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Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Upcoming movie: Alien, Upcoming Drama: Twenty-Five, Twenty-One]


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Full Profile of Actress Kim Tae-ri

ri twitter.com

Name : Kim Tae-ri (김태리 / 金泰梨)
Occupation : Actress and Model
Agency : J-Wide Company
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : April 24, 1990
Place of Birth : Seoul, South Korea
Height : 166 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Blood Type : B
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Horse
Western Zodiac Sign : Taurus
Religion : Irreligious (무종교 / 無宗敎)
Education : Young Shin Women’s Business High School, Kyung Hee University (Journalism and Communication)
Siblings : One older brother
Fancafe Website : http://cafe.daum.net/Kimtaeri


Personal Facts and Trivia About Actress Kim Tae-ri

ri breaknews.com

  • She has a brother who is two years older than her.
  • She was raised by her grandmother during childhood.
  • She supports #metoo movement, which has become an issue in actor’s cultural society recently.
  • Her name ‘Kim Tae-ri’ is the name given by her father. She is named after the pear blossom in full bloom in the neighborhood when she was born.
  • She liked painting, so she went into the field of art and design to try to challenge art, but then realized that it was not her way. After that, she vaguely dreamed of becoming an announcer and joined the Kyunghee University Department of Mass Communications. Then she found her way onto the theater stage when she was in her second year at university.
  • Her parents were supportive of her decision to pursue acting.
  • She grew up in what she calls a ‘very poor family’. She had a number of jobs while she attended school and worked at a KFC, a newspaper company, and cafes, before she could finally pursue her acting career.
  • She is possibly single, and has not been involved in any affairs or link up rumors.
  • She loves to hang out with her friends in spare time, she also posts many pictures with her friends on her Instagram. She has even traveled to Thailand with friends after the movie “The Handmaiden” was all over.
  • According to her Instagram posts, she loves to carry different bags and prefers fashionable dresses.
  • She lives an independent life with two cats.
  • She likes to read a lot of books.
  • She admits that her memory is really bad, to the point where she took notes on almost  everything.
  • She thinks that she doesn’t have deep views on music.
  • She likes the winter season.
  • She likes to watch movies.
  • She has a desire to live in the countryside, but she thinks that every season has their advantages and disadvantages. It must be really hot and painful in summer because countryside doesn’t have an air conditioner. Meanwhile there are so many fun things in the city. If she made a lot of money later, she would like to have a villa in the country.
  • She likes exercising, walking, cycling, and so on. She enjoys climbing, especially since she was a child, she would explore the mountain when her mind is complicated.
  • She used to sleep in order to heal. But for now, going to the mountain is her new healing time. She often goes to Bukhan Mountain because it’s close to her house, even contacting her friends who like mountains to go together.
  • She learned cooking from her mother, but is not very good at it.
  • She has learned pilates and kickboxing.
  • She plays Playstation when she’s at home. She likes playing RPG games, and also enjoy puzzles and mini blocks.
  • She has a hobby of listening to podcasts. She listens to podcasts in various fields such as politics, science, and language, reads novels or discuss topics with books at night.
  • Her foot size is 225mm, which is considered small.
  • She prefers humorous person who loves animals and talks to himself in style.
  • The bangs in her “1987” character are wigs.
  • In 2013, she made her theatre debut in ‘Spoonface Steinberg,’ which was written by British playwright, Lee Hall. ‘Spoonface Steinberg’ was first aired on BBC as a monologue in 1997, but due to its popularity, it was later performed on stage.
  • In early 2018, she topped the entertainment category of Forbes Korea’s 2030 Power Leaders list, which highlights young up-and-comers in various fields. Not bad for someone who only had a string of short films on her CV a few years ago.
  • In 2018, She’ll be seen on TV in the hotly-anticipated K-serial Mr Sunshine opposite Lee Byung Hun, one of Korea’s A-list leading men. The story of the series revolves around a soldier, who returns to his homeland after several years. Upon returning, he falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter, played by Kim Tae-ri.
  • She was described as someone who knows what she wants and what she’s doing, who is very strong, and also very feminine.
  • She has become more invested in scents. “In the past, I only used a perfume on special occasions but now, I wear it every day. Scents represent who you are s a person”. Her first-ever perfume was a gift from a suitor“.
  • She became the new face of ‘Flower’ by Kenzo (Kenzo Parfums). She was chosen because she has this power to touch a world that is hardening and this wonderful, amazing energy that she spreads to the people around her.
  • She doesn’t really know about finances, but she manages her income through her bankbook.
  • She likes the numbers 4 and 2, because April 24th is her birthday.
  • She likes nature very much.
  • She has a big desire to be recognized, which is really strong, and her pride is pretty high.


Facts and Trivias About Actress Kim Tae-ri on Her Debut Movie “The Handmaiden”

ri kns.tv

“The Handmaiden” is an erotic psychological thriller, adapted from Sarah Waters’ novel, “Fingersmith”. The movie was appreciated by the critics, and it was a commercial hit too. By delivering a mind-blowing performance in the movie “The Handmaiden”, she proved that she was the best choice for the role. She received applauds, awards, and recognition for her acting skills. But here is some trivia you might want to know about her and “The Handmaiden” team!

  • Kim Tae-ri was a fan of Kim Min Hee even before she worked in film. One can imagine her glee when she got to work with her favorite actress.
  • Kim Min Hee’s first impression of Kim Tae-ri reminded her strongly of her first meeting with actress Kang Hye Jung, who had her career breakthrough in the movie Oldboy (2003).
  • The film contains explicit sexual scenes between her character Sook Hee and Lady Hideko (Kim Min Hee).
  • Kim Tae-ri was grateful for director Park Chan Wook and his consideration and affections, as he filmed the bed scene with a remote controlled camera.
  • The hand-clasping between the two actresses wasn’t in the script. Both of them were exhausted, but appreciated each other’s efforts to do the love scene that Kim Min Hee encouraged her younger co-star by helping her finish it.
  • Lady Hideko’s last monologue in part 2 was supposed to be done in Japanese but Kim Min Hee did it in Korean. The crew asked her to re-do it, but she refused implying that it would lessen the gravitas of the scene.
  • Sook Hee shaking her hand off in disgust after Fujiwara rubs it in his crotch was unscripted. The director liked it so much that he kept it.

K-STARS IDEAL TYPESKorean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Kim TaeRi

Kim TaeRi's Ideal Type

Kim TaeRi Instagram

Kim TaeRi shares that she likes someone who loves animals and is also a funny person. She also hopes that her ideal type has similar communicating styles and not assume that she is being arrogant when she makes verbal mistakes. Since she feels that recently she is unable to find friends to have quality conversations, she also wish that she can talk to the person well.

List of Advertisements by Actress Kim Tae-ri



Year Company Brand Type Co-Star
2014 SPC그룹 : SPC Group 던킨 도너츠 – 아이스 음료 : Dunkin ‘Donuts – Ice Drink Beverage  
비에스케이코퍼레이션 : BISK Corporation 더바디샵 – DOY 동안 시크릿 편 : The Body Shop – Secrets during DOY Cosmetic Hyun Bin
SK텔레콤 : SK Telecom SK텔레콤 – 마음을 전하는 100년의 편지 편 : SK Telecom – 100 Year Letter to Convey Your Heart News Agency  
문화체육관광부 : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 문화융성 캠페인 – 문화를 당신 곁에 편 : Cultural Prosperity Campaign – Culture Side by Side Public Advertisement  
China9Food Yue Neng Fruit Chip Supply Food  
2015 동서식품 : Dongseo Food 맥심 화이트골드 – 화이트데이에는 화이트골드 러브레터 편 : Maxim White Gold – White Gold Love Letter on White Day Coffee Mix Kim Hyun Ah (Narration)
2016 KB금융그룹 : KB Financial Group KB국민카드 청춘대로카드 : KB Kookmin Card Youth Street Card Credit Card Nam Joo Hyuk
LF 질스튜어트 액세서리 : Jill Stuart Accessories Bags, Accecories  
현대지앤에프 : Hyundai J & F 오즈세컨 : Oz Second Clothing  
한국시세이도 : Shiseido Korea 츠바키 : Tsubaki Hair Care  
아웃백 스테이크하우스 코리아 : Outback Steak House Korea 아웃백 스테이크하우스 – 더 레드 스테이크 편 : Outback Steakhouse – The Red Steak Family Restaurant Nam Joo Hyuk, Han Seung Soo
2016 ~ 2017 클라란스코리아 : Clarins Korea 클라란스 : Clarins Cosmetic Kim Sarang, Hwang Soo Kyung
2017 SK텔레콤 : SK Telecom SK텔레콤 고객자부심 캠페인 : SK Telecom Customer Pride Campaign News Agency Jung Woo Sung
LF 질바이질스튜어트 슈즈 : Jill Baijil Stewart Shoes Shoes  
엔씨에프 : NCF 나이스크랍 : Nash Scrap Clothing  
2017 ~ present 덕신사 : Duk Shinsa 가네시 (GANESHI) Jewelry  
LG생활건강 : LG Household & Health Care 오휘 : Ohi Cosmetic  
유한킴벌리 : Yuhan-Kimberly 좋은느낌 : Good Feel Sanitary Pad  
2018 ~ present LVMH 플라워바이겐조 : Flower by Kenzo Perfume  
제이에스티나 : J-Estina 제이에스티나 핸드백 : J-Estina handbags Bag, Accessories  
더블유컨셉코리아 : W. Concept Korea 프론트로우 : Front Row Clothing  
롯데주류 : Lotte Liquor 클라우드 : Cloud Liquor (Beer) Kim Hye Soo
CJ푸드빌 : CJ Foodville Twosome Place

Net Worth, Awards, and Nominations Received by Actress Kim Tae-ri

2016 16th Director’s Cut Awards Best New Actress The Handmaiden Won
25th Buil Film Awards Won
17th Busan Film Critics Awards Won
37th Blue Dragon Film Awards Won
17th Women in Film Korea Festival Won
2017 8th Korean Film Reporters Association Awards (KOFRA) Won
6th Marie Claire Film Festival Best Newcomer Won
11th Asian Film Awards Best Newcomer Won
53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (Film) Nominated
22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards Best New Actress Nominated
17th Korea World Youth Film Festival Favorite New Actress Won
2nd Asia Artist Awards Best Entertainer N/A Won
2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (Film) Little Forest Nominated
23rd Chunsa Film Art
2018 24th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation N/A Won [32]
2nd Shinfilm Art Film Festival Choi Eun-hee Actor Award Little Forest Won [33]
18th Korea World Youth Film Festival Popular Actress Award Won [34]
54th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (Film) Nominated [35]
39th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Leading Actress Nominated [36]
27th Buil Film Awards Best Actress Nominated [37]
18th Director's Cut Awards Won [38]
13th University Film Festival of Korea Won [39]
23rd Chunsa Film Art Awards 1987: When the Day Comes Nominated [40]
55th Grand Bell Awards Nominated [41]
2nd The Seoul Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated [42]
Best New Actress Mr. Sunshine Nominated
11th Korea Drama Awards Nominated [43]
6th APAN Star Awards Won [44]
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (TV) Nominated [45]
24th Chunsa Film Art Awards Best Actress Little Forest Nominated [46]



Filmography of Actress Kim Tae-ri: Movie & Drama List


Movie Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

Year Title Hangul Role Notes
2010 Citizen Zombie 시민좀비 Art Short film
2014 What Are You Looking At? 뭐보노? High School Girl
2015 Who Is It? 누구인가  
Lock Out 락아웃 The Woman
Moon Young 문영 Moon Young
2016 The Handmaiden 아가씨 Sook Hee  
2017 1987: When the Day Comes 1987 Yeon Hee  
2018 Little Forest 리틀 포레스트 Hye Won
2021 Space Sweepers 승리호 Captain Jang   [25]
TBA Alien 외계인   Post-production [27]
Alien Part 2 외계인 2부   [28]


Television seriesEdit

Year Title Korean Title Network Role Notes Ref.
2016 Entourage 안투라지 tvN Herself Cameo (Episode 1) [32]
2018 Mr. Sunshine 미스터 션샤인 Go Ae-shin   [19]
2022 Twenty-Five Twenty-One 스물다섯 스물하나 Na Hee-do   [30]



