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HAPPINESS IS COMING! happyness.gif


Happiness poster-making + interview scenes




Captures: CINE21, leeclride of ren365.com; thanks to cholo ^^


Happiness Poster Shooting + Interview


More info + pics at the movie thread = Happiness


-- thanks to Felicia for the Happiness-icon --

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Source: CINE21 NO.1072 2016-09-20 ~ 2016-09-27

https://zapzee.net/2020/07/29/deliver-us-from-evil-hwang-jung-min-says-he-wanted-to-make-a-movie-that-audience-could-enjoy/ ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Hwang Jung Min Says He Wanted to Make a Movie that Au

Actor Lee Jung-jae sent actor Hwang Jung-min a coffee truck to the filming location of drama “HUSH”.    

A Bittersweet Life is a personal favourite for a very obvious reason... the men! :lol: But seriously, it has LBH (of course!) and the movie gave me my first dose of HJM... man, he was the bada** evil crook! :tongue2: Then.. when I saw him in The Good Laywer's Wife & This Charming Girl, my eyes goes :wacko: ... huh... same actor? :blink: By the time You Are My Sunshine comes along... he's my solid Top 3, without a doubt! :blush:

My most fave pics of the BSL (BitterSweet Life) men; the talented actors & doubly-awesome director. I lost these pics twice but found them again, thanks to midnight sun. :wub:

The Esquire Magazine feature


Kim Young Chul, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Roi Ha, Hwang Jung Min & Dir. Kim Jee Woon


source: esquire.ikissyou.com

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Hi White Star, good to see you here... share your thoughts on HJM's acting in You Are My Sunshine or anything at all.

A little side-update... with 2 of the movies are HJM's, not bad... huh ^^

2007/02/25 13:13 KST

Eight S. Korean movies invited to Budapest film festival

BUDAPEST, Feb. 24 (Yonhap) -- Eight South Korean movies have been invited to Budapest's annual Titanic Film Festival to be held in April, its organizers said Saturday.

The Korean films are "The Host," "A Bittersweet Life," "Bloody Tie," "Duelist," "The President's Last Bang," "Memories of Murder," "Welcome to Dongmakgol," and "Driving with My Wife's Lover."

The event, first held in 1993, is to kick off on April 12 for an 11-day run.

Last year's festival featured 61 films from more than 30 countries including two Korean movies - "The Bow" and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance."


Source: Yonhap News


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March 02 2007

HUR Jin-ho Brings us Happiness


Melodrama auteur HUR Jin-ho is back with a new film titled Happiness. Starring HWANG Jung-min (Bloody Tie, You Are My Sunshine) and LIM Soo-jung (I’m a Cyborg, but that’s OK), it is the tale of Young-su (HWANG) and Eun-hee (LIM) who meet as patients in a sanatorium (an odd role-reprisal for LIM, previously confined to romantic encounters in a mental hospital in Cyborg).

Young-su had been living a carefree life in Seoul, running a bar and dabbling in love-affairs, when he was suddenly diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. Adjusting to life in the sanatorium, he meets Eun-hee, who is suffering from a critical lung-disease. They fall in love, grow happy and finally move in together. One year later, Young-su recovers from his illness and is thrown into a dilemma when his former girlfriend shows up.

HUR’s previous films included April Snow (2005), One Fine Spring Day (2001) and Christmas in August (1998). Happiness is currently in post-production and is scheduled for an April release this year. Produced by Lie Films, with investment house M & F as the main financer, the film will be distributed by Showbox.

