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Yg Family Official Thread

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[Debut Stage] SOMI - Outta My Head, 전소미 - 어질어질 Show Music core 20190615



[Debut Stage] SOMI - BIRTHDAY, 전소미 - BIRTHDAY Show Music core 20190615



[HOT] LEE HI - NO ONE , 이하이 - 누구 없소 Show Music core 20190615



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Group Individual Brand Reputation for the month of June!

1. Jennie
3. Jisoo
14. Rosé
24. Lisa



Stunning rendition of I'm Coming Home by Rosé 



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YG Denies Reports Of WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon Being Involved In 2016 Incident + Clarifies Nickname 




YG Entertainment has released an official statement denying WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon’s involvement in the 2016 case involving “A (Han Seo Hee),” as well as clarifying his Deputy Director Lee nickname.

On June 15, YG Entertainment released a statement that read as follows:


"Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

The report that Lee Seung Soon is a deputy director of YG is not true, it is a simple misunderstanding.


“Deputy director” is a nickname Lee Seung Hoon has earned because he has suggested many ideas at the agency. The business cards in question were also one-time props that were used to create video content.


Also, it is not true that Lee Seung Hoon intervened in the controversy involving “A,” and we believe the police investigation will reveal this too. We sincerely ask that outlets refrain from speculative reports on this matter."


On June 14, Dispatch reported that Han Seo Hee had allegedly been contacted by WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon before she was questioned by the police, where she mentioned B.I’s name in relation to drugs. Earlier, it was reported that Han Seo Hee was “A,” who allegedly spoke with B.I in messages about purchasing drugs in 2016.

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