Broadcast Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

Year Date Channel Title
2016 May 7 SBS 접속 무비월드 무비&토크 (아가씨) 팀 : Movie World & Talk (The Handmaiden) Team
May 17 Arirang TV 쇼비즈코리아 (아가씨) 팀 인터뷰 : Showbiz Korea (The Handmaiden) Team Interview
May 25 MBN (아가씨) 팀 인터뷰 : (The Handmaiden) Team Interview
May 27 SBS 비디오머그 “주눅 많이 들었어요”…영화 ‘아가씨’ 배우 김태리 인터뷰 : Video Mug “I’ve heard a lot…” Interview with actress Kim Tae-ri
May 29 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 매혹적인 배우들 (아가씨) 팀 : Sections TV Entertainment Communicating With Fascinating Actors (The Handmaiden) Team
June 4 Channel CGV 무비버스터즈 영화로운 만남 (아가씨) 김태리 : Movie Busters Meet A Glorious (The Handmaiden) Kim Tae-ri
YTN YTN NEWS 박찬욱의 ‘아가씨’ 파격과 예술이 만났다 : YTN NEWS Park Chan Wook’s ‘The Handmaiden’
June 14 YTN YTN NEWS ‘당당함’이 무기? 신인 김태리의 매력 : YTN NEWS Is This A Weapon? The Charm of Newcomer Kim Tae-ri
October 9 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 제25회 부일영화상 : Section TV Entertainment Communication 25th Anniversary Film Award
December 20 SBS 본격연예 한밤 2016 최고의 아가씨 김태리 : The Best Actress Kim Tae-ri
December 29 Olle TV 무비스타 소셜클럽 2016 올레스타전 올해의 영화인 : Movie Star Social Club 2016 Star Movie of The Year
2017 January 18 SBS SBS 나이트라인 초대석 김태리, 충무로에 떠오르는 괴물 신인 : SBS Nightline Greetings Kim Tae-ri
July 11 SBS 본격연예 한밤 영화계 보석 김태리 : Actual Entertainment Midnight Movie Jewel, Kim Tae-ri
November 24 KBS2 연예가중계 (1987) 팀 인터뷰 : Interview With The Celebrities of (1987) Team
November 25 KBS2 영화가 좋다 아찔한 인터뷰 (1987) 팀 : Good Movie Interview (1987) Team
December 19 SBS 본격연예 한밤 (1987) 팀 인터뷰 : (1987) Team Interview
December 31 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 충무로 명품 배우들 (1987) 팀 : Section TV Entertainment Communicating with Chungmuro Luxurious Actors (1987) team
2018 January 23 SBS 본격연예 한밤 대세 배우 김태리 : The Main Actor, Kim Tae-ri
February 2 KBS2 연예가중계 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 인터뷰 : Interview With (Little Forest) Team
February 4 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 무공해 연기 요정 김태리 : Section TV Entertainment Communicating With Acting Fairy Kim Tae-ri
February 5 tbs 팩트iN스타 청춘, 쉬어가도 괜찮아 <리틀 포레스트>팀 : Fact iN Star Youth, It’s Okay to Take a Break (Little Forrest) Team
February 10 KBS2 영화가 좋다 아찔한 인터뷰 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 : Interview With (Little Forest) Team
February 27 SBS 본격연예 한밤 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 : Midnight Entertainment With (Little Forest) Team
March 1 JTBC 뉴스룸 문화초대석 배우 김태리의 ‘특별한 사계’ : Newsroom Culture Invitation, Actor Kim Tae-ri’s ‘Special Four Seasons’
March 4 KBS2 출발! 비디오여행 심 스틸러 김태리 : Start! Video Travel Sim Stiller Kim Tae-ri

Broadcast Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

Year Date Channel Title
2016 May 7 SBS 접속 무비월드 무비&토크 (아가씨) 팀 : Movie World & Talk (The Handmaiden) Team
May 17 Arirang TV 쇼비즈코리아 (아가씨) 팀 인터뷰 : Showbiz Korea (The Handmaiden) Team Interview
May 25 MBN (아가씨) 팀 인터뷰 : (The Handmaiden) Team Interview
May 27 SBS 비디오머그 “주눅 많이 들었어요”…영화 ‘아가씨’ 배우 김태리 인터뷰 : Video Mug “I’ve heard a lot…” Interview with actress Kim Tae-ri
May 29 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 매혹적인 배우들 (아가씨) 팀 : Sections TV Entertainment Communicating With Fascinating Actors (The Handmaiden) Team
June 4 Channel CGV 무비버스터즈 영화로운 만남 (아가씨) 김태리 : Movie Busters Meet A Glorious (The Handmaiden) Kim Tae-ri
YTN YTN NEWS 박찬욱의 ‘아가씨’ 파격과 예술이 만났다 : YTN NEWS Park Chan Wook’s ‘The Handmaiden’
June 14 YTN YTN NEWS ‘당당함’이 무기? 신인 김태리의 매력 : YTN NEWS Is This A Weapon? The Charm of Newcomer Kim Tae-ri
October 9 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 제25회 부일영화상 : Section TV Entertainment Communication 25th Anniversary Film Award
December 20 SBS 본격연예 한밤 2016 최고의 아가씨 김태리 : The Best Actress Kim Tae-ri
December 29 Olle TV 무비스타 소셜클럽 2016 올레스타전 올해의 영화인 : Movie Star Social Club 2016 Star Movie of The Year
2017 January 18 SBS SBS 나이트라인 초대석 김태리, 충무로에 떠오르는 괴물 신인 : SBS Nightline Greetings Kim Tae-ri
July 11 SBS 본격연예 한밤 영화계 보석 김태리 : Actual Entertainment Midnight Movie Jewel, Kim Tae-ri
November 24 KBS2 연예가중계 (1987) 팀 인터뷰 : Interview With The Celebrities of (1987) Team
November 25 KBS2 영화가 좋다 아찔한 인터뷰 (1987) 팀 : Good Movie Interview (1987) Team
December 19 SBS 본격연예 한밤 (1987) 팀 인터뷰 : (1987) Team Interview
December 31 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 충무로 명품 배우들 (1987) 팀 : Section TV Entertainment Communicating with Chungmuro Luxurious Actors (1987) team
2018 January 23 SBS 본격연예 한밤 대세 배우 김태리 : The Main Actor, Kim Tae-ri
February 2 KBS2 연예가중계 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 인터뷰 : Interview With (Little Forest) Team
February 4 MBC 섹션TV 연예통신 무공해 연기 요정 김태리 : Section TV Entertainment Communicating With Acting Fairy Kim Tae-ri
February 5 tbs 팩트iN스타 청춘, 쉬어가도 괜찮아 <리틀 포레스트>팀 : Fact iN Star Youth, It’s Okay to Take a Break (Little Forrest) Team
February 10 KBS2 영화가 좋다 아찔한 인터뷰 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 : Interview With (Little Forest) Team
February 27 SBS 본격연예 한밤 (리틀 포레스트) 팀 : Midnight Entertainment With (Little Forest) Team
March 1 JTBC 뉴스룸 문화초대석 배우 김태리의 ‘특별한 사계’ : Newsroom Culture Invitation, Actor Kim Tae-ri’s ‘Special Four Seasons’
March 4 KBS2 출발! 비디오여행 심 스틸러 김태리 : Start! Video Travel Sim Stiller Kim Tae-ri

Other Appearances by Actress Kim Tae-ri

  • Television Series (2016) : tvN “Entourage” – as cameo (ep.1)
  • Television Series (2018) : tvN “Mr. Sunshine” – as Ko Ae Shin
  • Online Broadcasting 2018 : Naver V LIVE “Kim Tae-ri X Happy Bean Relay Project”


Music Video Appearances and Discography of Actress Kim Tae-ri: Songs List

ri fmkorea.com
  • Music Video (2010) : “Spring is Coming” by Tafka Buddha
  • Music Video (2012) : “봄타령” by Bitnara Yang
  • Music Video (2012) : “먹다버린 레몬” by Number Nine
  • Music Video (2017) : “세기말의 노래 : A Song of The End of The Century” – The Handmaiden OST
  • Music Video (2018) : “가리워진 길 – 연희 : Shadowed Road – Yeon Hee” – 1987 OST
  • Music Video (2018) : “가리워진 길 – 이한열 : Shadowed Road – Lee Han Hee” – 1987 OST
  • Song (2010) : 타프카 부다 – 봄이 온다 (Tafkabuda – The Spring is Coming Album)
  • Song (2012) : 양빛나라 – 봄타령 (Sheep Shining – Spring Till Album)
  • Song (2012) : 아홉번째 – 먹다버린 레몬 (Ninth – Eaten Lemon Album)
  • Song (2014) : 타프카 부다 – Catwalk (Tafkabuda – Catwalk Album)

Magazine Photos of Actress Kim Tae-ri

ri pinterest.com
  • 2015 : Cine 21 1000 June
  • 2016 : Magazine M 165, Cine 21 1056, Vogue June issue, Ten Asia 10 + Star July issue, THE STAR September, HIGH CUT September, ALLETS (Online Magazine) September, Marie Claire ( BIFF special edition), Flaunt November, W December
  • 2017 : Elle January, L’Officiel Italia February, COSMOPOLITAN May, COSMOPOLITAN September, Grazia November issue, Magazine M 244
  • 2018 : Cine 21 1136, Elle February, HIGH CUT April





  • Alien | Wegyein (TBA) 
  • Twenty-Five, Twenty-One | Seumuldaseot Seumulha                                                                    STARS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT KIM TAERI





NB: The first page of this thread is a continuing work in progress ..any corrections,suggestions, contributions are most welcome^^






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Song Joong Ki x Kim Tae Ri's 'Space Sweepers' announces official worldwide premiere date via Netflix



One of the most anticipated Korean sci-fi blockbuster releases of all time, 'Space Sweepers' is finally coming to Netflix worldwide this winter!

Starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, Richard Armitage, and more, the film takes place in the futuristic year 2092. The story revolves around a rogue crew of dumpster hunters in outer space led by the fierce female captain Jang (Kim Tae Ri). One day, the crew stumbles upon a humanoid robot, which may or may not be a dangerous killing device. 


You can now check out the official teaser trailer for 'Space Sweepers' above as well as via various Netflix SNS platforms, while you wait for the film's complete premiere on February 5!

CJ Entertainment's 2021 lineup, such as'alien','decision to break up', and'hero' ①

It seems that the 2021 theater district will still not be free from the aftermath of Corona 19. The feature of this year's lineup is likely to be the traffic control of films that could not be released in 2020 and films aimed at release in 2021. Even this presupposes that the aftermath of Corona 19 will subside in the first half.

#CJ Entertainment-'Alien''Decision to break up''Hero''Broker''Silence'
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4 hours ago, Berou said:

@DrBooger thank you for creating a thread about Kim Tae Ri 




I am a big fan of her.


Please check out other first posts of actors thread in order to know what should a first post contain exactly





Thank you so much for expressing your interest in the thread, I am a big fan of KTR and have been following her work for quite sometime unfortunately she didn't have a thread dedicated to her on this forum, hence I thought I might as well start one. I'm pretty inexperienced at this and hence was hesitant to even start one, however thank you for your suggestion I will look at other first posts to understand what a first post should contain:) Please feel free to add any information you have of her from your side...


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Please do not quote gifs. Thanks !
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Song Joong Ki And Kim Tae Ri’s “Space Sweepers” Reveals New Premiere Date And Poster

Song Joong Ki And Kim Tae Ri’s “Space Sweepers” Reveals New Premiere Date And Poster

Jan 6, 2021
Upcoming film “Space Sweepers” has announced its new premiere date along with a new poster!

“Space Sweepers” stars Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, and more. The movie is set in the year 2092 and follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. When they discover a humanoid robot named Dorothy that’s known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal. It is directed by “A Werewolf Boy” director Jo Sung Hee.

“Space Sweepers” was originally scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2020, but the release was postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Space Sweepers” will now simultaneously premiere in 190 countries via Netflix on February 5.

In the new poster, the four main characters stand atop The Victory with confidence. The text in the center reads, “A cleanup of space by those who’ve never been heard of or seen begins!”


Check out the official trailer here!










[Exclusive] Song Joong-ki x Kim Tae-ri'Seungriho' Netflix, released on February 5th

[Star News Reporter Hyunghwa]

0002922688_001_20210105143649911.jpg?type=w430Original view

[Exclusive] Song Joong-ki x Kim Tae-ri'Seungriho' Netflix, released on February 5th
The movie'Seungriho' starring Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri is scheduled to be released on Netflix on February 5.

According to the film industry on the 5th,'Seungriho' has decided to be released on Netflix on February 5th at 5pm (Korean time) and is adjusting the detailed schedule.

'Seungri-ho' is a movie about the story of the crew of the space garbage cleaner Seung-ho, set in 2092, jump into a dangerous deal after discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction. This is a science fiction movie that attracted attention with director Jo Sung-hee of'The Wolf Boy' holding a megaphone, and starring Song Joong-gi and Kim Tae-ri Hae-jin Hae-jin Jin Sun-gyu.