Nigel D’Sa (KOFIC)

Source: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/

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Finally... some new update on HJM :D ... after the romantic Happiness, yet to be released... he's off to do a real horror! :sweatingbullets::ph34r:

April 24 2007

2007 Horror Film "Black House" [검은 집]


Like almost every other horror film I can recall, Black House, directed by Sin Tae-ra [shin Terra, 신태라] and featuring a cast headed by the excellent Hwang Jeong-min [황정민] (Bloody Tie, 2006, A Bittersweet Life, 2005, You Are My Sunshine, 2005), involves a series of unexplained deaths. Unlike other Korean horror movies, the film is the first in my recollection to feature psychedelic poster art (it's only a teaser!). Adapted from a novel by Japanese writer Kishi Yusuke and co-produced by CJ Entertainment and Kadokawa Pictures, this early entry in this summer's horror film line-up finished shooting earlier this month and is slated for theatrical release in June. Other cast members include Kang Shin-il [강신일] (Maundy Thursday, 2006, Public Enemy, 2002), Yoo Seon [유선] (The Wig, 2005, The Big Swindle, 2004, The Uninvited, 2003) and Kim Seo-hyeong [김서형] (The City of Violence, 2006). Sin Tae-ra previously directed Brainwave [브레인웨이브], a low-budget sci-fi adventure, which received a limited release last summer.

Poster, Stills, Production Photos, Trailer


[source: KOFIC, KFCC] » Posted by Jon Pais at TwitchFilm.net

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Apr 23 2007

Early Summer Horror Titles


Like Koreans enjoy specific dishes and activities in particular seasons, young Koreans have the tradition of being chilled down during the hot summer season by horror films; which compete with the spectacular blockbusters lined-up by Hollywood each summer. Early horror titles include Black House (Geomeun Jib) and Evil Twin (Jeonseolui Gohyang).

Black House brings together director SHIN Terra (Brainwave, 2005) and the actors HWANG Jung-min (You Are My Sunshine, 2005), KANG Shin-il (Silmido, 2003), YU Sun (The Wig, 2005) and KIM Sang-hyun (The City of Violence, 2006). The CJ Entertainment project is a co-production with the Japanese production company Kadokawa Pictures. The film is based on a book by the popular Japanese horror novelist Kishi Yusuke, who specializes in the particular Japanese style of psychological horror. The book has been adapted into a Japanese film before. Filming wrapped-up in early April and will open in cinemas in June.

Extending the summer season, Evil Twin is slated for a late May premiere, making it a competitor with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Spider-Man 3. Evil Twin is a horror film in a historical setting. The film is the feature film directorial debut of KIM Ji-hwan. The cast includes: PARK Shin-hye (Love Phobia, 2006) and JAE Hee (The Art of Fighting, 2006). Evil Twin is a Wintechfilm production.

Yi Ch’ang-ho (KOFIC)

Source: www.koreanfilm.or.kr, CINE21

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:P Found this capture at the SCREEN movie magazine website, the April 2006 edition cover of the Bloody Tie duo, HJM & Ryu Seung Bum... which btw, our congratulations to RSB on his Best Actor win at the recent 43rd Baeksang Awards held last month. He truly deserves it! :D


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HJM in the today's article 11/5/07 :unsure:

2007년 5월 11일 (금) 10:20 마이데일리

'FA대어' 황정민을 잡아라! 경쟁 후끈!


[마이데일리 = 이경호 기자] 최근 소속사와 결별한 영화배우 황정민을 영입하기 위해 대형매니지먼트 업체들이 뜨거운 경쟁을 벌이고 있다.

최근 한 매니지먼트관계자는 “다양한 대형 회사들이 황정민과 접촉하며 영입을 제의하고 있다”고 밝혔다.

최근 전 소속사와 계약이 만료된 이병헌 등 대형 스타들이 독자 매니지먼트회사를 설립하는 경우가 많아 ‘FA대어’영입이 더 어려워졌다. 그 만큼 충무로 최고 블루칩으로 평가받고 있는 황정민에 대한 영입경쟁은 더 치열해지고 있다.

황정민은 지난달 싸이더스HQ와 전속계약이 만료됐고 새로운 소속사와 계약, 독자 활동 등을 고민하고 있다.

황정민은 지난 2005년 박진표 감독 작품 ‘너는 내 운명’에 출연하며 청룡영화상, 대한민국영화 대상에서 남우주연상을 휩쓸며 톱스타 반열에 올랐다. 이후 ‘사생결단’을 연이어 흥행에 성공시키며 충무로 최고 블루칩으로 꼽히고 있어 각 매니지먼트사가 영입경쟁을 벌이고 있다.

