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Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キムテヒ


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Happy Lunar New Year or Happy Seollal to those who celebrate the occasion!!! It is usually the time where Korean celebrities send wishes in traditional clothes… so I created my own little Seollal greeting card featuring my fave sageuks.




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Credit IGiers below:











Picture taken below was during the filming of Bring You To The Stars in 2014.










KTH for Nutrionelife.









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Rain Talks About His Dynamic With Kim Tae Hee + Gives Tip For Eating Alone





On the February 6 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” the cast of “Uhm Bok Dong” starred in an episode featuring “Extraordinary people.”


During the broadcast, Rain talked about his relationship with Kim Tae Hee. When asked, “Do you agree wholeheartedly with your wife’s opinions?” Rain replied, “I don’t have an opinion. It’s more comfortable that way.”






Rain also revealed that despite living with Kim Tae Hee, he eats alone from time to time. “There are times when you don’t want to talk to anyone. However, there are levels to eating alone. The beginning stage is fast food or hamburgers, and the advanced stage is grilling and eating meat alone at a restaurant,” he explained.


He continued to add, “There’s a skill to it. You have to confidently walk in alone, say you’re here with a group of people, and then sit down. If you say you came alone, [the restaurant] won’t take you in. I just go in, order, and eat.”


Source (1)






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Honey Lee Describes Kim Tae Hee’s Popularity In College + How She Helped Her Debut




On SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” Honey Lee said that it was thanks to Kim Tae Hee that she had become a celebrity!

Honey Lee appeared as a special MC on the February 10 broadcast of the show, joining the MCs and celebrity moms in the studio.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked the actress, “I heard Kim Tae Hee suggested that you join the entertainment industry?” Honey Lee replied, “It wouldn’t have been easy for me to work [in the entertainment industry] if it hadn’t been for Kim Tae Hee.”

Speaking about the time when they attended Seoul National University together, Honey Lee continued, “We were in the ski club together. There was a time when everyone else was clapping and partying in a calm, ladylike way, and I went all out.” Honey Lee explained that Kim Tae Hee saw her potential in that moment and suggested that she debut as a celebrity.

The actress added, “Kim Tae Hee also set up my first audition for me. It was a meeting with a director. She’s someone to whom I owe a lot.

Shin Dong Yup then asked which of the two actresses had been more popular during their college years, and Honey Lee replied, “It’s incomparable. Kim Tae Hee was like Jesus. People gathered in crowds when she walked by.”







“My Ugly Duckling” airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. KST. Check out an episode below!

Watch Now

Source (1)










Below is similar article but with the edited video embedded. Click on the link to watch the edited video.


[SBS Star] VIDEO: Lee Hanee Reveals Kim Tae-hee's Unbelievable Popularity in College






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"My Ugly Duckling" Lee Honey Attributes Her Debut to Kim Tae-hee





Actress Lee Honey said she debuted because of Kim Tae-hee.

She appeared on the SBS TV show "My Ugly Duckling" on the 10th and she revealed her relationship with Kim Tae-hee that extends back to their Seoul National University days.

Lee Honey said, "If it wasn't for Kim Tae-hee, it wouldn't have been easy to work in showbiz. We were in a ski group together and Kim Tae-hee said, "Girls like you should be celebrities"".

"The first audition I had was with a director and she set it up for me. She's like my savior".

When MC Shin Dong-yup asked who was more popular in university, Lee Honey said, "I can't even compare. Kim Tae-hee was Jesus. People would swarm around her anywhere she went".

Shin Dong-yup told her about former S.E.S member and current actress Yoo Jin's popularity from what he heard from Sung Si-kyung. "Sung Si-kyung says he was there when she would enter a classroom and without staring, hundreds of student whispered her name".

Lee Honey said, "When Kim Tae-hee went into class, the crowd divided into two to make a path for her. I stood around like a bodyguard. She was something else".









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Finally news of KTH making her public appearance, i.e. at Rain’s VIP K-movie premiere on 26 February 2019.


Best wishes to Rain in his movie, Uhm Bok Dong! Hwating!! :D


Rain Explains Why He Rarely Speaks About Wife Kim Tae Hee On TV





On the latest episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Rain shared his thoughts on speaking publicly about his wife Kim Tae Hee.