Initially,'Seungriho' aimed to open the theater last summer, but it was postponed to September in the aftermath of Corona 19 and then changed back to December. After that, after negotiations between the investment distributor Merry Christmas and Netflix, they decided to release it as a Netflix movie.

'Seungri-ho' attracted attention from inside and outside the film industry in that it was released through Netflix for the first time among Korean tentpole films that cost 24 billion won.

Netflix is planning to hold a production briefing session and online preview of actors in line with the release of'Seungri-ho'.

It is said that there is currently no possibility that'Seungri-ho' will be released in the theater.

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[New Year's Special] Experts' Most Expected Movie Actors in 2021? Tae-ri Kim and Tang Wei

20 film experts, New Year's survey

0005082469_001_20210101060104039.jpg?type=w430Original view

Tae-ri Kim (left) and Tang Wei/News1 DB © News1
(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Jung Yoo-jin, Reporter Jang Ah-reum, Reporter Go Seung-ah = In 2020, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), many films were delayed, and the film industry also suffered a difficult time. This is why the film industry is more interested in the new year 2021.

News 1 recently conducted a survey of 20 film experts on the expected actors in the film industry this year to celebrate the new year in 2021.

As a result of the survey on the 1st, Kim Tae-ri as a star that is expected to see this year won a total of 4 votes, ranking first among male and female actors. Tang Wei succeeded with 3 votes, followed by Kang Haneul, Park Hae-il, Kim Dami, Shin Min-ah, Yeom Jeong-ah, and so on.

0005082469_002_20210101060104103.jpg?type=w430Original view

Kim Tae-ri/'Seungri-ho' still cut © News1
Kim Tae-ri, who is considered the most anticipated actor in 2021 with 4 votes, is planning to show'The Alien' (Director Dong-Hoon Choi) this year following'Seungri-ho' (Director Sunghee Jo). The movie'Seungriho', which was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, will be released through Netflix. 'Seungri-ho' is a movie about the story of the crew of the space garbage sweeper Seung-ho in 2092, after discovering Dorothy, a humanoid robot known as a weapon of mass destruction, and jumping into a dangerous deal. Kim Tae-ri played as Captain Jang, the leader who led the space pirates in the past.

Kim Tae-ri will appear in the new film'Alien', which director Choi Dong-hoon released about five years after'Assassination' (2015). 'Alien' is a science fiction movie about aliens, and it is known to shoot the first and second parts at the same time, and is currently in full swing.

Movie officials said, "I am looking forward to seeing what kind of synergy will be achieved with director Choi Dong-hoon." One respondent said, "The character that Tae-ri Kim will show in science fiction stuff seems to be out of the existing predictions for some reason," and said, "I look forward to meeting Kim Tae-ri and SF."







6 actors of'acting genius' who had no name 1 because of the audition as soon as they debuted

[Insight] Reporter Park Da-sol = Rookie actors who are just starting to act watch'audition' to take on the role.


There are as many as thousands of applicants to auditions for popular works


acting skills and fascinating visuals, defeating thousands of competitors at once.


They have been selected as the lead roles at once in works that boast an excellent story, and are continuing their'trend' movement.


So I collected them. Let's meet the star who passed the high competition rate and became the representative actor in Korea. 


4. Movie'Girl': Kim Tae-ri






Tae-ri Kim broke through the competition rate of 1500:1 and appeared in director Park Chan-wook's'Girl'.


This work is a remake of the British writer Sarah Waters' novel'Finger Smith', which has garnered attention from the production stage.


Kim Tae-ri, who made her gorgeous debut through the movie'Girl', secured her position as an actor by sweeping the rookie awards at various film festivals in 2016.



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Kim Tae Ri Describes Why She Loves Being A BTS Fan

Kim Tae Ri Describes Why She Loves Being A BTS Fan

May 25, 2019
by S. Park
Kim Tae Ri talked about her career and more in an interview with Elle magazine.

The actress graced her second cover for the magazine and shot the pictorial in London. In the accompanying interview, she talked about traveling to Berlin and New York this year.

“I try to make an effort to stay for a long time when I’m abroad,” began Kim Tae Ri. “Even if that’s the case, it’s not that long. If I stay for a short amount of time, it feels like a shame and the airfare will go to waste. I have many things I want to see and do, but since I’m going around with limited time, I enjoy using plenty of time to focus on something even if I’m doing one thing for the day.”


Kim Tae Ri has spoken about her struggles while working. When asked to elaborate on this, she said, “I think the biggest pain comes from wanting to do a good job. I want to do a good job but it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. I largely rely on my experience, but my experience is too small in comparison to the role I’m playing. I can’t help but feel limited.”

On preparing for her character, she explained, “I’m still very young and lacking, so it’s embarrassing to talk about acting. But if I were to talk about it anyway, I think that actors can be divided into two categories. Actors who construct themselves and actors who erase their ‘me’ and construct the character. I’m the former.”

She continued, “When I was acting in a play, a senior actor said, ‘You’re someone who has everything. There’s nothing that you don’t have. If you look for it one at time in your treasure chest, it’ll all be there.’ I’ve always found people in my experience and myself, but I hit a limit when acting as Yeon Hee in ‘1987’ and Go Ae Shin in ‘Mr. Sunshine.’ No matter how much I dug around the treasure chest, opened all the drawers, and looked in the corners, there were things that I didn’t have.”


After describing her standards for a good project as a good director, script, character, and timing, the actress was asked to share something fun that is currently happening in her life.

Kim Tae Ri chose becoming a BTS fan. She said, “I like seeing myself being a fangirl. When I’m watching BTS clips on my smartphone, sometimes my face reflects on the black screen.” She said with a laugh, “I realize that without even being aware, I have a really delighted expression on my face. To be honest, it’s my first time ‘fangirling’ since I became an adult and I really like the time where I can just enjoy something.”

When asked about the first thing she wants to do when she returns to Korea, she answered, “I’m going to look at my cats. I’m going to play with my cats, go to the movie theater, and I want to drive as well. I also hope to have a good project.”




Check out more photos of Kim Tae Ri below!















Watch Kim Tae Ri in “Little Forest” now!


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3 hours ago, Berou said:

Wow the first among males and females 




It's usually ( male) actors who dominate polls


The exceptations are very high for her



With a cinematic debut starring in a Park Chan Wook's movie alongside notable actors and a chance to debut in a Kim Eun Sook's drama, she has constantly been raising the bar..:approves:






Kim Tae Ri Speaks About Her Support For The “Me Too” Movement

Kim Tae Ri Speaks About Her Support For The “Me Too” Movement

Mar 2, 2018

On March 1, actress Kim Tae Ri appeared on JTBC’s “Newsroom” to speak about films, acting, and social issues.

News anchor Sohn Suk Hee said to the actress, “There’s a lot of pain in the cultural world with the current ‘Me Too’ movement. You have acted in plays and recently expressed your feelings as well as your support.”

Kim Tae Ri responded, “I think I felt more of those feelings because I know all too well about the perpetrators’ social positions and that their power is too great.”

She continued, “I do not dare assume that I know how much pain the victims feel. However, I know the horrible structure that would make me also have to be silent if I were in that situation, which is why I said that.”


She added, “I think that this series of events [the ‘Me Too’ movement] is like a miracle. I hope that this kind of movement doesn’t just end with exposures and apologies, but will result in creating a better society.”

The actress concluded, “The biggest reason why the victims are coming forward is to prevent more victims in the future. I hope this movement will lead to a better social structure.”

Kim Tae Ri stars in the new film “Little Forest” which premiered on February 28 and is doing well in the box office.





Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1439693wpp/kim-tae-talks-about-her-upcoming-space-adventure-film-picks-the-place-she-loves-most-and-more




Kim Tae Ri Talks About Her Upcoming Space Adventure Film, Picks The Place She Loves Most, And More

Kim Tae Ri Talks About Her Upcoming Space Adventure Film, Picks The Place She Loves Most, And More

Nov 24, 2020

On November 23, fashion magazine DAZED revealed their December issue with actress Kim Tae Ri.


Kim Tae Ri is starring in the upcoming space adventure film “Space Sweepers,” which postponed its theatrical release twice due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The film is now scheduled to premiere on Netflix.

Asked about the film, Kim Tae Ri said, “I really liked the script. It’s set in space, but there’s a definite ‘Korean’ feeling about it.”





The actress also reflected on her career thus far and talked about her favorite place in the world. She said, “I think I’m doing well right now. I’m not the kind of person who has a lot of regrets, and if something negative happens, I shake it off quickly.”

She added, “I want to be someone who knows how to love. Not just romantic love, but the kind of person who can receive and give all kinds of love. I think that all discord starts from a heart that doesn’t know how to love. This also affects your perception of society.”





Kim Tae Ri was then asked what kind of love she had felt most recently. She replied, “I love being on set. Whether it’s a photo shoot set like this or a movie set, I feel this love often. I want to embrace it all in my heart and repay it however I can. Isn’t the world a more beautiful place if you think like this?”

She concluded, “I like being satisfied with the present. That’s why I don’t really make plans for the new year.”








Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, And More Talk About Challenges Of First Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster “Space Sweepers”

Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, And More Talk About Challenges Of First Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster “Space Sweepers”

Aug 18, 2020
On August 18, the upcoming film “Space Sweepers” held a press conference that was moved online due to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Seoul.

“Space Sweepers” is about a spaceship named The Victory, which collects space junk in the year 2092. When the crew discovers a humanoid robot named Dorothy that is known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal. The film features a star-studded cast of Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, and more. It is also South Korea’s first domestic-produced major sci-fi blockbuster film set in space, with an unprecedented level of special effects and motion capture.

Director Jo Sung Hee said, “Around 10 years ago, I was having a meal with a friend and talking about this and that. I’d heard that space junk, debris from space missions, was spreading at a rapid and dangerous rate and that it was a problem even now. I started [this film] with the concept of workers in space collecting space junk that moves faster than a bullet.”



Song Joong Ki plays Tae Ho, the pilot of The Victory. He and Jo Sung Hee had previously worked together on the film “A Werewolf Boy.” He said, “Even while we were filming ‘A Werewolf Boy’ nine years ago, I’d heard that he was preparing for a space-themed sci-fi film. I thought the concept of space junk was new, and I was attracted to the challenge in making South Korea’s first space-themed sci-fi film.”


Kim Tae Ri plays Captain Jang, the leader of The Victory. She said, “I liked that the captain of the ship was a woman. She seems like a simple character, but she has warmth inside. I had a lot of high expectations about Korea’s first space sci-fi film. I didn’t do much to prepare for the role other than what the director had already visualized in his head. I thought that even though Captain Jang is a brilliant character, we had to avoid making her seem perfect and clichéd. I wanted to make her seem human, so I talked a lot with the senior actors.”



Jin Seon Kyu plays Tiger Park, the engineer of The Victory. “The director wanted something different from what I’d tried before,” he said. “He suggested my hairstyle and it took 15 hours to complete. I thought I would shave it off if it didn’t suit me, but it was better than I expected.”



Yoo Hae Jin used motion capture to play ‘Opdongie,’ the harpooning robot of The Victory. This is the first time that motion capture was used to portray a robot in a Korean film. Yoo Hae Jin said, “I thought that it wouldn’t feel like me if I just dubbed during other people’s action scenes, so I said I would do the motion capture as well. I wanted to make Opdongie come alive. It was a new experience, but I was in the mood for that, so it was a good opportunity.”

Jo Sung Hee concluded that despite the large scale of the film—the production cost was 24 billion won (around $20.3 million)—the characters were not unfamiliar. “They’re not that different from who we are today,” he said. “They worry about debt, the utility bill, they eat rice and soybean paste stew. They’re not Hollywood heroes who wear suits that give them powers. They’re ordinary Korean people who get in a spaceship and fly around space.”

“Space Sweepers” premieres on September 23. Check out a teaser here!








Actors Who Seem Aloof With Their Cold Appearances But Are Actually Super Approachable In Real Life

Actors Who Seem Aloof With Their Cold Appearances But Are Actually Super Approachable In Real Life

Feb 22, 2020

Kim Tae Ri


Kim Tae Ri seems rather cool and unapproachable with her icy demeanor, but she is actually easy-going. She made fans laugh with her down-to-earth nature during a live session on Naver’s V Live last June. During the session, she applied lipstick on her lips and commented she might have accidentally put some on her teeth. She grinned at the camera to check and burst into laughter at the silly moment.

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Forbes Korea Names Top 40 Power Celebrities Of 2019

Forbes Korea Names Top 40 Power Celebrities Of 2019

Apr 29, 2019

Forbes has announces its annual list of the Top 40 Power Celebrities in Korea for this year!