황정민은 임수정과 함께 주연을 맡은 영화 ‘행복’과 스릴러 ‘검은집’ 개봉을 앞두고 있다.

[소속사와 계약 만료 후 각 매니지먼트업체가 영입경쟁을 벌이고 있는 황정민. 사진=마이데일리 사진DB]

(이경호 기자 rush@mydaily.co.kr)

Source: http://news.media.daum.net/entertain/movie.../v16701630.html

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Thanks to Shirley at the News thread


June 11, 2007

2007 Movieweek - 25 Most Beautiful People

List of 25 Most Beautiful People organised by Movieweek, it has sort of become an annual list. The panel of judges is made up of 81 professional renowned photographers .


1. Jo In Sung

2. Jang Dong Gun

3. Song Kang Ho

4. Jung Woo Sung

5. Lee Byung Hun

6. Hwang Jung Min


7. Kang Dong Won

8. Park Hae il

9. Rain

10. Cho Seung Woo

11. Lee Jung Jae

12. Gam Woo Sung

13. Daniel Henney




1. Jeon Do Yeon

2. Kim Hye Soo

3. Song Hye Kyo

4. Kim Tae Hee

5. Lee Na young

6. Kim Ah Jung

7. Im Soo Jung

8. Lee Young Ae

9. Bae Do Na

10. Kang Hye Jung

11. Jang Jin Young

12. Kim Min Hee

source from movieweek.co.kr

Yes, HJM is in the list .. yes. :blush: Awesome actor, incredible presence & immensely talented. Very glad and happy to see all my top 3 actors there... most deservingly. :wub:

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Guest greeny

i first saw him in Heaven's Shouldiers.. at that time i had no idea at all that he is already reach 30! then i always see him as 'cute' ajeossi :D

anyone had watch his Happiness?

hey, just reliaze, i only see rubie here.. where's the other soompiers? ^_^

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i first saw him in Heaven's Shouldiers.. at that time i had no idea at all that he is already reach 30! then i always see him as 'cute' ajeossi :D

anyone had watch his Happiness?

hey, just reliaze, i only see rubie here.. where's the other soompiers? ^_^

Hi greeny, welcome to Hwang Jung Min's thread. :) Very happy to see you here. Not many realized who this actor yet, but soon.. they will. :D Even though he's already 30+ HJM is such an incredible actor, someone the younger generation could really look up to. Slow and steady, he's more recognized now and getting various leading roles to showcase his vast acting talent.

Actually, Happiness has not been released yet although they have finished shooting for quite awhile now. His much latter & recently-filmed movie, Black House is due to open first.. the day after tomorrow, 6/21. Happiness will only be released in the second part of the year.


BLACK HOUSE. ("Geomeun jib") Shin Tae-ra, the director of the low-budget science fiction adventure Brainwave which received a limited release in the summer of 2006, is returning with his second feature length movie. The title of the film translates as "The Black House" and is based on a Japanese novel of the same name written by the master of horror Yusuke Kishi. This thriller, which revolves around a string of mysterious deaths, stars the talented actor Hwang Jeong-min (Road Movie, You Are My Sunshine). Accompanying him in the cast are Kang Shin-il (Public Enemy, Some), Yoo Seon (The Wig, The Uninvited) and Kim Seo-hyeong (Sweet Sex and Love, City of Violence). This movie is a joint venture by CJ Entertainment and Kadokawa Pictures and will be released on June 21.

by Tom Giammarco and Darcy Paquet, poster courtesy CINE21


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JUNE 16, 2007

Why Do Koreans Watch Horror Flicks in Summer?

Summer is the season when moviegoers in Korea see spine-chilling horror films at cinemas to escape the sweltering heat.

Our Son Heekyung has the latest on this genre and its popularity during the season.

Domestic directors hope to scare the sluggish movie industry back on track by releasing eight horror films this summer.

