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Who wants to be a singer

Guest shenrou

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Guest ::kitty::

i've wanted to become a singer for the longest time :{ just the feeling of standing on stage with a huge audience just fills me up with an undescribable feeling haha *sigh*

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Guest shinhyun

i've always wanted to be a singer, since i was young.

my parents supported me all the way, saying they would

put me in SM starlight academy program and everything.

but now...not sure, but i really want to. i guess i'm just

thinking about it now.

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^ wow!!! youre soo luckie!!

my whole life, my family put me down saying i could never do it, saying that everyone wants to be a singer that its such a small chance... but of all the people i ever met face to face.. only one wanted to be a singer, and she wants to go professionally not a korean popstar like Boa or whomever..

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