All the names in the top five of the 2019 list are idols, with BLACKPINK coming in No. 1, BTS in No. 2, Wanna One in No. 3, Kang Daniel in No. 4, and Red Velvet in No. 5.

Forbes Korea narrowed down the list to 150 nominees by looking at search rankings provided by Kakao, with the time period being from March 2018 to February 2019. The Top 40 was then chosen from this list. People who are currently involved in controversies were excluded.

Up to last year, the rankings were determined by scores in media, earnings, and broadcasts. This year, Forbes Korea used the criteria of frequency of media exposure, earnings, broadcasts, and social media. BLACKPINK took No. 1 in social media, No. 2 in earnings, No. 11 in media exposure, and No. 15 in broadcast activities. Forbes Korea writes, “Although they came in first in media exposure and earnings, BTS, who did not have many domestic activities last year, took No. 39 in terms of broadcast activities and came in second overall.”

The rankings in the “media” category are determined by the frequency of mentions in news headlines from 53 national media outlets who are registered with the Korea Press Foundation.

The “broadcast” category aims to determine the popularity of celebrities amongst viewers of all ages by considering factors such as appearances on dramas and variety programs, viewership ratings, and MC roles.

The “earnings” category includes money earned through appearances in films, television broadcasts, and advertisements, as well as profits from songs and performances, annual salary, and prize money. Music data is acquired from Gaon Chart, and international music chart rankings are also reflected through data from Chartmetric. Advertisement earnings were based on data from the Advertising Information Center database, with brands scored based on rankings (major companies as A, small and middle-sized companies as B, and local advertisements, etc. as C).

The “social media” category was included in the ranking for the first time this year. Statistics were compiled based on statistics from celebrities’ official accounts, including YouTube subscribers and followers on V Live, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

See the full list below:

23. Kim Tae Ri






Entertainment Industry Experts Vote On Key Players Representing Hallyu

Entertainment Industry Experts Vote On Key Players Representing Hallyu

Apr 18, 2019
From March 25 through 31, media outlet Sports Seoul surveyed 100 entertainment industry experts to gather their thoughts on key players in the industry.

Each representative wrote down their top three votes for each category.

Key Players In The Drama Industry Representing New Generation Hallyu

  1. Park Bo Gum (13 votes)
  2. Nam Joo Hyuk (12 votes)
  3. Jung Hae In (11 votes)
  4. Jang Ki Yong (9 votes)
  5. Park Seo Joon (7 votes)
  6. IU (5 votes)
  7. Kim Tae Ri (3 votes)



BLACKPINK, CL, Kim Tae Ri, And More Selected For Forbes’s 2019 30 Under 30 Asia List

BLACKPINK, CL, Kim Tae Ri, And More Selected For Forbes’s 2019 30 Under 30 Asia List

Apr 2, 2019

Forbes announced its list of the 30 Under 30 Asia for 2019!

The annual list chooses 30 people or groups under the age of 30 who are the most influential within 10 categories in Asia, totaling 300 entries selected from over 2,000 nominations.

The list of 30 celebrities in the Entertainment & Sports category includes BLACKPINK, CL, actress Kim Tae Ri, soccer players Jo Hyeon Woo and Lee Kangin, and “League of Legends” gamer Lee Sang Hyeok (Faker).

Korean celebrities on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list in the recent past have included BTS in 2018; Eric Nam, Jessica, and Jay Park in 2017; and BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon, Kim Soo Hyun, and more in 2016

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5 Reasons Why Kim Tae Ri Deserves More Recognition

5 Reasons Why Kim Tae Ri Deserves More Recognition

Mar 19, 2019

Ever since her big screen debut in director Park Chan Wook’s film “The Handmaiden,” actress Kim Tae Ri has continued to exceed expectations with her amazing acting and diverse roles. Once you watch one of her films or dramas, you can’t stop appreciating her natural charisma. Here are five reasons why Kim Tae Ri is irresistible!

1. She impressively stood out in her audition for “The Handmaiden”

Even though she was just a rookie actress, she made quite an impression on director Park Chan Wook. After auditioning 1,500 candidates for his film “The Handmaiden,” he met Kim Tae Ri and immediately knew she was the one for the role of Sook Hee. Kim Tae Ri sure proved herself by taking home eight best new actress awards from major movie award ceremonies. The movie also achieved a major milestone by becoming the first Korean movie to ever win an award at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Film Awards in 2018. What a great start to her acting career!


2. She’s deliberate in selecting what films and dramas to be a part of

Despite her relatively short acting career, she has played a wide range of roles. After her successful start in “The Handmaiden,” the next films she selected were “1987: When the Day Comes” and “Little Forest.” “Little Forest” in particular was meaningful to her because it’s rare to see a female role with such long screen time throughout the movie. Just when you thought there was nothing else she could possibly surprise us with, she took the role of noblewoman Go Ae Shin in the tvN drama, “Mr. Sunshine.”

When it comes to selecting her future projects, she is very conscientious about the message the movie is trying to tell the audience and the significance of the role she plays. It’s no surprise that her acting is spotless and the films are successful since she puts so much thought into each role.





3. She’s considerate and thoughtful

Kim Tae Ri was raised by her grandmother, so she is good with elders. After filming the movie “1987: When the Day Comes,” which is a political film based on true events surrounding the June Democratic Uprising in 1987, Kim Tae Ri contacted the mother of Lee Han Yeol, a university student who died during a democratic protest. Kim Tae Ri apologized to the mother for contacting her so late and treated her to a nice meal. How sweet of her!





4. She’s a stunning model

Not only is she a really great actress, but she is also a remarkable model. She shines in nothing but a plain shirt or sweater and straight trousers when attending movie premieres. She pulled off the casual look so amazingly that the term “Kim Tae Ri straight trousers” was hot for a while in Korea. Currently, she is the model for an online designer brand FRONTROW.



5. She’s an animal lover

Kim Tae Ri has a soft spot for cats. She has adopted two stray cats and has also helped advertise the funding campaign for Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) through the online donation platform Happybean. How can you not love an animal lover?





Now that you know how charming Kim Tae Ri is, how about watching “Little Forest” to take a step back from everyday life?






Shin Eun Soo Says Kim Tae Ri Is Her Role Model + Shares Genres She Wants To Explore

Shin Eun Soo Says Kim Tae Ri Is Her Role Model + Shares Genres She Wants To Explore

Jan 7, 2019
The rising actress also shared that her role model was actress Kim Tae Ri. Shin Eun Soo said, “I’ve watched her various projects, and Kim Tae Ri was so good [in them]. Every time Kim Tae Ri attempts to transform her acting and I see her transform successfully, I get the thought that I want to improve my acting, one step at a time. Since I’m underage, I haven’t watched ‘The Handmaiden’ yet, but I want to see it soon.”



Koreans Vote For Best Drama Stars Of 2018

Koreans Vote For Best Drama Stars Of 2018

Dec 13, 2018
In second place was Lee Byung Hun’s “Mr. Sunshine” co-star Kim Tae Ri, who received 9 percent of the votes. Despite it being her first drama, she impressed with her performance as Go Ae Shin.



Industry Reps Vote For 2018’s Best Actors, Dramas, And Rookies

Industry Reps Vote For 2018’s Best Actors, Dramas, And Rookies

Dec 15, 2018
With only two weeks left until 2019, Korean industry professionals weighed in on this year’s best dramas, actors, and rising stars!

A recent survey by Korean media outlet News1 asked 25 industry representatives to vote for the dramas and actors that left their mark on 2018. (A full list of the surveyed professionals, which includes drama producers, directors, and marketers, can be found at the end of the article.)

tvN’s hit drama “Mr. Sunshine” clearly left an impression on industry representatives this year, with stars Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri earning the most votes for Actor of the Year and Actress of the Year respectively. Additionally, “Mr. Sunshine” took second place for Drama of the Year, bested only by IU and Lee Sung Gyun’s tvN drama “My Mister.”

Kim Tae Ri also received the most votes for Rookie Actress of the Year, while ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo‘s performance in JTBC’s “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” garnered him the most votes for Rookie Actor of the Year.

Check out the full survey results below!


Actress of the Year

  1. Kim Tae Ri (6 votes)
  2. Kim Nam Joo (5 votes)
  3. Son Ye Jin (4 votes)
  4. IU (3 votes)
  5. Han Ji Min (2 votes)
  6. Park Min Young, Yum Jung Ah, Jung In Sun, Nam Ji Hyun, Shin Hye Sun (1 vote each)

Rookie Actress of the Year

  1. Kim Tae Ri (6 votes)
  2. Park Se Wan (3 votes)
  3. Lee Seol, Jin Ki Joo (2 votes each)
  4. Shin Hye Sun, Seo Eun Soo, Chae Soo Bin, Seol In Ah, Lee Soo Kyung (1 vote each)

Drama of the Year

  1. tvN’s “My Mister” (9 votes)
  2. tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” (6 votes)
  3. JTBC’s “SKY Castle” (3 votes)
  4. OCN’s “The Guest,” tvN’s “100 Days My Prince” (2 votes each)
  5. tvN’s “Live,” OCN’s “Life on Mars” (1 vote each)



The 18th Director’s Cut Awards Announces Winners For Actor Categories

The 18th Director’s Cut Awards Announces Winners For Actor Categories

Dec 12, 2018
This year’s Director’s Cut Awards has announced the winners of the actor award categories as well as some of the nominees for the director awards.
This year, Lee Sung Min won Male Actor of the Year for “The Spy Gone North,” while Kim Tae Ri won Female Actor of the Year for “Little Forest.” The Rookie Male and Female Actor of the Year awards went to EXO’s D.O. for “Along With the Gods” and Kim Da Mi for “The Witch” respectively.



Korean Celebs Who Captivate With Their Different Eye Shapes

Korean Celebs Who Captivate With Their Different Eye Shapes

Oct 25, 2018

Some people may think of it as a complex, but for these celebrities, their two different eye shapes only add to the list of their many charms.

Here are six celebrities who have two unique eye shapes.


2. Kim Tae Ri

You may not know it after a quick glance, but Kim Tae Ri’s inner eyelids are of different shapes.

The actress showcases deep emotional acting with her unique eyes and also chose her eyes as her favorite feature.

Her fans also love her eyes that give off sad, affectionate vibes.









Kim Tae Ri Talks About The Popularity Of “Mr. Sunshine” And Picks Most Beautiful Scene

Kim Tae Ri Talks About The Popularity Of “Mr. Sunshine” And Picks Most Beautiful Scene

Oct 24, 2018

On October 23, fashion magazine Marie Claire revealed some photos from its pictorial with actress Kim Tae Ri in New York.

In the accompanying interview, Kim Tae Ri talked about her role as Go Ae Shin in the hit tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine.”





The actress picked the scene where her character first meets Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) as the most beautiful scene in the drama. “It’s the first time that their street gets electricity, and Eugene and Ae Shin exchange looks with each other,” she described.

She added that she has felt the impact of “Mr. Sunshine’s” popularity around her and said, “Whenever I talk with someone close to me about the drama, or someone comes to talk to me about it, I realize how much love people have for ‘Mr. Sunshine.’ I feel it anew every time.”







The full pictorial and interview can be found in Marie Claire’s November issue.





Stars Who Earned A Living Through Part-Time Jobs Before Making It Big

Stars Who Earned A Living Through Part-Time Jobs Before Making It Big

Nov 10, 2018

Kim Tae Ri


Before skyrocketing to fame through her role in the film “The Handmaiden,” Kim Tae Ri worked part-time at a convenience store, a cafe, and a fast food restaurant. The actress even mentioned that her portrayal of her character in “The Handmaiden” had been influenced by her part-time work experience

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Koreans Vote On Stars With The Perfect Image For Passing A Job Interview

Koreans Vote On Stars With The Perfect Image For Passing A Job Interview

Aug 16, 2018

Korean office workers shared which stars they think would have no trouble landing a job based on their image alone!

The portal site Job Korea recently held a poll in which it asked office workers which male and female stars have an image that would give them a “free pass” in a job interview, and the results were shared on August 16. The poll allowed users to choose multiple responses.

Among female celebrities, Park Bo Young came in No. 1 after being selected by 30.7 percent of responders. Kim Tae Ri took second place (29.5 percent), and Park Shin Hye came in third (23.6 percent). They were followed by EXID’s Hani (14.7 percent) and Soyou (12 percent).







Random Jobs Actresses Had Before Their Rise To Stardom

Aug 29, 2018

Kim Tae Ri – Soy milk Seller


Kim Tae Ri worked part time in various places, including fast food restaurants and convenience stores, before making her acting debut. One job she had in particular was as a soy milk seller at a food mart.

