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[OFFICIAL] Kim Soo Hyun x Seo Ye Ji (MoonMoon | SooJi | HyunJi Couple) ❤️

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1 hour ago, boredadvocates said:

Hello everyone! I just want to stop by and say hello. These days have been hard for many of us, especially for our beloved duo. I hope this too shall pass!

Yeah, I hope everything will get back to normal. I was one of the affected since I was retrenched since last year. But you know, everything happens for a reason and I am slowly picking up.

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YOU CAN'T!!! There's gonna be so many more content from them hahaha   I hope we get HD stills of these shots!!            

mommy and daddy are flirting.     Daddy holding mommy's purse/bag. 

I'm dead. Save me

On 4/14/2021 at 9:38 AM, Mojo said:

This so sad with what’s happening with seo Yea ji right now. 

It is but I guess she was misunderstood. From what I read before the guy is super jealous he doesn't want Ye Ji to have skinship and was so controlling, so Ye Ji just gave him a dose of his medicine. That was just misunderstood and the Korean media just blew it out of proportion. I hope Gold Medalist will now use their lawyer to give justice to this.

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