The release of the film ''The Evil Twin'' late last month kicked off the horror movie season in Korea.

So why is summer considered the best season to release scary cinema in the country?

''The trend of watching horror films at the hottest time of the year in Korea began around five years ago. That's when Korean directors started producing more horror movies in time for a summer release to satisfy moviegoers. An obvious reason for watching such flicks in the summer is to cool off from the heat.''

One of the most awaited horror films this year is ''Black House.''

The story is about a string of mysterious deaths, which itself will be relatively new to Korean audiences.

''The hardest of all was expressing fear and dread. Until now, a mix of horror and mystery were rarely seen in Korean movies.''

Directors are looking for new trendsetters in this genre to shift from the stereotypes that horror films are psychological, use themes to scare people and show disturbing images.

''Korean horror films in the past focused on portraying people's regrets and emotions in life. But not anymore. The lineup for this summer is different. Among the stand outs this year are mystery thrillers and horrors set at hospitals.''

Movie critics say films combining mystery and horror are the new trend this summer.

They say horror flicks in the past had a limited following, but that it's now gaining a wider fan base.

''Filmmakers are coming up with innovative elements to break away from conventional and traditional horror films. The film 'Black House' is a case in point. It's based on a Japanese novel of the same title and revolves around a psychopath.''

Another development is the rise of medical thrillers.

''Return'' is about a 10-year-old boy who kills a child after being awakened by a doctor during surgery.

The mystery is why his life changed for the worst after the operation.

There's also the horror film ''Muoi,'' set in Vietnam.

The secret is behind the portrait.

Son Heekyung, Arirang News


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June 19, 2007

Hollywood Sequels Take Over Korean Screens

A much-reduced screen quota for Korean movies and a lackluster time for domestic works is allowing a bevy of Hollywood sequels to slug it out among themselves on Korean screens.

First up was “Spider-Man 3”, which opened on May 1, three days ahead of the U.S. release. Some 502,000 viewers saw the movie on the opening day alone. By the first week of June, the oddly hyphenated tale of the arachnid superhero’s confrontation with his own darker side had drawn 4.91 million viewers here.

“Spider-Man 3” handed the sticky baton to “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End”, also the third in the franchise, which opened May 23. It drew some 1.09 million viewers in just two days -- 308,000 on the opening day and 789,000 the next ? and breaking the record of 1.08 million set by domestic blockbuster “The Host.”

In “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End”, Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner and Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth Swann engage in another rip-roaring sea adventure, joining forces with Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) against supernatural warriors led by legendary squid-face Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). The Singaporean pirate Captain Sao Feng also joins the hokum. By casting the Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat as Sao Feng, the movie clearly has one eye cocked on Asian markets.

Despite the epic running time of two hours and 48 minutes, "Pirates" had drawn 3.88 million Korean viewers by early June.

The third sequel was the animated “Shrek The Third”, which opened on June 6 and set yet another record by drawing 620,000 audiences on opening day. On June 14, it was followed by another third, “Ocean’s Thirteen”, and a belated fourth, “Live Free or Die Hard”, is due on June 28. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, already the fifth of its franchise, will open on July 12.

The received wisdom is that sequels fare less well than the original, but every last one of the Hollywood sequels has subverted that belief. Of course, lack of creative ideas and new materials plays a part, but sound business sense clearly comes first.

If it weren’t for “Secret Sunshine”, a different kind of movie altogether, there would be little to salvage the honor of Korean film. Jeon Do-yeon, who won best actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her performance in the film, ensured audience figures of over 1 million here. The movie’s profound and understated exploration of existential issues is light years apart from the big-budget extravaganzas from across the pond.

Among Korean films, “Hwangjini” starring Song Hye-kyo opened June 6, and the mystery thriller “Black House” starring Hwan Jung-min will open June 21. “Remember U 518” is a Korean blockbuster about the May 18, 1980 Democratic Movement for a budget of a cool W10 billion (US$1=W938) . It opens on July 26. Whether it can reclaim top billion for homegrown movies remains to be seen.

Source: englishnews@chosun.com


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