사랑하나봐 - 박학기
6. 마왕 - 서민영
7. 널 사랑하나봐 (Orch Ver.) - 박학기
8. 빛의 향기 (Orch Ver.) - 박학기
9. 사랑하지 말아요 (Orch Ver.) - 유해준
10. 거짓된 사람들 - 이임우
11. 빛의 향기 (Humming Ver.) - 박학기
12. 잿빛 믿음 - 서민영
13. 빛의 수호자 - 서웅석
14. 진실게임 - 서웅석
15. Acheron (슬픔의 강) - 엄기엽
16. Styx (증오의 강) 엄기엽
17. 사랑하지 말아줘 - 엄태웅 (Lyrics)

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Guest cheli001

woohooo a new drama for Ju Ji Hun!!! this is way beyond awesome!!!!

and wow shin minah got psychic powers!! :w00t: and Uhm Tae Woong is a good actor... i will definitely look forward for this drama....

thanks angel2nyt!!!

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Guest suzziee

:w00t: exciting news... especially exciting since... the production team is that of Resurrection's team! Thewriter Kim Jiwoo and the PD Park Chan Hong will reunite with Uhm Tae Woong in this drama. And of course, I heart Shin Minah. March should come soon!

edit: it is also an Olive9 production~~

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ju ji hun will definitely shine in this series.

i am so happy to see him together with shin mina , my other favorite actress and uhm tae wong, my favorite too from dgch.

very promising gist, hope this turns out to be an explosive drama. a very wise move for jjh.

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Guest incarnadine

Thanks so much angel2nyt for putting up this thread. My eyes went :w00t: when I saw this thread. So are all three stars confirmed on this project? I certainly hope so. :)

First of all, I love the cast -- Uhm Tae Woong who is one helluva great actor, Shin Min Ah who I absolutely love; I think she is one great and versatile actress as well, and Joo Ji Hoon -- glad to finally see him in another drama.

I feel kinda bad (just a bit, hehe) that Uhm Tae Woong again plays the part of an unrequited lover, but I guess Shin Min Ah and Joo Ji Hoon are a better match, due to their smaller age gap.

I can't wait for this drama. I am especially happy because I will be able to watch it (I only have KBS at home) :) :) :)

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Guest lovelylil819

How unfair. UTW has been in the industry for a longer period and has proven himself worthy as a lead actor, but why is he always placed behind the more popular actors (Eric and now JJH)...?! :(

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hi lovelil819.

i think utw is lucky to have the capacity to portray second leads and still comes out with spectacular performances. as they say, supporting roles are harder to play and they get the meatier roles most of the time.

he has earned my respect way back from dgch days and whenever i hear or read his name, two words come to my mind, great actor.

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