She was once scouted by a cafe owner to work at his shop as well.

Later in 2016, she debuted through the film “The Handmaiden” and has been in the spotlight since.




EXO’s D.O., Kim Tae Ri, And More Past Winners Of Blue Dragon Film Awards Speak About Their Development And The Industry

EXO’s D.O., Kim Tae Ri, And More Past Winners Of Blue Dragon Film Awards Speak About Their Development And The Industry

Sep 21, 2018

10 winners from the 2016 and 2017 Blue Dragon Film Awards are featured in the latest issue of High Cut Magazine!

Actors Song Kang Ho, Na Moon Hee, Jin Sun Kyu, Kim So Jin, EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo), Choi Hee Seo, Lee Byung Hun, Park So Dam, Park Jung Min, and Kim Tae Ri posed for photos and took part in an accompanying interview.


Kim Tae Ri won Best New Actress at the 37th Blue Dragon Awards in 2016 for her performance in “The Handmaiden.” At the time, she had said, “I’ll show myself growing like Sook Hee in ‘The Handmaiden.'”


When asked how much she has grown now, Kim Tae Ri answered, “To be honest, I haven’t really thought, ‘I’ve grown this much.’ I think that sort of thing shows naturally even when you don’t measure it. I just try to do my best at what’s given to me.”

About Korean films, she said, “As an audience member, I think it’ll be good if people make diverse films. I hope that bolder projects are created. If I can take part in them, then that would be even better.”


This year’s 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards will be held at the end of November. Check out more photos of these actors below!











When You Need A Breath Of Country Air: Reasons To Watch “Little Forest”

When You Need A Breath Of Country Air: Reasons To Watch “Little Forest”

May 5, 2018

Following an enigmatic female lead, “Little Forest” is a quiet, contemplative movie featuring excellent performances and beautiful cinematography. Hye Won (played by the lovely Kim Tae Ri) moves back home to the country after failing a teaching exam and questioning her motivations to stay in Seoul. Hye Won is in her element digging in the dirt — “I’m a product of the land and air here” — or kneading dough, and it’s her return to her roots that makes “Little Forest” a wonderful movie about self-identity, building from the ground up and coming home.

Not a lot happens in “Little Forest”; it’s not action packed, and if you’re looking for three-act structure — beginning, middle and end — or maybe a bit of a plot… it’s not here, but what we do get is so much better. The movie is broken up into four separate parts that display the highs and lows of living in the country during every season. Storms ruin the crops, sometimes the tomato harvest isn’t great. There’s no real drama. Instead, we’re invited into Hye Won’s monologue, unceremonious and like a diary in style.



Kim Tae Ri’s delivery is captivating. Her character doesn’t traverse a great deal of different emotions, but her performance is subtle, quiet, and intimate; besides a few ensemble scenes, this movie is essentially a one-man show, and Kim Tae Ri delivers, drawing the viewer in and keeping our attention throughout. Her character is likable in a very easygoing, girl-next-door sort of way. She’s someone you could sit in comfortable silence with, and in many scenes, we do.

When the few colorful characters aren’t offering philosophies of the simple life, Hye Won is offering up farming life hacks; what “Moby RickRoll'D” is for whaling, “Little Forest” is for humble farming. Interested in growing your own tomatoes, onions, or potatoes? Forget asking Google, watch “Little Forest”; it’s much more aesthetically pleasing. We’re also able to gain some insight into Hye Won’s character through her vast knowledge of country life and seeing it juxtaposed with her former city life, shown in flashbacks. In the city, she was forced to eat convenience store food and was under-appreciated by her boyfriend when she put in extra effort to make him lunch. Back in the present, she is clearly in her element taste-testing tomatoes like they’re fine wine.

Speaking of aesthetics:









Every shot is beautifully framed and executed, and the colors are warm even in the winter, reflecting an overarching theme of home that is seen throughout. “Little Forest” invites you into the country, displaying stunning scenery, likable characters, and appetizing food.

If you live alone you might eat for convenience, just quickly making something and not caring about presentation or originality, but food in this film is shown as a pleasure both in the eating, making, and sharing. A well-made pudding is used to build bridges, an apple grown with love and attention is given as a gift to a possible crush. Sweet chestnuts; shaved tree bark; edible flowers; sweet, dried persimmons for the winter. Here we see the benefit of slow food, carefully prepared and appreciated.








Hye Won’s relationship with food is representative of her relationship with her mother. We see flashbacks to her childhood, when she is watching her mom cook and learning life lessons through food, which is a continuing theme in the movie and gives us subtle, almost mysterious insight into the young woman who is as much a product of her mother as she is the earth. Every moment between the two is shown in the context of preparing a meal; even when they’re outside, they’re are happily tucking into something yummy.

Their relationship is as tempestuous as the seasons, and Hye Won seems to begrudge her mother’s actions whilst admiring her, resembling her and following in her footsteps. In one particular flashback, Hye Won begs her mom not to ruin a meal by shaving tree bark on top of it, then, cut to the present, she does the same. It’s a really touching element to the story and one not often enough explored in cinema today, focusing more on romantic relationships than familial ones.



There is a little romance in “Little Forest,” or at least elements of the genre, but it’s the female relationships that drive the story. Hye Won’s mother, aunt, and childhood best friend influence her, aggravate her, and are shown to be a part of her; these relationships are explored subtly and with measure throughout the movie. In the beginning, Hye Won is avoiding human connection, and she wants to return home without taking on all that that would mean: reuniting with friends and addressing the scars of the past. It’s through her eventual understanding of her past and her friendships that she becomes fully in touch and present, able to make the decision to stay where she belongs.

If you’re looking to get away from the chaos of the city, “Little Forest” can be your escape. It’s one for your favorites list and definitely worth a repeat viewing, especially if you’re in need of some cooking tips! Check out “Little Forest” on Viki now!






“Little Forest” Shares Heartwarming Photos Of Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, And Jin Ki Joo On Set

“Little Forest” Shares Heartwarming Photos Of Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, And Jin Ki Joo On Set

Feb 20, 2018

Upcoming movie “Little Forest” has released behind-the-scenes images from the movie’s set.

“Little Forest” is an adaptation of a Japanese manga of the same name, and stars Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Jin Ki Joo. The film tells the story of Hye Won (Kim Tae Ri), who returns home to the countryside after growing tired of city life, and spends a meaningful time with her old friends Jae Ha (Ryu Jun Yeol) and Eun Sook (Jin Ki Joo). Named as one of the movies to most look forward to in 2018, “Little Forest” marks director Yim Soon Rye’s return to film in four years as well.

In the released images, Kim Tae Ri can also be seen snapping photos of the movie staff. Jin Ki Joo explained, “Kim Tae Ri always brought a camera to set and took photos of the cast and staff. She was the hidden paparazzi on set.”



Ryu Jun Yeol revealed, “Kim Tae Ri sends a lot of the photos she’s taken at once, and I once mistakenly took the vibrations from her messages as an incoming call.”

The images, which include photos by Kim Tae Ri, capture the natural sides of the three co-stars and behind-the-scenes moments from filming. One image shows Kim Tae Ri and Jin Ki Joo smiling widely as they pose with director Yim Soon Rye.



The two actresses also took a selfie together, showing off their close bond. In another photo, Ryu Jun Yeol can be seen watching the set intently. The released images raise expectations for the chemistry between the Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Jin Ki Joo.



“Little Forest” will be released domestically on February 28.

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Kim Tae Ri Reveals Her Inner Struggles With Acting And How She Became Close With Ryu Jun Yeol

Kim Tae Ri Reveals Her Inner Struggles With Acting And How She Became Close With Ryu Jun Yeol

Mar 16, 2018
Kim Tae Ri spoke candidly about her worries and her latest film “Little Forest” in a recent interview.

“Little Forest” is a low-budget film that won over moviegoers and achieved success at the box office. The film is an adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same title. It tells the story of Hye Won (played by Kim Tae Ri) who returns to her home in the countryside and spends time with her childhood friends Jae Ha (played by Ryu Jun Yeol) and Eun Sook (played by Jin Ki Joo) after unsuccessful attempts at employment and love in the city.

Kim Tae Ri began, “‘Little Forest’ is a slow, quiet film. It’s very different from ‘The Handmaiden’ and ‘1987.’ At first, I thought I could go and express my true self in a natural environment, but it became really difficult at some point. It made me nervous that I was often the only one in front of the camera. But the scenes with Ryu Jun Yeol and Jin Ki Joo were created by the three of us. There were many ad-libs, and we had fun filming.”

The actress chose Ryu Jun Yeol and Jin Ki Joo as the greatest gifts she received from “Little Forest,” and she shared that director Lim Soon Rye made filming comfortable for her.

She said, “I’m not good at speaking informally to people older than me, but at our first meeting, the director asked me about my age and said, ‘Four-year age gap [with Ryu Jun Yeol]? One-year age difference [with Jin Ki Joo]? Just speak informally.’ At first, I couldn’t do it, but Ryu Jun Yeol spoke casually first, so I naturally did as well. As soon as we spoke casually, we became close very quickly.”



In the film, when Hye Won is asked why she came back to the countryside, she answers, “Because I’m hungry.” Hye Won’s days in the city consisted of shoving down cold lunches at the convenience store and her everyday life felt like hell. After failing to pass the teacher certification exam, Hye Won returns to the countryside and makes various dishes with fresh ingredients to share with her friends.

Kim Tae Ri said, “I don’t enjoy cooking, but I cook enough to sustain myself. I get more healing from mountains and books than cooking. I raise two cats and they also give me lots of happiness. I don’t go hiking every week, but I go when I feel like going. These days, it’s fun to drink wine. I have a close friend who is in theater, and we share a bottle of wine together.”

Like her “Little Forest” character, the actress revealed that she also gets feelings of wanting to run away every day. She said that she torments herself while evaluating her own acting, which then provokes the feeling of wanting to run away.

Kim Tae Ri explained, “When I was an aspiring actress, I couldn’t run away like Hye Won did. I only walked looking forward. I never contemplated whether becoming an actress was the right or wrong decision. I always lived with certainty that it was my path. These days, however, I’m beginning to have doubts. I don’t know if I’m talented at acting.”



In some ways, “Little Forest” tells the story of the growth of a mother and daughter, setting out on their own paths and then returning to each other.

Kim Tae Ri described what kind of daughter she is in real life, saying, “My mom and I live well in our own lives. I’m a lot like Hye Won [because] I have a strong sense of independence. My mom is the same way. I think I got this from my mom, and I think Hye Won also got hers from her mom [played by Moon So Ri]. Hye Won and I are quite similar.”

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri will appear in the upcoming tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine,” which is set to premiere in July.

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Announcer Ju Ju-eun “Kim Tae-ri, she was so pretty to see the real thing” (Power FM)



202012160748436210_1_20201216084804259.jpg?type=w430Original view

[News Reporter

Han Jeong-won ] Announcer Ju Ji-eun said, "I was so nervous to see actor and model Kim Tae-ri."

In the SBS Power FM'Kim Young-cheol's Power FM' broadcast on December 16, the announcer Ju-eun revealed the entertainer who was surprised to see the real thing.

One listener asked, "I have a simple dream to meet the announcer Juju-eun in person. Do you have any celebrities you want to meet?" Announcer Ju Ji-eun replied, "This is Kim Seon-ho, which all women in the fortress like. There are no women around me who do not like Kim Seon-ho."

DJ Kim Young-cheol asked, "Are any of the people you've met surprised by'Wow'?" Announcer Ju Ji-eun recalled, "I've seen Tae-ri Kim. I was so pretty and cute that I was trembling. I came down to the'Cinetown' studio to see that I was a celebrity I liked."

Following exposed to regret, "I 'Cine Town, the celebrity guest did not come out when I was a temporary DJ". (Photo = SBS Power FM' of Kim Young Chul-power FM 'capture)





Kim Tae-ri, a tricolor monodrama with a jewelry brand

[Daily Sports Park Jeong-sun]




Photo = Tiffany

Photo = Tiffany


Photo = Tiffany

Tiffany & Co., a world-class luxury house, presented three mini-films with the theme of POWER, JOY, and HOPE with actor Tae-ri Kim on the holiday.

In the film released on the 11th, Tae-ri Kim digested the facial expression with his own emotion.

At the end of the year 2020, the most necessary emotional elements are captured in a video. The point of watching is that each of the three videos expressed their own message by relying solely on the actor's facial expressions, replacing only the clothes, products, and background music according to the individual concept.

Actress Tae-ri Kim, who participated in this video, said, "I hope that new courage, bright laughter, and bright hope will come to all of us who are waiting for the coming 2021 after finishing the eventful 2020."

