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  1. LMH winning hearts BTW i voted for KDR and sehwa cause they have the most beautiful love story in kdrama land and their chemistry was different and "elegant" compared to other kdrama couples. my second choice is kim tan and yoo rachel. i did want him to end up with ES but his scenes with KJW made me wish to see them as a couple in another project
  2. this youtube channel featured two of LMH dramas LMH's handsomeness can't be denied by anyone
  3. finally he really doesn't deserve the hate he gets lately kminoz worked really hard requesting this to mym
  4. thnks for the info if im not wrong LJJ's movie will be released this week and maybe he went to watch it and support his senbae
  5. th thank you for the link the last phrase catched my attention. it says: We'll see you with good news, so please wait a little longer after reading it now i really can't wait pali pali next project news please
  6. if anyone of you is curious as much as me then this is LMH's house i liked it ps: i hope that soompi will solve things out. even if there might be other alernatives but im too used to soompi forums
  7. yes finally it is fixed i really missed you all cant wait to continue our discussions again
  8. im one of those minoz who suggested detective role for him but i would also like to see him play an anti-hero role. im sure that i've seen an interview where he mentioned that he wants to play a villian in the future. one more role that i wish him to play is something like the ML of THE GREAT GATSBY but not now ofcourse cause i know many minoz dont want to see him play a rich role for now. maybe after he makes 2/3 different projects. im sure that he will nail the role of gatsby as much as dicaprio did.
  9. im a bit late to this but you are talking about yoon eun hye? right? i too remember before her scandal that alot of people wanted them to work together. i only watched her in CP and IMY but i loved her acting. i woud'nt be skeptical of her if it wasnt for her scandal cause they match so perfectly. check out this video of them another actress that i thought of is lee honey she's very good and very funny in comedy movies. maybe it would be better if they play a funny couple rather than a romantic one cause i rlly dont see her as an actress who plays romance
  10. its allright just dont do this again and it is partly my fault for raising my hopes of hearing comeback news so soon
  11. pleaaase dont do this ever again you created suspense and palyed with my emotions i though that the news of next project came out
  12. @scrawford and @Nikaa94 how come i forgot about AC writer and pd. thanks for mentioning them i liked AC and the writer seems good but my only problem with it is that the ML's character didn't develope at all from the inocent/idiot guy in ep01 despite going through alot of situations that could have changed him and this made me so disapointed and want to punch him in the face and i blame the writer for that. so yeah im a bit skeptical if LMH should work with him. however the pd is really good and has worked on different genres as you mentined. i would be really happy if he collaboretes with LMH my only concern is that both of them are still working on the new season of AC although it is postponed and im not sure if they will work on another project before that.
  13. i just saw this video by coincidence and thought it would be nice to share it with you doesnt he look so cool . i think that's what he was talking about in TKEM bts when he said that he was so good with swords back in the days of FAITH. although he seems to be in a photoshoot in this video but he has the same hairstyle of choi young and the title says its 2012. maybe he was practicing (such a hardworking guy) that doesn't seem like a sword though this is making me want to see him do action movies or dramas again PS: check the chanel that updated this video. they have so many good videos
  14. in guerilla date interview he said that although he wanted gangnam 1970 to be a box office hit but still he wants to win an award which means he does want to be acknowledged for his acting skills. i think he's looking for a project that will help him in acheiving both goals (sorry about cutting your post btw) sorry about cutting your post too chingu. tottaly agree and i wish he would surprise us by choosing to play in a hollywood movie for his next project. that pesky english can be improved if he puts effort in it or he could star in a movie in which he will only talk korean with a litle bit of english like choi min sik's role in the movie "LUCY" if anyone of you have watched it.
  15. Hi minoz i was busy these days couldnt post anything but i did read all your discussions and enjoyed it which is why i want to thank you all for keeping this thread active BTW in the last poll i voted for mystery/suspense project and for the role i wish that he would play a profiler cause i loved the way he analysed things in TKEM so i voted for ditective which is the closest thing to it sorry for cutting your post but for real though all the writers and pds are busy . if he isnt gonna chose new pd and writers then it is most likely that he would do films for now i rlly dont care much be it movie or drama just give us next project news minho ssi
  16. the knee injury happened when he has alrdy started his acting career by a car accident and i think he was in highschool then but the hand injury happened when he was younger than that. maybe in his midle school era
  17. im a football fan so ill try to answer that question. hands play a very important role in playing football/soccer. such as finding balance and momentum while running or kicking the ball and they improve the speed and agility of the player making him hard to knock down and they also help the player in keeping the defenders away from taking the ball from him. there might be other advantages but this is all i know. so many updates today and im loving it although it leave us with hunger feelings for his next project.
  18. @CarolynH im all in for the poll my favorite genre is thriller with some rom. something like an undercover agent in the underworld struggling to hide his identity kind of like the drama heartless city if you have watched it
  19. true. anyone in his place would have agreed to take the role cause the story had everything but the director and writer didnt get the best of it. totally agree and hoping it will be a huge hit nationally and internationally
  20. i just need to say that since you are discusing his next project i hope he doesn't chose it based on writers but rather on the story itself and the script even if the writer hasnt had a hit before. cause al. the writers who are famous right now werent good from the start. although i liked TKEM but still KES did disappoint me in some aspects (you wouldn't think that she's the one who wrote Mr. sunshine) i just dont want our boy to fall in the same mistake once again
  21. i had the same wish as you but unfortnately he is working on a new drama. i dont think that they have casted anyone yet but still i dont think that LMH will be in it cause its talking about admiral lee sun shin which well be likely played by an older actor and just so you know its going to be aired on SBS HAHAHA but who knows fingers crossed. LMH has aready played a general and he can do it once again and nail it
  22. thiis is actually his mom with professional player cha bum kun ( not his father ) he's very famous in SK due to his contributions to their football history minho met him at that age after he succeeded in entering this man's institut for learning football ( we all know that his dream was becoming a pro footballer ) and it was hard to succeed but our boy did it. minho would have been a great famous player if it wasnt for the injury that stopped him.
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