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  1. is it a sure thing? that site's name doesnt make me believe it. hollywood reporter said she will play naomi. and whats yoon yoo jung gonna play if she isnt old sunja?
  2. in the book it is said that when they aged even though hansu is older than sunja but he looked much younger than her. maybe thats why they choose jung woung in
  3. the hairstyle is sooo good it kind of gives hansu vibes unbelievably handsome i think this will be my favorite lmh photoshoot. soo simple yet soo dangerous @Nikaa94 it will be amazing if he wears something like this in a drama
  4. your analysis is on point in everything i wish you are right concerning your question about yeon yoo jung. i think at first she will appear as a narrator of the story where lmh wil play young hansu. then later on the story will move to the present where she will play herself (old sunja) and lmh play noa. what do you think?
  5. guys i was wondering why other actors character was revealed except only for "jung woung in" character is a secret? the only explanation i found is as @1ouise said he will play old hansu and lmh will play noa as well. so they want to keep it secret. i dont see any logic in hiding that "jung woung in" will play yoseob while revealing other's characters. he's not that important of a character compared to the others. dont forget that noa casting hasnt been revealed yet please my delusions be true
  6. thank you for the info. korea seems excited for pachinko series im your hobea/junior @leeminhosny @Min2206 because i had the same phone for 5years now for the same reason as you. im not ready to change it yet
  7. im really shocked not just by the blog managers but also its visitors. most of them congratulated him . the amount of hate he usually gets there is unbelievable. i remember all lmh haters gather in that blog. i still cant beleive it maybe they just coudlnt find a hate comment under this article. i still cant trust them. anyway its a fact that he is a hallyu king by korean ministry's numbers and im glad that even haters cant deny that or say something about it
  8. me too i dont have problem with lmh playing that scene. im actually looking forward to seeing him do such scenes and i have said many times that i wish to see him play a violent character in his next works. i cant forget how cool he looked in gangnam blues beating the guy who confessed that youngi is the one who killed his father. even lmh seems to like it cuz he did put that scene on his mlog first episode.
  9. lol nikaa at first i thought you were speaking about lmh and i got excited then i readed the article and found its the other guy i dont think so. he is too old for noa. he will probably play yoseob
  10. i kind of understand why people think he is cold and picky. actually if i wasnt his fan i probably would have the same thoughts of him. the main reason is that he is one of the few people who have a strong vibe and presence to him. his charisma and the aura around him makes people who dont know him find it hard to approach him at first and they will think 100 time what to say to him before meeting him in order to not make a mistake. only after i saw his interviews/airport fancams and his fan events that i knew how kind and warm he is from the way he treats fans i believ
  11. please lmh dont clown us and let it be true that you have another work in 2021 i need official announcement asap
  12. i have already lost hope for a second work in 2021 long time ago and the main reason for that is other actors dramas take at maximum 3/4 months of filming while lmh dramas took 7/8 months
  13. i wish that they will release the audition clip later on if its available. i want to see the producers/writer and the director's impression on lmh
  14. i dont know anything anymore . please stop confusing me im just gonna wait untill official statement comes out
  15. @Missprincesa im really stupid and very excited to notice that the title of the tweet is "pachinko filming update" i think the date are oganized in american order( month/day/year) not europian order (day/month/year) and thats what confused me
  16. the tweet that @Missprincesa qouted says: schedule: from 2/6/2021 to 4/9/2021 but we dont know if its official release date though
  17. @pixie0622 i just posted a comment under lmh's last video saying something similar to what you said. is it you who commented it? i liked it
  18. what? i thought that they said filming in canada will start 13 feb not juin? but if it is really the release date then why would it take 4 months while being aired (from juin to sep) when its just 8 episodes. dont tell me we will only watch 2 episodes each month aaaah im confused
  19. is that the release date? it makes sense cause they said it will air in the middle of 2021 then we should anticipate the trailer to be out in May
  20. im getting spoiled by lmh this days . i cant get enough of him . now im too greedy i want daily new content . i need to get mysef together btw i liked this comment under his last video : "People first release the main thing then post Behind the scenes. But for Minho its different. He first showed us all the behind the scene footages of how the whole thing came together, makes us impaitient, make us wait and then uploads the main thing. That's such a unique idea of him. Why the hell is he so perfect? At this point i am just head over heels for him"
  21. wow i woke up to a sea of lmh new content that i cant keep up with he looks soo hot and sexy in GQ korea magazine btw i find it funny that he said he would be embarassed if he failed the audition but also very proud that he worked so hard not to. im wondering who are the colleagues he mentioned that auditioned with him for hansu. im not shading anyone of them; its just that im very very proud that he won the role over them. now im looking forward even more than i was to seeing pachinko and i cant wait for the trailer to be out he said he will t
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