The three mini-films will be released sequentially at intervals of a week from December 11 through Facebook and Kakao, Tiffany's official social channels



Kim Tae Ri For Dazed Dec 2020 Issue








[Exclusive] Netflix Banking Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri'Seungri-ho' sold for 3 billion won


Money Today Reporter Park Gye-Hyun] [Merry Christmas, 7 billion profits in addition to production costs ...more than expected when considering corona bad news, check the potential of K content]



Movie'Seungri-ho' still cut image/photo provided = Merry Christmas


"Even if you go to the theater, it is difficult to cross the break-even point, so if you leave billions of dollars, you are good." This is a comment from a filmmaker's official about the movie'Seungriho', which chose to go to Netflix instead of opening the theater.

According to related industry sources on the 3rd, it was confirmed that the movie investment distributor Merry Christmas signed a distribution contract receiving 31 billion won on the condition of releasing the most anticipated SF blockbuster'Seungriho' to Netflix alone . Netflix's release date has not been decided yet.

―Netflix 行 Seungho 7 billion profits ...K content potential confirmation ―'Seungriho
' is the most anticipated work of this year, with about 24 billion won invested. Choi, Sung - Soo group, one of the original theater 7-8 tried to stare at the opening month, Corona 19 ( COVID-19 ) aimed at the Thanksgiving season, the impact of September 23 has changed the release date. However, when social distancing was elevated, the release period was delayed indefinitely and distribution negotiations with Netflix began.

The reason why investment distributor Merry Christmas made this decision is that in fact, theater revenue alone is 240This is because we believe it is difficult to reach the break-even point of KRW billion. Rather, through a distribution contract with Netflix, Merry Christmas not only recovered all the production costs of 24 billion won, but also guaranteed a profit rate of about 30 %.

According to the actual Film Council, the past 11 Mon. domestic cinema attendance has accumulated 359 10 000 5467 YoY people 80.7 plunged%. Likewise, it is difficult for them to expect a box office when the theater opens.
In addition, this contract also includes options (holdback, hold back ) that can be opened at multiplex theaters after Netflix opening . In addition to selling distribution rights, it is a condition that distributors can expect profits from Plus Alpha.

In general, in the film industry,'holdback' refers to the time it takes to move to OTT after first opening in theaters, but recently, as the supply and demand of new films has become difficult, some multiplexes reopen films that were previously released in OTT . Mega Box Netflix movie "Wedding Story", "Irish Man ',' The Trial of the Chicago 7 ' has a screened in theaters and the like.
━"Catch K-content recognized in the world" OTT clash ━


0004509158_002_20201204041620983.jpg?type=w430Original view

Actors Hae-Jin Hae, Joong-Gi Song, Tae-ri Kim, and Sun-Gyu Jin pose at the production report of the movie'Seung Ri-ho' (director Jo Sung-hee), which was broadcast live on the morning of August 18 . /Photo courtesy = End Credit


Netflix recently exclusively released Korean masterpieces such as'Hunting Time' and'Cole', and has emerged as the'big hand' of K content production. In addition to'Seungri-ho','Cha In-pyo' and'Night of Paradise' are discussing the release of Netflix.

Netflix takes a strategy of increasing subscribers by exclusively supplying content, and to this end, it invests enormous production costs to produce'original content' every year. There is a forecast that the investment cost alone will reach 20 trillion won this year .

Among them, the cost of spending in Korea is not small. Since 2015 , Netflix has invested in more than 70 contents in Korea amounting to 800 billion won. In the industry, Netflix is expected to increase investment in K content to expand the global market.

To this end, Netflix launched'Netflix Entertainment Ltd.' , a separate corporation in Korea in September . Established. The existing corporation'Netflix Service Korea' is in charge of OTT service operation, subscriber management, technology and policy support, and marketing, while the new corporation will take over the production of original contents and the supply and demand of contents produced in Korea.

Netflix is focusing on the Asian content market, including Korea, as OTT competition in the US is heating up.Secured 10,000 people. It also revealed that 46 % of the world's new subscribers in the third quarter of this year were subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region, including Korea and Japan. Studio Dragon, a drama production company that is a subsidiary of

CJ E&M , has already signed a contract to produce 21 original series that will be supplied to Netflix for three years until 2022 .

In-Hae Ji, a researcher at Hanwha Investment & Securities, said, “ Korean dramas are leading the top 10 traffic in the Southeast Asian market . It is expected that we will continue to receive orders for original contents and invest in tent poles."








PRISTIN Kyulkyung Sees This Actress In Real Life For The First Time And Falls In Love Immediately

2017-12-02 17:05:12

인사이트online community


PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung couldn’t help but let her inner fangirl out when actress Kim Tae Ri walked past her.




online community



At the 2017 Asia Artist Award, Kim Tae Ri passed by Kyulkyung to receive her Best Entertainer Award with actor Sung Hoon



online community


While Kim Tae Ri made her way up to the stage, Kyulkyung stood up from her seat and bowed to say hello to her.




online community


She then turned to DIA’s Chaeyeon and covered her mouth in awe at how a top actress just walked by her.




online community




online community


Watch the adorable moment below!








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Netizens write a narrative to go along with 'Mister Sunshine' actress Kim Tae Ri's elementary school graduation photo

Kim Tae Ri

After discovering actress Kim Tae Ri's super adorable elementary school graduation photo, netizens have spun up a whole narrative to go along with the actress's nostalgic photo!

According to online buzz, Kim Tae Ri's elementary school graduation photo takes the cake for "Celebrity pre-debut photo most likely to have a back story". What kind of mysterious back story does Kim Tae Ri's photo invoke from netizens? One wrote:
"Many people say her face is the type of face to hold the pivotal key to solving a crime mystery kekekeke. [She seems like] the kind of child the main character, who is in charge of solving the case, discovers, then she would follow them around annoyingly until she finally comes out with the truth kekekeke." 


Other netizens said, "The important crime case evidence-type face kekekeke", "Yeah she has a story alright kekeke", "She looks exactly the same as she does now", "She also seems like a child actress in a Japanese film!", "Also a fitting image for 'The Man From Nowhere'", "The way she has her arms crossed says it all kekeke", "It's like I just finished watching a full OCN drama kekekeke", "She is soooo cute!", and more. 
Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri is currently appearing in tvN's 'Mister Sunshine'. Have you been watching the drama?









NOVEMBER 10, 2016



Credits for this picture: Eddie Chacon (Photographer)
Credits for this picture: Eddie Chacon (Photographer)
Credits for this picture: Eddie Chacon (Photographer)

Kim Tae-ri is currently living what could be seen as a Korean version of  American dream. She grew up in what she calls a “very poor family,” working odd jobs through school including as a cashier at KFC. She’d had some success as a model and she had a few student-films under her belt, but she wasn’t optimistic when she decided to attend a casting call for the newest film by Park Chan-wook—one of Korea’s most revered directors and winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes (for Oldboy) in 2004. But, despite her unknown status, she was selected from a group of 1500 hopefuls to star alongside actress Kim Min-hee (who, if you know your Korean cinema, needs no introduction) in what is certain to be one of the most highly anticipated foreign film releases of the year.

All of this serendipity shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Kim Tae-ri is working hard for her fame. A Park Chan-wook movie isn’t an occasion to just show up, hit your mark, and get paid. Aside from the violence, the wonderfully explicit Sapphic sex-scenes, and the emotional range required by the role, the movie itself is just huge. Huge and complex: an almost three-hour vengeance-strangled love-story taking place in 1930s Japanese-occupied Korea, wrapped up in deception as thick as Kudzu, and topped off with Rashomon-esque POV changes. It’d be a demanding role for any actress, let alone a rookie.

But Kim nails it. As Sook-hee, one of two lovers at the center of a web of perversion and strategizing, struggling to be true to her feelings in a patriarchal world where men see her only as a pawn in their plays for power, Kim Tae-ri is beguiling, mercurial, boldly confident, and deliciously unrestrained.

If she still experiences shocks of unreality, or a frisson of giddy disbelief here and there, she isn’t showing it today at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Here she’s undergoing the more quotidian aspects of actresshood—all-day press meets, publicity tours, and interview after interview—made all the more un-fun by having to rely on a translator for every interaction.

I ask her if she has any qualms or fears about stepping out of the darkness of anonymity, but she waves away any concerns—in fact she seems more or less uninterested in even contemplating the idea. “I get that question a lot. I’d say there’s not much of a difference, before and after. I guess I have to be more careful about things,” she says. “I think it has to do with my personality—I try not to get caught up or swayed too much. I try to take it in a more mellow way.”

But during the filming process she wasn’t always so collected. Did she ever struggle during the shoot, or doubt her abilities? She laughs. “All the time! There were days when I even felt like I shouldn’t act anymore! But I think that’s actually one of the joys of acting, to have that agony.”

As for what’s next, Kim is playing it cool. As she said in an interview with Korean tabloid TV News, “I worry about things when they hit me. I didn’t even worry about The Handmaiden. If I disappoint in the next film, I think I can recover in another film. The biggest concern I have at the moment is where I stand in this heated attention I’m getting…and what I should do. I am trying hard to stand in a neutral point.”






Mar 12, 2018
“I want to find the balance within me, and enjoy my work”
A film of KIM Tae-ri, by KIM Tae-ri, for KIM Tae-ri has been released. It’s Little Forest, a film by the director of Forever The Moment (2008) and The Whistleblower (2014), YIM Soon-rye. After starring in PARK Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden (2016) as Sook-hee, KIM Tae-ri entered the spotlight and quickly became a rising star in 2016. She followed up by giving another impressive performance after being cast as Yeon-hee in 1987: When the Day Comes (2017). In Little Forest, she plays Hye-won, a young woman in her 20s who has worries of her own. Hye-won is worn out by the fast, tiring and hungry city life. She decides to move back to the country house she used to live in with her mom when she was young, and spends four seasons there. While eating meals made from the crops she raised herself, Hye-won searches for her soul and gets the courage to live again. It’s a film that heals your soul. We met with KIM Tae-ri who continues to make a name for herself in the Korean film industry to talk about the film.
This is your first film as the lead character. How do you feel?
I was excited the moment I received the scenario. The film turned out even better than I imagined, so I’m satisfied. 
This film came out a little different from the original Japanese manga series. How did the character named Hye-won come to be?
When I met with the director for the first time, we talked for a very long time. She was more curious about what kind of person I was more than talking about the scenario. A few days after she asked me everything about my family affairs and personal details, she called and asked me to come on board. So, I received a script that had already been edited for the Korean audience from the beginning. Hye-won and I have a lot in common. We’re both independent, and we both want to be acknowledged. We also have a lot of pride. In the original, she is someone who closes herself off from others more than me, but I’m similar to her where she tries to resolve her worries, pains, and stresses alone. The area I focused on the most in order to depict Hye-won was in her relationship with her mom. I had to imagine and create a relationship that was omitted from the script. For example, when Hye-won finished her exam and found out her mom had left, she walked through a forest with an upset face. What was she thinking then? How was it like when she lived in the city? That’s what I was thinking about. At first, I thought she would have been very mad. Her mother did not come to her graduation or her first day of school. While she reflected on the days when she was alone in the crowd, I think she would have felt lonely. 
Hye-won continues to apply for the teacher certification exam. She works at a convenience store to make a living, and buy meals from food trucks to get by. This character speaks for a lot of youths in their 20s. 
Hye-won is actually in a unique situation. Her mother left her, but she still went back to her country home. This is something the audience might not relate to. I think that’s why her life in Seoul depicted something very relatable to the audience. By showing a very ordinary life of someone in their 20s, the audience can see themselves or their friends through her.
Did you find yourself getting comforted during the shooting process?
I think the biggest gift was being able to work with other actors at my age. We were always together, and we would just chat with each other on the bench every now and then. Those times really helped heal me.
Director YIM Soon-rye is an animal rights activist and a key female filmmaker. Would you say there is anything unique about her film set?
Director YIM Soon-rye’s rule is that “every living thing is precious”. She also emphasized that we must live together with nature. There are many animals and bugs in our film. There is a scene where Hye-won picks a caterpillar off of her friend. I had to throw the caterpillar from about 3 stories high. We had a blanket prepared on the ground. No one cared about my acting. All of the staff were looking for the caterpillar. Also, if a fly came onto the set, we didn’t catch them. Instead, we just waited for them to leave. While shooting the film, I adopted two abandoned cats. I think I was influenced by the director.
You were in The Handmaiden with PARK Chan-wook, 1987: When the Day Comes with JANG Joon-hwan, and Little Forest with YIM Soon-rye. You were lucky with your films and directors.
Until now, the directors I worked with had broad views of the world and were pure, regardless of their gender. I think I was so lucky, that it’s more like a miracle. Since I’m a new actress, I wanted to meet people who would lead me. I was just starting off during The Handmaiden, so I felt relieved that the script, continuity, film art, and everything else would be perfectly prepared by director PARK Chan-wook. With 1987: When the Day Comes, the continuity wasn’t very important. A lot of the scenes were determined on the spot by the director and the cinematographer. With YIM Soon-rye, I really felt like I was making a film. Some scenes like friends quarreling were made impromptu, and I did a lot of ad-libbing. At first, it was hard to do something on the spot, but it became fun towards the end. I think I’m learning a lot through different projects.
Since The Handmaiden, after portraying several adventurous characters, people also noticed what a strong person you are in real life. You have a lot of female fans. Have you noticed how popular you’ve become?
I know many people started to support me thanks to Sook-hee from The Handmaiden. I intend on keeping this in mind whenever I speak or choose my projects. I don’t want to disappoint my fans. However, I still think that I should find a balance within myself. Instead of making rash decisions, I try to think about things from different angles. 
The Handmaiden recently claimed the BAFTA for ‘Best Film Not in the English Language’. Are you considering using this opportunity to find your way into the international film scene or to star in a co-production?
I’m open to all possibilities. If the opportunity comes, I want to try it. However, I don’t have a burning ambition. I’m worried that I might not have enough ambition, but my hope is to enjoy my work without getting tired or stressed. 
You’ll star in a drama series called Mr. Sunshine.
We’re in the middle of shooting. It’s my first time, so I’m not sure if it’s going well. In movies, you must make your character as impactful as possible within 2 hours. That’s why you have to act very carefully for each scene. But, if I act so powerfully for every scene in a drama, I will get tired and so will the audience. I’m trying to be more relaxed when I perform.
Do you have any films lined up?
I recently watched an indie film called RickRoll'D on the Beach (2016) which was directed by JEONG Ga-young who also stars in it. I was shocked. I didn’t realize one could make such a simple piece that’s also entertaining. I hope more films like hers will be made. Little Forest also cannot be categorized as the main stream film. If such movies can perform well and make enough to recoup the investment, I will be able to make more diverse films too. I want to work with more female directors.






