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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Pachinko, 파친코 - Lee Min Ho, Youn Yuh Jung, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami - on Apple TV+

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Pachinko   Profile Drama: Pachinko Hangul: 파친코 Author: Lee Min Jin Executive Producer & Screenwriter: Soo Hugh Directors: Kogonada & Justin Chon  N

Hansu believed that she’d been foolish for refusing to be his wife in Korea. What did it matter that he had a marriage in Japan?  .. }  Hansu in pachinko most not understand someone refusing h

Lee Min Ho Among Six Cast in ‘Pachinko’ Series at Apple   Apple has officially announced the cast for its “Pachinko” series, with Korean superstar Lee Min Ho among those starring in the seri

1 minute ago, lupeace said:


nothing official yet. filming will end in april so probably it will air in the autumn 2021

imagine watching Pachinko in the Fall and a new drama from LMH in the winter. :highonflowers:

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The growing media industry, broadcasting companies, has also changed.


It is interpreted that the entry of distribution companies into the media is aimed at areas where marketing, promotion, and sales of products can take place at the same time. Whatever the reason, the growing media market is considered "welcome" by existing media officials as well, with distribution companies joining. Moreover, as the global OTT market and media commerce business have grown recently, traditional media stance is also changing.


Not only are domestic retailers entering the media industry, but Apple TV+ and Disney Plus are also predicting their entry into the domestic market. As Netflix quickly secured Korean dramas and entertainment, and its market share in Southeast Asia's OTT market rose vertically to 31 percent, global OTT operators are rushing to secure Korean content in order to dominate the Asian market. In particular, Korean content is more attractive due to its high "cost-effectiveness" because it is at least five to 10 times cheaper to produce than Hollywood dramas and has a strong fan base.


Apple TV+ will also release its best-selling novel "Pachinko," written by Korean-American writer Lee Min-jin, as an original drama ahead of its entry into Korea in 2021. It not only captures the stories of four Korean immigrant families with historical backgrounds, but also aims for the global market by casting Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Min-ho. 



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Yoon Yeo-jung's Unending Challenge, Now a Global Actor

Yoon Yeo-jung is likely to make history in Hollywood, as she has been recognized for her possible Academy nomination for the movie "Minari" (directed by Jung Isaac).


She then announced her entry into Hollywood with the Netflix drama "Sense 8" in 2015, and appeared in the pilot episode of "Highland." Currently, she has started filming for "Pachinko," a drama to be released on the internet video streaming service (OTT) Apple TV+.



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Competition for South Korea's OTT platform is expected to accelerate further in 2021.


In addition to Disney Plus, Apple TV+ seems to be considering a formal launch in Korea. Hwang Seok-hee, a famous Korean film translator, also drew attention by saying on SNS that "Apple TV and Amazon appear to be selecting translation companies." Although Apple TV+ had no Korean subtitles, Korean subtitles were added and Korean user interfaces were updated starting this summer. It also recruited Korean video content programming editors. In particular, as the original Apple TV+ series "Pachinko," in which Korean actors such as Lee Min-ho, Yoon Yeo-jung and Jung Eun-chae took the lead, confirmed its production, attention is being paid to whether it will be officially launched in Korea.



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48 minutes ago, nina_mitrokhina 5misnina said:

Nonsan Sunshineland If you go today, you can see Lee Min Ho, but I haven't been there ~ lol Pachinko? Shooting ~ My cousin is the staff.
It was Corona, so the staff set up on the door and left.
It seems that it was taken only by the director and the actor. Lol

LMH has been busy filming which is why he has been MIA. Glad we got some news from Pachinko filming. They do have a tight security. Looking forward to more updates :approves:

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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The article is old from November 8, 2020, but I was interested in the opinion of the scriptwriter, because a lot depends on his interpretation in the drama:




"Pachinko" drama writer starring Lee Min Ho shares details ...




Kanal247.com -

Lee Min Ho is definitely not a foreign name for Korean drama lovers. This actor managed to appear in every drama he played. If he has appeared since his appearance in Boys Over Flower, Min Ho has always appeared as a handsome, rich guy.


In his latest drama, The King: The Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho has once again grabbed the attention of international fans with his charisma. In the drama, which also stars Kim Go Eun, the 33-year-old actor plays Lee Gon, the king of the Korean kingdom, rich dicol, handsome face.


