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Lee Joon Gi 이준기 Upcoming Drama: The Flower of Evil in June 2020

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This magazine will be released on June 22



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Lee Jun Ki, cover, cover large feature! The “Harule Pia” July issue is released on June 22

KSTYLE |June 17, 2019 19:00

“Haryu Pia” proud of its 13th year published as a Korean entertainment information magazine. The cover and the beginning of the July 2019 issue is to be decorated with the movie "Kingo", the drama "Rei"-8 Princesses of the 8 Princesses-"The Lawyer" and other familiar actors Lee Jun Ki . 

All characters play perfectly and attract viewers. It is also known as an actor who regularly holds events and values interaction with fans. It's been 15 years since he debuted as an actor in earnest in the movie "Hotel Venus". From the story of the recent cast work, 15 years of actor life, to the 30 questions and 30 answers filled with feelings for important fans, a large feature on 12 pages. 

In addition, Jung Il, who starred in the first work "Kaiichi" after disarmament, and made a comeback to a television drama, also the talented actor Sio Ji Sobu who has been active on the front lines since the beginning of the Korean boom. Appearance. In addition, young people watch stocks 5 urprise Kongmyon and Jan Sejong, etc. actors who are full of Korean entertainment world now. 

And, on the K-Pop Music page, it features the concept fairy OH MY GIRL releasing a 2nd album in July. In addition, VERIVERY and others who just debuted in January this year as a park girl to which Japanese member Miya belongs and the younger brother of VIXX are lined with fresh faces. 

In addition to Park Hyung Sik's enlistment, Park Bo Gom's debut event in Japan, and Bae Jin Young's fan meeting report from Wanna One, the design of the popular outdoor song "Essay Song" by Sung Si Kyung is also available.

Furthermore, Korean style fan must read! “Korean Drama Playback 2003-2006” reflecting the Korean Wave boom, full coverage from the corner to the corner etc. And, a new series starts. From this issue, ASTRO Cha Unu's first starring drama "My ID is a beautiful Nam Nam" has been serialized. Introducing the attractiveness of the work and the various expressions of Cha Eunu every month. 

The latest topic information full load "Haruru Pia" July issue is released at the national bookstore, EC site BOOK Pia other on June 22nd. In addition, for the reservation purchaser at EC site BOOK Pia, as a [normal version], a specially made post card (Lee Jun Ki + Cheon Il + 5 urprise COMMON + Golden Child Bomin & TAG) will be presented as a present, and 2 L format student of Lee Jun Ki An additional version of one photo is also available. In addition, Lee Jun Ki official fan club site limited also sells raw photo 2L size 4 pieces set. Don't miss this one either. We look forward to seeing you in "Haryu Pia" which is delivered full of topics each time.

■ Product Overview 
"Karyu Pia" July issue
specifications: All color A4 wide 128 pages 
Price: 1,180 yen 
Issue: Pia Co., Ltd. 

Cover & Intro Interview: Lee Jun Ki 
Book Poster: (Table) Lee Jun Gi (Back) Jung Il- 

Special Feature 
Lee Jun Ki Exclusive Gravure & Interview 12 Page 

Special Feature- Special Report 
Son Si Kyung, Park Bo Gom, Bae Jin Young from Wanna One, Cannes International Film Festival- 

<Drama Variety · Film> Lee Jun Ki / Jung Il / Seo Ji Seob / Kim Myung / Jan Se Jeong 
<K-POP · Music> OH MY GIRL / Park Girl / VERIVERY 

● Special planning 
to go Park · Hyun Shik enlistment report 
Korean style drama playback 2003-2006 
Korean style Piatical magazine screening event 

● Korean style Pia serialization absolutist declaration! 
・ Listen to Korean drama watchers "My favorite Terius ~" Attention here! 
・ “Haruru Pia” research team goes to find the next break 
・ become the back of anxious dramas, teach “My ID is Mysterious Beauty” 
・ Yu Kobayashi! Menu Juseyo 
・ Korean 
House " Fu " of the old house Shogo " UNION " Work introduction of UNIONE JIN
・ Spend with the Golden Child GOLDEN TIME 
· SF 9 Let's go to the true sound of the manne ~ Frank!  

[BOOK Pia purchase bonus] ※ BOOK Pia is a publication mail order site 
Free shipping + Postcard gift campaign implementation
Postcards: Lee Jun Ki, Jung Il, 5 urprise Kongmyon, Golden Child Bomin & TAG 
URL: http: // piabook .com / shop / g / g / gA15494072219 /

★ With raw photo Limited edition 
<with Lee Jun Ki raw photo> 
" Haruli Pia" + Lee Jun Ki raw photo (2L size 1 sheet) 
Price: 1,180 yen 
Sales site: BOOK Pia 
URL : Http://Piabook.Com/shop/g/gB15494072219/

<Jan Sejong students with photo> 
"Hallyu Pia" + Jan Sejong students photos (2L 1 sheet-size) [price] 1,180 yen 
sales site: BOOK Pia : Http://piabook.com/shop/g/gC15494072219/


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