July 14, 2018.

MR.SUNSHINE's explosive ratings: Exclusive interview with Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri in Seoul

Source: NewShowBiz // Thanks to Barbara at LBH soompi for the interviews highlight and English translation

Commentator (C): Korean drama  “Mr. Sunshine” featured Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun and the strongest Best New Actress Kim Tae Ri in the first episode.  The national average rating reached  8.8%  and even broke the highest viewing record of Goblin’s premiere.  (NewShowBiz) has an exclusive interview in Seoul.  From the start, we are attracted by the cute reaction from the actors.

KTR:   The chair has a bit of rustling noise.

LBH:   The chair ia always making noices.

The majestic cinematography is comparable to that of a movie. Even Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byung Hun exclaimed their surprise.

KTR:   I am amazed by the war scenes.  I was deeply touched by the scale and the beauty of the images.  After watching the edited films, I thought the Director has great talent.  I am touched by his ability to shoot such beautiful scenes.

LBH: After watching the trailer, I am proud of this drama.   We should all re-energize and try our best to complete this drama till the end.

C:  The majestic cinematography not only amazed the actors but attracted the audience as well,  Originally, the pairing of the 47 year old Lee Byung Hun, who retuned to the small screen after  9 years with the 28-year-old Kim Tae Ri was not favourably perceived.  Now, praises are pouring in.

Returning to the small screen after a hiatus of 9 years,  Lee Byung Hun:  “because of her”

LBH: My background began in television, even though I have been making movies for a while.  In between, I did make “All In” and “IRIS”.  The interval is just a bit longer than it used to be. This time, it's not any different.  There is a great opportunity so I decided to this drama.  Kim Eun Sook is a well known drama writer.  I look forward to what this cooperation can bring.  Compared to other scripts that I have seen before, her style of script-writing has quite a personality.  For this reason, I have chosen this work.

Being the main actress for a TV drama for the first time, KIm Tae Ri feels the pressure.

KTR: I would be lying if I tell you that I am not nervous.   I tried hard to face the situation and adopted the best attitude,  especially since the scriptwriter and the director are two very influential people in the Korean TV drama industry.  Lee Byung Hun sunbae’s and other sunbaes’ acting are very good and perfect.  So I believe I can rely upon them while filming.

Kim Tae Ri  exposed Lee Byung Hun’s small habits while filming

KTR:   Sunbae has a habit of picking his fingers.  Before filming, he was in a daze and picked his fingers. I thought he was preparing to shoot the next scene.  He has a lot of ideas to suggest to the director.  How about this? How about that?   I think this is instantaneous,  not planned in advance.  He would not miss any opportunity to make this concrete.  I think this is amazing and I should learn this.

LBH:  When I concentrate,  my fingers would unconsciously act like this.  This happens when I am acting too.

C:  Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri used their acting skills to overcome their 20 years age difference.  Kim Eun Sook and Lee Eung Bok who successfully developed “The Descendants of the Sun”  and “Goblin” used a depressing era in Korean history to create a famous scene.

Wearing masks and using guns to confront  each other on the roof, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri created a famous scene.

LBH:  The image of first meeting Ae Shin face to face with masks is very unique to me.  The male and female protagonists fully armed with guns on the roof created a very interesting image and left a deep impression.

KTR:  What impressed me was not the image but acting with Eugene and other actors. When I was acting against them, it left me a deep impression and I want to keep this moment.

KTR:   ‘“Like the spark of fire, although I fear death, but I still chose this path”  (A line from the Drama)

C:  With superb acting and captivating cinematography,  people are playing close attention to see if “Mr. Sunshine”  can sustain the mass fervour  and become the strongest Korean drama in 2018?

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Q and A: Catching up with the stars of 'Mr. Sunshine'

OCT 23, 2018 9:15 AM PHT


Rappler talks to Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri about playing the star-crossed lovers on the show

MANILA, Philippines – If you're late to (or still not onboard) the Korean drama wave, we can't really blame you. With over decades of titles to choose from, it's hard to even think about where to start.

Mr. Sunshine, from the makers of the hit Descendants of the Sun, might be a good place to start. It just concluded its run and all episodes are available for streaming on demand over at Netflix. 

In a nutshell, Mr. Sunshine is a treat for those who enjoy a mix of history and drama. But it's not just about that. Set in the 19th century or the Joseon dynasty in Korea, the show primarily tells the story of Eugene Choi, a Joseon-born man who finds himself in the United States only to later return as a US marine officer. 

He then finds himself falling for the daughter of an aristocrat, all while learning of plans to colonize his native land. If that's not enough reason to get you hooked, we can assure you that the acting is top-notch. 

The writing is also just as tight while being adaptable – Soompi reports that the details of a certain character were tweaked following backlash from viewers.  

Rappler caught up with the stars of Mr. Sunshine who play star-crossed lovers in the hit television series


Photo Courtesy of Hwau0026Dam/Netflix

What motivated or inspired you to be part of Mr. Sunshine

I had a meeting with the writer and the director without knowing anything about the show. I saw how confident and passionate they were about this show, and that's why I decided to take on the project.

How did you prepare for the characters you played – they all have interesting back stories and are all intertwined.

I studied the historical context first and then thought a lot about Ae-shin's relationship with other characters around her. I tried to get a glimpse of her personality in her dialogues with her teacher, nanny, and butler. And afterwards, I tried to understand new situations from Ae-shin's point of view.



Go Ae-shin, in many ways, is the show's spark. How did you prepare to play a noble who always breaks convention?

At first, I wasn't sure to what extent I could push the unconventional personality of Ae-shin. But I found my answer in the various forms of relationships that Ae-shin has with people around her. When Ae-shin is with her nanny, Ham-ahn, who is a mother figure to Ae-shin, she is very different from the version of herself when she walks around the streets of Seoul covered up in a cloak.

Likewise, Ae-shin is different when she's around Eugene, who is a stranger but intriguing, and when she meets Hui-seong, who comes to visit her after 10 years of absence. So I tried to portray different extents to which Ae-shin lets her guard down depending on who she's around. I think that helped build a much more interesting character.

Do you do your own action sequences and stunts? How was the experience?

I tried my best to cover as many scenes as possible myself. I checked with experts about safety issues before we started shooting action scenes. Even then, once I started shooting, I would get quite eager to do a better job. I was tumbling around, hitting into everything and ending up with a lot of bruises. But when the scene comes out great, I feel so rewarded. I had to balance myself between my eagerness to do a better job and my safety.

Compared to other dramas, do you think there's more pressure when dramas are historical? In what ways?

There are certain sentiments that are almost ingrained in you as a citizen of a country. Historical drama can be a bit sensitive in that sense. Ae-shin has multiple layers to herself – her patriotism towards her country, her determination to protect her family, and her feelings for her lover. It occurred to me that if one single aspect is emphasized too much, that could distort the character as a whole. Anything is possible for a human being, in theory, but Ae-shin is a character in a drama for [a large audience to see]. It was challenging to play Ae-shin because how a character is perceived by the viewers is also important.







Lee Byung Hun Praises 'Mr. Sunshine' Co-Star Kim Tae Ri, 'I Saw the Devil' Actor Says 'Little Forest' Actress Is Not A 'Rookie'

BY NONON NICOLAS / JUN 27, 2018 03:08 AM EDT
lee-byung-hun-was-impressed-with-his-much-younger-mr-sunshine-co-star-kim-tae-ri-photo-by-allkpop-youtube.jpg Lee Byung Hun was impressed with his much younger 'Mr. Sunshine' co-star Kim Tae Ri! Photo by AllKPop/YouTube


There is little doubt that Lee Byung Hun is already a living legend. The 47-year-old actor has already made a name for himself in Hero, I Come With The Rain, and I Saw The Devil. In addition to that, he has successfully crossed over to Hollywood with hit movies like G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Terminator Genisys, and The Magnificent Seven. Nevertheless, Byung Hun has admitted that he was impressed with the performance of his Mr. Sunshine leading lady Kim Tae Ri. The star of The Good, the Bad, the Weird even stated that the 28-year-old actress didn't act like a rookie at all.

Lee Byung Hun has already worked with acting heavyweights like Bruce Willis, Emilia Clarke, Helen Mirren, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, the RED 2 star did not expect that his newest co-star would surpass all his expectations despite the fact that she is 20 years his junior. Byung Hun couldn't help but praise Kim Tae Ri for her work in Mr. Sunshine.

The stars of Mr. Sunshine recently had a press conference to promote the series written by Descendants of the Sun scriptwriter, Kim Eun Sook. Lee Byung Hun spoke up about the age difference between him and Kim Tae Ri, stating that his leading lady is an absolute professional

"Biologically we have a big age gap but I couldn't feel it at all when acting," Lee Byung Hun said of Kim Tae Ri, adding that he "couldn't believe she's a rookie."

Kim Tae Ri also praised her Mr. Sunshine leading man by saying she is "very blessed" to be working with Lee Byung Hun. Although she was initially overwhelmed by the idea of acting alongside the Memories of the Sword star, the Little Forest actress shared that Byung Hun kept her at ease.

"I was afraid that I might not be able to keep up when acting (with Lee Byung Hun) but I'm trying my best," Kim Tae Ri said. "He treats me very comfortably so I didn't feel any discomfort at all."

See how well Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri worked together when Mr. Sunshine premieres on tvN on July 7.

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[Interview] Kim Tae-ri Went Bowling with Ryu Jun-yeol and Jin Ki-joo

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink


Actress Kim Tae-ri talked about Ryu Jun-yeol and Jin Ki-joo with whom she starred in "Little Forest".


This was the first time Kim Tae-ri worked with people of her age. In "Little Forest" the three are hometown friends.

"I thought the movie was fun regardless of the reviews. Ryu Jun-yeol, Jin Ki-joo and I sat in a row to watch it at the premiere. The three of us really looked like friends in the movie".

"Thanks to them, I was able to perform Hye-won like a true country girl. I worried a lot about that, but with Jae-ha (Ryu Jun-yeol) and Eun-sook (Jin Ki-joo), I just let myself go".

Kim Tae-ri added, "Working with Ryu Jun-yeol and Jin Ki-joo was so meaningful. It was the first time I acted with people my age so it was different and more comfortable because we could joke around with each other".

"The scenes with the three of us are full of lines we came up on that day. The line where Jun-yeol asks Ki-joo if she knows coffee were all made-up on the spot".

Break times were fun for them. "We even went bowling downtown. Ryu Jun-yeol has his own bowling ball. He was really good".