It is not surprising that his acting charisma manages to amaze every step. Now he is also ready to greet fans with his latest drama, "Pachinko." Min Jin Lee, screenwriter for "Pachinko," revealed the actor's details to Hyphen Magazine.


Lee Min Ho is best known for playing the role of Ko Hansu. He is very powerful, has a strong position. Baho Min Jin Lee also admitted that he himself idolized Ko Hansu. He is an "intellectual" philosopher and has a strong work ethic.




“Ko Hansu, occupies the highest echelons of the world. Strong power is very attractive because they have a clear code of conduct that is often non-negotiable, ”explained Min Jin Lee. "Ko Hansu seems to be one of the most interesting characters I've ever met in literature, perhaps my favorite character in the entire novel."

“But then you see an aspect of more evil behavior, Ko Hansu intends to be an evil criminal, but because he has so much power,

resources, he is ambitious and disciplined, smart and talented, he cannot be evil,” the writer continued. “I think Hansu has a traditional immigrant anxiety because he is not one of those obsessed with conventional security. He is an "intellectual" philosopher: "I think he is very good because he himself has a genius with a strong work ethic."


Google translation




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The smallest number of spectators appeared OTT dinosaurs ... The future of theater in 2021


Since the end of the year, the OTT (Internet Video Services) market has been expanding and growing. Walt Disney recently officially announced the launch of its OTT Disney Plus platform in the Korean market. The rumored Disney Plus Korea launch date has been confirmed in 2021. Disney Plus features all content created by Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 21st Century Fox and National Geographic, as well as Disney animation. That is, happy dinosaurs are invading Korea.


Apple TV is already rolling out Korean original series. Director Kim Ji Young held a megaphone and contacted renowned directors and writers such as "Dr. Robin," in which Lee Sung Kyung starred, and "Pachinko," in which a play based on Lee Jin Sung's novel with Lee was staged. Min Ho starring, and a strong wind was predicted ...







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All of Apple's Original TV Shows and Movies


Thursday December 17, 2020 3:23 PM PST by Juli Clover


Apple has dozens of original TV shows and movies in the works for its Apple TV+ streaming service, which debuted on November 1, 2019. In this guide, we've rounded up everything that Apple is working on, including shows that have launched, and upcoming shows and projects that are still in development.

Details about TV shows and movies become clearer as these shows are cast and as episodes are filmed, so for some of these titles, we don't have a lot of information at this time. This guide is updated on a regular basis with all new original content details, and more information on each title can be found on Apple's Apple TV+ press site.




Other TV Shows in the Works




Apple has secured the rights to create a TV show based on Min Jin Lee's bestselling novel "Pachinko," which chronicles the lives of four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family in Japan. Apple officially ordered eight episodes of the show in March 2019.

The story begins in 1911 with the birth of Sunja, who becomes involved with a married yakuza, falling pregnant and facing ruin in her small village. The town's minister offers her a new life in Japan as his wife, where she is alone, lost, and unable to speak the language. The book then follows the Sunja's family through eight decades and four generations.


Notable names: Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will play Hansu, Jin Ha will play Solomon, Anna Sawai will play Sunja, Minha Kim will play Sunja, Soji Arai will play Mosazu, and Kaho Minami will play Etsuko.




Once on the project, this line of artists will reunite in the newest 2021 drama!


Not only is it a unique story, but drama can also ignite in the hearts of fans thanks to players who are equally supportive with amazing play. However, a lot of fans "pity" the communication between players, who were not given much attention. But just like in the match, the players who played in the drama below will meet again in new projects in 2021! Who are they?


Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae


It was confirmed some time ago that Lee Min Ho will debut on the Hollywood screen in the drama "Pachinko," which will air on AppleTV +. The drama, adapted from the book of the same name, tells the story of a Korean family's move to Japan, which ends in a battle between three countries, namely Korea, Japan and America. Besides Lee Min Ho, the beautiful actress Jung Eun Chae has also been confirmed for a long time in this drama. This Hollywood drama will reunite Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae, who starred in The King: Eternal Monarch last April.



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  • syntyche changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Pachinko, 파친코 - Lee Min Ho, Youn Yuh Jung, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami - on Apple TV+

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