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[OFFICIAL] Kim Soo Hyun x Seo Ye Ji (MoonMoon | SooJi | HyunJi Couple) ❤️


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1 hour ago, boredadvocates said:

Hello everyone! I just want to stop by and say hello. These days have been hard for many of us, especially for our beloved duo. I hope this too shall pass!

Yeah, I hope everything will get back to normal. I was one of the affected since I was retrenched since last year. But you know, everything happens for a reason and I am slowly picking up.

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On 4/14/2021 at 9:38 AM, Mojo said:

This so sad with what’s happening with seo Yea ji right now. 

It is but I guess she was misunderstood. From what I read before the guy is super jealous he doesn't want Ye Ji to have skinship and was so controlling, so Ye Ji just gave him a dose of his medicine. That was just misunderstood and the Korean media just blew it out of proportion. I hope Gold Medalist will now use their lawyer to give justice to this.

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On 12/20/2020 at 11:34 PM, Private10 said:

@firebabe there are two very elusive pairs involved here. i have a feeling we might only get to see individual pictures and that is if a big emphasis on if they are going to attend. so am not keeping my hopes up. We know how Soon hyun and Yea ji had their photo taken down. :grimace:

Yeah, why do you think people had to take down their couple photo at a brunch or dinner gathering? Is it because they're actually seeing each other?

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On 10/7/2020 at 5:35 PM, lebeaucouple said:

If i would join all of you about the speculation, my analysis are shown below :

2014 - KSH met SYJ for pudding commercial filming
2017 - Real movie by KSH (got few "adult sexual" scenes)
2018 - Lawless Lawyer  by SYJ (got sensational kissing scenes)
2017–2019  - KSH Military enlistment and discharge period 

My analysis is that both of them started friendship relationships in 2014, they remained in contact on and off, because if they were in a romantic or serious relationship, both of them would not take up those bold and intense scenes without considering their other half. Some might claim that they were just professional actors, but if they were into a serious relationship during that period, they would somehow care and respect each other's feelings and thoughts by not taking the sexual scene, especially for KSH. So during this period, they were not serious yet.

They may be closer in terms of sharing ideas during his military enlistment period.
Reason : Military man being stayed lonely in the camp for a long period, he certainly needed to find a friend to communicate to, and SYJ is the most suitable one (as she ever claimed that she preferred using text) and both have the same clicks and somehow connected well. KSH is an aquarius horoscope who needs long time loyal friends. He has this big dream to pursue, one of which is setting up his own business plan after his discharge. I am sure SYJ can see through his strength, capability and his network. (Remember SYJ is a deep thinker). Both are ambitious in terms of career, they certainly can work well together and their relationship may probably last long.


I am a strong believer in the RIGHT timing. Joining KSH agency probably has two reasons : Out of love and out of future career plan. Yes, there are many out there, why GM agency, I have a feeling she likes KSH more, and she choose someone who has the strengths and can be trusted in the long run. By continuing sharing his big plan and ideas, it deepens their relationship and their bonding is closer now as all of you could see in the TVN/Netflix interview, Radio station, BTS.  

There are 3 things that are affirmation : 
1) Carry her little green hand bag while hand shaking with Daniel in BTS, 
2) Catch the flies for SYJ in the radio station, 
3) Rub or play with SYJ hand in the library. 
All these are out of the ordinary acts for normal professional actors to behave. So Yes, they are in love and dating at this moment.
Going forward, to make SYJ feel more secure in the relationship, KSH probably has to work harder on it and to give her assurance, because during the TVN interview, SYJ said KSH is too handsome in both good and bad ways. In other words, a woman is lacking security. Mr KSH, you should know well what it means by now....:D
If you girls want to see both appear together again this year, it would be the drama award time held in Nov or Dec this year. :D:wub:

I totally agree ;) I've read somewhere he wants to get married in his 40s ;) I'm so glad I found this forum because I'm in love with Hyunji ;)

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Any news about our couple? Seems like yeji was already in a relationship earlier, i guess our couple never dated after that pudding add maybe stayed as friends... 

i also heard she in talk with tvN for new drama and currently she is reviewing the script i hope she agrees and takes the role... At this point i don't mind if she works with someone else i need her to comeback.... After all this scandal thing i was scared of her career but thanks to GM sticking at SYJ side and i hope ksh was also there for her.. let's hope for the best



Here's the article 



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