"Little Forest" is about Hye-won, whose life isn't easy on her, returning to her hometown and spending quality time with her long-time friends Jae-ha and Eun-sook. It's directed by Yim Soon-rye.


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Sook-Hee And Tae-Ri

Shining Actor Kim Tae-Ri From The Korean Film Industry

We Saw The Face Of Sook-Hee, Whom We Loved, From Tae-Ri Kim





Fur Jackets Zara (Zara), Knitted Sweaters Escada (Escada), Shah Skirt Repetto (Repetto), Blue Earrings Maui By Jacques Van (Mawi By BbanZZac), Shoes Syureu Herd (Shurte)



The Brightest Rookie Produced By The Korean Film Industry In 2016, Director Park Chan-Wook’s New Muse, The Most Shining Rookie Produced By The Korean Film Industry In 2016, Director Park Chan-Wook’s New Muse, And Khan’s New Star. I Was Curious About The Seven-Year-Old Actor Kim Tae-Ri. I Didn't Know Anything About Her Other Than The Fact That She Played'Sook-Hee' In The Movie <Girl>, So The Conversation Focused On Actor Kim Tae-Ri's Thoughts Of The Past And Now. Meanwhile, In The Middle Of The Conversation, We Had A Mysterious Experience In Which The Image Of Sook-Hee We Loved Overlapped Her Face. Like Sook-Hee, Who Had A Strong Sense Of Pride In Herself, Who Had Lived As A'Daedo', She Believed In'everyday's Work' That She Had Worked Hard To Build Before Becoming An Actor. So, To The Question About Life Other Than An Actor, He May Have Answered, "Even If I Get A Job Other Than An Actor, I Am Confident That I Will Find My Own Way Of Life On That Path." That's Why The 23-Year-Old Actress, Who Met With Acting Ghosts Who Only Knows About Works, Looked Exceptionally Pretty. The Self-Esteem Of Believing In Oneself In The Past And In The Future Is Not Of The Nature That Can Be Made Just Because One Film Is Successful. When Asked If She Had Any Troubles When Choosing The Path Of A Difficult Theater Actress, She Replied Very Shortly, Saying,'Nothing'. Like Sook-Hee, Who Jumped Into Hideko Without Any Questions, She Doesn't Count. I Remembered Holding Hideko's Hand And Jumping Out Of The Tragedy And Running In The Field. Actor Kim Tae-Ri Was Convinced That He Would Continue Running Like That. All That Is Needed To Run That Path Is Confidence In The Direction To Go And The Boldness To Stand Up To The Hardships That May Be Encountered.

What Is The Notebook You Are Holding? It's A Diary. I Don’t Have A Good Memory. I Brought My Diary In The Middle Of The Interview Because I Wanted To. This Is Cheating Paper.

What Is Written? Write Down Thoughts Or Things To Remember From Moment To Moment. I Wrote It From The Beginning Of The Play. I Don't Have Memory, But I Don't Have Persistence, So I Couldn't Write My Diary Every Year After Only Filling In January And February. I Think That Things From The Past Were Piled Up And Made Me Who I Am Now, But It Seems That I Was Throwing Away All The Past.

Is It For Acting? It's For Myself Rather Than Acting.

It's Not Easy, But Let's Remember It Now. "It's All Coincidence", Right? I Wanted To Say That The Incidents I Encountered With People I Met By Chance Feel Much More Valuable At This Moment. There Are Many Lives In The World. You Have To Choose Only One Of The Countless Paths. I Was Grateful That I Had A Certain Idea And Made A Choice At A Moment In The Past. Even To The Countless Coincidences That Influenced You To Become An Actor.

I Filmed My First Commercial Feature Film With Director Park Chan-Wook And Went To The Cannes International Film Festival. Do You Have Any Pros And Cons That The Best Experience You Can Call The Climax For An Actor Is The Starting Point Of Filmography? I Also Thought That Meeting <Girl> Would Be A Good Thing For Me, And Whether I Had Met An Excessively Large Work And A Large Role In My Situation. At The Time, There Were More Negative Thoughts And A Lot Of Worries. There Are A Lot Of Advantages I Got From Meeting <Girl>. The Fact That You Are Interviewing Here And The Many Opportunities You Will Have In The Future Will Likely Come From <Girl>. However, It Seems A Little Too Early To Say That It Was A Good Choice In My Life. It's Only Been A Very Short Time. Hopefully, It Will Remain A Great Advantage Even After A Lot Of Time Has Passed.

Until Last October, I Filmed <Mr. Just One Year Has Passed. What Has Changed The Most In The Meantime? I Became Very Anxious. That's The Case When I Think About Before And After Starting <Girl>, Not Between A Year.

What Kind Of Anxiety Are You? I Decided To Make An Actor My Job Because I Believed I Had A Talent For This Job. That's Why I Think I Acted Without Hesitation Before Meeting <Girl>. But Now, There Are Times When The Thought Of'I'm Not Without Talent' Comes Like A Storm. Of Course, I Change My Mind Every Other Day.

Even Though Everyone Says That Actor Kim Tae-Ri Did A Good Job? Yes. I Think.

Are You Dull In Praise? I Like The Compliment Very Much. It Feels Good To Hear The Praise, But I Just Pass It On. Praise Doesn't Change My Heart For The Day. Also, I Think This Attitude Is Important. At Least I Think I Shouldn't Let People Compliment Me.

However, If Director Park Chan-Wook Compliments, The Story Will Change. I Described Actor Kim Tae-Ri As'one Artist'. How Do You Think He Said That  ? Rather Than Giving It A Lot Of Meaning... (Laughs), As More And More Jobs To Be Released And Interviewed, The Director Will Inevitably Be Asked Similar Questions. That Doesn't Mean You Can't Give The Same Answer Every Time, So The Answers Are Upgraded As The Interviews Are Repeated. Isn't That The Final Evolution?

Aren't You Shy Away From Asking Questions? No. (Laughs) The Director Is Very Good At Speaking. I Think You Said It Nicely.





Knit Turtleneck And Gold Decorative Zipper Skirt All Salvatore Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo), Shoes Syureu Herd (Shurte).


White Knitted Sweaters Which (IRO), Ivory Wool Pants Escada (Escada), A Gold Bangle Monde (Mond).


Both Coat And Lace Dress Are From Andy & Debb (Aady & Debb).



While Going To The Cannes International Film Festival, It Was Awkward To Write "Actor" In The Job Section Of The Immigration Report. Are You Still? I Still Write It As A Student. It's Just A Student. (Laughs) You Don't Have To Write It As An Actor. If Someone Asks Me, I Can Tell You, But...

Are You Unfamiliar With Introducing Yourself To Learn? I'm Not Used To It Yet.

Did You Know That The'past Photos' Taken At School When They Were College Students Were Popular Among Fans?  It's A Picture That Frustrates Everyone Because He's Pretty Even Though He's Wearing Glasses That Are Big Enough To Cover His Face In A Big Purple Sweatshirt That Will Remain After Two Bodies. Fuhaha. I Didn't Know At All, But Later I Found Out That The Training Suit Friend Gave It To Me. When A Friend Sent The Picture, He Said,'You Wore The Clothes I Gave You Really Well.' I Couldn't Believe That It Was Me, So I Asked If I Really Went There And Said That It Was (Laughs)

Maybe You Weren't Interested In Decorating It. I Like To Decorate, But I Don’t Think I’m Good At It. Also, I Don't Have Persistence, So I Get Tired Immediately After Decorating The Day. That's Why I Give Up The Next Day. It Is Comfortable And Good To Give Up.

Deciding To Become A Theater Actor Would Also Mean That I Would Endure Financial Difficulties. Was The Idea Of Becoming An Actor A Natural Decision? I Think It Didn't Matter When It Passed, But At The Time, I Didn't Even Worry About That. If You Don't Have Money, You Can Live Without It. Even If You Don't Have A Bus Fee, You Can Ride A Bicycle, Feed You At Home, And Buy Whatever You Want Later When You Have Money.

You Can Wear The Clothes Your Friend Gave You. Yes (Laughs)

I Tend To Be Honest And One-Dimensional About What I Want To Do. Yes.

Outside Of The Actor's World? Even If I Have A Job Other Than An Actor, I Have The Confidence That I Will Find My Way To Live In That Field.

After <Mr. Lady>, Many People Will Be Wondering What Is Next To Actor Kim Tae-Ri. Are You Confident That It's Okay To Betray Everyone's Expectations Nicely? You May Not Be Able To Act, Or There May Be A Less Interesting Movie. In Some Cases, You Can Be Very Scolded By The Audience. But I Will Continue To Live As An Actor As Long As I Want To. During Interviews, I Am Often Asked, "What Do You Think, You Showed The Best In <Girl>." In That Case, They Say, "If That's My Best Figure, I'm Ruined..." I Should Continue Acting, Hoping That There Will Be A Better Figure Than I Am Now. Of Course, It Could Be A Little Bit Better, But Will The End Be So Much Better Than Now Anyway?

Back At The Beginning, At The End Of The Awards Ceremony At The Director's Cut Awards, He Said,'I Will Always Think About The Virtues That A Good Actor Should Have'. What Kind Of Actor Does Kim Tae-Ri Think Of A Good Actor? A Good Actor Is A Good Actor. When I Think About What To Do To Be Such A Good Actor, It Seems That The Effort I Can Do Right Now Is To Work Hard On What Is Given. I Think So Now. If I Accumulate A Lot Of Experience, Do A Lot Of Work, And Meet A Lot Of People, I Think I Can Naturally Enter That Path.


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1 hour ago, Berou said:

Great , we have now a lot of interviews that could be included in the first post with their links. 




@DrBooger we can safely say she is an anomaly and one of a kind. I started following her religiously after reading some of her interviews. The more I read about her and the interviews, the more I adore and admire her. So in my POV she is raising the bar  not only on screen but off screen too. 


Interview with arirang




The Handmaiden press conference at Cannes




The red carpet at Cannes



She indeed is one of a kind, it's her off screen personality that really got me interested in her (besides her impressive acting abilities), like you mentioned the more I come across her interviews my admiration for her only grows, she comes across as a sincere, deep, hard working, down to earth person and in her on screen interviews a very fun loving, bubbly, full of life ,free spirited women!She has gone through alot of hardships to be at the place she is today, Hoping she soars higher and achieves all her goals she has set out to do so!

Thank you, I will incorporate these links to her interviews in the first post:glee:

The red carpet at Buil Film Awards




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Doe-Eyed Kim Tae Ri on the Cover of Elle Korea

Movie actress Kim Tae Ri has recently landed on the cover of Elle Korea's January issue. Kim also posed for the accompanying interior spread in which she wore various white-colored outfits against a plain background, while still managing to look quite striking. 
The actress is currently preparing for her first K-drama lead role in Kim Eun Sook's Mr. Sunshine, which is sure to bring her more exposure. It also pairs her up with Lee Byung Heon, who is not only 20 years her senior but also tends to generate controversy with is personal life.
















Source: Elle Korea, TheQoo


Unfortunately I am unable to copy the original interview!







Jan 24, 2018, Actress Kim TaeRi, photos from "ELLE".







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Kim Tae Ri Offers Wise Words of Advice to Fans Who Feel Stuck and Unmotivated in Life

“Usually, all thoughts that make you anxious are useless and should be forgotten.”



Actress Kim Tae Ri recently chatted with her fans on V Live and showed a more easy-going side of herself that’s contrasting of the roles she’s known for playing in movies and dramas

During the conversation, a fan confessed, “I don’t know what I should be doing on my days off, and I want to live a busy life, but time passes too

quickly and I always feel tired.



In response, Kim Tae Ri sympathized with her fan and said, “You get anxious about time passing too quickly, and you feel dumb for not doing anything in your free time, right?





She then explained, “Rather than thinking about the past or future, it’s best to only focus on the present.” She also added, “Usually, all thoughts that make you anxious are useless and should be forgotten.



Kim Tae Ri used herself as an example and advised, “Watching a movie or reading a book doesn’t seem like much, but if you do them, you feel like you’ve done something and feel better as a result.




She also mentioned, “You don’t have to finish a book. You can just read snippets here and there. That’s why I need a lot of bookmarks. I even use napkins or receipts sometimes.


She wrapped up her thoughts by expressing, “Instead of feeling stuck, I think doing something, even if it’s reading just three pages of a book, is very worthwhile.

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  • DrBooger changed the title to Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Upcoming movie: Alien, Upcoming Drama: Twenty-Five, Twenty-One]
  • Guest changed the title to Kim Tae Ri 김태리~Chungmuro Star~ [Current movie : Space Sweepers]

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