During the February 16 broadcast of the variety show, Rain and Lee Beom Sooappeared as guests to promote their film “Uhm Bok Dong.” At one point, the cast jokingly urged Rain to talk about his wife on the show.


Pretending to be angry, Kang Ho Dong began, “I heard that you’re going around pretending to be a bachelor and that you sincerely requested to the staff that we don’t talk about [Kim Tae Hee during the show]. Even Seo Jang Hoon and Lee Sang Min [who are both divorced] don’t pretend to be bachelors. Why can’t you say that your wife is your wife?”


Seo Jang Hoon commented, “We understand why you [stayed silent] before, but it’s been a long time now since you got married.” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul added, “You’re not even wearing your wedding ring.”


Kang Ho Dong continued, “[Lee] Beom Soo, imagine this. You’re holding a special screening, and [Kim Tae Hee] shows up. It becomes a hot issue, and the entire country is talking about it. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?” Rain interjected, “Actually, she’s coming to the VIP screening.”


However, Kang Ho Dong didn’t stop asking Lee Beom Soo questions about imaginary scenarios, and Rain finally shouted, “How much longer are you going to do these outdated things on variety shows?” Lee Sang Min responded by demanding to know what the actress was up to lately.

Rain explained, “I never said that I wouldn’t talk about her. But these days, no matter how carefully I talk about her, it comes back to bite me. I want to separate my work from my family life, and so I’m being more careful. It’s not that I won’t talk about her. It’s just that I love her and cherish her so much.”







The cast members then brought up Rain’s past appearance on the show in 2017, which he filmed shortly before announcing his engagement to Kim Tae Hee. During the show, Rain performed his song “The Best Present” for the first time, and it was only later that he confessed that it had been a proposal song.


When the cast accused him of proposing to Kim Tae Hee through the performance without telling them, Rain replied, “It’s true that I deceived you. I want to take this opportunity to apologize.” He added, “[Kim Tae Hee] really likes ‘Ask Us Anything.'”


Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married in January 2017 and welcomed their daughter in October of the same year. Check out Kim Tae Hee in her most recent drama “The Gang Doctor” below!


Watch Now


Source (1) (2)









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[HanCinema's News] Rain Mentions Wife Kim Tae-hee on Knowing Bros




On Saturday night, February 16th, Rain made an appearance on the popular JTBC variety show Knowing Bros to promote his new film "The Cyclist King" which will be released on February 27th. The film is about a legendary bicycle athelete from the Occupation era.


Rain also discussed his relationship with his wife, Kim Tae-hee.


Knowing Bros personality Kang Ho-dong mentioned that he remembered hearing about how Rain would just be a bachelor forever.


Rain responded to the notion with humorous outrage, further noting how he phrased past comments poorly. Rain claims that while he spoke about being careful, he was worried about going too far with his love, not about getting hurt over it. The specific metaphor used was that of a returning arrow.


In addition to talking about married life and his new movie, Rain also discussed BTS' remake of his song "Come Back Home" and danced to it. After the appearance, Kim Tae-hee also uploaded a supportive photo on social media.




Written by William Schwartz

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Rain explains why he and Kim Tae Hee are private about their baby and marriage





Rain explained why he and his wife Kim Tae Hee are private about their baby daughter and marriage.

Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee welcomed a baby girl in October 2017, but they've kept their child away from social media and headlines in general. At the press conference for the upcoming movie 'Uhm Bok-dong' on February 20, Rain expressed, "I think I'm different after having a family. There's nothing I feel I have to do necessarily because I have the title of father, but I have rules now. In the past, I talked cheerfully about how I want my family to get along a certain way, but the world is scary now. I want to reveal my baby, but I feel it could come back as a knife later."

He continued, "In the future, I plan to keep a wall between work and family. It's because I don't want my family to get hurt. Having a family doesn't affect the kinds of projects I choose, but I don't want to open up about my family. I'm careful. I have guilt because of what happened to my mother in the past... There can be misunderstandings about me because I have the job of being a celebrity. You can play with me, and throw me away, but you can't cross the border of touching my family."

Rain is playing the titular character of 'Uhm Bok-dong' in the film about the famous Korean cyclist. It's set to premiere on February 27 KST. 







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