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Hep D MC- "First Love"

Guest Hep D MC

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Guest Hep D MC
to my one and only
www.myspace.com/hepdmc This is for my very first Love, my first love Love, my first love Love, my first love Back in the day when I first saw you I was amazed, jaw dropped in awe too I never seen anything like you before I never heard a voice so beautiful You caught my eye right from the first sight Held you in my arms felt right from the first night You were my first right, first friend, first love First girl to see the best and the and the worst of me You never judged, just took me as I was And whether I was balling or looking like a scrub Never, ever concerned you, I don’t deserve you Be geek when you come around, be like a nerd too I was an engine and u were the car key The way you turned me on and started my heart beat Now I can hardly sleep without you by my side Think about you every day and dream about you every night This is for my very first Love, you were there for me (my first love) Shared your world with me (my first love) You’re the only for me (my first love) I remember the first time that we made love Our hearts intertwined and shined as we became one One body, one mind, one soul Your hand in mine as we lost control I was so young didn’t know what I was doing Just going off of instinct trying to keep it moving And afterwards I was so satisfied At a loss for words, my soul satisfied Is it so bad if I can’t get it out my mind? You can define my whole life in that moment in time And sometimes when I’m feeling pessimistic I think back to that day just reminiscing Cuz that was the day I realized that I loved you First time I hugged you, hold nothing above you That was enough to make me see I was blind before I met you but you made me see
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